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  1. I only hope that President Trump does not abuse the fact that former Vice President Biden will make some incoherent or dumb remarks. The media will rip President Trump apart for being cruel, insensitive and mean. President Trump does not need to point out Bidens mental degeneration, Biden will prove that all on his own. Hopefully President Trump will address all the failure of the Obama Administration of which he was the number two man. Talk about Benghazi, Solyndra, Obamacare, Ukraine and all the other failures while he was vice president. Expose to the American people do you really want to go back to such failures?
  2. I always dedicate my hunts to the Great Spirit, almighty God.
  3. Where were the the police? Where they called? Where they ordered to stand down? Where any one arrested? Where was Governor Andrew Cuomo with his social distancing requirements enforced? The church is private property and is "supposed" to be protected under the law even from the violent elements of Black Lives Matter (BLM) or do they get a free pass? Yes, violent elements of BLM. The main stream media calls their protests "mostly" peaceful! Is it peaceful to block the free movement of really peaceful people on roadways, shopping malls and now churches? Is it "mostly" peaceful to chant "WHAT DO WE WANT, DEAD COPS!' or " PIGS IN A BLANKET!"? Apparently the definition of the word "peaceful" has a new definition. Why are not these protesters using their time to patrol their neighborhoods to prevent crime by being the eyes and ears for the police? Why are not these protesters using their time to cleanup and fix up their neighborhoods? Why are not these protestors assisting the disabled and elderly? Why are not these protestors operating programs for children to improve their lives? So you have to wonder whose lives really matters to them.
  4. The article states "Four weeks after commissioner Roger Goodell vowed to listen to and work with players in their fight for racial equality" So does "racial equality" also include hiring quotas for players based on their race? Personally the NFL could disappear. I do not support the NFL and do my best NOT to support any of the NFL's sponsors especially USAA. I have better things to do than watch "employees" who eventually complain of brain injury from playing football. Maybe they need to visit Arlington Cemetery, a veterans hospital and the old soldiers home to see those who really suffered to protect their right to act like fools.
  5. Governor Andrew Cuomo is complaining that President Donald Trump should sign an executive order mandating everyone in America wear a mask. So Cuomo, the real question is why are you not enforcing your mandate to wear a mask especially all those protesters?
  6. The front page of the June 29, 2020 edition of the New York Post states “CITY OUT OF CONTROL”, “Bottles hurled at police in Harlem”, “11 shot in less than 12 hours” and “Top cop: Officers confused right now”. What do you expect from a government that is sympathetic to anarchists and scream psychotic rants like “YOU DON’T NEED TEN BULLETS TO KILL A DEER!”. Who is really in charge of the asylum? So if the “CITY OUT OF CONTROL”, where is the National Guard to restore order? What is Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DiBlasio doing? It is not Cuomo’s and DiBlasio’s responsibility to maintain order or did they leave some anarchist is charge? “Bottles hurled at police in Harlem” by those social justice and peace loving people? And they wonder why some in law enforcement are suspicious of these “people”. “11 shot in less than 12 hours” is more proof the SAFE Act, NYC gun registrations and all the other gun control nonsense does not work. Cuomo and DiBlasio need to go back to the “how do we control violent crime” drawing board. Still sooner or later Cuomo and his gun control advocates will be seeking more gun control laws that will NOT fix the problem. “Top cop: Officers confused right now”. Maybe they are confused because the anarchists want to defund the police, assault them and even kill them. If I were a police officer I would not be confused, I would be acting like I was in the combat zone, watching out for my buddies and me! The long, hot summer continues.
  7. The front page of the June 22, 2020 edition of the New York Post states “NYC gun pandemic: 1 shot per hour”. One shot per hour? NYC requires all firearms be registered and forget getting a pistol permit. Maybe they should be “registering” violent sociopaths, NOT firearms. Where is Governor Andrew Cuomo lamenting “I do not want people to die.”? Cuomo must be beside himself wondering why all his gun control is not saving these poor victims. Maybe those murderers never heard Cuomo’s words of wisdom that “YOU DON’T NEED TEN BULLETS TO KILL A DEER!” The heat is on and is looks to be a long, hot summer.
