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  1. Word of caution... Go slow... little at a time. It will dig down fast If you catch a larger root or rock, you can't just lift it out of the hole, and there's no reverse, lol. Also why strapped to the ROPS?
  2. Humm. I wonder if DJ Wilson could be my GP Dr James Wilson????
  3. When I was a kid, we got Pong for Xmas. It was the first video game system IIRC. Had two games choices, two player and single player. It was high tech back then.
  4. Mine shoots a tad low. I aim for the waddles so the pattern basically hits from where the feathers end and up. If, and it's a big if, and I can wait till his tail feathers are facing me(not in strut), perfect. But I rarely use deeks, so I usually don't get them dancing in front of me.
  5. I've watched most of the virus updates. On both sides of the isle. Never heard one of them celebrate the deaths, or lack of. In fact all have said any death is a horrible loss. If we do get out of this mess with much less deaths than the high estimates, then that is a reason to celebrate. On both sides of the isle.
  6. And do you really think it's going to be celebrated?
  7. What ever critter pinched that out, I think they had too much fiber.
  8. I know gorilla glue is some good stuff, but I'd also be interested to see how they hold up. Wouldn't want it to pop off walking through the brush and not know it until it's too late. Bill, does that fit over the original bead?
  9. I thought about that too, but the tolerance in machining can't be off that much to change POA that much. At least I wouldn't think so... I see some of the saddle mounts are polymer. I'd definitely would rather have a steel mount.
  10. You sure you're not related to Stormy? Have you test it out yet? They look a little taller than a normal bead.
  11. Not me, I don't know shit.
  12. Never seen round coon poop.
  13. As far as I've read, single owner/operated business are good to go. Friend of mine works for a large landscape company in my area. They got the okay to operate. No more than two people per vehicle. 90% of my clients are from downstate and these are second homes. Most of them have been here for a few weeks. I've got two clients coming up this weekend.