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  1. landtracdeerhunter

    Height for windows in raised deer blind?

    We have a 6 x 6 blind with 2 x 2 centered window, hinge at the top on all four walls. Bottoms are maybe 3 ' off the floor. Their are blind spots on all the corners, which we found out, could offer more shots, if long slender windows were installed lan on install before this bow..We shoot out of a chair. That blind salvaged a rainy bow season last year and some nasty hail storms on occasion.
  2. landtracdeerhunter

    He is not having a good day!

    We had one that I have been bypassing for several seasons now, on the shoulder. Bases size of pop can. I'm still sick over it.
  3. landtracdeerhunter

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    One of these laid on the shoulder of the road a few weeks back. Made me down right sick for days.
  4. landtracdeerhunter

    Farmer harassment

    Even with " Right To Farm" laws here in Niagara, we have those ( that vote, by the way) move into the country and try to stir the bees nest every so often. So many of these people with their college degrees and high paying jobs can't even apply basic common sense. You live down wind from a 1000 cow dairy farm, it's gonna stink folks.
  5. landtracdeerhunter

    Banned from local Facebook group

    I don't understand, LOL.
  6. landtracdeerhunter

    Good spot

    112 more days!
  7. landtracdeerhunter

    Best and worst pickups

    Wish I had my 66 3/4 ton Chevy pickup with 292 in line 6, 3 speed column back. Of coarse, the 1960 was a real workhorse. Carry 2 ton of fertilizer and not even squat.
  8. landtracdeerhunter

    Turkey hunter shot

    Keep that orange in sight at all times.
  9. took affect recently . I believe private sellers, like on Ebay are exempt from collecting the tax to New York Residences. Yes New Yorkers, another hidden tax to collect. Now they can remove the Sales Use Tax off IT - 201 , page 3, line 59. Think they will?
  10. landtracdeerhunter

    NY ban on cat declawing

    This will certainly help the carpet and furniture business sales.
  11. Guess I pick the wrong time to go to California
  12. landtracdeerhunter

    Ny gravity knife law repealed ,finally

    He's running for a higher political office. Taxpayer money has no limits.
  13. landtracdeerhunter

    Ny gravity knife law repealed ,finally

    The way this new law reads, you can carry a "gravity knife" IF your occupation warrants such a need for such a knife. This law, as many of New Yorks laws do, leave to many " loose ends"
  14. landtracdeerhunter

    Ny gravity knife law repealed ,finally

    I understand the term, "gravity knife " as defined by New York State knife laws, to be any knife that can be opened by a simple flick of the wrist. Many knives made today can fall under this category. Also, local laws can over ride New York State knife laws. To be safe, check your local laws on requirements.
  15. landtracdeerhunter

    Any Axe or Hatchet Aficionados?

    Know this is an old thread. I picked up a couple of ax heads for $2 on a Flea Market in Medina, yesterday. One reads American Fork and Hoe. The other has Walters on it. Can't tell if it's from Canada or New York. American writing, not French. I got to get going making up the right style handles for these heads,I'm collecting.