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  1. It's a 1 acre clover plot and around 2 acres of some type of fall plot, still being discussed.
  2. Where do you guys find the proper fertilizer? I cant seem to find anything but lawn fertilizer or 12 -12-12. Need some low nitrogen fertilizer for clover plot and was hoping for some 17-17-17 at least for rest of plots. Tried Tractor supply, Lowe, Home Depot in Buffalo area.Thanks
  3. Im pretty sure its a single beard. They were on camera in that area for 45 minutes, and I didn't get another pic to verify it was a double. Hopefully I will see in person Monday.
  4. About time I got some on camera.
  5. Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for. I will save my money and try something else.
  6. Saw our first turkeys in our woods in WNY this spring, lived here going on 9 years.
  7. First year planting food plots and am trying to figure out what to plant. I have 46 acres of land of which I can plant around 3 acres pretty easily to start. I was going to do an acre of clover, friend gave a acre of corn seed to use up even thought they will destroy it I'm sure. For the 3rd acre i was thinking of planting Whitetail Institutes Power Plant for the spring and letting them eat what they can till I can mow and plant some type of fall/winter crop. Anyone have any luck with Power Plant? Any ideas on what to plant for fall crop or a better spring crop to get most use out of land?
  8. Looking for a spreader to put down lime and fertilizer. Have a tractor and an atv I can attach to. Any experience which works better, models?
  9. Its an old farm, just need to plow up some overgrown fields. Looking at 3-4 acres, 1 clover plot or sure, still deciding on rest of areas.
  10. Anyone know anywhere to rent a tractor with a tiller in southern WNY? Friends property has no farms near it to see if we could hire them to do plots.