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  1. mowin

    Banned from local Facebook group

    I have a very close friend who lost a child to this garbage. However, I do not think narcan should not be free, and you get one chance, next time, pray...
  2. mowin

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    I kinda took ideas from other recipes and stuff others have made on this and other forums.
  3. 22-250... Dropped in it's tracks. TC pistol in 7x30 waters. Few does. Most went less than 50 yrds.
  4. Legally, you go to your local big box store, and by a bag of Scott's weed-n-feed and apply it to your lawn. You cannot, however, buy same bag and apply it on your neighbors lawn, unless you have a NYS applicators license, or are working directly under someone holding one.
  5. mowin

    Lake Champlain..

    At a good friends camp. It's the father's day LCI fishing contest. Hopefully we will catch some big one's. But if we don't, the view is well worth the admission fee.
  6. mowin


    Seen a rat today near the chicken coop. I killed the bastard. Tore the coop apart and didn't find another rat. But I know there's another one near by.
  7. mowin

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    I forgotten about that place, and it's practically in my backyard. Did the Alpine slide when I was a teen. Scared the hell out of me, lol.
  8. mowin

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    How about the Shaker Museum in MA just past the NY border? Pretty neat seeing how the shakers lived back then. They have demos, and explain how things were made and survived in the 1700's If you're into old history, it's right up your alley.
  9. mowin

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    Fort Ticonderoga would be a great place to go. Not too far from you. Ausable chasm is another nice place.
  10. mowin

    Unique still hunting idea

    Only works if you borrow TF's bunny suit.
  11. mowin

    Mountain Monsters

    I tried watched one show. It was so bad I didn't make it to the first commercial. Can't believe people fall for this crap.
  12. If you can buy it, you should be ok to apply it on your own land. If it's not your land, you need to be certified. I used to be certified yrs ago, but the regs were such a pita, I gave it up. Can't remember if leased land is considered " yours" or not.
  13. mowin

    Campfire at home?

    Watching the sunset through the trees while enjoying the campfire.
  14. mowin

    My 1st Fawn

    Cute little bugger.
  15. Biggest ones I've seen had the head at least half the size of a football. Two of them were out in a pond either fighting or getting it on. The noise of there shells smacking together sounded like a 2x4 hitting a tree.