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  1. It just seems to me that the amount of pressure has decreased over the last 15 or so years from Cameron State Forest in 8T We once depended on the state boys to nudge the deer to us. Times Change. Off to Urbana State Forest 8P Wendsday to see what I can scare up. The attached photo is of a bruin I shot over by Cameron State Forest.
  2. I have hunted private property for the most part for the last 35 years. Most of that land is bordered by large tracts of state forest. Last year I purchased a small wood lot that also borders state forests. Over the past several years I have noticed a decline of hunters utilizing these state lands. Where once you could count on "the state boys" to move the deer, now the hunting pressure is all but nil. This past opening day there was so little shooting from the state lands and surround hills, one would think the season was yet to open. The DEC decided many years ago to change the opener of deer to a Saturday from Monday. This was done, "they say" to involve the younger hunters. Back in the day, I was allowed to take Monday off from school due to buck fever. Most rural schools overlooked this and turned a blind eye. So...My question is, and only for Region 8 now.... What has happened over the past 10 or so years to reduce the amount of hunters using state lands? How many of you out there use state lands (and which ones) as their primary hunting grounds? Those of you that forgo hunting state lands and begging onto private lands, why? What is wrong with hunting state lands? (I know that is more than one question) I'm interested in this little survey to see if there is anything the state is or is not doing to promote a healthy herd and better experience for hunters. Have a safe and happy holiday season all, Tim
  3. So I was out in a ground blinde this past weekend. Saturday morning I saw the first chase action of the season. Then I had a curious fat spike come within 10 feet of my ground blinde. I guess my scent controll was working. Cameron State Forest.
  4. Even though this was over a month ago, I am still seeing sign of this brute around. I'll be pulling cards from the cameras tomorrow seeing I still can't draw a bow yet (What do doctors know) but I can still scout and explore new areas of state land. I'll post up anything interesting I get.
  5. Keuka Lake Area Last week I saw only a few scrapes and one or two rub trees. This week I'm sidelined with an umbilical hernia repair. No tree stands, No drawing my bow....This Sucks. I'll be out this Friday again scouting some more and hoping next Tuesday I'll get cleared for using my bow.
  6. Happy New Years to all you nimrods, Despite a slow start due to having to tend to my 90 y.o. mother, I managed to get a 200# bear during bow season in the Cameron area. Opening day of gun I saw over a dozen doe and buttons then about noon took a nice 7pt perfect for the freezer. Two doe rounded out the season for me. I managed to get out fro a few days during muzzle loader but missed on two more. That's hunting for you.
  7. Back on the 17th of October, a decent sized bruin gave me a good shot. They seem to love the creek bed on the private property I hunt in the West Cameron. An area I've hunted for years. This is my 3rd from this particular drainage.