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  1. mowin

    My alarm clock.

    Moved in two weeks ago yesterday. Just about every morning, ( wife leaves by 5:45 am) I get awoken by yelps and key key runs around 6:20. Then it's interrupted buy the whining my lab grayhound mix is spewing. She sooo wants a turkey breakfast. Lol. Pics taken from master bedroom window.
  2. mowin

    People suck

    Probably some crack head. They will sell the stuff for a quick fix, then on to the next victim.
  3. mowin

    Whatcha Got ??

    X2... Awesome accent wall.
  4. mowin

    Whatcha Got ??

    NOOOOO.... Don't encourage him...
  5. mowin

    Whatcha Got ??

    Please don't post a pic. This IS a family site.
  6. mowin

    Whatcha Got ??

    Let the dogs out this morning around 6. Was a tad chilly in just my boxers.
  7. mowin

    Who's NOT Ready

    Well... I finally had my bow in my hand last weekend. Unfortunately, it was only because I had to empty the storage unit so we could move into the new house.
  8. mowin

    Interesting start to morning

    What time and temp in the smoker???
  9. mowin

    1900"s pic of Ell rack

    Neat pic, but what's a Ell rack?
  10. mowin

    Apple Tree’s?

    Most of the apples trees in my area of 4u are the same bare skeleton.
  11. mowin

    what kind of tree is this?

    Nice looking trees. Great wood for smoking meats or firewood. But those look healthy.
  12. mowin

    Live Every Day Like it's Your Last

    Best of luck Eddie. You'll be fine in know time.
  13. mowin

    This looks amzing, sous vide venison chops

    How about, chicken , pork chops, fish, veggies? All come out wonderful cooked with SV.
  14. mowin

    This looks amzing, sous vide venison chops

    Why wait. Go buy yourself a gift. You deserve it. Don't worry about the misses. One taste and she'll forgive you. Lol
  15. mowin

    This looks amzing, sous vide venison chops

    I use mine frequently. Sometimes I'll cold smoke a hunk of backstrap for a hr or so, then into the SV @ 115* for several hours. Quick reverse sear, and enjoy.