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  1. We had Brennen Nading and Dylan Lenz of, The Breaking Point TV on the show. If your not familiar with these guys, go check them out! Great hunts, great cinematography, and just some great guys. Join us as we discuss making it on YouTube, camera gear, hunting strategies for big bucks and more on #LiveOnReloaded https://youtu.be/mP_bHHc1C1s
  2. This week we had Mia on the show. She has been featured on the cover of Field & Stream magazine, tv, radio, and about everything else between. She is an advocate for the outdoors and our 2nd amendment. A guide, firearms and archery instructor, commentator, public speaker and much more. We touch on everything from Uncle Ted, to NRA red flag laws, Elk hunting, and more
  3. Hope to see some of you there
  4. It is the method game wardens use at check stations to age deer for records of harvest. Its pretty foolproof up to about 3.5. As mentioned, fawns will have less than 6 teeth. A 1.5 yr old will have a temporary premolar and at 2.5 they will have a permanent premolar. Tooth ware, in my opinion can be misleading. I think a deer that lives in a habitat with a lot of sandy, or rocky soils will show more tooth ware sooner
  5. Bad camera angle. It was fully intact, with nothing gross about it
  6. That's why I didn't want to boil. If you leave it in the ground long enough, the bugs will clean it to the bone. Many people like to dig it up a month or so later and its still cold, so the bugs haven't really gotten to work yet. I cant imagine slurrying up some brains and then digging them out lol
  7. Good deal. Youll NEVER go back to straps!
  8. I remember a lot of folks was interested in the DIY trail cam mounts, but a lot of those people wanted to use them on public land, or lived in areas where it was not allowed to put screws in trees. This includes a variation for those people and some demonstrations as to why a mount is better than straps. https://youtu.be/d2cD-v13134