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  1. https://news.yahoo.com/portland-police-declare-riot-amid-173046780.html?guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAABcvbISI84OxKRZCKxF2I6CDyomviqzQ1SKjamD2_-FU9XTFGKZhSDZYg8SNtxBU5o8N9A6L_lVp-j1FobrJwfDwEpCrkcMgfS7NFVEmaqQm8ZeoOTF9ef-OhkShvLlaeXodgQ6gRKdEVVO3xM38z91UwJU9SWkZIR1qOpICW8EK The article states “Protests in Portland, Oregon prompted officials to declare a riot. A group of “10 to 20” people in a crowd of roughly 200 protesters broke windows and tossed objects at police, according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.” Other than the violent attacks against the police and property damage, it was a “mostly peaceful protest”. Good thing those police officers did not practice self defense. The article states “The trial has also revived scrutiny and debate into Second Amendment rights and American gun culture.” “Gun culture”? They should be investigating the “violent criminal culture”. The article states “prominent Democratic officials as well as civil rights groups, racial justice activists and gun reform advocates have blamed a criminal legal system and toxic political atmosphere that prompted a then-17-year-old to enter a chaotic scene with a dangerous weapon.” They have a good point, that “toxic political atmosphere” is led by Democrats. Democrats run the presidential administration and the majority of the House of Representatives. Let’s not forget the Democrats obsession with impeaching former President Trump before, during and after his service as president based on bogus evidence. The article states “the President appealed for calm. He said that “while the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included.” So President Biden says “myself included”? So Biden does not support your right to self defense?
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/hochul-says-additional-investigation-into-cuomo-pandemic-response-is-not-necessary/ar-AAQOImJ?ocid=mailsignout Is Hochul afraid that something may be uncovered linking others to Cuomo’s failures and wants to protect them? Hochul herself was second in command of New York State during the pandemic so what was she doing and what does she really know? The article states Governor Hochul was asked “Is your administration going to make a commission or plan for a future pandemic based on what we already saw?”, and Hochul states “It's not whether there's another pandemic, it's who in charge of the state that has changed. That's the difference.” Any professional organization would certainly plan for future disasters learning from the successes and failures encountered on a previous action. In the military it is called “lessons learned”. So Hochul has no “plan for a future pandemic based on what we already saw” because as she says it’s all about “who in charge of the state”. Hochul is obviously talking about herself being in “charge of the state.” So she apparently thinks she is smarter than Cuomo? Is she that arrogant to play with people’s lives and livelihoods because she thinks she can successfully command another pandemic with no contingency plan in place using real experience form the current pandemic? So as Hochul says “that’s the difference” when in reality there is none between her and Cuomo. With that attitude, Hochul is already set to be a failure if there is another crisis.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/kyle-rittenhouse-trial-verdict-watch-11-19-21/index.html Great news for those who believe we have the right to self defense when having guns pointed at us or hit with a skate board or chased by people intending to commit bodily harm. Wasted a few minutes watching the media people on Washington Review on PBS complain about the verdict. So I guess they find it acceptable to not invoke your right to self defense when loaded guns are pointed at you or being beaten by skate boards?
  4. Sad that people cannot have a civil conversation without making inappropriate remarks. Sad how some actually vote condoning such behavior. Legislation has been drafted to monitor the social media of gun owners. Especially in a pro-gun control state like New York State I believe it is not IF, but WHEN such legislation will be passed. How will those who make personal attacks using inappropriate language explain themselves to the social media police to have permission to posses firearms?
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/gun-maker-remington-moving-to-georgia-from-ny/ar-AAQsIhn?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnb7Kz Very sad news. Has anyone heard from Governor Hochul or Senator Schumer or Senator Gillibrand what they are doing to keep Remington in New York State? Or is it politicians like them who are driving business out of New York State? New York is not open for business, its closing businesses.
