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  1. HauseOfCards

    Credit Cards

    You should definitely look into applying to a couple credit cards. Depending on your spending habits there's a lot of ways to earn a decent amount of rewards points/cash back. I have 7 credit cards that I used based solely on the type of purchase I'm making to maximize my rewards earning (but I've spent a lot of time researching and keeping track of my spending). Probably the most flexible options are any of Chase's cards (Freedom, freedom unlimited, Reserve and preferred). The 2 freedoms don't have yearly fees, but the others do (but those honestly pay for themselves easily). Amex and Citi have a couple flexible options as well. These types of cards are normally a lot better than getting a card from a specific retailer as the earnings are similar and you can use them for a lot more (cash back, flight/hotel awards/bookings, etc). Also, if you apply for a new card make sure you spend enough to meet the sign on bonus as there's a lot of value to be had there. So if you know you'll be making a decent sized purchase you should consider applying for a new card right before. Obviously you should stay away from credit cards if you feel you'd have difficulty paying off your balances on time, but otherwise you're leaving a lot on the table by not having some. Good luck!
  2. HauseOfCards

    Shotgun Ranges Near NYC

    Does anyone have any reccomendations of public shotgun ranges near NYC that allow slugs? I just got a new shotgun/sight and want to sight it in. Thanks!
  3. HauseOfCards

    New Hunter

    Hi guys, I'm pretty much brand new to hunting. I've been invited on 2 turkey hunts in Georgia, but otherwise I've started getting my own equipment and gun to be able to hunt on my own. I live in Manhattan and I'm looking for good lands to hunt that aren't too far of a drive away. Looking forward to hearing from everyone here!