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  1. I meant to press 20 and hit 50 sorry yes 20 bullets for $7.99 Im positive cause I bought some also see there flyer its in there.
  2. Why do people hunt crow. Do you eat them?
  3. I have gone out seriously everyday for the past few weeks. Didnt see so much as a feather. I went to at least 15 diffrent locations with no luck. Well tommarow is the end. I am going to hit it all day again. But I definitly put in the leg work. It would be nice to get one tomarrow you know saved by the last day type of thing. But I doubt it but I am going to try anyway. Lets hope I have better luck getting a deer...
  4. We have a few white deer here in Kingston, NY
  5. Went to gander mtn today and saw that they had boxs of remington shells on sale for the above mentioned calibers they where 50 for $7.99 figured someone may like to know.
  6. Thanks for the replys. I said the same thing shot it who cares if it has antlers. The only way I think I wouldnt shoot a doe is if it had its fawns with her. But otherwide bang..
  7. Anyone doe hunt? I got my doe tags and as soon as I did my friend gave me the 5th degree on how I am wrong for doe hunting. But I hunt for the meat and the antlers arent edible so I could care less. So my question is how many of you doe hunt..
  8. Been out everyday for weeks havent gotten anything Havent even seen a feather
  9. Hi. I have a stevens Pocket rifle I would like to sell or trade. I had it apraised for 1200 dollars. It is a 32RF. All numbers on barrel handle and removable stock match. It is A Stevens #34 It is in firing condition. There is one small problem the push button to crack the barrel is missing its screw on end. I have seen a few for sale on the internted for under $20. I am trying to sell it to get a new gun that I can use or maybe even a small ATV for pulling my deer.. (if I get one..) Prices in book are from 20 years ago. Gun has a light scratches down barrel from where I slid it out of a crispy gun sock it has ben in for many years. Also has some pitting etc.. Gun has been stored for over 60 years. Barrel Says J. Stevens & Co Pat. 1864 it is a early version of the gun Asking Price is Best Offer..
  10. Im in West Hurley, NY Here is anouther picture of it..
  11. I am a newbie. I have been reading websites for weeks trying to figue out the whole call thing. Some say use a fawn bleat some say use a grunt some say use a doe bleat I dont know. I have a True Talker 2 and a primos estus original can. What should I do. I dont care if its a buck or a doe I have tags for both and you cant eat the horns which is why I hunt for the meat. I dont know about the rut and I am lost on the whole topic. So since this forum is for NYrs I figured why not ask where im hunting. What call should I use and how often should I use it.. Thanks in advance.
  12. I havent ever gotten a buck so hes a gonner for sure. If it breathes and meats the legal antler restriction which here is 3 points on one side of 1 inch or longer he is dead
  13. Cooked up the first pheasent today and fully enjoyed it. My wife wouldnt eat it and made a whole chicked. She pulled all the meat off both the chicken and the pheasant. When she when outside to call my daughter in for dinner I replaced the chicken with pheasent. She ate the whole plate. Afterward I said see that couldnt tell the diffrence. She said what do you mean. I told her I swithced the meat and she wanted to kill me..lol but after realising it was all in her head she was fine..lol my daughter on the other had tore it up she loved it..
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