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  1. JohnR34

    Handgun license question

    Yeah I think I'm gonna go in just for the premise and not make waves. Unfortunately in the 5 boroughs it's borderline impossible for a carry permit unless your former nypd or need it for work which then there are a ton of laws and regulations
  2. Hi I have my hunting license and also my shotgun rifle license. I'm going in soon to 1pp to file for my handgun license. Conflicting information on if premise license Alows you to carry while hunting or do you need a special authorization. Thanks again.
  3. JohnR34

    3A permission for next season

    I hunt 3A right next to Alder lake state land. Was a shooting gallery opening 2 days and don't forget the Boy Scouts runninf around the woods on opening day with not a stitch of orange. If anyone near this area farmers or private land owners who would love to give a respectful young hunter a "shot" at hunting there land please give me a reply back thank you!
  4. JohnR34

    New York Gun law question

    Thanks buck hunter
  5. JohnR34

    New York Gun law question

    Had a great weekend up in 3a bow hunting saw tons of sign and can't wait to go back on the 19th and 20th for regular season. My question is I only have a shotgun at this point and my friend who I am hunting with on the 20th is going to lend me his rifle for the 19th also. What does the law say about me transporting the firearm without its owner. I have a current rifle shotgun license as well. Thanks again.
  6. JohnR34

    Tree stand placement

    Doing a 3 day camp/hunt for first time how far should I generally set up my stand from the camp site. Thanks.
  7. JohnR34

    Alder lake in 3A

    Just wondering if anyone has hiked alder lake to beaver meadow recently and seen any signs or have seen any movement up there. bear or deer. Thanks
  8. JohnR34

    Alder lake 3a

    Hey guys anyone ever hunt or hike alder lake or further in by beaver meadow. Any good sightings or signs this year.
  9. JohnR34

    Lifetime sportsman

    Yeah have both hunter safety and bow done awhile ago. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. JohnR34

    Lifetime sportsman

    Catskills. I been hiking and camping for years all over there.
  11. JohnR34

    Lifetime sportsman

    So if I wanted to go out before regular season starts for bow hunting I would have to purchase the bowhunting privilege then. Correct? Sorry like I said I'm very new to this but want to learn.
  12. JohnR34

    Lifetime sportsman

    Thanks Elmo appreciate the info.
  13. JohnR34

    Lifetime sportsman

    Hey guys new to hunting here my wife got me my lifetime sportsman license as a gift. I just recieved my tags and license and was just wondering if it gives you the privilege of early bow season starting October 1 or do I have to wait till regular season. Thanks for the help.