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  1. Wasn't going to hunt but one was going outback the house. got out there and he shut up.... Stinker!
  2. Throw the legs and thighs in the crock pot with some stock until tender then pull the meat. Use for soup, tacos, bbq sandwich, turkey salad sandwich and such
  3. Back after the screwball bird.. 3rd time is the charm?
  4. Came close again...Bird was practically running gobbling his head off. Was a race to get in front of him. Finally got in front of him but was 20 yards off. Weird bird...
  5. Just came close. Was gobbling to a further off gobbler. Came to 40ish with a hen. Didn't see the source of my calling and turned and left towards the other gobbler (on private). Couldn't quite get a shot and with a hen in the mix I didn't want to do anything stupid.
  6. Better than the last two years here. I usually don't get to mess up as much
  7. Quiet here as well. Beautiful morning though.
  8. I got a replacement backtag & replacement turkey tags Friday.. Was $10. Originals will turn up once I forget about them.
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