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  1. NY politicians are more interested in helping illegal aliens than the legal residents..
  2. The article states ““We believe every human that’s incarcerated is redeemable,” Saldana said.” Really? Like William Spengler who NY set free to murder several people shortly after being released? This highlights the lunacy of NY politicians who fail to protect and serve the residents who contribute to NYS.
  3. A person illegally here is already an alleged criminal by virtue of their breaking immigration laws of the United States of America. So what prevents them from making a false application of their driving record that would question their ability to lawfully and safely operate a motor vehicle?
  4. I listened to Bidne the other day on television. Biden said if President Trump is re-elected the character of this country will be unrecognizable. The man is a joke. Funny this guy was vice president under Obama who actually was ruining America. Never forget the incompetence of Obama who failed to launch a retaliatory strike against the terrorists is Libya who murdered a US Ambassador and three other Americans. Obama was too busy apologizing and "trying" to convince the stupid Americans that the attackers were upset about a movie! Biden was a Vietnam War draft dodger. He used up his college deferments and then used the excuse he had asthma even though he played sports in college.
  5. The Liberal thought process is both irrational and irrelevant to the truth. Their intellects have not matured. An example is gun control or as they now term it "gun safety". They will legislate all kinds of gun control laws that only further restrict and prohibit legal possession and use of firearms. The Liberal mind is unable or unwilling due to their defect to understand that there are "root causes" to gun violence. How is it that gun control supporters never address the distribution, sale and use of drugs, the failed mental health system that is not institutionalizing the violent mentally ill and the failed criminal justice system that is releasing dangerous violent sociopaths into public like William Spengler to fight gun violence? Everytime Bernie Sanders speaks, he validates the fact that the Liberal thought process is both irrational and irrelevant to the truth. Bernie was a draft dodging communist North Vietnamese sympathizer. Maybe he should run for president of Vietnam.
  6. ANOTHER violent criminal set free under the Cuomo administration just like they did with William Spengler who murder several people after his release from prison. The politicians in Albany want to prosecute you if you leave a firearm on the kitchen table, BUT they same politicians want to release violent criminals.
  7. The majority of New York politicians again have failed the veterans of State of New York. They are quick to pass aid to criminals, legalize murdering babies,financial assistance for illegal aliens, welfare for the lazy and more useless gun laws, but fail to care for those who gave so much for our freedom. So the hate for the military continues.
  8. America has always failed her veterans. At the top of the list is the Veterans Administration (VA). Our politicians must be ignorant of the needs of veterans or just hate them. Disgusting is how the politicians treats veterans. Veterans are Americas most loyal and selfless citizens who risked their lives in her defense. Yet some politicians and their followers believe criminals, illegal aliens, corporate crooks and the lazy deserve better ahead of veterans.
  9. ADK Native

    NY Budget Deficit

    On the news tonight a Democrat Assemblyman was asked about Cuomo's raise. The Assemblyman did a marvelous job never saying he was against the raise and used the excuse that it was placed into the budget making it sound like "say what, how did that get in there with money for schools, welfare, cable TV for prisoners, etc. ?"
  10. The article states “The Rev. Jesse Jackson and other clergy are planning a rally in support of Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who's faced criticism since her office dropped charges against actor Jussie Smollett.” Sad how so many religious people support criminal behavior that included false racist and homophobic attacks that never happened. Have they no shame? I wonder if Reverend Al Sharpton will be there too? Sharpton was an attendee at the Brooklyn Black Lives Matter gathering where they chanted “WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!”. A couple days’ latter two NYPD officers were murdered. And people wonder why so many are suspicious of the leaders in organized religion.
  11. “This mass slaughter, which last year resulted in the needless death of more than 600 innocent animals, must end,” said Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal. Coyotes are innocent animals? They kill livestock and pets. Not so innocent. “In 2016, there were 82,189 abortions statewide” That’s about 100 times more murders by scalpel than by firearms in homicides! Assembly Bill A01748 is known as the Reproductive Health Act (Legalized abortion of infants) was co-sponsored Assembly member Rosenthal. So she apparently finds the murder of 82,189 infants acceptable, but as she said “the needless death of more than 600 innocent animals, must end,”?
  12. So the Left finds "Make America Great Again" offensive, how do they view the leftist organization Code Pink?
  13. Looks like (from his shirt) he was a member of the 173rd. That was General Westmoreland's favorite unit in Vietnam. One of the units I served in had a couple of 173rd Vietnam Vets. Definite real tough guys. So my assessment of this story is you have two cowards with only tough mouths, nothing else. When these two cowards were called out, they must have soiled themselves with the thought of how badly injured they would be! Sad how the "left" is so intolerant of speech and ideas that do not reflect their twisted and bizarre leftist mantra. Yet these are the same people who claim we all must be open, tolerant and embrace diversity!
  14. So our elected leaders do not think that a wall is needed to deter illegal aliens and drug transporters from entering America? So much for security and reducing illegal drugs entering America.
  15. ADK Native

    Dick’s stops selling guns at 125 stores

    Ever since Dick's went all gun control stupid I would not shop there for anything. I still get coupons from them, but just rip them up and file them with the recyclables! In reality there are so many other places to shop, plus internet shopping can yield some better discounts. The other day I was in a Walmart and happen to pass by sporting goods. I thought they stopped selling firearms, but there was a large display of firearms. Maybe I did not notice it before or Walmart is cashing in on Dick's dumb move.