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  1. ALL of our links work, so I don't know what the error message is all about from this site. Type or paste the link into your browser - ALL our links are working! FYI: Always scroll all the way to the bottom on our website to see everything on the page. http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/legalizing-dove-hunting-and-keeping-it-legal.html
  2. Note links to 3 reports at the end of this article. Each report contains an interactive map of New York State. Click on each star to read how many mourning doves per hour were observed at that location during the Christmas Bird Count. The table below the map shows the same data. http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/mourning-dove-abundance-and-distribution-across-new-york-state.html
  3. Air Shotguns add a new dimension to dove hunting. Note the comment about the overhead utility lines, we are going to recommend the DEC prohibits dove hunting within gun range of lines to prevent damage to them. They are taking Eurasian collared doves, which are similar to our native mourning doves. They are spreading and it is not too uncommon to find this introduced dove across NY. The impacts of ECD are not known at this point. If you want to hunt doves in NY, sign our online petition at this link: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/petition.html For info on Eurasian Collared Doves go
  4. NY Hunting Contest Legislation As most of you know, the last few years there has been bicameral legislation to ban hunting contests in NY. The media attention as well as the grassroots organizing of anti-hunters generated a lot of support for the proposal. The matter of hunting contests is outside the scope of NY Dove Hunting and is not part of our agenda. However, we want to point out the level of support needed to compel the Legislature. The organization Ban Hunting Contests in NY has collected 19.641 petition signatures and their Facebook page is followed by 2,582. Those numbe
  5. Details coming soon! As mourning doves expand northward Canadian Providences are instating hunting seasons. British Columbia has hunted doves for some time. Southern Ontario instated a season in 2014, and now Quebec. There is also a pending proposal in Manitoba and discussion elsewhere.
  6. Upcoming movie pushes back against the anti-bird dog movement, recommended by the AKC: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/new-movie.html
  7. Dove Hunting, Spying on Trapper's Convention, NAVHDA Bird Dog Training, and more... This page takes a moment to load... it's worth the wait. http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/anti-hunting-activity-in-new-york.html
  8. By now you might understand the utility of the information we are sending you and why we are sending it to you. If you are still cursing us out or scratching your head because you are not quite there yet, please stick around! Below is a summary we compiled which reflects the central premises of anti-hunting activists both in general and specific to dove hunting. (In the future we will adapt this to pheasant stocking, Sunday hunting, and young forest management). Categories of arguments are grouped and typical premises of each category are listed. For your convenience the same info
  9. It is early for us to start distributing our political endorsements and report cards, but I thought I would provide a preview of our political strategy. As with our other strategies, this will require help from as many people as possible. Inform us of candidates seeking to run for the Legislature; and help us get the word out about who the good guys and bad guys are when the time approaches. So far, we only received two replies (Link 1). In addition to the replies, we note the names of candidates who fail to reply. (Link 2). Stay tuned and check back as we add data to these links as w
  10. Few remaining hunters from NJ know what an Atlantic brant or a Northern bobwhite is, but these two birds are iconic NJ game species. "No a brant isn’t some kind of duck, it’s a kind of goose for starts"…. The Northern bobwhite is reputed to be a NJ Pine Barrens bird, probably more because the pine barrens resembles sections of the southeast that were once the quail belt, than what reflects reality. (Today, the healthiest bobwhite populations are in the Midwest, as is the case with most game birds). In reality the bobwhite was formally widespread and abundant in NJ found well north of the Pin
  11. Giving NYC hunters a voice; the effect of legislative districting on hunting policy; and the need for more NYC signatures on the dove hunting petition: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/giving-nyc-hunters-a-voice-the-effect-of-legislative-districting-on-hunting-policy-and-the-need-for-more-nyc-signatures-on-the-dove-hunting-petition.html Giving NYC hunters a voice.pdf
  12. There has not been any posts about our petition on this site for NINE MONTHS. Since that time this site probably has acquired some new members who would benefit from a dove hunting season. This post is directed at those new people and others unfamiliar with this matter. In the early 1900’s most states banned wild turkey hunting and around 25 banned mourning dove hunting. Most of these bans were reversed between 1970 and 1995. Today, wild turkey hunting is allowed in 49 states and mourning dove hunting is allowed in 41 states. NY’s first modern wild turkey hunting season was in the fall
  13. NY Dove Hunting's advertisement in last year's NY Hunting & Trapping Official Guide to Laws and Regulations was a success and we plan to run the ad again this year and every year as long as it takes. Ad deadline is June 1. We have already received donations this year from members on this page, Lawdaz and Raymero (via Putnam Federation of Sportsmen). We need $200 more dollars for a minimum size ad, which is what we used last year. If we receive more than $200 we will purchase a larger ad or two ads. Please endorse checks as shown. Use the contact page of the NY Dove Hunting Websit
  14. Commentary: At least some Iowa legislators apparently handle anti-hunting activists differently than their counterparts in NY. Deardon was a DEMOCRAT, and, in addition to pushing for dove hunting, had also worked toward passing several social issues important to some democrats. And by Iowa standards Deardon's district - Des Moines is about as urban as the state gets. The reason the above is significant is because in NY it is believed, with some merit, that the democrat, NYC Assembly is a major factor in the outcome of pro-hunting legislation. Although Ontario, Canada reinstated dov
  15. Here is a link to our politico questionnaire and a separate link were we publish the responses (1 so far), who we sent a questionnaire, and our Grade for each politician - we only gave out an F minus so far..... These two pages will be interesting and useful reading as the data accumulates over the months. If you hear of any vacancies or contested districts, please gather as much information as you can and get it to me. Feel free to just send the candidate the link, just let me know so we do not duplicate each others efforts and send someone extra mail. Here are the links: Candidat
  16. NY Dove Hunting is surveying the candidates in the special election held April 19, 2016. One of the regions where a special election is being held is senate district 9, which is around the towns of Garden City, Hemstead, and Long Beach. We sent the three candidates who we are aware of that are seeking this office our questionnaire. I will post the actual questionnaire and then the responses we get. We already got one - and the bottom line is do NOT vote for Seth (Lawrence) Hirsh!
