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  1. Sawyers and cleaning out my backpack & I'm ready. If I get lucky I'll have a stale snack or two
  2. That a photo out of meateaters F'd up old deerstands calendar?
  3. Beware of primal treestands. Got their 20' climbing stick & have parts missing.. 15 days later and they haven't sent anything yet.
  4. What were those bird hunters doing near the deer woods?!? Ahhhh who cares, at least there isn't any crossbows in the story.
  5. Damn. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Just had a quick look and dang it you're right. What's going on with them?
  7. Never said it wasn't real... Never said it wasn't our fault.. Only said authority should be questioned. Sorry for being so controversial.
  8. Arguments from authority have way less credibility these days & for good reason. Not saying anyone is right or wrong here, but I'm skeptical of todays "experts".
  9. There's no free lunch with the "green energy" we have now. Not saying they shouldn't be used but they aren't the final solution.
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