  6. Letters to the Editor: If I need to carry a bomb to feel safe, will the Supreme Court let me? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/letters-to-the-editor-if-i-need-to-carry-a-bomb-to-feel-safe-will-the-supreme-court-let-me/ar-AAQrEpr?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnb7Kz This article shows the ignorance and intellectual deficiency of those who embrace anti-gun beliefs. I am amazed anyone would actually make statements such as: “I need grenades, rocket launchers and machine guns to survive in a world where the justices very well may rule that most people should be able to carry a concealed handgun. But I know they'll soon be convinced that others also need grenades, rocket launchers and machine guns, so I'm definitely going to need a tank and perhaps even a fighter jet to mount any reasonable defense in the future.” “why don't we just cut to the chase and permit all citizens to walk around with a hydrogen bomb in a box?” “The conservative justices have it backward. People trying to make it home at night in New York City or anywhere else would feel a whole lot safer if they knew there were no guns out there.” “When the Constitution was written, guns weren't the problem, governments were. Today, it is the people who are out of control.” “If the framers could have seen the future, they would never have written the 2nd Amendment the way they did. In fact, if they could have seen the future, they would have outlawed trucks and autos along with guns, all of which can rip people up one side and down the other.”
  7. Anyone who has seen the rise in cost for gasoline knows that inflation is out of control. The cost of vehicle fuel is a direct cost of transporting people, goods and services. Fuel cost rise, so does everything else. President Biden is delusional along with all who support this destructive presidential administration. If Kate Smith were alive today she would not be singing God bless America, she would be singing God help America.
  8. I wonder if President Biden is trying to ruin America by driving her into so much debt he will sell us to China?
  9. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-10-29/new-york-ag-letitia-james-says-she-ll-run-for-governor-in-2022 The article states “James, 63, announced her 2022 candidacy on Friday, after building a national profile with lawsuits targeting the Trump administration, the National Rifle Association and Silicon Valley, all in her first term and with a year to go.” Those are not accomplishments. They are her Democrat biased war against President Trump, business and the NRA. Why has not James gone after violations of the Second Amendment (SAFE Act and discriminatory pistol permit practices), targeting illegal drug distributors and sellers who prey on drug addicts and investigating the welfare criminals? Because they are not part of the Democrat agenda who support gun control over crime control, who could careless about the death and destruction caused by illegal drugs and their protection of welfare criminals who vote for them. Seems all New York State gets for governors are politicians who are working backwards to further ruin what was once the Empire State with their agenda. The proof is in the high taxes, their pro-criminal support, the welfare culture they bred, their quest to disarm law abiding citizens, their anti-business regulations and their lack of concern for stopping the death and ruin caused by illegal drugs.
  10. Woman Threatens Health Officials with Giant Snake to Avoid Taking COVID Vaccine https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/woman-threatens-health-officials-with-giant-snake-to-avoid-taking-covid-vaccine/ar-AAPFwWf?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnbfcL The article states “A woman in India recently threatened health officials with a giant snake in an attempt to avoid receiving the corona virus vaccine.” Now that is one serious anti-vaccination person! If the snake bit her, would she accept the injection of anti-venom?
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/12/us/politics/us-canada-mexico-borders-open.html The article states “But the new requirements also indicate that the United States will welcome only visitors who are vaccinated. Unvaccinated travelers will continue to be banned from crossing the borders with Mexico or Canada, officials said.” Who will verify if a vaccination record is true? Will the Mexican black market of crime sell counterfeit vaccination records? Will those entering illegally have their vaccination records checked or will they be allowed to enter unvaccinated like they have been all along?
