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  1. Haven’t tried them in a long time, probably gonna go out and try to get a few.
  2. Thanks fellas! Got me a birthday bird!
  3. mattypotpie8S


    I see a nice red fox
  4. mattypotpie8S


    Isn’t it funny how some peoples attitude changes when the fur is gone? I wonder why leather is more acceptable than fur.
  5. If not forget, forgive https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/10/covid-response-forgiveness/671879/
  6. Wild morning in the thick stuff. 3 does & 7 different bucks within 50 yards. Had a giant at 40 (where the does went by) was a little brushy and didn’t want to risk it. Covered in bucks from 8-10am
  7. Nice to finally have some action. That little fella got to 15 and hung around for a bit. About 10 minutes after sunset heck broke loose with another little buck chasing a group of 3 does around. Was stuck in the tree for a bit
  8. Forky rubbing every little sapling he sees. The deerless streak is over!
  9. I’m in. Corn to my right, green plot behind me & bedding to my left. Few new half assed scrapes on my way in. Hoping this isn’t sit #5 with no deer
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