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  1. Lol, we're not leaving because of the abortion issues. Just tired of the leftist BS in general this state pushes, not to mention far less taxes.
  2. Just saying it's easy, doesn't make it so. Financial choices, housing, family complicates just hopping in the car a leaving. Let's be realistic....
  3. Glorious state..... Hardly. Leaving is not as simple as you make it out to be. Fortunately, my wife can retire from state job in 2.5 yrs at 55. We will be more than happy to GTFO at that time.
  4. It doesn't fit their narrative.
  5. Up at 1, fire started at 2, miss Piggy (105lb) on at 2:45. Grandnephew highschool graduation party. Injected it yesterday around 3pm with apple juice and apple cider vinegar with some granulated garlic and onion. Cooking at 275° for the first few hrs, or until I get the color I like, then flipping to finish off the cook at 225°. Using chery and hickory. Planning on taking this one to 200° in the shoulders. I'll use the skin as a "bowl" and people can grab the pulled from whatever area of the pig they like. Should be done around noon. Give it a hrs rest before digging in.
  6. I'm not sure that will ever happen again.
  7. Holy crap. Congratulations to you and your family. Thankfully everyone is healthy and doing well.
  8. Lake is laying down a little, so were going to head out until dark. Pic from my buddies deck .
  9. The lake Champlain annual father's day tournament has been a challenge this yr. High winds and very ruff waters have kept us in sheltered coves. So far we caught 12 catfish, dinks, one bowfin, and one bass that I weighed in @ 4.71 lbs. Oh and a crap load of bullhead, and one eel. Unfortunately bullhead and eel are not eligible in the contest. PIc doesn't reflect the size of the bass, but the official scales shows 4.71lbs. Usually by now our team has a 20lb+ catfish the board, but today our biggest was a whopping 4.37, lol.
  10. So your saying bears or other predators only stay on private or public lands and never cross over? I'll have to check on that...
  11. Predators definitely don't help things weather it's on private or public.
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