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  1. What's next ? https://dailyvoice.com/new-york/suffolk/news/bluetongue-found-in-southampton-deer-first-time-fatal-virus-confirmed-in-ny/844212/
  2. I love skeleton keys.....i found a few over the years but I like the Barber the best.
  3. Yeah.......my ass jumped 2" in the chair. LOL
  4. I've never seen any black bear sign where I hunt , so I was quite surprised to see one on my trail camera. I'm guessing he smelled the bait that I put out for bobcats and coyotes a few months ago. Judging by the size of his ears , he looks pretty small.
  5. I took my metal detector along the bank of the Hudson River yesterday. I wanted to check out an old swimming hole from the early 1900's. It's also a place were I used to go striper fishing. Aside from the usual assorted junk , this is what I found. 9 wheaties , 3 mercury head dimes , 1 skeleton key , 2 buttons , 1 women's ring and a 1893 Barber dime. Metal detecting is a cool hobby.
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