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  1. Better than the last two years here. I usually don't get to mess up as much
  2. Quiet here as well. Beautiful morning though.
  3. I got a replacement backtag & replacement turkey tags Friday.. Was $10. Originals will turn up once I forget about them.
  4. 9 o clock bird. Called back to him 2-3 times then I shut up and he came in gobbling his head off. 9" beard 3/4" spurs 19lb.
  5. Don't think he could take it. Furbearer hunting/trapping is closed.
  6. Size & silhouette is more important than color
  7. Search Skye Goode on youtube. She gave me some courage for when the time comes. Lots of wolf and bobcat releases, she's great.
  8. @rachunterIf the fisher finds your pan we need a video of the release!
  9. Ahhh didn't get them in order. Middle 2 are waxed last 1 just dyed. how'd I do seasoned fellas?
  10. I've added some foc & switched to 125 heads that's it. Some guys are really keen to get a pass threw and kill the dirt on the other side too
  11. Got my packet on the 18th, sent stuff back on the 20th & BAM. Well done DEC.
  12. Not trying to be a jerk BUT it is pretty simple. Burn more calories than you take in
  13. Of course! Freedom is slavery, war is peace & ignorance is strength
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