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  1. Be careful that small chips of paint don't fall into your trap bed when you use it. I learned that the hard way. Now I just paint a small ring around the tool handle. That ground hog hammer makes dirt holes a breeze.
  2. Hey Steve D.....you might want to consider making your own wax dirt this summer. It's easy to do. I still have some that I made 2 years ago.
  3. LOL......I've done the pack basket route before... fiberglass and wood. But having had 2 shoulder surgeries (football) those are a pain in the ass too. I do use a camo Sears tool bag , but mostly just or checking traps and not making sets. I'd go buy an atv in a hot minute but it wouldn't be practical were I trap. Keep planting steel Culvercreek !
  4. Yep.....best trap on the market IMO.
  5. If you were up to doing a little shoveling.....say like a 6' circle , it would make great eye appeal. Good luck rachunter.
  6. He destroyed my cubby. Here's the before and after photos. I'll repair it for next year.....a simple blending it in with existing vegetation will do the job.
  7. I caught this 30 pound bobcat Saturday morning in a cubby set. Unfortunately his fur was soaked from the rain we had overnight. He has a really wide white belly with beautiful black spots.
  8. Sometimes I feel like quitting myself Steve D . I'm trapping the old fashion way.....carrying everything in two 5 gallon buckets. Staggering thru the woods , wearing hip boots and tripping on every stick gets old quick. My knuckles feel like their dragging on the ground after a few hours. You still have about a month left for the predators. Hope to hear your back out there.
  9. I'd like to see the Bills finally win a Super Bowl but I believe it'll be the Chiefs and Packers.