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  1. When I was stationed with NATO in West Germany many moons ago, I was friends with a German WWI veteran. Max was his name and he served on the eastern front. He told me stories of how he and his comrades would meet up with Russian soldiers at night to trade cigarettes for vodka. Max said both he and the Russians would socialize. Max said they all really did not know why they were fighting each other.
  2. As young West Point cadets, our motto was 'duty, honor, country.' But it was in the field, from the rice paddies of Southeast Asia to the sands of the Middle East, that I learned that motto's fullest meaning. There I saw gallant young Americans of every race, creed and background fight, and sometimes die, for 'duty, honor, and their country.' Norman Schwarzkopf
  3. “Environmental advocates in the Adirondacks are calling on New York’s governor to commit $10 million to address overuse of the most popular sections of the six million acre park.” So the environmental advocates want others to pay for their activity? Maybe these environmental advocates should follow the plan hunters long ago did in America, help fund your activity! Hunters led the way for protection of wildlife, regulated hunting seasons and the improvement and protection of wildlife habitat. Added to that were hunters who organized the many wildlife conservation organizations like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pheasants Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society, Ducks Unlimited and other organizations to help wildlife. I wonder how many of these environmental advocates would support their paying for a hiking license to maintain hiking trails and more parking areas?
  4. "It's not like he paid taxes here anyway": Governor of New York reacts to Trump moving to Florida Cuomo just insulted many of his loyal supporters who vote for him because they do not pay taxes either, they collect welfare!
  5. “Directing certain committees to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing House of Representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its Constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America.” A truly sad day in America. Let it be known that 232 Democrats are not doing the peoples work. Their continual fantasy investigation certainly defines the level of their character and intellect. Many of these same Democrats stood by Bill Clinton’s adulterous sexual encounter with Monica Lewinski and refused to impeach him. We will never know the real truth if Ms. Lewinski consented or was coerced by Clinton like he was verified to have done to many other women. So much for Democrats protecting women from predators like Clinton. If your representative is on the Yea list, please write them to express your disgust for their actions. Ask them why they waste their time on fantasy problems, but ignore fixing real problems.
  6. So while so many Americans needless die every day by the flu, gun violence, suicide (especially our veterans), drug overdoses and many other causes that can be reduced or eliminated with the intervention and support of elected leaders, the majority of Democrats in Washington are in mental paralysis with their Impeachment fantasy. The continual attacks orchestrated by these Democrats against President Trump remind me of a disturbed child who will ruin, say or destroy anything to get their way. Hopefully many voters will remember the failure of the Democratic Party on Election Day when they cast their precious vote. [G1]
  7. Nancy Pelosi, the band leader of endless attacks on President Trump complained the Russian knew about the mission, but not her. Again this politician from San Francisco that use to be a beautiful city distorts the truth. Here you go Nancy, let me explain as President Trump did already since your too busy dreaming up fake charges against President Trump…………..the Russians only knew that our aircraft would be flying at a low altitude in route to a undisclosed location over areas where their military was stationed, so please do not shoot! Nancy is in left field along with many politicians regarding secrecy and stealth of military operations. Is Nancy qualified to have a Top Secret clearance?
  8. Congratulations to the men and women of America’s military. A mission well done. I hope for a speedy recovery for the heroic military working dog who was wounded hunting down this terrorist monster. A special thanks to President Trump who ordered this attack on this terrorist monster who murdered Americans. One of those Americans was a woman who these terrorist monsters had raped and murdered. God bless President Trump for being in office to order this strike to show the world as John Rambo said in Rambo – Last Blood “death is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.” Unlike President Obama, along with Hillary Clinton who allowed and did not retaliate against the terrorists who murdered four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Unfortunately presidents like President Obama do not understand the reason they are the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. The president is responsible for the health and welfare of all American citizens. As the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the president has under their command trained military professionals who will go and kill those who harm Americans. Again, a wholehearted congratulations to the heroism of the attacking force. Those men and women, my brothers and sisters certainly did Make America Great Again. Made me proud to have worn that same uniform in three foreign wars.
