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  1. Same here. Tough to stay motivated with 0 gobbles..
  2. Wow thanks guys. Hopefully a birthday bird is in the cards..
  3. I JUST read that somewhere. I forget where
  4. Is the date wrong? aren't they usually flocked up then? Awesome pictures!
  5. start at 2:10 lol
  6. Thanks for your TU work. Those stocking trucks really bring out the beauties.
  7. I love human watching after the stocking truck. It's like kids fishing day but adults
  8. Like one should! Got some stream time today aaannnd so did the stocking truck. That's always entertaining lol
  9. I tied quite a few klnkhammers last year and never fished them much during the season. I'll give them a better shake this year I guess.
  10. An essential in the coming weeks.. in all sizes
  12. That's the way to go.. for some it's to late though
  13. assuming your right handed your probably left eye dominant.. I am and can't shoot both eyes open.
  14. Labyrinth of Ice by Buddy Levy was a good read about the Greely polar expedition that started in 1881. Heard about it on the meat eater podcast.