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  1. Couldn't tell the size of buck as it was getting rather dark, seen a deer chasing another throughout the field. She would zigzag and he was doing his best to stay on her. Wife and I watched from the car for several minutes until it got to dark to see them.
  2. That's awesome. Congrats to both of you and the pups. They will soon realize how lucky all of you are. Note to self...... Do not bring the wife to SD res. She couldn't stop at two. Lol.
  3. Nope. They only want to sell my info. Sorry not falling for that crap.
  4. Haven't read a single post. Only responding to the initial post. HELL YA. If is a legal, absolutely.
  5. You look/sound a little peeked. Think a few weeks off would help cure the condition.
  6. A few yrs ago it was two in the spring and two in the fall.
  7. Are you implying those that take a wing shot don't? As far as being shot up, in my experience, there not too bad Some of my standing or walking shots on turkeys resulted in more damage. Same with those that spooked and we're walking fast and required a quick snap shot. I'd take a wing shot any day over a roosted bird, which I would never think about shooting.
  8. I've shot several turkeys over the yrs on the wing. Some were a follow-up shot that I messed up on the first shot. Would not have tagged those birds if I didn't take a wing shot. Some were fall hunts that I didn't want to take a shot if they were not on the ground. I would purposely flush the flock and take one on the wing instead of a easy standing on the ground shot. There's no difference in that then choosing to bow hunt because it's more of a challenge. Calling someone out for a wing shot on a flying turkey is plain out wrong.
  9. I've watched a buck lay flat as a bow hunter on the adjoining property walked within 30 yrds of it. Wasn't in a field though, but rather open hardwoods. As soon as he passed, the buck went in the direction the hunter came from. Which wasn't in my direction.
  10. Didn'tDidn't know 3 of em. Only 54 tho. Lol But my wife, who is "almost" 50. She really hates when I say that, lol, scored the same.
  11. Didn't know 3 of em. Only 54 tho. Lol