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  1. landtracdeerhunter

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    I'm still seeing big Tom's on my travels around. Looking really bright and shinny, this time of year. I laugh, as I drive by them. Farmers are in the fields later this year; as are the turkeys.
  2. landtracdeerhunter

    Hummingbirds ...

    No real Hummingbirds yet, but some are flying on my garden flag outside.
  3. A BIG hats off to the Agricultural Producers that make this all possible; Thank You!
  4. Bring on the 2019 Deer Season. Like 4 1/2 months to go. Already have ants in the pants, LOL.
  5. landtracdeerhunter

    Praying mantis have hatched

    You go boy! LOL.
  6. landtracdeerhunter

    Antlers growing?

    Nice; we have fawns on the ground here, too.
  7. landtracdeerhunter

    Late night visitor

    We need the bear facts, LOL
  8. landtracdeerhunter

    My 1st Attempt at Pruning and Grafting Apples

    My grandfather would have success grafting a fruit tree limb on a fire cracker. I only wish I was more interested in the subject back then. The older verities still taste like apples.
  9. landtracdeerhunter

    Praying mantis have hatched

    Nice that you take the time to teach kids about nature, Keep up the great work!
  10. landtracdeerhunter

    It begins again

    This thread was locked Sunday when I was going to submit a comment. Guess, since hunting in the buff was mention now, I'll just leave it alone, LOL.
  11. landtracdeerhunter

    Rainy weather

    It has just all out plain sucked here for the last 5 seasons, LOL.
  12. landtracdeerhunter

    brush hogged and sprayed...Now what?

    We are way beyond the word wet. Do deer like to eat rice?
  13. landtracdeerhunter

    It begins again

    Wow, this thread was locked.
  14. landtracdeerhunter

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Nice haul this year. Congrats!
  15. landtracdeerhunter

    Yours or your kids first gun

    1903 Winchester 12 gauge in pump action was my first taken out in 1972 for Pheasant Season. Use to get a kick out of it, LOL. Rest of the family all started with the famous 20 gauge Remington Express. First shots was at a 147 that's on the wall.