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  1. Water Rat

    2019 Baseball Thread

    Stick a fork in my beloved Mets.... they’re done. Not mathematically but it ain’t looking good.
  2. Water Rat

    Almost ready

    I forgot to mention to let it cool overnight Lol. Guess we all learn the hard way sometimes right turkeyfeathers ? Let me tell you about the crackhead move I did yesterday. I went to unhook my propane tank when I was done . So instead of unhooking the regulator from the tank , I unhooked the hot pipe thread barehanded from the air shutter. Burnt the shit out of my thumb. Won’t do that again. Lol
  3. Water Rat

    Supplies arrived.

    Where did you purchase your supplies Culvercreek hunt club , if you don’t mind me asking ?
  4. Water Rat

    Almost ready

    Simply boil water with log wood dye (crystals are better) , add rusty traps , simmer for about an hour and hang up to dry. Then boil wax (very carefully ) and dip them in until the trap heats up. Then hang to dry. Keep foreign odors away from them. Then store them until needed ( I use plastic totes ). I’m sure you can find plenty of information online that can provide more detail than I could explain. What is in the picture are foothold traps and drags. Hope this helps.
  5. Water Rat

    One Of A Kind!

    Bet Eric Clapton has one , or certainly could afford one. I remember seeing his awesome gun collection online one time.
  6. Water Rat

    Almost ready

    Yes actually. I made enough for this year and maybe next year too. There was a week during the summer when it was in the mid 90’s around here. Perfect time for making it. Just have to watch out for pop up thunderstorms that can ruin everything.
  7. Water Rat

    Almost ready

    Dyed em yesterday , just need to wax em.
  8. Water Rat

    Supplies arrived.

    Best of luck to you in the upcoming trapping season . Hope you get a pile of fur.
  9. Water Rat

    Caught in the act...

    I was wondering what the yellow looking pipe was on the left of the top photo. Hope you get his ass.
  10. Water Rat

    Back in the day

  11. Water Rat

    Back in the day

  12. Water Rat

    Back in the day

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    Back in the day

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    Back in the day

  15. Water Rat

    Back in the day