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  1. mowin

    Full Metal Jacket-- Jelly Donut Scene.

    Fantastic movie.
  2. mowin

    Looking for a new Pickup

    By the old standard, ya. But it's still concerned a 1 ton. You'd think the F550 would be called a 2 ton, but I've never heard someone refer to them as that.
  3. mowin

    Looking for a new Pickup

    That may have been true 30 yrs ago, not now. My f350 has over 5000 lbs of payload
  4. mowin

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Absolutely. There's more to the numbers then towing. Lot of half tons claim to tow impressive numbers, 11k +. However the payload # is low. Hook up a 11k camper, and most likely your close to, or over the payload.
  5. mowin

    Looking for a new Pickup

    If you've got kids, or working on having kids, a CC is handy. My last to trucks were Ram 3500 CC. 99% of the time those rear seat were empty. Well, lots of "stuff" but rarely had people back there. Just bought a Ford f350 super cab. Long bed. Yes I lost cab space, if someone had to ride back there they can, but I gained bed length. Missed the 8' bed on the Rams. The reason I didn't want a CC with the long box, is for plowing, it would be too damm long.
  6. mowin

    Boonie hats are here who’s next ?

    Don't wanna know where the other hat is hanging.
  7. mowin

    Anyone Have A Tip To Share?

    I spray my decks with fluid film. I sharpen my blades every Monday, and re apply. Very little buildup.
  8. mowin

    Any cigar smokers here

    No friggin way. So opposed to anything do do with cigarettes or cigar's. If you smoke anything, you're not invited.... Period.
  9. Well, not sure your correct.. This place just started this spring. Good friend of mine helps the guy that owns it. He borrowed my 3pt spreader for a couple days. Remember him talking about the ratio of male to female plants and about harvesting the buds. I'll see him Monday morning. I'll confirm what he's farming.
  10. This farm is not indoors, and not fenced.
  11. There's one less than a mile from my house. Can't see it from the road. Surprisingly, very few people around here know about it.
  12. mowin

    Baldy takes a muskie?

    Yes, but I wonder if they would have been protected?? If so, we wouldn't have so much fun chasing them in the spring.
  13. mowin

    brush hog suggestions

    20 hp is too small for a 5'er. I had a old Mitsubishi 22 hp that handled a 4' fine. Can't help with the conversation.