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  1. It does look a little like bass as well. have to wait till spring to take pics of leaves. Thx everyone
  2. Googled Ash Bark Pictures and have to say I would agree. Let Em Grow's knowledge is unsurpassed I would say. Thanks
  3. You'd win that bet. Some of them are on an old fence line
  4. Some folks just have way to much time on there hands
  5. Just curious if anyone wanted to take a guess at what type of tree this is by the bark. pic was taken late hunting season so no leaves. My bad. have several and they are ginormous. Like i said, just curious. Thanks
  6. Thanks but looking for something with more aggressive tires for muddy, rocky trails and could find replacement tires for that one
  7. Its a little longer and heavier than I might of wanted but I still think it would work. If they ever have it in stock again. Cabela's is all over the board. I called them when it was discontinued and there was none available. The next week the web site said it was in stock but didn't have a chance to call because of work. Then it was out of stock. Now its limited stock
  8. 72' x 36". And yes I have those saved on my eBay watch list. Seem like they would work pretty good with some pressure treated rails
  9. Couldn't find any reviews or videos on it so maybe there is a reason for that
  10. Was really looking hard at this trailer from Cabela's but it is out of stock. Maybe discontinued
  11. Never planted it before. This will be a first but I'm shooting for early September as a nurse crop for clover
  12. From all my research, it seems like ATV tires won't work on the haul master. Tires would be to wide and hit the frame or I'd consider one. Might need a different axle.
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