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  1. “This mass slaughter, which last year resulted in the needless death of more than 600 innocent animals, must end,” said Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal. Coyotes are innocent animals? They kill livestock and pets. Not so innocent. “In 2016, there were 82,189 abortions statewide” That’s about 100 times more murders by scalpel than by firearms in homicides! Assembly Bill A01748 is known as the Reproductive Health Act (Legalized abortion of infants) was co-sponsored Assembly member Rosenthal. So she apparently finds the murder of 82,189 infants acceptable, but as she said “the needless death of more than 600 innocent animals, must end,”?
  2. So the Left finds "Make America Great Again" offensive, how do they view the leftist organization Code Pink?
  3. Looks like (from his shirt) he was a member of the 173rd. That was General Westmoreland's favorite unit in Vietnam. One of the units I served in had a couple of 173rd Vietnam Vets. Definite real tough guys. So my assessment of this story is you have two cowards with only tough mouths, nothing else. When these two cowards were called out, they must have soiled themselves with the thought of how badly injured they would be! Sad how the "left" is so intolerant of speech and ideas that do not reflect their twisted and bizarre leftist mantra. Yet these are the same people who claim we all must be open, tolerant and embrace diversity!
  4. The decision to allow law suits is based on how Remington advertised. Does this set a precedence to allow the suing of manufacturers because of their advertisements? Examples: What about the car manufacturer that shows a car drive fast and maneuvering through city streets? So some unlawful driver drives a car through New York City resulting in killing and injuring people, BUT the car manufacturer is liable for deaths and injuries because of an advertisement? What about the fast food vender that advertises delicious, but unhealthy food? So some consumer eats themselves into a massive heart attack, BUT the fast food vender is liable for the heart attack because of an advertisement?
  5. So our elected leaders do not think that a wall is needed to deter illegal aliens and drug transporters from entering America? So much for security and reducing illegal drugs entering America.
  6. ADK Native

    Dick’s stops selling guns at 125 stores

    Ever since Dick's went all gun control stupid I would not shop there for anything. I still get coupons from them, but just rip them up and file them with the recyclables! In reality there are so many other places to shop, plus internet shopping can yield some better discounts. The other day I was in a Walmart and happen to pass by sporting goods. I thought they stopped selling firearms, but there was a large display of firearms. Maybe I did not notice it before or Walmart is cashing in on Dick's dumb move.
  7. I do not know which politician dreamed up this robbery scheme, but considering the nonsense and useless legislation created by NY politicians this did not come as any surprise. Issue Spotlight: Taxpayer-Funded Political Campaigns A proposal in the Executive Budget would establish a system to use taxpayer money for political campaigns. Under the budget proposal, $6 in taxpayer funds would be used to match every $1 in private contributions up to $175. So, for example, if an individual makes a $100 contribution to a Senator’s campaign, the State would provide $600 in taxpayer funds to match, for a total contribution of $700 to that candidate. In essence, New York tax payers will be forced to involuntarily fund political campaigns. Does the corruption, waste and insult to New Yorker's from its "elected leaders" ever stop?
  8. Trump budget to propose slashing domestic spending, boosting defense The article states “And the White House plans to expand its effort to cut anti-poverty programs. It will propose strict new work requirements for “able-bodied” Americans across a range of welfare programs, including health care, housing and nutrition assistance.” America is socialist for those willing and able to play the welfare game. Time for the welfare system to only help those truly in need and deny the lazy parasites of the tax payers.
  9. ADK Native

    Personal attacks

    WNYBuckHunter thank you for addressing this problem. An explanation of “inappropriate” remarks can be found at: Those who believe making “inappropriate” remarks may not come back to haunt them, need to be aware of the continuous flow of nonsense gun control happening in New York. The following is such legislation directed at those who make “inappropriate” remarks on social media: S1413 (ACTIVE) - SUMMARY Relates to requiring social media and search engine reviews prior to the approval of an application or renewal of a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver; requires a person applying for a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver or a renewal of such license to consent to having his or her social media accounts and search engine history reviewed and investigated for certain posts and/or searches over a period of 1-3 years prior to the approval of such application or renewal; defines terms.
  10. ADK Native

    Trying to shutdown Reynolds

    More anti-hunting legislation from a downstate Democrat politician. I would bet that the majority of her constituents do not hunt. So how does this legislation improve their lives? Former Governor Paterson, another Democrat tired this nonsense with trying to close the hatchery and distribute the slaughter pheasants to food pantries. It is time for upstate and downstate to cede from each other. This action would be predicated on the truth that there are cultural value differences. It is obvious that downstate Democrats do not embrace cultural diversity when it is applied to hunting and firearm ownership.
  11. ADK Native

    New bill / no more tournaments.

    Hopefully the voters of New York State who elected these do nothing politicians realize all this legislative nonsense will NOT: Reduce high taxes, high crime, the opiod crisis, the failed public schools, the failed correction system that releases violent people back into public, the failed welfare system that is enable people to be non-productive and the broken infrastructure (roads, bridges, water lines, etc.).
  12. FACT: Most young males are not qualified for military service, REALITY: Somebody has to fill the ranks! My experience as a former combat zone leader is that I found the females less goofy than some of the male soldiers. I was not surprised with my years of experience with hunting dogs. Always preferred female dogs over males. Sure the males were stronger, but my female dogs stayed on task more diligently from my observations. Maybe that is why they call us DOG'S OF WAR!
  13. I am watching and listening to Michael Cohen on the evening news. He sounds like a back stabber, crying little girl and of course a liar. This is the kind of guy you NEVER want in your foxhole. But then there is no documentation he has any military service. Yet Cohen is running off with his mouth about how President Trump did not serve.
  14. I am surprised such a liberal college would even reprimand this police hater. Then again I remember the Black Lives Matter most notable hate speech line of "WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!" BLM members were spewing this hate speech at a protest in Brooklyn, NY. In attendance was Reverend Al "Obama's Go To Man On Race Relations" Sharpton. Apparently they prescribe to the ideal of "Hate, pass it on!"
  15. Hopefully liberal couples will follow this advice. If so we will see an out-breeding of ignorance in years to come!