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  1. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  2. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  3. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  4. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  5. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  6. This was from the Tattoo You album. I always liked this photo.
  7. Water Rat

    Deer head mount

    I drove by this guy's house the other day and he's added a couple more deer heads. Sorry about the glare on the window. They all look like nice deer. Maybe I should ask him if he needs a hunting partner. Lol.
  8. Water Rat

    Tough Decision

    Sorry for your loss Tughill Tamer but you made the right decision. Otherwise it would have been cruel and selfish to let her suffer. Take solace that you gave her a good life. I've been there quite a few times myself.
  9. Quite an impressive list.....apologies if I missed anyone. There's still time to add your name. Continued good luck to those who are still hunting. 1) CharlieNY (son) 2) WWJD_Hunter 3) turkeyfeathers 4) Robhuntandfish 5) PREDATE 6) mpavlus 7) Belo TreeGuy (dad) 9) stubborn1VT 10) Otto 11) mowin 12) WNY Bowhunter 13) Steuben Jerry (friend & co-worker) 14) 2012_taco 15) zag 16) Gencountyzeek 17) Pygmy 18) GreenDrake (nephew) 19) Shadd Rapp 20) ATbuckhunter 21) Water Rat 22) Skillet 23) kpkot 24) ODYSSEUS