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  1. Sounds like you're making the right decision to me. Being completely comfortable and confident in a surgeon is important.
  2. That I've never hit the release, or trigger. Don't plan on taking anything this ML either. Things have definitely changed for me this yr as far as tagging a deer. I'm not a trophy hunter. Never have been, never will be. Had what I would call a great time and season. What time I spent in the woods was very special to me. The only regret I have is not helping to supplying my grandnephews/nieces with venison. Others have taken care of that. Highlight of my season was my brother probably taking his last deer. A 6pt. He's said it's his last season. Too hard to get out there. I'll do my best to prove him wrong. Hopefully he can get one, or three more seasons and maybe a doe or two before he just can't get out again.
  3. That's, awesome. Cousin had a band called the "Local 50's and 60's band. He's the only member still alive. Remember them playing at Halloween parties and weddings.
  4. This was tuff getting it through the door. That bow window is 7.5' across. Lol. Decorations tomorrow.
  5. Guess my bday buck didn't get the memo. Again. Lol. Still a great day in the woods. I'm 1- 41 for b-day bucks. Last yr was the only time in 41 hunting seasons I connected. Shot quite a few bucks the day before or after, though.
  6. Used tranny's has to be $1.5-2k? Labor on top of that unless you can do it yourself. Did the Xterra have a CVT transmission? if so I definitely wouldn't go the used.
  7. Out trying for a birthday buck. Only tree rats so far.
  8. Friend of mine does the same thing. Every yr it's one of the nicest looking trees we see.... Except for ours of course. Lol
  9. Getting ours tomorrow. Usually find 3-4 we like , then it's back and forth several times looking at each one before the saw comes out. Last yrs tree was probably 7 across at the base. Had a hell of a time getting it through a 36" door, lol.
  10. If one has no privet property to hunt, and they wanted to hunt, then are they not forced to hunt public lands?
  11. I never said, or implied, those that hunt public lands are poor. Not sure how you got that from my post.
  12. Having hunting privet land all my life, if I was forced to only hunt state lands, I would definitely stop hunting. Fortunately, I own just enough land that I can shoot a deer or two each yr. I really need to commended those that only have public lands to hunt. I couldn't do it. Kudos to those that do.
  13. mowin

    Advice time

    Feeding and bedding. Find those and set up between them. Always liked swamps myself. Killed a lot a bucks in them. Bitch getting em out of there, but worth it.