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  1. That sucks. It's amazing how much damage they do. Client hit a deer almost two months ago. Hasn't gotten her car back yet. Lack of available parts and lack of people who want to work across the entire supply chain has caused major delays.
  2. Damm slackers.... I'm up to explorer, lol.
  3. Next they will be banning trail cams because it's unfair to the criminal.
  4. The tactacam works just like a non cell cam if no data plan is purchased. The SD card needs to be pulled to view the pics. So no you can't. "connect" to the cam without a data plan.
  5. I've got two original reveals, a new reveal x and a stealth cam fusion. They all work well.
  6. This will be my 44th season. I actually got my first deer during bow season, a 4pt. Following yr I got a spike with the rifle.
  7. Couple maples in my backyard are starting to turn. The one on the right isn't too healthy.
  8. The stressed out, not so healthy trees are starting to drop. The last rain storm had the back roads covered in some spots.
  9. I thought about the ropeman 1, but I need to make 4 of these for myself and nephews, and those are not cheap. those with multiple stands, do you leave one in the tree for the season?
  10. Want to make my own lineman's belts with prusik knot. Most of the reviews I'm seeing on the manufactured ones say there too short, especially on larger trees. So those that make there own, how long do you make them?
  11. So sad that family has to go through this. I heard the boyfriend's family isn't cooperating at all.
  12. Could be as a mod, your not subject to such abuse, lol.
  13. Everyone's post count is still there. That hasn't been reset, yet. The ads and ranking are new. Don't give a rats ass about ranking, the ads are annoying.
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