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  1. We are off to a good start for the special teal season in southeast Louisiana. We got permission to hunt some new property and the scouting paid off. Limit of teal the first hunt and did well the second hunt. Hopefully this high water we have had the last few days with hurricane Sally won’t affect the last two weekends of the season. Click on the link below to watch the YouTube
  2. Video is some of the shots over the weekend in southeast Louisiana. Was not able to get a lot on video due to lack of shots and not getting cameras turned on in time because teal move really quick. As I state in the video, we traveled to a new area to us trying something different. Our main leased area that had been so good to us for many years has fizzled out and it was time for a change. The new area has had quite a few teal buzzing around that was nice to see. Sunday there were some decent groups of big ducks around, but none came close enough for us to shoot. The cover we had probably had a lot to do with that but then we were expecting teal which don’t require much cover. In the new spot we can’t get to the ponds in a boat rather have to drag pirogue to put out decoys and pick up ducks which we will do if we can shoot ducks. We shot 3 teal Saturday and 4 teal Sunday. The duck season for 2019-2020 is over and for the first time ever I did not limit out on ducks any hunt this year. Despite the lack of ducks, we always have a good time in the outdoors and enjoy the camp life.
  3. For many years I have posted many pictures of the same guys on the same dock holding handfuls of ducks and pouledeau. We were excited about the prospects of the second split since the aerial survey reported more ducks in the state but our woes continue. Not sure why our area is suffering but it is. Sure we wish we had more duck action but not shooting limits will not detour us from having a good time. We thought a throwback to the bags on the head that were reflective of the Saints of the past having bad football seasons as we are having a bad duck season. All we can hope for is much like our Saints there was always “next season” hopefully we will have ducks “next season”. Date Hunted: 12/21/2019: In the rain two boats went out. 0 ducks were shot for the effort. Both boats gave it up around 8:00 to get dried out. Date Hunted 12/22/2019: The water came up over night for a tide on the high side. Very cloudy conditions with a real nice breeze out of the north. One of the darkest boat rides out to the blind in a long time, we all guessed right. Real nice conditions for a duck hunt. Two boats went out. We put out 48 decoys, 2 spinners and 4 flickers in our pond. Each blind shot one duck. We shot a dosgris and the other shot a blue winged teal in the picture. That’s it for the day. Stopped hunting at 9:00am. Some guys we know hunt in SE Louisiana shot some limits over the weekend so not everyone is struggling as we are. Happy to hear some are having success. Merry Christmas to everyone and happy hunting.
  4. Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we have more ducks in the second split for more video action.
  5. This is some video from the first split of 2019 SE Louisiana duck season. What I have on film is from one of our 3 man blinds in a big open pond on our lease. As all of you know it has been a very slow first split. In the past a video like this could be done from the action of one weekend. Now it takes the whole split to get what I have. Hopefully we will have a better second split.
  6. Date Hunted 11/16/2019: No ducks in SE Louisiana either. Very few ducks in the sky again. We have had cold weather and we have the food, no ducks. We had two chances today at ducks. Eight teal came in and we shot five. About 10 Dosgris passed over the back of and we did not have a good shot so we were hoping they would come back but didn't. That is it. Highlight of the day was the 150 coot (pouledeau) pack that slowly came to us behind the blind. The were bunched up tight and we put nine shots into them. Ground rake. Picked up a bunch and shot some more to get the pouledeau limit of 45. Get the crock pot ready for the stews.
  7. We were lucky to get some flights to come close. Good shooting and a lot of fun when they fly.
  8. Teal hunting in southeast Louisiana Mississippi River Delta. We had a slow start to our season so video is somewhat limited, but did well the last two hunts. Video is from the whole season of some of the shots I got on camera. I use two cameras, some shots are the same but from two different angles. Sorry about the language in a few spots. No driving in trucks, stopping at grocery stores or head mounted video that makes you dizzy. If you like what you see there are more videos on the Delta Duckman YouTube Channel Click on link below:
  9. Our duck season has been way off of our regular pace this year in southeast Louisiana. Saving our season are Lesser Scaup (dosgris in Louisiana) that have showed up by the thousands. They have done a similar thing the last few years late season. They roost in the marsh prairie and go the Mississippi river to the grain complexes to eat what falls in the river in the morning. Back and forth every day and we are in line with the flight path. Game on! Second part is catching some redfish in the same marsh in the evening time. Good days in Sportsman’s Paradise…
  10. I met Lizzi who is a graduate assistant at LSU who oversees part of the Mottled Duck hen migration project. The duck was banded and transmitter attached to its back on August 22, 2017 near the Rockefeller Refuge, southwest Louisiana coastal zone. She told me Mottled ducks lose most of their flight feathers in late summer each year and they ride in a airboat in the marsh at night with a q-beam light to spot them. Once ducks are spotted they jump out and catch them because they are unable to fly. She caught 50 hens in 2017 and 35 hens in 2018. The main purpose of the study is an attempt to monitor the travels of the Mottled Duck hen to see where they nest in spring. The map shows the duck travels starting August 22,2017 from southwest Louisiana toward southeast Louisiana where she was taken December 1, 2018. Very interesting to see how she stayed along the coastline as most of them are thought to do. Another neat thing Lizzi can see on her laptop at any time is all of her transmitter ducks with live data feed for their current locations within 30 meters. I gave her the active transmitter and she gave me a dummy one to place on the duck for mounting. It took me 42 years to get the first transmitter, can I get another one? Happy Hunting To see Delta Duckman YouTube videos search Delta Duckman Playlist on YouTube…
  11. Phoenix Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish - On the east bank of the Mississippi river 8 miles up river from Pointe Ah La Hache. Morgan City is about 2.5 hours west from where I hunt.
  12. Date Hunted 11/4/2018: Very nice morning for a duck hunt. This was our 3rd annual youth duck hunt. We set up in the same place as we did for teal season because we had not seen any grey ducks in the area. Decoy spread the same coots, teal and a few greys with 2 spinners. Expecting teal we were very surprised to get the greys to work us as the video shows and Dane put the hurt on them with some very good shooting. Fun for all. Click on the link below for the video.
  13. Video of opening weekend of teal season 2018. We had average action this weekend with some tough conditions, clear mornings and very little wind and very warm. You had to really want it to do it this weekend. Some of the action we did not get on video but we did get some video along with a good time with friends in the marsh.