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  1. More reason to never reintroduce these dangerous animals in New York State.
  2. We hear the rhetoric by a certain group complaining about hate in America. Every time I hear about police officers shot it reminds me of an organization whose members chant “WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!” Is that organization ever labeled a hate group by the same people who call President Trump a white nationalist? The article states “The official says the suspect is 36-year-old Maurice Hill, who has a criminal history that included firearms charges.” The article states “Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner…said Hill has an extensive criminal history, including having faced drugs, guns, and robbery charges.” So do the politicians see a pattern here that this criminal should have been locked up for life? Are these politicians that ignorant of the root causes of gun violence like the failed war on illegal drugs, the failed mental health system and the failed corrections system that they are unwilling or unable to fix these problems?. Instead of criminal control, these incompetent politicians keep legislating for more gun control as usual. Never real solutions, just more useless laws.. How does restricting and prohibiting firearm possession by law abiding citizens control violent sociopaths like Maurice Hill?
  3. ADK Native

    Is gun control really about making people safe

    Gun control serves three purposes: It pacifies those ignorant of the root causes of gun violence and violent behavior in general. Makes them feel good, but cures nothing, It enables politicians who through their gross incompetence are unwilling or unable to enact legislation that would stop the root causes of gun violence. It enables politicians and their followers who think gun control will control people. Factual history has documented the truth that Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other dictators embraced disarming the peasants with disastrous results to personal civil liberties and economic success if they lived to suffer through the repressive ideologies of these monsters.
  4. Years ago I used winter rye (AKA "Green Manure") every year to improve my soil. That was years ago and I always purchased it at Agway.
  5. ADK Native

    FYI boaters.. See page 13: For 2018 Accidents – 203; Injuries – 108; Deaths – 19 Open the “Traffic Safety Statistical Repository” link, open “Crash Reports”, open statewide “Bicycle Crashes”. So in 2017, there were 6,142 accidents with 6,000 injuries and 48 deaths. Bicycles are more dangerous than watercraft. So considering the accident, injury and death rate for bicycles, should not New York State require safety and licensing courses for bicyclists? Should not all bicycles be registers so New York government knows who has them and where they are?
  6. Do not give me all the credit. We already have plain clothes police officer. I just want more embedded plain clothes police officers in soft target locations for better security. We already have uniform officers carrying automatic rifles. I just want more embedded in soft target locations for better security. Scary for criminals, not law abiding people.
  7. On a recent visit to both the hospital emergency room and my primary doctor I was asked “Do you feel like harming yourself?” I find that question odd since why would anyone who is seeking medical treatment to improve their health want to harm them self? The following links are very interesting regarding this question:
  8. A sad and senseless loss of innocent life because some evil violent sociopath had to prove how cowardly they are. Strange how these killers never make it to the real battlefield to prove how brave they are. Of course the usual demand for more gun control is being publicized. These demands are made by politicians and people who are both unwilling or unable to understand the root causes of gun violence. Laws to restrict and/or prohibit firearm possession are basically useless. I say this based upon the governments unsuccessful war on drugs. Many decades of narcotics being illegal has not stopped the continued distribution, sale and use of narcotics. So the same government that cannot keep dangerous drugs (the major root cause of gun violence) out of the hands of the mentally ill addicts will be the same government trying to keep black market firearms imported or manufactured in underground gun manufacturing plants out of the hands of violent sociopaths. These mass shootings always take place at soft target locations with insufficient security. Some are even gun free zones that only scare off law abiding citizens who chose to not want to be criminally charge for simply carrying a firearm for their God given right to self defense. I suggest more police dressed undercover at these soft target locations so thee killers never know who will kill them if they try to harm others.. I suggest that more street patrol police armed with automatic weapons to really be ready to go all tactical on some killer if they try to harm others. I witnessed this in civilians areas while I was on military operations in both Central America and Southwest Asia. I can tell you everyone one was polite that you met on the street!
  9. ADK Native

    Shotgun Dilemma

    Before allowing anyone to possess your firearms, the question to ask can they legally possess firearms under Federal, State and Local laws?
  10. "The answer to the gun violence epidemic plaguing this country has never been and never will be more guns, and today we're expanding New York's nation-leading gun safety laws to further protect our children," Governor Cuomo said. No, the logical response is to attack the roots causes of gun violence, not create more nonsense gun control laws that are useless. Cuomo and his supporters of gun control claim they protect children with their nonsense gun control laws are the same people who support murdering children by abortion.
  11. I read supporters said this law was needed to protect children from accessing firearms to commit suicide. More children are dying from illegal drugs and texting while driving. So do we need a law that requires illegal drugs be locked up and cell phones be locked up while driving a motor vehicle? So the same politicians in New York State who claim to care so much about children dying from guns, support murdering children by abortion.
  12. ADK Native

    10 Anti-Hunting Organizations

    The ASPCA is anti-hunting. “The ASPCA is opposed to hunting animals for sport, even if the animals killed in this way are subsequently consumed. The ASPCA does recognize that wildlife management may be necessary in situations where animal and human interests collide, but urges that management strategies be nonlethal wherever possible and never include avoidable suffering or distress.”
  13. ADK Native

    Hot Off The Press

    So what does Cuomo do about a buyer who is delayed the purchase of a firearm, BUT already legally owns a firearm? Gun control advocates view gun violence illogically. No firearm commited a shooting on its own, We can only hope that gun control advocates will connect the dots to the root causes of gun violence like the failed war on the distribution, sale and use of illegal drugs, the failed mental health programs that allow the violently mentally ill (many who are drug addicts) loose in public, the failed disciplinary system in public schools and at home, and the welfare system that has enabled fatherless families where the children are at higher risk for being victims of gun violence and being criminals. Exactly what is the "further scrutiny" criteria?
  14. The article states in the fourth paragraph that Governor Andrew Cuomo said ““Their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves. Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” Does the main stream media believe that is a racist remark?
  15. The article states in the last paragraph “Omar said. “We are going to continue being a nightmare to this president because his policies are a nightmare to us.” So lets break this remark down. First it appears a call to undermine (“being a nightmare”) the President of the United States of America by her and others (“We”) causing damage to the Executive Branch of American government, and secondly a remark of incredible ignorance ("because his policies") of the accomplishments made by President Trump. Apparently Congresswoman Omar has forgotten since President Trump took office the low unemployment rate, stock market increase, tax cuts, meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong Un that no other president has done and addressing the border security problem that other presidents ignored to name but a few actions by President Trump that is Making America Great Again.