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  1. How About Some Rain

    All these fronts have been going through relatively dry for the last month in our area. We can only hope this cold front gives some moisture today.
  2. Rare Event To Occur In Solar System On July 19th 2018.

    Mercury is below Venus just setting. Need binos to view though.
  3. Rare Event To Occur In Solar System On July 19th 2018.

    Their is a bight planet near the moon tonight at 10 pm., July 15th. What planet would this be?
  4. Putting in new food plots

    I find it kind of relaxing doing the work in a way. When deer season rolls around and those tails are waving, it makes it all worth while. How the tractor preforming? Might want to secure all those hair pins on the roll bar and three point hitch arms. Brush has a tendency to lose'em. Good luck on the plots and enjoy.
  5. How About Some Rain

    I haven' t mowed the lawn in weeks. Everything is brown except for a few weeds. The chicory that comes up in it, get's the grass shears.
  6. 2018 cams

    I was under the impression Phade liked the Covert brand? Their are a bunch of Coverts on Ebay for something like $50 or their about.
  7. 2018 cams

    Browning has what I think they called "Zero Blur" technology (Eliminate motion blur on moving animals). Does this feature work on your cams?
  8. 2018 cams

    How are the Browning Micro series? I can't keep track of all the names and numbers of these cameras. Can a person use MP to keep track of the years these cameras came out?
  9. How About Some Rain

    I most likely will bale the hay (straw by now) and work with my Allis Min Till. I'll have to live with the stubble.
  10. Hunting Chairs

    I really can;'t believe the price of some of these items, nowadays. I'm sure glad I bought much of my hunting gear years ago. I always look at garage sales and flea markets for hunting gear today. Then, sometimes it way over priced.
  11. How About Some Rain

    I worked the radish and oat ground quickly yesterday and rolled it to retain what moisture is there. I would like to plant end of July in time for a good bow season draw. I also tried plowing with new points on the plow. The plow wouldn't go in the ground. I would no till this piece but, I want to used the dried out hay on top for green manure. We need a hurricane full of moisture to do any good right now.
  12. Winter Rye

    I meant rake not rack, LOL.
  13. Winter Rye

    Take a hoe and a rack back, work the ground up a little, lay the seed, rake to cover and walk on it to pack it down. Growalot used to do it, and you saw what she grew.
  14. Winter Rye

    Rye ground will need to worked up to plant 2" deep. Better yet, I'd forget the rye and plant radish August 1st.
  15. Winter Rye

    A local feed store ought to have common rye. Just as good as your higher price seed. Think about planting some Field Radish with it. Maybe will see your pic on here with a big New York rack this fall.