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  1. BK40


    Meant to post BINGO,too many Genesee's tonight
  2. After passing young bucks for years we have a mature animal on the farm. Here he is in a turnip plot with a ground blind 30 yds from him.
  3. Got these deep in the Siamese pond wilderness area state land. These deer probably never see a human. Thoughts?
  4. Is this buck the same one 2 weeks ago,same spot. Im thinking no 2 good ones using the same trail.
  5. I'd like to see his width but worth a second look at.
  6. Set up a bait site after season.A lot of action .Cant wait to do some predator hunting now.
  7. This guy is starting to blow up.He has to be at least 3 1/2 .
  8. Here are the first pics on a small clover plot.The big 7 I think has some age 3 or 4.
  9. Just finished cleaning up 20" of new snow on a property I look after when on the way out of the long driveway I find this next to the mail box.Almost ran it over.I can see where he walked last night out of the deep snow and traveled the town road to the driveway.This ones fresh. All those years of beaten the bush and long walks coming up empty and then this happens. This was one of our bigger deer,my biggest shed to date.Have to look for its match when the snow goes down.
  10. Got my first bobcat along with a couple healthy dogs.Must be hungry too because the flash kept one around for 2nd and 3rd poses.
  11. There both natural scrapes. Have an update on buck in the first two photos. My cousin took him tonight about 200 yds from the scrape. Im curious to see if he worked the scrape with the camera before he took a bullet.
  12. BK40

    Population cotrol

    Im confident of the numbers because their all coming from behind me in the morning and traveling past me to bed in the thickets. Im watching a large area 300 yds to the south and 500 yds to the north. Mostly vacant farmland . There is an orchard behind me where they come from in the morning. They finally decided to invest in high fence. Im wondering what that will do to there pattern.
  13. First two mornings of season and I saw around 40 to 45 different deer on stand each morning. The property has always held alot of deer but Ive never seen these numbers. Do you think the mild winter added that many. And there I am with one doe tag, 4t. The eastern part of columbia county was cut off completely with doe tags.
  14. A couple of the good bucks working scrapes. Neither have been taken early into the season.