  8. Is it going to be a long, hot summer? I do not mean this in the “global warming” sense, but in the increase in crime reality. Crime usually increases during the summer (, but will it be more historically higher? I say this from viewing news reports of increased “gun violence” and neighborly watch reports of allege youth mischief, not the recent violent protests and riots. I am concerned with so much disintegrating support and trust in law enforcement by some in society, those individuals may continue to push the police into needless confrontation. A couple of recent examples are: 1. A large force of police officers in riot gear are confronted by a man who appears to be blocking the police from moving forward. To further complicate the situation, the man places himself in front of an officer close enough to effectively stab or shoot him. So when the man is push away he falls…….and it is the police officers fault? 2. An allege drunk driver acts cooperatively. He suddenly tries to escape and in the process takes the Taser away from an officer. He then turns and points the weapon at the officer. So in the process of protecting himself, the police officer shoots the man……….and it’s the police officers fault? So will it be a long, hot summer?
  9. So in approximately two weeks, give or take a day or two, will there be a spike in COVID-19 cases because of the mass gatherings? If there is no spike, will America re-open and send everyone, not just some workers back to work and students back to school?
  10. America is headed to socialism. The government has increasingly been funding more public assistance to those with questionable needs. How unfair this has been to the tax payer. I hear news reports of how cities want to take funding away from law enforcement budgets and use the money for community based programs. Why are not the members of the community volunteering to improve their neighborhoods? Where are the fathers of the children to protect and teach their children? We regularly hear “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”. Yes, but only because “we” “all” can get the virus. Sad how we have not heard that during war. When a military member is killed in action, we hear “they died for THEIR country”. NO, they died for OUR country. So that “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER” does not apply to support for OUR military. I had the privilege to serve in three foreign wars. Many Americans do not know what real hunger, poverty and brutality like I saw. I learned a lot to say it mildly, but the most important fact I learned was that America is the greatest country.
  11. A non-criminal woman was murdered by a police officer ironically in Minneapolis and all he was sentenced to was 12 ½ years in prison!
  12. President Trump must find it hard to be president, but not because he is Donald Trump. Before then candidate Donald Trump was elected president, there were Democrats calling for his impeachment. He was not even president! As now President of the United States of America, President Trump inherited a previous eight years of President Obamas disasters. The most notable was the appointment of incompetent Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Between the failures of Clinton and Obama the US Embassy was attacked in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the murders of four American, one who was US Ambassador Andrew Stevens. Clinton drooled over her idiotic response and Obama apologized for the terrorists saying they did it because they were upset over the video of Mohammed. Obama should have sent them a box of facial tissue to wipe their tears and then a retaliatory strike to kill all of the terrorists involved, but Obama did nothing. Prior to Obama, President Trump inherited the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from President Bush. His actions cost numerous lives, strengthen Iran and wasted money, but all of Bush and Cheney’s friends invested in Halliburton made blood money. If that was not enough, President Trump has had to endure numerous false charges to include an actual impeachment led by Democrats with very questionable backgrounds. So since General Mattis talks like he has all the answers, maybe he should run for president.
  13. If you want to improve the system, you have to be part of it. I wonder how many of the protestors have applied to become police officers so they can improve the system?
  14. Another Minneapolis police officer who used excessive force, but no one was protesting. The article states "In his short time with the Minneapolis Police, Noor has had three complaints filed against him – two that are still open. The other was closed and Noor wasn’t disciplined."
  15. "Stupidity" has been the Governor Andrew Cuomo way of ruining New York State throughout his terms in office as governor. Notable acts of Cuomo's stupidity are many like more taxes, more government, more welfare programs and more crime. One supreme act of stupidity is the SAFE Act. This useless act of gun control has not served to reduce gun violence. Cuomo and his supporters are either ignorant or completely stupid when it comes to the facts regarding the root causes of gun violence. They probably do not understand what "root causes" mean. With the stroke of a pen from a secret overnight meeting, Cuomo and his fellow politicians made many New Yorkers who were law abiding, peaceful and productive members of society criminals by owning a rifle that looked like something the military uses. Funny how Cuomo and his supporters can crank out useless legislation overnight, but are unable to quickly fix real problems. This pandemic has shown Cuomo to be a three ring circus master. Ring #1 Cuomo complains people will die, but he supports abortion and releasing violent sociopaths back into society. Ring #2 Cuomo complains New York is broke, but has been taxing and recklessly spending money on his idiotic nonsense. Ring #3 Cuomo complains about President Trump not doing enough, but what has Cuomo done to plan for mass disasters in New York State?