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  1. Last year had a yellow jacket bag target and it was alright. Lasted a year. I would NOT suggest shooting broadheads into bag targets though
  2. I would never shoot 50 yards at a deer but I practice out to 70. This year I finally tackled my TP and shooting long range is fun. It also points out one's faults pretty quick. EDIT --> my furthest bow shot and kill was 23yds, shortest around 8.
  3. Good reminder Nomad. First 3 from 50 yards -->
  4. Friend brought over his crossbow today and was having a hell of a time with it not cocking and the bolt holder? retainer? Googled it and found out there was a recall. Can't find a serial number anywhere on the thing. Took the grip off nothing there. He's contacted PSE. Any help here would be great
  5. Love The meateater podcast and show. Almost done with mule deer part 2 on the new season and Steve had a quote about having the mind of a pessimist paired with the boots of an optimist.. I love that! THP Is still number 1 though
  6. "Regular whelming" Haha I feel ya. Nice pics.
  7. Got mine. Will be my first year
  8. Thanks for your help G-Man! Going to sample with lunch tomorrow.
  9. Great! thanks! I've read That it may not play well with alcohol is this true?
  10. Looks like it from a quick search BUT I'm still nervous to try it. I know nothing about mushrooms. Do I have the real deal here?
  11. Same here. Tough to stay motivated with 0 gobbles..
  12. Wow thanks guys. Hopefully a birthday bird is in the cards..