  9. Now one should never be disrespectful by criticizing any dojo or kwoon or martial arts system, but a beginner seeking to learn should keep in mind the following when visiting a dojo or kwoon they have interest in attending: If they will not allow you to watch some classes, tell them “Thank you for your time. Goodbye!” Rational is what are they afraid you will see? If they will not allow you try a free class, tell them “Thank you for your time. Goodbye!” Rational is if their martial arts system is so good, why would they not want you to see for yourself how good it is? If they require you to sign a contract, tell them “Thank you for your time. Goodbye!” Rational is if their system is that great, why would anyone need to be held to a contract? If they have separate fees for promotion not included in the tuition, tell them “Thank you for your time. Goodbye!” Rational is with shipping you can buy a belt of all colors for about $12 and certificates can be printed off a computer for $.50, so the dojo or kwoon cannot cover that miniscule cost? In regards to open hand weapon disarmament training, it is advisable to study different forms to decide what works best for you. The key factor in any defensive or offensive technique to be successful is speed above all. The more moves involved require more time, and speed is diminished with those extra moves. Again, not to criticize any martial arts system, the way I was taught if a handgun is pointed at me, I turn it on my assailant and use it to discharge it into their head required two movements in the technique. I watched another style that employed an extra move, but it resulted in taking the handgun away from the assailant. Now do what you like, but we all know the muzzle is the part of any gun you do not want pointed at you. I personally want it immediately pointed back at my assailant, not at me! Additionally, the method I was taught will result in my assailant neutralized. Then the handgun can be mine to use if required to further protect myself from harm since my assailant will not be using it again. One last thing if the higher belts play rough with beginners say goodbye. That atmosphere is not conducive to good training and can lead to unfortunate conflicts. Also I have personally witness the idiots who play tough guy end up soiling themselves when that beginner trains many extra hours and returns for the rematch. Pay back is always a female dog! Bruce Lee said it best when he said he fears not the person who practices a thousand different kicks, he fears the person who has practiced the same kick a thousand times! I once observed a full contact fight where in the warm up season one fighter was spinning around with all kinds of fancy kicks to rival Bruce Lee. His opponent had solid stances, powerful linear strikes and a facial expression that would kill you. When the starting bell rang, the fancy kicker was met with three simple front kicks placing him in the corner weakened. Then His opponent grabbed the side rope vaulting himself up to strike the fancy kicker in the head with his shin. End of fight by a knockout.
  10. The evening news reported that the only thing the candidates were united on was impeaching President Trump. No surprise coming from a group of Democrats that superficially denounces hate in America. I wonder if these Democrats would have supported the impeachment of presidents who knowing and willingly: Coerced young female interns to have sex with them in the White house? Failed to execute a retaliatory strike against terrorists who murdered a US Ambassador and three other Americans at a US Embassy? Turned over millions of dollars to a country that committed an act of war in 1979 when in took over the American embassy and held Americans hostage supports terrorist organizations and calls for death to America and Israel?
  11. I know that area and it reminds me of the Little Susitna River area south of Lake Nancy . Good rain gear (you know that only too well from being an Alaskan), insulated rubber boots (that added bulk and weight will be forgotten when you walk a swamp or have to wade across shallow water), GPS (with extra batteries) and a good compass with declination set correctly. A map is must, but due to the heavy hardwood canopy and somewhat flat land I rely more on the GPS with my compass set (do this ASAP) with my reverse bearing to head me back to camp/vehicle in case I lose satellite contact. Yes, cell phone service is not available, BUT bring a good walkie talkie for you and your friend. Not only will you be able to communicate with each other, but if you get into real trouble you can SOS message with the HOPE some CB person is out there. Only other choice is a satellite radio.
  12. One of their favorite topics is hate in America they allege is orchestrated by President Trump. Sad fact is that there is plenty of hate spewed in America before there was a President Trump. Here are the facts of hate in recent American history: · Vietnam War protesters: Some protesters turned their demand for peace into hateful violence against those who served in the military during the war. One of their disgusting slogans was calling veterans “baby killers”. The irony is I wonder how many of those who used this slogan or approved of it support or have had abortions “AKA Baby Killing”? · Black Lives Matter: Some protesters turned their call for justice into hateful violence against the police. One of their disgusting slogans is “What do we want? Dead cops!” Also let us not forget the rioting, looting, blocking roadways, blocking shopping centers and assaults committed by these “justice” seekers. · Code Pink: This organization openly supports the murder of our soldiers. I wonder who the above Americans vote for?
  13. Considering the way some of the politicians in Washington DC are acting, will they make Halloween a national holiday? Halloween celebrates witches. These politicians love witch hunts! Halloween celebrates ghosts. These politicians love chasing ghosts! Halloween makes people work to pay for candy to give it away for free. These politicians love giving away money from people who work to those who do not work! If they did make Halloween a national holiday, at least these politicians would accomplish something, because since President Donald Trump has been president, they have accomplished allot of nothing.
  14. Some of the older Remington 1100 shotgun barrels were found deficient in handling the wear of steel shot. Owners were given money as a settlement. So be careful if you purchase one of these shotguns with that deficient barrel.