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  1. This custom built and insulated 14ft diameter, 9 ft tall dome is thee solution for all of your outdoor activities! Sleeps 6 to 8! That's a full size bed in the pic. Can add any bed configuration you like (bunk beds...etc). Insulated and weather-proofed with Ecobatt R19 non-toxic insulation, insulated windows, and Dennyfoil non-toxic reflective vapor barrier, this design is dry and toasty warm and cozy in the most extreme temperatures with little more than a tiny space heater and a light bulb. Just some body heat and a few candles are actually enough for more moderate temperatures! Originally listed for $9900 or best offer. This unit is recently completed and barely used. Can be transported on a flatbed truck. If unassembled, the enclosure can fit into the back of a pickup truck, trailer or an 8'x8'x4' container and easily transported anywhere. It can be repeatedly taken down and reassembled while retaining its structural integrity. Diameter-14 ftHeight - 9 ft at centerFloor Area-154 sq. ft.Door opening-26"x49"Weight-600 lbs contact 941 216 6742 This item is located near Albany, NY. $6900 or best offer