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  1. Can't WAIT to get the hell out of Nyastan. Wife is retiring in 7 yrs. We're probably #11 Tennessee bound. I believe I read a few weeks ago that Ny was 3rd on the list of people leaving.
  2. Your best April fools prank..

    Those tickets are cruel. I couldn't give one out. Unless the recipient was rich and the money wasn't really needed.
  3. Your best April fools prank..

    Did the PD have a sence of humor?
  4. early Does?

    In my area, it's easy to get a doe or two during the tail end of rifle or late MZ, so I rarely take a doe during bow. However, there's been a few times were the head doe would always figure out something wasn't right. Some of those old does are a lot smarter than any buck thought to be. I've been known to get so made at her, that I would hunt that doe, and if she gave me the opportunity, I was taking it. Few old girls over the yrs became ven sausage.
  5. With 4-1 about a week away, Iets hear your best "fool", or how did you get fooled. My best was several yrs ago aimed at my 15 yr step brat who said I could never fool her. She was convinced she was going to be a model. I've got a client that works for victory secrets, a store she loves. My client is a lighting designer, but when I told my SD I left out the lighting part. She beged me to ask him about becoming a model for VS. Well, a few weeks later, on the 1st, I pretend to get a call from my client. I let a few key words slip about modeling, and a trip to NYC. She was shaking with excitement. Begging me to let her go. I "told" my client that we were not comfortable sending her to NYC, and we're going to decline the offer, thanked him and hung up. She was livid.. huge tears rolling down her cheeks. I calmly asked her what day it is. She suddenly realized I fooled her. Needless to say she wasn't pleased. I reminded her of her "never happen" statement. Shes now 21, and I felt it was my duty to tell her boyfriend about her brief modeling career. Lol. Again, she wasn't pleased. So what's your best.
  6. Bertha gets it done

    Good for her. Great post.
  7. Struttin before the storm

    Seen a group of 8 Tom's down the road from my house today. Weren't strutting, but was good seeing them.
  8. Mini Forum Rendevous

    Think most of you are in the central or Western part of the state? I'm on the mass border. Probably little to far for me.
  9. Mornin' funny...

    Ya.... Poor bastard.
  10. Which One of You LOSERS ...

    I opened it only to see who has low self-esteem.
  11. First day of spring!!

    Sure doesn't look or feel like it.
  12. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    No offense taken. It's been a long ass winter, and some are getting Cranky. We all know how fast a thread can go south. Didn't want my post to start that downhill slide. Lol
  13. i want him on my wall

    With or without the bucket?
  14. Cabin Fever!!!!

    Sooo..... It looks like I may have jinxed myself by saying this next storm is going to miss my area. Now we could get up to 6". Joy...
  15. Easter/April fools prank

    That's just wrong