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  1. He said 2 - 2 1/2 months. Do you need a calculator?
  2. One is opting out of a "medical procedure" but the other is saving a life. That "kid" is a life
  3. Ending innocent human life is no joke. Way to bring race into it though, Margaret Sanger would be proud.
  4. Been non stop action since the 1st. Didn't make too many mistakes & am totally content with 1 tag filled. Came close to filling the 2nd several times. Turkey brain off, deer brain on!
  5. Spooked him off roost. Would have been nice if he let me know he was there
  6. Found these yesterday. Are they oyster?
  7. Played the game with him again around 9:30. Gobbling to everything..after an hour & a half and what seemed like dozens of gobbles he left gobbling. Couldn't wrap around on him or anything (property lines).
  8. Had one answering but he drifted off where I can't follow
  9. Quiet except for the gypsy moth pillers crap. Sounds like a light sprinkle. Need a mushroom ID
  10. Thought they were a bit rare in NY? I've only been kinda looking while turkey hunting the past couple years & never happened into one.
  11. Time is off because I just screen grabbed the picture from a video.
  12. Drug this lady away from him and he followed but I was on the wrong side of a giant rootball
  13. I prefer the gel but ya gotta use the powder for the cdc flies
  14. Wasn't going to hunt but one was going outback the house. got out there and he shut up.... Stinker!
  15. Throw the legs and thighs in the crock pot with some stock until tender then pull the meat. Use for soup, tacos, bbq sandwich, turkey salad sandwich and such
  16. Back after the screwball bird.. 3rd time is the charm?
  17. Came close again...Bird was practically running gobbling his head off. Was a race to get in front of him. Finally got in front of him but was 20 yards off. Weird bird...
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