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  1. I like that corner mount a lot. Thanks to all of you for the info. Hopefully will get to put it to use!
  2. Binghamton is right on the way home. I'll look up Kyle Konecy. Thanks Hock3Y24. And congrats on a nice buck! I don't post much but do follow a lot.
  3. I am a PA resident with a camp in 7M. I can no longer take a head/cape to PA. If I am lucky enough to tag something worth mounting I would do so. If anyone has a recommendation of someone who does good work in the area south of Syracuse and east to Norwich area, I would appreciate to hear about them. I usually do my own processing as well but given the fact that regular seasons starts two weeks before thanksgiving this year, a processor could also be useful in the same area. Many thank all! I read this site a lot and learn a ton.
  4. I have an ARE on my 2011 Silverado. I spent the extra money for side windows that flip open. It was worth every penny to be able to reach in from the sides. You wont regret it.
  5. Try some different ammo with varying bullet weights. You'll be surprised how your group sizes can change.
  6. Look into Turkey Ridge Raquette Guides in Central NY. I did my first ever turkey hunt with them several falls ago. I didn't kill a bird on that trip but learned a ton about fall turkey hunting. I've taken several birds on my own since then in both the fall and the spring. You may want to consider a 3-day hunt. Spring hunting ends at noon, so a single day is not a lot of time to learn from your guide and that's the most important reason to hire one in my opinion.
  7. You're fine as long as you're hunting in a county that allows rifles.
  8. If you bring a standard hunting rifle, wooden unadjustable stock, no pistol grip, nothing plasticor scary that makes it look like a military weapon you "should" be OK. DON'T Bring a handgun or a rifle that scares democrats, that could land you in prison.
  9. Like Eric, my wife grew up without guns in a south american country where only police and criminals (not mutually exclusive) had guns. She was afraid to touch my 10-22 when I brought her to meet the parents and I wanted to do some plinking. 15 years later, she has taken the biggest buck so far at our 7M camp and killed 6 turkeys in 5 years. Although she killed a great buck, she hunts for the challenge and the meat and would much rather shoot a yearling doe to eat than a buck. I know lots of you guys like hunting as a get-away with the guys, but I love having my wife along on any hunt. She has been talking to me about a trip to hunt Merriams turkeys and/or an Elk hunt (she's tasted elk meat and wants more). I am blessed. The one problem with the elk hunt is that she hates large caliber recoil. She shot my 30-06 once, and only once. She loves her .257 Roberts. She's torn about being underpowered on Elk with it vs. the recoil of a big caliber. Need to find a way to get it done. Moral of the story, focus on the food and the challenge (marksmanship/woodsmanship) and your wife may become a hunter all on her own.
  10. I rarely go hunting without my wife. She is originally from Brazil where only criminals have guns. She never touched one until we were engaged. I never thought she would hunt because of her absolute fear of guns when we met. Today she has a 2 shotguns and 2 rifles of her own and is a better shot than I am. I think the difference between most men and most women is that men, in general, are attracted to the sport of trophy hunting while women are attracted by the ability to put deliscious food on the table. Keep this in mind if you want to get your wife into the sport. My wife will shoot a good buck if she has a chance but she is always hunting for a yearling doe. I like to eat and I encourage it. If you can get your better half to enjoy hunting, I highly recommend it. There's nothing better than when you are looking for a camp property and your wife insists that she must see both deer and turkey sign or she 's not interetsed. The exception is when she mentions that she might want to go out west for an elk hunt on next year's vacation. Maybe I just got lucky and found the best wife ever.
  11. I'd love to roost birds. The problem is that they dont roost on my 80 Acres. They seem to roost own the hill toward the stream on the neighboriing properties. I would do the same as Growalot and make a path to the tree if they were there.
  12. An accident? No way! I have been on campus at Cal-Berkeley. There is no one shoowting crossbows there for target practice or hunting. This had to be intentional. This girl was not shot accidentally from 500+ yards away. I agree with Growalot. The perp is an insane anti-weapon idiot who feels the ends justify the means. I hope they send him up the road to San Quentin.
  13. Dom, All of my dogs are microchipped. Yes, they are safe if implanted by a veterinarian. However, if you lose your dog, someone has to find her and take her to a vet or a shelter for them to read it and contact you. You wont be able to track the chip. I'd suggest tightening the collar so it can't slip off and/or getting her chipped. If you are running her in the field and want to keep track of her, the Garmin Astro is a great product. It will tell you how far away she is and in what direction using a GPS device. It's also attached to a collar so if she slips that, it will only tell you where the collar is, not the dog. By the way, it aint cheap.