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  1. Look at the land, make sure it's what you want. Then look at all the tax bills; in this state, that may be enough to scare you off.
  2. We have had a few similar siturations in some of our school systems . Niagara Falls had one school close for the 14 day quaratine period, as a low percentage of students tested positive. Now back reopen for 2 days on 3 days remote learning., as all of Niagara Falls schools started the year. The city of Buffalo infection rate has been running higher than the rest of the Western New York " region." They elected for remote learning only with little backlash from parents. Higher population. This virus has been taking hold on larger clusters of population. It hit NYC, hard at the beginning. I don't think, at this point anyway, why anyone would be willing to take the chance with children lives in higher populated areas?
  3. I'm only taking about what I do, and would never try to say what is right and wrong among the hunting community, as far as hen and jake harvests. With that being said: In trying to build up the turkey population in my area, I have always passed on jake and any hen harvests. I have been trying to build up the population of turkeys here, through habitat reconstruction for many years. The last couple of years, the turkey population has takened a severe decline, for which I'm floored for an answer. I have let many hens and jakes walk out of my shooting ZONE. I stand by my decision and have no regrets in doing so. I like reading your, as well and many others turkey adventures. Keep posting and good luck in your next turkey outings.
  4. Doe permits were never issued, years ago. This was another failed program attemp on the part of the DEC. to control the deer population.
  5. Cuomo gets an F in a business management coarse. Now he wants to be the teacher in all of New York
  6. All I see is a strong commander and chief. Someone that doesn't think eveyone in the world is our friend. Don't trust our enemies. Someone that is holding Iran and North Korea in check. Someone that is responsible for sending the stock market to record levels, someone that created jobs and lowered unemployment to very low levels. Ya, Trump really a bad choice. Ha. Can you say that about the Obama years. The years of stagflation. Complete failure in Foreign Policy. Not even enough balls to be a good Senator in Illinois. Country's on the right road fella, get you head out of the sand.
  7. I can't believe it was 1969. Where have the years gone? And so happy the time spent with family and friends.. So many memories. I'm still be taught new things, and I never stop learning. I always tell my son , be ready to push me to the woods in a wheel chair fitted with rice tires, when that day comes. He thinks I'm joking, LOL.
  8. Thank you for all the replys. Been to several dealers. Looks like it will be a 400, no power steering. Wait time is 3 months out, my choice. Several prices right around $4700.
  9. Can't go wrong with Dr. Grant Woods. No chunks here. End up with some fine cuts and you get all the meat.
  10. I have had this on cabbage grown in the same area prior years. Haven't growned cabbage for deer in quite a few years though.
  11. Alternaria Leaf Blight is what I believe to be on the radish here. More common in southern states. Dry conditions. The pics enclosed show exactly how my plants look.
  12. LOL, With 50 years of Agricultural experience, I don't think it's nutrient issue.
  13. Like to get some ideas on purchasing an ATV. Looking at 400 or a 500, non China series / 4 WD.. Power steering is a strong consideration. If you had 5 grand or little less to spend, What would you buy?