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  1. I’ve recently been looking for a large tract’s of land in NYS(1000 acres plus), mostly the northern part for a timber investment. Obviously a secondary use for property would be to grow and hold large bucks. In recent days I’ve found a few hopeful tract's one in particular stands out. the million dollar question is what are the potential for bucks in the area? Ive heard conflicting stories on different sites some good, some bad… Other questions i have for fellow members are what type of plots have you had success for up in the northern part of the state ( early, mid and late). I have ideas as far as food plot trees ( apples, pears, walnuts and of course oaks) i also have plans for clear cuts for new growth and hinge cuts for bedding etc. there’s currently a few spring fed ponds for water next to potential food plot/bedding sites. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. Definitely did not disappoint. Came out amazing, very realistic great quality and attention to detail
  3. Any one have any reviews (good or bad) of this place? Me and my father harvested two bears this year. One boar and one sow doing a rug and a full body mount
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