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  1. Happy birthday guys. .
  2. Capital District Rendezvous

    OMG. If the date works. I'm definitely in.
  3. What's in your smoker tonight?

    First ... Hope the health issue was minor. 2nd.. those csr's look fantastic. Only negative. We're the hell was my invite? . Must have gotten lost in syber space.
  4. What's in your smoker tonight?

    Ok. Your forgiven. Lol...
  5. What's in your smoker tonight?

    Noooooo. All that good seasoning gone... Looks like you've got that thing full.
  6. What's in your smoker tonight?

    What he said..
  7. What's in your smoker tonight?

    These were so tender and sweet. Key is not to over cook. They become tuff and like chewing rubber. They take on smoke flavor very quickly. 30 min or so in a pan with butter at 225* works for me. Probably about half cooked. Wrap with bacon that is half cooked, and pan fry or under a broiler to finish. Best tasting scallops I've had. Oh ya. Dip in melted butter. Thanks for the compliment..
  8. What's in your smoker tonight?

    Finished. Wife surprised me with some wild caught sea scallops. (She hates seafood). Ya I know, she's nuts. Lol.. put them In a pan with butter on the pit for 35 min to get a kiss of smoke. Then bacon wrapped and pan fried to finish the scallops and crisp up the bacon.
  9. I’ve got three cameras up .....

    Sorry for your troubles. That really stinks. Hopefully they will get booted. Problem is the house is probably trashed inside and the only renters it will attract are more deadbeats.
  10. What's in your smoker tonight?

    Fired up the offset for father's day. ABT's, stuffed shrooms, blooming onion, ribs and a little later bacon wrapped scallops.
  11. Every Which Way But Loose-- Lester vs Bikers.

    Bill, your becoming a pro at this video posting. Great movie.
  12. Poacher Caught Red Handed.

    Like a lot of guys, they don't think they will get caught, and if they do, they play dumb hoping they will catch a break.

    I've never really hunted pheasant. There was a hunting lease next to my cousins land that raised them to release and hunt. Needless to say some got away. I was squirrel hunting with my cousin, and had one flush in front of me. I threw up my single shot .410 and shot. Couldn't believe I got it. All the fundamentals of pointing and follow through we're quickly forgotten. I basically pointed in the general direction and shot. Only one if ever shot at.
  14. Fawns

    I've seen my first this yr on May 18th.. fields around me are mostly cut now. Been seeing em on a regular basis now.
  15. Bear Calling in the Northern Zone

    I called in a bear two days in a row while turkey hunting in the Catskills yrs ago. I was calling and filming a couple of friends and heard a noise behind me. Luckily I was nestled into a down tree so the bear had to go around the top to get closer to me. That's when I spotted him at 12 yrds. Pucker factor was definitely enhanced. Lol