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  1. Good point with the acorns. They might be deeper in the woods. We have a good amount of acorns on our land. If it is the same deeper in the woods, then thats a good explanation
  2. They did a round up here? Cause thats north of Syracuse
  3. Stone- yeah, my father and I were talking today about that today aboit doing it next year. Just sucks cause we thought last year was just a bad/slow year. The deer were on the property in august/sept and iI know during the hunting season they can move out. But its just weird that therea no animals. No turkey, deer, even the martin is gone. Heres another question, would a bobcat force the deer out. A few years ago we had a bobcat on the property. But we havent seen him in years.
  4. Get off the feed if ur not gunna be helpful like the other guys on it
  5. Not 400 individual deer numbnuts, be realistic. We're talking about an avg of seeing about 10 deer hunting twice a day
  6. 4j off of krumkill. Owner of the property has talked to the neighbors and they arent seeing them either
  7. We see those few deer when its dark in the morning, bout 5am
  8. Nothing has changed. In fact theres less people that have been hunting there for years becauee they havent been seeing anything. We do see a group of about 4 does and a couple bucks here and there about 1/2 mile from where we hunt, but they dont go on the land where we are. Thought they were doing the nocturnal thing, but we have no tracks either. We took a walk after the morning hunt through the neighboring properties to see what kind of action they have, but there were no tracks there either. Its just really weird that theres no turkeys, no deer, and we dont even here the martin thats been therefor years too.
  9. So here's my story. This is my second season hunting. I hunt on about 75-100 acres of private land with 3 other hunters. The owner of the land is retired and keeps daily notes on hunting times, amount of deer, turkey, etc seen (and has been for like 20 years). 2 years ago, by the end of early bow season had counted some 400 deer. Last year was thought to be the worst season he has ever seen with only seeing about 200 deer and about 300 turkey before gun season. But this year it is even worse. Zero turkey and only 48 deer have been seen. Last year there was mostly nocturnal movement. This year we arent even seeing any signs inculding tracks and nothing on our trailcams. They arent using trails they have been using for 20+ years. We thought maybe a lot of coyotes have moved in but we havent even seen/heard them either. As far as landscape and terrain. Nothing has changed. To make them alter their patterns from previous years. SO, my questions are: 1. Where are all the deer?! 2. Any ideas whats going on? 3. Are other hunters having the same problem?
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