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  1. I should have read this prior to posting, copied and pasted the majority of it from a hunting page for Wisconsin where Im originally from and I am looking for land to buy there for when I retire. I am only looking for a lease since I am in the Army and only stationed here for a short time. I've looked on several of the hunting lease pages and only found a handful of properties in Jefferson county, and given my job my hunting time is limited to the evenings and weekends so I don't want to have to drive a long way to hunt. Ive gone with the knock and as option around here and have gotten permission to hunt waterfowl but a lot of the landowners around here are pretty protective of their properties. With that said I am also looking for some places to hunt geese in the early season.
  2. Ive got a Lab I'm training for sheds right now to hopefully increase my chances. I hunted a piece of private property in Adams this year but the last two years I hunted on Fort Drum.
  3. Anybody finding sheds in Jefferson county yet? I've been seeing a lot of bucks around here still rockin their head gear.
  4. So my current hunting land is more than likely getting sold this summer and I am searching for a new property to hunt. I am looking to stay within a 45 min of Watertown. I am open to partnering with others on a lease or purchase. I am a responsible hunter willing to put in the time and money to secure and improve some good land.