  17. It has been busy, and some things got neglected….. Although “fundraising” should be a year-round endeavor, and most non-profit organizations spend 99% of their time and effort fundraising, NY Dove Hunting does not…. One factor to be aware of is the June 1 deadline for advertisements for the Regulation Guide which we must deal with…. Most of what we have studied about businesses including non-profits; is that advertising expense should double in year two…. We have collected slightly more than last year and put a little more of our own money into Facebook ads this year, but we are no
  18. Here is a link to our politico questionnaire and a separate link were we publish the responses (1 so far), who we sent a questionnaire, and our Grade for each politician - we only gave out an F minus so far..... These two pages will be interesting and useful reading as the data accumulates over the months. If you hear of any vacancies or contested districts, please gather as much information as you can and get it to me. Feel free to just send the candidate the link, just let me know so we do not duplicate each others efforts and send someone extra mail. Here are the links: Candidat
  19. The Parent organization of Delta Waterfowl is promoting our petition among its NY members. Meanwhile the Connecticut Chapter has launched their own dove initiative. Here is the article from Delta Waterfowl: http://www.deltawaterfowl.org/news/article/2016/04/07/take-action-to-help-establish-a-dove-season-in-new-york
  20. Our new Cartoon series will air most Saturdays at 7:30 AM. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo3wo7NfGAfkoe7eBaLIISZvKTkLCZzyD
  21. Around 2008, the DEC published this: http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/59626.html In response, around 2014, NY Dove Hunting published this: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/is-lack-of-interest-credible.html During March 2016 the DEC circulates this: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/2016-dec-webless-migratory-game-bird-survey.html Thus: if you received a DEC survey be mindful about how you answer each question so that you do not communicate a message you did not intend! If you did not receive a survey, NOW is prime time to write to the DEC in support of hunting mourning doves
  22. Next 3 Days are Prime Time to Write Your State Reps! Why? Because Humane Lobby Day is April 12. 2016, and on this day 150 activists will be in Albany working out their agenda to slash bird hunting opportunity in NY including discouraging future legislation which would allow dove hunting! Write to your senate and assembly reps. TODAY! Tell them not to make any promises to block dove hunting legislation, eliminate the state pheasant stocking program, and ban hunting of woodcock, snipe, and rails! Next 6 Days are Prime Time to Write to the DEC! Why? Because the DEC is canvass
  23. 5 More Days! In 5 days 150 activists will be in Albany working out their agendas with the Legislature. We have been urging the bird hunting community to write to their state representatives in the upcoming days. The message of your letters should be that elected officials should learn the facts and challenge the assertions of these activists rather than naively believe what they say without fact-checking. In particular mention reinstating a dove hunting season and protecting the state pheasant stocking program. Also convey that you seek a general improvement in game bird hunting op
  24. April 12 and April 15, 2016 April 12, 2016 is Humane Lobby Day in Albany. Over 150 activists will meet with legislators or their staff to advocate for policy which reduces your opportunity to hunt doves and other webless migratory game birds and train your bird dog or retriever gun dog. Action to Take Today: Go to this link find your senate and assembly representatives and copy a form letter to send them: http://nydovehunting.weebly.com/humane-lobby-day.html April 15, 2016 is the last day the DEC will accept responses to its Webless Migratory Game Bird Survey. This survey asks que
  25. Some hunters will get this survey this week , if you have not already received it. I am posting this in the waterfowl section, because I believe those who will receive this survey are those who are currently registered in HIP, particularly those who have previously indicated they hunt webless migratory game birds in there hip report. If you are currently registered in HIP you may receive the DEC's Webless Migratory Game Bird Survey this week. There are several questions asking about your interest in mourning dove hunting. If any of your hunting partners receive this survey educate the
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