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  1. With any smaller centerfire, you wouldn't want to use a soft point. FMJ would pass through with little damage.
  2. Well, you had a official HNY get together. I really wish I could have made it. Hopefully next time I can plan a little better.
  3. Holy crap, that's awesome. I don’t care if I ever shoot another tom. I get more excitement from the youth or first timers than me shooting another turkey. Unless its with a BP. Looking forward to experiencing your traditional hunt through this thread. Good luck, im rooting for you.
  4. I simply remove the stems and carefully scrap out the "gills". My filling is either a simple cream cheese, garlic, shredded parm, or a more flavorful, cream cheese, Italian sausage crumbles (or bacon pieces) , blue cheese, garlic with a piece of X sharp cheese on top. Smoke for 2 to 3 hrs at 225° for 3 hrs. Depending on the color. Sometimes I'll pre cook bacon in a skillet, to render out the fat, and top them with bacon.
  5. Gobble was fairly close.. probably 300 yards at the most. Gobbled probably 30 times. I'm only 5 miles from the farm I hunt, and its overrun with birds. But rarely or never see or here a gobble at the house. Lots of birds around from July to November, but rarely see or hear a spring gobble.
  6. Didn't take a pic, but put a rack of ST Louis ribs, baked beans, stuffed mushrooms, and bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños on the pellet smoker. Came out fantastic.
  7. I've got the same flextone call. Works great. Don't know if its any better than the old one you have in brining in deer.
  8. The only thing I've accomplished is to mount a Burris FF3 to my shotgun and take a couple shots with target loads. Supposed to rain most of the day tomorrow, so maybe I'll get some stuff ready.
  9. Really?. Not stirring things up? Nor looking for a response? What a stupid post.
  10. I'm thinking what a campfire it would be and hopefully spreads to the barn. Seriously long sticks for SMORS.
  11. Its what our local fire chief told me. I have a campfire most weekends. Not a hotdog in sight. Lol. Nearest neighbor is about 300' away, but most weekends were over to there fire or there over at ours.
  12. Gorilla glue is for hair, not boots.. I thought Muck boots had lifetime warranty on that type of failure? I just Google the warranty, and its only a yr.
  13. Well, my hats off too you. There would be no way in hell I'd stand there breaking out blocks waiting for that thing to fall...
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