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  1. Sorry crappyice. I'm probably the only person in NY that has never gotten a ticket. Not a single ticket in any other state either. Can't explain it.... I've definitely deserved one maybe two...
  2. The only thing different from pastrami and corned beef, (insert venison) is pastrami is smoked, then steamed. Corned is boiled. Same cut, different results.
  3. Ok. Instacure is a salt based cure. Before smoking, cut a little off and pan fry. If too salty, soak in clean cool water for a couple hrs. If still salty, do it again.
  4. Separate the hind into the 3 major muscles. Remove all the fat, and silver skin. Brine: To every gal of water. 1 tbsp of cure #1 1/4 to 1/3 cup kosher or sea salt. I use 1/4 c. 1/4 to 1/3 cup sugar, splenda, or light brown sugar. I use 1/4 c... I've used each, and really can't tell the difference. One tbsp of onion and garlic powder. Vary your salt and sugar on future batches until you get the flavor profile you like. I have a older couple that loves this stuff, but they like it sweeter, so I use a 1/2 cup of sugar for there batch. In a sauce pan.. 2 cups water and 1/3 cup of pickling spices. Bring to a boil, and let simmer for 20 min to release the oils and flavors. Let cool and add to the brine. I inject each piece several times to aid in brining. Place in a container, and into the fridge for 14 days. Now you can brine for 10 days, but salt absorbs faster then sugar, and the longer time will help the sugar counteract the saltiness. Smoking: Remove from the brine, and rinse. Rub with salt, pepper, and onion and garlic powder. Smoke at 225* until a IT of 120*. Then steam to a IT of 140*. don't go much higher, as venison is very lean, and it will dry out. This is a recipe Ive used for yrs. You can adjust the salt to your liking. In a immersion brine, the salt absorbs faster than the sugar. Leaving it in the brine longer, 10 day to 14 days, will help the sugar balance out the salt.
  5. Wait. Roast is still frozen, or put in the brine when frozen? What is in this brine? Ingredients please?
  6. Brisket in 6 hrs... thats fast.. how big was the brisket, temp? Looks fantastic.
  7. Lol... that is seasoning that adds flavor each time you use it. I do recommend wiping any food stuff that might get on the sides. Definitely clean the grates and bottom of the pit though.
  8. Don't hold your breath. Never happen.
  9. Mega is over 1billion. Should be enough for a box or two of .22's at the rate they are increasing.
  10. Those that think there real, you might want to think about moving to Oklahoma. Lol
  11. I'm sitting on a gold mine if I sold all of mine.
  12. I have a few hundred standard 209's from when I loaded shotshell in the late 90's. Wasn't about to buy so called special ML primers with these on hand. Never had a issue.
  13. That looked like tame animals. That bear wasn't even trying.