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/a-pentagon-official-said-he-resigned-because-us-cybersecurity-is-no-match-for-china-calling-it-kindergarten-level/ar-AAPmQ47?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnb7Kz The article states “We have no competing fighting chance against China in fifteen to twenty years. Right now, it's already a done deal; it is already over in my opinion," he said.” And what does President Biden and Defense Secretary Austin have to say? The article states “China is aiming to becoming the leading AI superpower by 2030, and a March report from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence warned that the US "is not prepared to defend the United States in the coming artificial intelligence (AI) era." So just to be clear, in March 2021 President Biden was the president, not former President Trump. So what has Biden been doing at the daily intelligence briefings? Is Biden unwilling or unable to understand what is going on outside his socialist spending agenda? The article states “Chaillan said that it doesn't matter if the US spends three times as much as China on defense, because it is being allocated to the wrong areas, the FT said.” The United States does not have the money. We have been too busy lately squandering it on supporting illegal aliens and lazy Americans refusing to work, along with all the wasteful spending like foreign aid to countries like Pakistan that gave refuge to Osama Bin Laden to identify just a few inappropriate use of tax payer money. The article states “Chaillan told the FT he plans to testify to Congress about the threat posed by China.” Like that is really going to happen. The article states “Insider contacted the Pentagon for comment.” And Insider has yet to receive any comment from the Pentagon regarding this serious problem?
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/dont-think-theres-an-answer-biden-labor-secretary-perplexed-by-worker-shortage/ar-AAPm9JM?ocid=mailsignout&li=BBnbfcL The article states “U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is perplexed and struggling to explain the U.S. worker shortage following the release of an anemic September employment report.” So Secretary Walsh is "perplexed and struggling to explain"? Just follow the welfare trail of government handouts and other freebies given out. You will find plenty of available workers located there. The article states “President Joe Biden on Friday defended his economic policies and described the September jobs report as "consistent, steady progress." So Biden thinks we have "consistent, steady progress."? People refusing to work, people looking for handouts, people playing the welfare game and the cost-of-living soaring is "consistent, steady progress."?
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/media/melugin-crew-drug-cartel-gunfire-us-mexico-border The article states “Video footage shows suspected cartel members firing multiple rounds across the border into the United States. Fox News’ Bill Melugin and his crew captured the gunfire on camera Thursday night from Roma, Texas, and said Texas National Guard soldiers stationed at the border have witnessed many cartel gunfights in the area.” When President Obama was in office did he have the “fast and furious” operation? Did not Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder allow Mexican criminals to obtain firearms illegally in the United States? Was not one of those firearms used to murder a US Border Patrol agent? Is President Joe Biden as weak as his mentor Obama was dealing with these criminals? Will Biden have our military drop their weapons so the Mexican drug cartel members can take possession of them like the Afghan Taliban? Where is Vice President Harris, the “boarder crisis expert” on this serious problem? So many questions and no answers from Biden. I fear Biden was truly asleep at the wheel dealing with Afghanistan and now as the boarder crisis escalates with problems he is in a deep sleep!
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/general-mckenzie-says-trumps-taliban-deal-changed-morale-of-afghan-government-military/ar-AAOYgGt?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnb7Kz The article states “The fall of the Afghan government and its military to the Taliban this past August can be attributed to a 2020 U.S. agreement under the Trump White House.” No surprise the Biden administration claims it’s “Trumps” fault for their failures? Do they realize that former President Trump who has been out of office for six months? If “Trumps” plan was to be such a failure, how come those in charge at the Pentagon did not tell President Biden that Trumps plan was a recipe for disaster? What was Biden’s alternative plan? Easy answer to the ignorant public is to blame Trump. That draws attention away from one of the worst retrograde operations in military history led under President Biden and his administration. Did the Afghan army of 300,000 needed 2,500 Americans to hold their hand? Additionally, anyone with a functioning intellect following the news reports how this city then that province in Afghanistan were falling daily into the control of the Taliban could conclude a Taliban take over was imminent. Sorry, but it was too obvious that Afghanistan was failing into Taliban control just like in April 1975 South Vietnam fell to communist North Vietnam. The article states that “Milley, who was appointed to his position as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by President Donald Trump and retained by Biden, said it was his responsibility to provide the commander in chief with his best advice.” So apparently General Milley knew of Trumps plan that General McKenzie who must have communicated with Milley about since he is publicly blaming Trump now. So during the daily intelligence briefings what was told to President Biden? Was Biden present? Was Biden unwilling or unable to understand the depth of the circumstances in Afghanistan? The article states “Milley cited "a very real possibility" that al-Qaida or the Islamic State group's Afghanistan affiliate could reconstitute in Afghanistan under Taliban rule and present a terrorist threat to the United States in the next 12 to 36 months.” Yes General Milley, and a large donation of American military weapons to terrorists was made compliments of the cowardly Afghan army. Sad how no one wants to admit and take accountability for the fact that the 300,000 man strong Afghan army was a failure for years. The Afghan army was populated with Taliban infiltrators, undisciplined soldiers and cowards that was evident in the final days before Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. So if the Afghan army was 300,000 strong verses the 75,000 Taliban army, the Taliban was outgunned four to one. Sounds bad for the Taliban, so what was the Afghan army shooting at? So how much longer after twenty years did the Afghan army and its citizens expect America and her allies to do their fighting against the Taliban? Or were they always the Taliban?
