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  1. Poor thing looks cold. I'd call it Pinkie.
  2. Sorry to hear about big Bill, Otto.
  3. Ya, lot of the footage was manufactured for the drama effect. I was surprised they actually showed the shot on the village raiding bear.
  4. Howdy. Enjoy the craziness.
  5. The most dangerous hunt I'll do is a hungry squirrel after my nuts...
  6. Watching the episode with the husband and wife. Guess it's her first hunt, but she needs to watch her muzzle. It was pointed at her husband's back several times.
  7. Love watching the bears. Especially the closer clips. Couldn't imagine being within 30 yrds of a 1000# bear that is more than capable of making a meal out of ya. I didn't realize they didn't take the meat. Just the hide and skull. I imagine the hide weights a substantial amount. I've lifted a few cow hides in my day after skinning, and I bet it's similar in weight.
  8. OMG, if they followed me, they would die of boredom.
  9. I agree. I like it. But the show would be just as enjoyable, and probably more so, if they focused on the hunt and the challenges, not adding in growing and shaking cameras. Thinking there's a lot of drama added that might not have ever happened. Did that one guy even fall? Camera was one him, but you never seen him fall. Was there a bear in camp when the guide shot into the ground? Maybe they were true, but not seeing what supposedly happened, makes one suspicious.
  10. Had to check it out. Just watched the first two episodes. While entertaining, I agree, the sounds effects and special effects are too much. They never explained why the one hunter they encountered was yelling for help on the second episode.
  11. Definitely not the official NYS DEC site. Hopefully this gets shut down quickly.
  12. Hummmm. Heated dry too? Lol. Bet he smells some food still left on those dishes.
  13. I let em rot. The only yote that I'd have tanned is a black one like this one. Pic was taken only a mile from my house.
  14. I figured that was why. Got a couple cans of spray paint in home Depot last week, and wasn't asked a thing. Even though the cashier in TSC said it was the law, more inclined to think it's their policy.