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  1. Water Rat

    Frog Hunting

    I tried frog legs when I was a kid at a restaurant with my parents. I just wanted to say I tried it. I can’t even remember what it tasted like. Maybe chicken ?
  2. Water Rat

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    The biggest paintbrush I’ve ever shot was on the last day of May years ago. No sense giving up now. Continued good luck to those who are still at it.
  3. Water Rat

    2019 Crossbow Legislation; What It Means To You

    It means that I can purchase a Ravin or Scorpyd crossbow to hunt with if I desire.
  4. Water Rat

    River,streams,creeks,ponds and puddles?

    Love those Panther Martins. Only artificial bait I’ve ever caught trout on.
  5. Water Rat

    Tonight on Channel 7

    That’s messed up..... hate that beotch .
  6. Water Rat

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Thanks turkeyfeather....still hoping you get that 2nd buzzard.
  7. Water Rat

    Tonight on Channel 7

    The one and only gorgeous Farrah Fawcett. Hard to believe she died 10 years ago. Michael Jackson died on the same day.
  8. Water Rat

    Tonight on Channel 7

    Jeopardy champion still going strong at 7 pm and my dream girl is on at 8pm.
  9. Water Rat

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I’ll be good when I get home . Thanks for asking. Had another knee replacement surgery this morning.
  10. Water Rat

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Vassar Hospital “food”.Penne with meat sauce , mac-n-cheese , chicken soup, Caesar salad and sugar free jello. Not too bad when your starving.
  11. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  12. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

  13. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle

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    Todays chuckle

  15. Water Rat

    Todays chuckle