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  1. I trapped this guy this morning in a coyote set. Beautiful prime pelt.
  2. Interesting article on how you can literally catch a bobcat in the same tracks it made previously.
  3. A few from back in the day. Sure seemed like a lot more turkeys back then.
  4. Fox Studios in Putnam County.
  5. Yeah....could be a kitten. It looks like he's using a well defined trail coming out of the woods.
  6. Reported 70-100 mph winds and 40' drifts. I can't imagine that much snow. I wonder how many died from it.
  7. I had a family of 5 run by me when I was deer hunting in my ladder stand years ago. It sounded like a herd of deer running to me until I saw what they were. They ran into the swamp behind my stand.
  8. Well , I finally got around to making this set after putting it off for nearly 3 years. It's still a hot otter toilet and I had confidence in it. After the 3rd day , I walked up to a sprung trap. Upon inspection it appeared the otter slid over the top of the trap causing it to fire. So this time I re-set the trap and moved it a couple of inches to one side. I figured I might have to wait a while for him to return as they travel a large circuit. On the eighth day I walked up to the set and noticed the trap was gone. I saw my pan cover (wax paper) floating near the shore so I knew I had him. The only problem was that he tangled himself up in some branches that made it harder to pull him out. I didn't bother weighing him but he's a medium male otter.
  9. I saw this on another site ......a coyote with 2 noses. I bet he could smell a trap a mile away. LOL
  10. Picked this guy up from the taxidermist recently. I think he did a good job.
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