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  1. Doe with 2 fawns 30yards away at 820. Another showed up at 840..not sure what it was.
  2. Heading out soon & wont have any service. Good luck to all going out
  3. Not muddy but she did cross a creek before she got to me
  4. I’m not big haha 5’10” 160. Thank you though! No scale unfortunately.
  5. Back in time to put the chickens in. 20 yard shot, she went 40. Happy to have meat early!
  6. Took the climber out tonight by acorns & water. Didn’t see hide nor hair
  7. Crazy.. funny seeing him frozen in shame though. Walleye tournaments are dead weigh in? Thanks for sharing @blackbeltbill
  8. saw one very briefly, couldn't tell what it was..
  9. not totally uneventful. Saw 2 in the gray light. Try again in a few hours
  10. Gonna head in soon to a spot I'm not running a camera. Don't know what's living in there. At the very least it will be nice to knock some rust off
  11. Different. After the browtine or g1 on the bottom deer the beam dips down a bit. On the top deer it continues up. Maybe haha
  12. Sawyers and cleaning out my backpack & I'm ready. If I get lucky I'll have a stale snack or two
  13. That a photo out of meateaters F'd up old deerstands calendar?
  14. Beware of primal treestands. Got their 20' climbing stick & have parts missing.. 15 days later and they haven't sent anything yet.
  15. What were those bird hunters doing near the deer woods?!? Ahhhh who cares, at least there isn't any crossbows in the story.
  16. Damn. Thanks for the heads up.
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