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  1. No luck today, for the record if your going for gobbler id steer clear of baxtertown wma.. Didn't get a call back all morning (and I got pretty good at calling), and the brush is a little thick. Half the forest is covered in an inch or so of water .. Not the best for turkey though someone who lived across from where we parked said she sees them sometimes in the morning . Probably going to try out taconic multiple use tomorrow .. Everyone around here seems to swear by it. Gonna fish at the state park today though will keep you guys updated
  2. On my way up now.. not too late to share the sweet spots guys!
  3. Also, I'll share some good advice I've gotten. IDK how many of you's have heard of it, but if you have an iphone checkout the app pocketranger! doesn't say which spots are better then others, but alot of helpful stuff on there
  4. Thanks guys, I looked into it, not going through the headache of getting the DEP permits so ill probably stick to the forests. As of now looks like were gonna be heading to baxtertown. Were going to be staying in Poughkeepsie at a friends house, so I guess ill make one last plea for someone to share a good spot near there with me lol!? Someone mentioned salt point, but that's pretty vague. Also, all the advice should be helpful, it really is greatly appreciated. On another note, hows the fishing up there? Also got licensed for it this week. Looking to really use every bit of outdoors I can this weekend lol
  5. Your right, anything beats NYC, I'm just dying to fill my first (and a longshot but second) turkey tags and don't want to be wasting any time in bad spots. One of the reasons I always went to PA was the fact that the game lands are pretty easy to research.. Ny not so easy but this week were going up to Dutchess because my friend owns a house up there and i hear turkeys move way more in NY then PA. If no one will share spots, how about some general turkey hunting advice, and an answer to the question, state parks, forests, or the taconic multiple use area?
  6. I meant Sunrise! lol brainfart- and no, just made the account today so couldn't have been me!
  7. Would Baxtertown Woods WMA be considered a DEP land? and thanks, Ill probably need it
  8. Going upstate (from nyc) for Spring Gobbler this weekend I've never hunted for spring gobbler, nor in NY, we usually go to PA during deer season Just got all my tags and permits, and were going to be heading up to Dutchess County on Friday As of now we intended on going to the Taconic-Herford Multiple use area, also considering the Baxtertown Woods WMA and Taconic State park Are these good spots to hunt? Does anyone know of any Public land out in / around Dutchess County with a healthy gobbler population ( not asking for your hotspot, just a vague location or park to go to that allows crossbow / bow hunting) Also any advice? I have a mouth call that I've actually (I think) gotten pretty good with (been practicing).. Wondering things like how far should we walk in from the road? how long do you sit before moving on to a new spot? Do you walk around and call and then post up, or post then call.. I've heard of both not sure which is better! It's not too late in the season right?.. I hear New York Gobblers move up until late june Also what time is the best to go.. We intended on going at sundown. Sorry if i sound un-experienced, I am, just got into hunting last year. Any Advice is Greatly appreciated.. Mostly need a good location to hunt, but any advice will be more then helpful!! Thanks in advance