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  1. how did you learn to hunt?

    Hunting was always apart of our family and passed on to the next generation , however my grandfather thought me the most important thing in hunting to read the signs of the bush and be patient .
  2. First trophy you hunted

    Always great to share these moments with ones Dad .
  3. Meet my newest hunting partner

    Enjoy man , a man and his dog always have a special bond good luck with the training teach him well.
  4. First trophy you hunted

    I've also shot some animals in the past that I regret ,being uneducated in the field and not thinking about the effect it will have on the genepool this is why its so important to learn the right ways from the start
  5. First trophy you hunted

    Hi guys I went trough some old pictures and had a real blast from the past . what was your first trophy animal hunted , or first buck ? Here is mine Impala I shot for my sixth birthday , got to love having your birthday in hunting season
  6. Must say we are spoiled for choice There is something foreveryone's taste This is a much younger me with my first kudu bull
  7. Some highlights of our latest hunt
  8. The same professional hunter hauled out a blue wildebeest bull about 3 years ago as well , it works on flat land but where we hunt in the mountains its impossible and youhave to skin and quarter . Kudu ( the grey ghost ) is truly a signature African trophy and they are usually on the top of the list for hunters .
  9. ever been lost?

    Many years ago a couple of Buddy's and myself were driving on a new hunting area and with a lot of liquid courage went of the road to do some rough 4x4 needles to say hours past and we could not find the road again , so we made a fire and sat around and waited for the sun to come up which was only 3 hours later , as dawn broke we realized we were only 20 yards off the road Generally I have a good sense of direction .
  10. African Hunter

    Defiantly becoming a threat the anti hunters are closing us down one species at a time , I think most guys are seeing this on the horison we are sold out on leopard for this year and next year already , we are trying to get more tags but not so easy. The good thing about hippo in Mozambique at the moment is its exportable to the USA again and the crocodiles are BIG where we hunt some are real maneaters But at the end of the day I prefer shooting more animals on a hunt than just spending a lot of money on one animal ,the only problem with this is the taxidermy bill runs up as well .
  11. African Hunter

    Yes we were very fortunate to get the African wildcat on the last day of the safari . Have you ever hunted Mozambique ?
  12. African Hunter

    You and me both
  13. African Hunter

    Once Africa is in your blood it calls everyday . I've attached the pictures of our first safari of 2018 will post more as we go . should you wish to receive our newsletter every second month which includes the specials trough the year please just send me a mail and I can put your name on the system . rybotma@hotmail.com ryno@kwalata.com
  14. African Hunter

    Its like kudu hunting you always see a bull with something different then the last one you shot , not always about size each one has its own character . We have had rain the whole of last week and starting to clear up today , total of 4" for the week , we can't complain Feb march is our rainy months in the waterburg , we still need a good 10 inches over the next 2 months to get to our annual rainfall . But there is ample food and water in the bush at the moment making hunting quite challenging
  15. Happy wife = no complaints when hunting

    Just a joke we have here in South Africa ,if you want to stay a wealthy man don't teach your wife how to hunt it gets expensive quickly