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  1. Has the Department of Ag. and Markets even done a informational survey yet on the "Purple Paint Law?
  2. Nice . This showed up past weekend while out shed- deer hunting.
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I thought the season seems to long for the fall opener. Now what happens if people follow the " official guide book," and don't use the DEC website?
  4. We have several ways to support a deer. Show a couple. Any one of them could be used depending on weather conditions.
  5. I find the toughest job of deer processing is separating the silver skin from the meat. Some is tough, others not so much. Depends on the age of the animal. I do not like it and is very time consuming getting it all off. Any secrets I've missed?
  6. Found the other side to the one found on Saturday. Great morning to be out. Seem to be in shed hunting mode.
  7. I like your idea of the receiver hoist as processing can be done anywhere the vehicle is placed.
  8. It was very strange deer hunting in September. It was like, " should I be out here with a weapon right now?" I had to pinch myself to see if it was real. This can't be the New York I know. I can see why some choose not to hunt this early season. Great to be in a free society to be able to choose.
  9. I see the difference now in the bars. This is to cover the early antlerless season in part of Region 8 and 9. Somewhat confusing.
  10. I carried this over from a question raised on Live From The Woods 23- 24 thread. This is what the 2023- 24 Hunting Guide Shows. When was this adopted?
  11. I'll take this over to a new thread in deer hunting.
  12. Sitting on about 15 acres of forage. Out at 6 pm. Young and old alike. Sure nice to be out for another season!
  13. Have made brush blinds in the past. They work great with scent control and play the wind. Have a large number of ash to come down which will support more. Just itching to saw down as they are covered in poison ivy.
  14. A great morning under cloudy skies with a temp of 60 degrees. A ton of movement. Deer, fox, coyote, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, and a rooster pheasant. First one in three years. He crowed in the distance. All antlerless deer with smaller fawns. Doing some reading, I see where our area are in antler restrictions now. When did that sneak in? Makes not difference to us as we have always practice that. I personally don't see the need for a law on it though.
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