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  1. TheFieldArcher

    Carnage in Jersey!

    Crank up the volume.... compilation bow hunts
  2. TheFieldArcher

    Last day buck!

    Thanks guys! The shoulder was broken on his left side and the head was just under the skin, almost made an exit hole. When the arrow broke it shredded the lungs, they were torn up. Speaks volumes on that Bishop Archery head, 1 1/8" cutting diameter 3 blade head did a great job!
  3. TheFieldArcher

    Last day buck!

    Last day of the NJ fall bow season and he caught me by surprise and came from behind me on the opposite side of where I expected him to come from, hunt starts off working the camera across my hip!
  4. TheFieldArcher

    Heart Shot Collection

    Awesome guys, congrats!
  5. TheFieldArcher

    Heart Shot Collection

    My best heart shot footage hunts, I originally uploaded this video on YouTube back in June and it somehow went from a 13 minute video to a 3 minute, in the comments people wrote about scenes you can't watch anymore and I questioned YouTube on it and never got an answer. Got the feeling some snowflake working at Google didn't like what he saw so I uploaded it again! Here is the FULL video:
  6. TheFieldArcher

    Bowhunting Collection

    Just into the 7th season of self recorded hunts and hit 20 million views on YouTube, put together 100 shots in 4 minutes, think I got most of the kill shots since 2010...
  7. TheFieldArcher

    Mickey Thompson MTZ P3 Tires

    Looking for tires for the meat wagon that are awesome on and off-road...
  8. TheFieldArcher


    Messing around with some old footage and put together some of my best heart shot footage. For those new to the sport, as long as you have the correct yardage, the heart shot is quick and ethical! And if the deer drops before the arrow arrives, nothing but lungs!
  9. TheFieldArcher

    Spring Critter Action!!!

    Got this on my Tree Hugger channel... you guys may enjoy also! lol
  10. TheFieldArcher

    Backyard Wildlife!

    Soooo I have created a channel for my backyard critter videos... Hopefully all of the tree huggers will subscribe... and if they only knew! lmao!First video for my tree hugger channel... think they will like it??? lol
  11. TheFieldArcher


    Bored of watching the blizzard? Only fishing shows on TV? Well, here are some arrow flinging bow hunts for between shovel runs... broil up some backstraps and kick back!