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  1. My brother and I used to watch it all the time.
  2. mowin

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    I'll grab a card, make her a nice dinner tonight. Her birthday is Tuesday. We'll go to a nice restaurant with her Mon and daughter.
  3. mowin


    4.5 in Old Chatham. Sleeting hard now. Not plowing my clients until the morning. Rather have sleet on top of the snow instead of on top of a plowed driveway.
  4. mowin

    Biggest public land package

    Won't let me read it unless I subscribed or pay $1 just to read this one article.
  5. mowin

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    My neighbor uses his all winter. He opens his garage door to vent the smoke and has no problem.
  6. mowin

    So this came today

    Very nice. Obviously condition is important, but what do you look for when searching for a M1? I'm assuming some are worth more or desirable then others.
  7. mowin

    So this came today

    Pic of the M1 please. Always wanted one. Someday.
  8. mowin

    Dolphin attacks women

    How's that saying go? Smells like fish.....
  9. mowin

    RIP Dwight schuh I remember reading his articles in Bowhunter magazine in the eighties. RIP.
  10. mowin

    My alarm clock.

    If I can get permission to hunt the neighbors land, I might. Even though I have 8 acres, no matter where I sit I'll be able to see my house easily.
  11. mowin

    Today's weather! February!? Polar what?

    Just a little rain here. No messy stuff for a day or two.
  12. mowin

    Today's weather! February!? Polar what?

    It most certainly did. 3 major snow storms in 3 weeks.
  13. mowin

    Chicken addition

    I no longer raise pigs, but I to get 60lbs of pork belly's each spring and make my own bacon. It's hard eating the store bought stuff after making your own.
  14. mowin

    Chicken addition

    I don't think anyone had a dry piece of land this year. Lol. I'm planning a coop "slightly" smaller than your operation with 6 chickens, but I really liked your build. Good luck with the oinkers. Used to raise 3 a yr when I was younger. Nothing better than farm raised pork.
  15. mowin

    Chicken addition

    Adkhunter, I see your selling you coop. It's one well though out build. Good luck with the sale.