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  1. I haven't seen, or heard a turkey in my area yet. I don't know what happened. 3 yrs ago we had tons all over, now nothing.
  2. We had gusts( according to the local weather) that topped 60mph, and I believe them. Lots of areas out of power. Tons of large tree down all over the area.
  3. Those old timers are few and far between. IMO, the stories these guys have, are far more valuable than the "stuff" they have held onto. There's a 94 yr old around the corner from me. He has his dad's all original 1908 Indian motorcycle in incredible condition. Good friend of mine has been trying to purchase it for 15 years, but the owner will not part with it.
  4. We weigh every deer we get. A very nice example in our area is 150-160lbs, and not very common. Average doe is 105. My heaviest buck was 168, and doe was 146.
  5. That's our problem to figure out. It's all about the money. Has nothing to do with the states carbon footprint. I like the " at the forefront of emerging technologies" lol.
  6. Because they were causing his dogs to bark, and wanted to keep track of those coming into his yard. He's lucky he doesn't live in the sticks. Like to see him try and paint a deer.
  7. Again, you read and then twist to fit what you believe. I believe you spend more time on the other site you openly bash than you do here. You proved you visit. I'm sure the link is on your homepage. I hope to die a old man.. I think every guy wants that. As far as waiting for you to join another site. I didn't have to wait long. Enjoy both sites.
  8. Nothing hunting related? You better go back and look at live from the woods from this past season. I'll wait for the apology.
  9. My agenda was pretty obvious. I told grampy I liked his post, but it might get him banned. But I see you like to visit. I believe you are a member. If that site is so bad, why did you join? Why do you "look" ? You like it here, just the way it is, but there you are on the site you openly bash but won't post the link to.
  10. And that's fine. No one has forced anyone to do anything.
  11. You're the one calling it a great site. Go ahead post the link.
  12. Come join and give your options. I've never bashed this site. So as long as you don't bash the other one, your good to go.
  13. I like how you add words to what I say to go with your narrative. Typical.
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