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  1. Ya, that's cold. And I thought the -1 I had sucked.
  2. Ya because no one would suspect a taxi....
  3. I don't doubt him, but I've never seen it. I know others that know him better than I, that have seen a lot more of his collection, then I have, and were absolutely blown away. His late father and uncle's left all of their collections to him.
  4. It reminds me of northern Maine. Hills and valleys with lots of pines and swampy areas. I can definitely see why moose would be in that area.
  5. Oh, definitely douchey, lol. Congrats on the new truck.
  6. Very good friends of mine have had camps on Dyken pond for 40+ yrs. They now live full time there. I know he's seen tracks, but not sure in he's seen one. I seen a calf in Old Chatham many yrs ago. Lasy yr my nephew said there was a FB post with pics of one on cty 13 walking on the Berkshire spur overpass.
  7. Nice looking 1911. Buddy of mine has MANY WWII Remington 1911. Many never issued, but with all the proof marks and holsters/clip. His father and both of uncle's worked for Remington during the war. I've seen a tiny example of his collection and that was rather impressive. He even claims to have one on the Remington M1 receivers that were made, but Remington never got the contract IIRC.
  8. Agree 100%. Little over 3 yrs to go before my wife can retire. Eastern Tennessee is where were looking. No more freezing cold and if ya get snow, it doesn't last long. NY taxes are off the chart. Can't wait to leave this crap hole...
  9. Lol. I definitely have the hair style to pull it off.
  10. I would love to get involved in the honor flights. Would be the best way to honor my dad who served in WWII, and those that served with him.
  11. Hey, is my nephews deer the first one to be mounted in the new digs?
  12. Yep....different alright.... nothing there.
  13. Lol. I think the facts prove the vaccine is ineffective. Fact... get the vaccine, and booster and you can still get covid and spread it to others. That is a ineffective vaccine. Fact.. it is not proven that getting the vax will lessen symptoms. Just because some guy on TV says it does, isn't proof. Lots of vaccines in our history that truly worked. These covid vaccines are a failure.
  14. I agree on the crockpot taste. Maybe braise it instead?
  15. Place looks good. Looking forward to seeing what you do to the shop.
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