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  1. mowin

    What's your ML load?

    Didn't have a good afternoon.. tried 2 pellets of 777 and powerbelt 245 hollow points. Dry swab after every other shot. Couldn't get a group under 15" . Switch to TC 250g sabots. Clean barrel to start. 2, 777 pellets. No joy. I sold my TC optima, that shot fantastic. Thinking this ML season is a bust.
  2. mowin

    View from the new home

    That's fantastic. Congrats. I married my wife in 2010. My credit was "ok", owned my own place, hers was crap. Forward to today. We sold my place and closed on our current home in Sept. Deer and turkey in our yard every day. Both of us driving new car/ truck. We worked our buts off to better ourselves, sounds like you did the same. Enjoy that view. I know I would.
  3. mowin

    Near miss truck transmission problem.

    Ya, that's a pucker moment for sure. I had a new, GMC 3500(2011) with 3k miles. The rear end failed taking out 1st and 3rd gear in the tranny. I was doing 50 mph with a load of mulch when everything decided to let loose. About rolled the rig when she locked up.
  4. mowin

    Great great grandparents gift

    Those hooks are a fantastic look back at the lifestyle of your family. Hand forged. A simple tool that had a important job. Absolutely priceless.
  5. mowin

    What's your ML load?

    Some ML, like center-fire rifles, like certain loads. My CVA loves 100g (2 pellets) and powerbelt bullets. 2" groups at 100yrd. Same bullet and 3 pellets, and I'm lucky to hit anything. I'm sighting in a TC pro Hunter barrel I got used from another member tomorrow. He used 2 pellets and Hornady SST bullets. Claimed 1” groups at 100yrs. I've got powerbelt, and TC sabots. I'm going to see what combo works best with this barrel. Soooo, what's your ML like to eat... Besides venison. Lol
  6. mowin

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    I hunt only 200yrds from the landowners border. It's well know the caretaker on neighbors land baits deer. His son is a state trooper. I've shot deer full of corn and sweet feed. I do gut my deer where they lay. No way in hell would I take a dec officer to that gut pile. I could imagine the BS I'd have to go through to prove I was innocent. Even though I shouldn't have to. And yes, I've seen the bait. I have permission from the landowners to track wounded deer on to his property. The last time I seen the bait, it was probably 400 yrds from my stand.
  7. mowin

    Ever Loose A Handgun?

    What does Mrs TF think about your dream. Hopefully she's into Mercedez.
  8. mowin

    Said goodbye to my best friend today

    I agree. If it's available, have the vet come to your home. So much more comfortable for all involved. Not ashamed to admit, but I cried like a baby. Sobbing at the vets in front of strangers is far from comfortable, not to mention the stress on the pet.
  9. mowin

    Lost my oldest pup this morning.

    I'm fresh out of "likes", so a much appreciated thank you to everyone.
  10. This is exactly what I do. U just explained it better.. lol One bow kill I realized I forgotten my knife. Used the blade from a broadhead to get the job done. No need for multiple knives or larger ones.
  11. mowin

    Said goodbye to my best friend today

    Jdubs. Sorry to hear about Jakey. It's not a easy decision, but it's the greatest act of kindness and love one can give to a pet. My Spud and Jakey are chasing a ball together this morning..
  12. From the inside I'll grab the large intestine as far into the pelvis as I can then cut. If there and waste in it, most of it is with the gut sack. I'll bung and remove the bladder when home and hanging.
  13. mowin

    Venison for dogs

    I probably cook up 60-100 lbs of venison scraps every fall for my muts. They absolutely love the stuff. As far as raw, there's as many vets out there recommending raw diets as those who don't. My sister has made her own raw food with supplements for her two, and the one is 13 yrs old with no issues.
  14. Start at the genitals and up to the ribs. I Don't spilt the ribs. Reach up as far as possible and cut windpipe then work my way down. If the large intestine is full, I'll reach up as far as I can a cut it there. I don't cut around the anus or split the pelvis. Too much dirt and stuff ends up on the inside of the Hinds if I split it in the woods. I'll split the pelvis then bung it out once home and hung.
  15. Lost my oldest pup this morning. He was a great dog. He would have turned 14 this January which is extremely rare for a Cavalier king Charles. His spot was on my lap, and he would let the other two know that it was "his" lap, lol If I had a bad day, I'd always feel better when he snuggled up in my lap. When I'd leave for the day, he would lay at the foot of our bed and wait patiently for me to return. I'll miss you pal. You've given us almost 14 yrs of joy. You will be missed, and we'll see each other on the rainbow bridge.