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  1. Definitely two weeks early this yr due to a major drought. Last night was the first decent rain we've had in a long time. That truck swapped ends really fast.
  2. Was following a little 2wd pickup this morning on a county rd. Doing about 35mph around a corner, and suddenly his truck was facing me. The wet leaves were like ice. I was far enough back that I came to a stop easily. Look on his face was WTF just happened. Stopped to talk for a minute, and he said he looking for his hart, and a change of undies...
  3. My nephew is going nuts waiting. It will be his first bow hunt. I told him I'll have all his gear and pick him up from school at 2:10 tomorrow afternoon. He said he's waiting for a bigger buck then his youth gun buck, but I think that will go out the window when a fat doe walks by, lol
  4. Grampy, has CS updated the cam to send all the pics? Assuming this is in burst mode? What if it's a single pic? Asking because I just ordered two. Finally found some in stock. Delivery date is 10/2 - 10/6..
  5. Sorry, no friggin chance on corn bloat. Several corn fields within 1/4 mi. Client of mine witnessed a fawn being born on 9/2 only a mile from where my cam took this pic. Your correct on the buck to die ratio being extremely lopsided. I can drive the roads in the area and see 20-25 doe to each buck seen. Our unit 4U hasn't had DMP tags in years. Everyone has questioned why when were over run with deer. Last several yrs, 4U only had 100 DMP tags available for landowners or disabled vets. Only the past two yrs, have we had tags available to the masses(200)...
  6. Holy crap. I'm getting to old. I swore it said xbow. Sorry for the unrelated response's.
  7. At what point can the youth use a xbow? I'm thinking 2 weeks prior to southern zone rifle, not Oct 1st.
  8. I think you might be correct. Either way, the youth hunter can't use a xbow on October 1st
  9. Can't use the xbow until the last two weeks of early archery season.
  10. I know it can happen as I mentioned my client watched a fawn being born on 9/2. Had to be a 3rd rut to be born so late.
  11. Client had a doe giving birth in his back lawn on 9/2. This pic was taken on 9/9. Definitely looks like she's pregnant. Every other doe is sleek looking.