  16. I think the penalty for Ian if found guilty would be to have him paint the American flag over the "mural" with the words "AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!"
  17. Should the desecration of the flag of the United States of America be a hate crime? Before you answer read this: https://nypost.com/2021/09/16/ian-rawlinson-arrested-for-defacing-albany-blm-mural-with-kkk-graffiti/ The article states “Ian Rawlinson, 43, was slapped with a charge of criminal mischief as a hate crime for vandalizing the mural on Lark Street between Hudson Avenue and Lancaster Street, Albany police said.” Charged with “a hate crime for vandalizing the mural”? So they would never consider the symbol of the United States of America as sacred as a “mural” of an organization whose members have been well documented committing violent crimes against law abiding citizens and the police, and destroying property. I remember listening to a BLM gathering in Brooklyn, NY with the Reverend Al Sharpton where the protestors chanted “WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!”. Another example of the violent attitude that is protected by the First Amendment? Unfortunately too many politicians support the desecration of the flag of the United States of America as protected speech, but a BLM mural is scared unlike the flag of the United States of America. What I find disgusting is the fact that non-veteran politicians who support the desecration of the flag and unlike myself who served boots on the ground for two foreign wars against communism and one against a dictator will have the same American flag drape our coffins.
  18. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/new-york-law-phases-out-most-gas-powered-vehicles-by-2035/ar-AAOh5eZ?ocid=SL5GDHP The article states “New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation on Wednesday that resembles California’s, and would effectively ban sales of new, internal combustion engine cars and trucks in the Empire state by 2035.” Obviously Hochul is not interested in addressing the real problems in New York State like expensive state government, high taxes, high crime, drug addition, failed public schools, wasteful social programs and many other problems that reduce the quality of life in New York State. The article states “The New York legislation follows an earlier effort in California where Governor Newsom signed an executive order to ban sales of new, internal combustion engine light-duty vehicles in the state by 2035.” Hochul is trying to keep up with the disaster state of California? The news has reported that Hochul does support many of the policies of former Governor Andrew Cuomo who was a disaster for New York State. Nothing changes to improve New York State except for listening to Cuomo’s rants like “YOU DON’T NEED TEN BULLETS TO KILL A DEER!”
  19. State Department trying to steal credit for saving four Americans from Afghanistan, rescue team claims https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/state-department-trying-to-steal-credit-for-saving-four-americans-from-afghanistan-rescue-team-claims/ar-AAObFSG?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnb7Kz The article states “Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who claimed yesterday to have played a part in the family's rescue, called the State Department's statement in their role as a "flat out lie" and that the Biden administration abandoned them.” Another failure of the Biden Administration that includes false credit for themselves to look like heroes. Pathetic Vietnam War draft dodging guilt.
  20. https://www.azquotes.com/author/7985-Nikita_Khrushchev Nitkita Khrushchev had some great insight into the dark future of the United States of America. “The press is our chief ideological weapon.” ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC. “The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag…The American people will hoist it themselves.” In the meantime some “Americans” fly flags of radical groups and burn the American flag. "Freedom" in capitalist countries exists only for those who possess money and who consequently hold power. Corrupt politicians and CEO’s along with the radical Hollywierd community come to mind.
