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  1. no sign,i know that they are in the area. it was a set at the base of a long ,hemlock tree ridge.only set for three days.i have traps set 30 yards away and have caught 3 red fox in the last 2 weeks at. the flagging was the trick to bring it in.
  2. no room or money for a mount,plus the wife{no way}.still deciding a wall hanging tan or sell it with other furs i have.
  3. got him about 75yrds from my fisher catch. cubby set with squirrel tail flagging and beaver meat with some beaver caster
  4. furchaser


    i read where top males might go $20-35.not sure on females.as most furs,prices are down.
  5. furchaser


    female,2nd fisher from this area ,first one large male 4 yrs ago. dutchess co. lagrange.
  6. cannon clamp on with 4lb ball and release line clip.had asmall hairline crack near the handle that i sealed.$50.00 roberts rig with base mount,4 lb ball and line release clip.$40.00. i'm in dutchess county.i do go to the rondout res. most weather permitting weekend mornings and can meet around there or on the way home thru new paltz. dan
  7. thanks,i checked them out and there's a lot of info there.i added them to my favorites.
  8. what's the lightest bullet weight would you use in a .50 cal for deer? drury brothers say they use the smackdown bleed sabot at 170 grains with great results.looks like 250grains is the normal size for using.
  9. would a lead round ball or a power belt bullet be better to use for deer?
  10. 8:45 this morning.lagrange,dutchess county. been 3yrs for me.had him on trail cams.
  11. 4 - essential 12 mp and 2- aggressors 14mp with lock box,python lock cable ,sd card and batteries installed,. $100.00 each.
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