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  1. WTF. I was 10 away on the 1st, and now 10 away on the 13th....
  2. Makes me feel inadequate doing lawn care. Lol
  3. I get it.. won't spend that kind of money either.
  4. That's frigging awesome..
  5. Great looking dogs. Congrats on the new pup.
  6. Lol, lots of places around that area to get a adult beverage.
  7. Shes very familiar with that area. That's why she targeted it for her first purchase. I'll forward the deli recommendation to her.
  8. In my younger yrs I had API. Now the biggest, sturdist, and comfortable ladder stands are what I use, lol.
  9. I hear what caption I'm reading. If I close my eyes, I hear gibberish.
  10. Wife's daughter is now a homeowner. She bought a nice little little place in Albany between Albany med, where she works and St Peter's hospital. She did it all on her own while working full time and going to college for her masters. At 25 yrs old, too. I personally would have wished she waited as it is a sellers market, and the housing prices are through the roof. She's beyond excited, as are her mom and I for her.
  11. Got excited until I realized there was no Floyd.
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