  21. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/lindsey-graham-says-united-states-will-be-going-back-into-afghanistan/ar-AAObAEN?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnbfcL The article states “Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) says he believes the United States “will be going back into Afghanistan” despite the recently declared end of nearly two decades of American military presence in the country.” Senator Graham is free to go fight along with the 300,000 “reported” strong Afghan army who deserted. Enough American and coalition force service members have been killed or injured for Afghanistan. The article states “He said that Afghanistan “will be a cauldron for radical Islamic behavior," The Bible says “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Plenty of countries like China, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Pakistan to name a few who could harbor groups seeking to destroy the United States of America. The article states “The Taliban are not reformed, they’re not new,” Graham said. “They’re going to give safe haven to al-Qaeda who have ambitions to drive us out of the mid-east writ large, and attack us because of our way of life.” Nothing new. That is why we should have regularly bombed the Taliban rather than risk American lives and waste billions of American taxpayer money on Afghanistan. Our action was to have the Taliban give up Osama Bin Laden who we eventually found in Pakistan, another terrorist country we waste American taxpayer money on. The article states “Critics of the withdrawal, including some top Democrats, have said that the Biden administration failed to adequately prepare. “ President Biden and his administration are certifiably incompetent. I would love to read the retrograde operations order if one even exists.
  22. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/87-retired-generals-who-endorsed-a-false-conspiracy-theory-about-the-2020-election-call-on-defense-sec-lloyd-austin-and-gen-mark-milley-to-resign-over-the-afghanistan-withdrawal/ar-AANVGEn?ocid=mailsignout&li=BBnbfcL The article states “Milley has said there was a lack of intelligence indicating that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban as fast as it did.” There certainly is a lack of intelligence with President Biden and his administration. It was common knowledge that the Afghan army was undisciplined, infiltrated with Taliban fighters and populated with cowards which was so evident as we saw many young Afghan men running from the fight. The government fell because the army deserted, and they knew there was no military to protect them. The article states “The group also claimed that adversaries like China and Russia would be "emboldened to move against America due to the weakness displayed in Afghanistan" and that terrorists could "pass freely into our country" via the US-Mexico border.” Another failure of President Biden and his administration.
  23. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/kabul-airport-explosion-kills-four-us-marines-amid-evacuations/ar-AANLzDs?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnb7Kz RIP Brothers. So what’s the plan now President Biden and Secretary of Defense Austin? They killed my brothers. I say get whatever Americans out first, not Afghans. Leave the Afghans to do what they were supposed to do, fight the Taliban! America has enough cowards living here and we do not need to import more. Carpet bomb all the abandoned military equipment left by the coward Afghan army. Carpet bomb the Taliban headquarters and all the usable structures like the US embassy building. Time to impeach Biden and remove the incompetent administration.
  24. I can only wonder if the Taliban are capturing Afghans that worked with America, interrogating them to gain personal knowledge, executing them and replacing them with a Taliban terrorist to send off to America? Kind of like the Manchurian Candidate.
  25. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-allies-halt-kabul-evacuations-warn-of-growing-terrorism-threat/ar-AANLzDs?ocid=SL5GDHP&li=BBnb7Kz So who is going to be left to the mercy of the Taliban? Here is a novel idea…with all those young Afghan men doing nothing but running away, they should go pick up one of those estimated 600,000 assault rifles abandoned by the useless Afghan army and user them to rightfully kill the Taliban. Seriously, anyone with a functioning intellect and listening to the news saw Afghanistan was falling to the Taliban rapidly. The Afghan army is/was worthless in fighting the Taliban. It is common knowledge that the Afghan army was undisciplined, infiltrated with Taliban fighters and populated with cowards as evidenced by all those young men running away trying to get to America. This was just like South Vietnam in April of 1975. My fear is the death and injury to American forces if they have to invade to accomplish a complete evacuation due to President Biden and his administration being incompetent and derelict in their duty.
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