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  1. 8s east of Seneca. Did shoot my biggest buck on Nov. 7th. But sightings/camera activity have been dropping the last 2-4 years
  2. First year with my lone wolf hand climber and love it. Packs flat and sits just like a hang on.
  3. O a hunting we will go A hunting we will go we'll have a sit and won't see shit A hunting we will go
  4. Yeah my interaction was quite awkward
  5. Thanks! Boiling picking and pressure washing after skinning. Wasn't THAT bad.
  6. Went pretty smooth with my 11/7 buck. Until I went to walmart today looking for salon 40 or what ever to whiten the skull. No luck but there is a salon in the wally so I asked there. Woman there said I wasn't licensed so I couldn't buy it? Is she right? Seems I can get it online.
  7. 11/7/20. Got in the stand 45 minutes or so before legal. 15 minutes later a gray fox visited. Right around legal light 2 young bucks showed up one came right under me all drunk/rutty. Shortly after a big yote bound in close no shot. A few minutes later another came from the same direction and worked to a shooting lane to my left (perfect for a shot). Got caught drawing and it spooked. Then around 7:30 I hear this buck coming in from behind me and starts turning left. 15-20 yard shot that us right handed shooters love.Once he was broadside stopped him with my mouth floated my pin where I wanted
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