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  1. My brother had his test yesterday. It was a drive through at the hospital. They told him 3 days. He is feeling much better this morning. He's 67 with type 2 diabetes. So definitely in the risk pool. I think he did too much over the weekend and got a slight case of heat stroke.
  2. What the hell does FB have to do with it? A person gets told from his GP to go to the hospital ASAP. Hospital sends him home saying there's a good chance you're positive, but we legally can't test you. Go home, make a appointment, and drive back tomorrow, and we'll test you. I'm sorry, something very wrong there.
  3. I can understand not being admitted. Not enough beds to admit everyone that has symptoms. But at least get the person a test while they are there. Why make them drive home call a number then drive in to the same place the next day to get tested? Just doesn't make any sense at all.
  4. Probably sitting back watching with a big smile waiting for the next bag of popcorn in the nuker.
  5. Just seems odd a person is told by his doctor(phone call) to go to the hospital. Showing multiple symptoms, hospital can't test as he's not bad enough to admit. It's not like the place was busy, he said he never seen the place that empty.
  6. Every ER I've been in did their own blood tests and other testing. Doctor agreed he most likely has covid ( hopefully not), but his hands were tied do to regulations. Isn't that what a ER is for? His primary doc even called the hospital to let them know he was coming.
  7. Hospital gave him all that info. That not what I'm getting at. Hospital couldn't test him, with multiple symptoms, because he wasn't admitted to the hospital. But someone with zero symptoms can drive up to a mobile site and get tested. Just think it's backasswords. Someone going to the ER with symptoms should get tested regardless if they get admitted or not. Not send home, then required to drive back to the same hospital the next day after calling a number and getting a test appointment.
  8. Not sure if it's county by county or statewide. My brother hasn't been feeling well past couple days. His doc told him to go to the hospital ASAP. They think he has covid. However, the doctor at hospital told him they cannot test him UNLESS he is admitted to the hospital, as they have strict regulations they have to follow, and are constantly checked. They didn't see the need to admit, so no test. He has to call a number, and drive back into Albany once he gets a appointment time. So why can anyone go to these drive up testing sites, with ZERO symptoms, and get tested, but someone who goes to the emergency room showing multiple symptoms, but doesn't get admitted, gets sent home with a number to call? Again, I can only go by what the hospital told my brother.
  9. And he's succeed.. Original post was only trying to dig up the crossbow controversial issue. No second post needed from the OP. He accomplished his agenda.
  10. Crap. The heat has fried my brain... Sorry for the mix-up Cynthia. All fixed.
  11. Well thanks Paula.... Turkey hunting will never be the same again.
  12. So sad. RIP. My brother new him and Dickey Betts when he lived in Florida in the late 70's. My brother would go rattlesnake hunting with Betts.