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  1. Got a shot on the gobbler I’ve been chasing for a week. My dad and I set up around 20 yards away from each other. He called the Tom into the field I was watching over. He hung up in the field around 35 yards, give or take 5 or so. I was confident enough in my patterning to take the shot. I put my sights on his neck and squeezed the trigger. Next thing I know he’s in the air flying in the opposite direction 150 yards until he was out of view. We inspected where I shot and found only one feather. Hopefully he isn’t mortally wounded. I know this happens to everyone if they hunt long enough, but I’m still devastated at what happened. Gonna give it a few days off before getting back out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Feeling like I let a good opportunity slip through my fingers this morning. I was out on my first solo turkey hunt without my dad. Got to our spot at 5:30 this morning to hear a Tom fly off the roost and start gobbling. I get setup facing his direction and where I thought he’d come from. I could barely hear his responses over the nearby stream, but he’d give a gobble every so often. He eventually made his way from my right, out in front of me, then off to my left. I could still hear him gobbling infrequently. It was when I heard him gobble almost directly behind me I decided I’d have to move trees. I had a tree facing that direction picked out and moved to it (even though I was now sitting really close to the decoy, probably only 10 yards from it). Within a few minutes, he came into sight. He was working the slope of a hill in my direction. He crossed a fallen tree and gobbled. He walked down the hill a bit more and stopped around 30 yards away. I thought he would come down the shooting lane I had picked out so I held off in taking the shot. Next thing I know, he decided something wasn’t quite right, sounded off in the alarm putt, and took off across the nearby stream. I heard him gobble again, but thought it would be in the best interest to pick up and vacate the area. I’m not sure if I could have done too much differently. Do y'all think I should give the spot a few days before going back? I’m not sure how badly I spooked the bird
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