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  1. African Hunter

    Package cost includes: *All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, 3 Course Dinner and Snacks) *All drinks (Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic) *All accommodation. *All camp staff as well as all amenities, daily laundry and room service. *All skinners, trackers, recovery crew as well as raw preparation of trophies. *Fully licensed professional hunter as well as fully equipped hunting vehicle. *Airport pick- up and drop off *All government taxes on daily rates and trophy fees Kwalata Safaris Logo *Transport of trophies to local taxidermist or dip and pack facility Package cost excludes: * $275 observer rate per person additional to the hunter . *Additional trophies not quoted for/not included in the package. *Additional days to be added over and above days already in package. *Dipping, packing and shipping of trophies to the country of destination. *All taxidermy work. *Gratuities to staff and PH. *International airfare. *Firearm permit into Mozambique As a note, over the last 9 years of hunting Leopard and Crocodile in Mozambique this area has consistently delivered the best trophy quality on Leopard and crocodile, if I were to pick the best months for Leopard and Crocodile, it would without a doubt be July, August and September. This not only in terms of success rate, but also trophy quality. Please note that this is primarily a Leopard, Crocodile and Spotted Hyena area with limited plains game available
  2. African Hunter

    Hi this hunt wil run you around $26500 all incl .
  3. African Hunter

    Hi guys , we have a cancelled leopard tag up for grabs in our nhenda area Mozambique. Dates available 01- 23 September . Should you require more information please send me a mail to rybotma@hotmail.com ryno@kwalata.com Happy hunting Some pics of recent cats on bait.
  4. African Hunter

    Some superb trophies taken by our recent hunters, we worked really hard but just could not connect with the right bushbuck ram thus preventing us from completing the spiral slam on this trip , one more reason for a return trip . And then some more great trophies taken on the side
  5. African Hunter

    Beautiful oryx bull hunted on the last day of the safari
  6. African Hunter

    Nice mature red hartebeest alo known as the Harley Davidson of the bush for their horns that look like handlebars
  7. African Hunter

    Beautiful disco donkey taken with the bow
  8. African Hunter

    Or the elephants pluck you out like a piece of fruit
  9. African Hunter

  10. African Hunter

    We do all aspects of bow hunting , spot and stalk , brushblinds on game trails ,tree stands and then also nice blinds on watering holes and salt licks , all depending on the hunters prefrance species list and ability . We have some bow exclusive areas that we only do bow hunting on .
  11. African Hunter

    Nice nyala taken with stick and string
  12. African Hunter

    He is a big tom for sure ,I to wish our fish and wildlife serviced get their head out their ass one of these days and see that they are causing more damage than good by just closing down species overnight for regulated and controlled hunting
  13. African Hunter

  14. African Hunter

    Had some good action on the night bait , unfortunately we just could not connect with the bushpig this time .
  15. African Hunter

    It all starts with a doller