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  1. Firearms are super tuned and squeaky clean. Good luck; think safety first. We see you at the end of Muzzleloader.
  2. What about the less expensive broadheads out there?
  3. We use to have a member on here years ago that made " Homebrew" cameras.
  4. While still hunting deer years back. I use to have turkey fly down out of their roost trees right next to me. Still dark out. When they hit the ground, sounded like the hardest crash.
  5. I notice how light it is there at 6:55 am.. Never seen a turkey go after a crow, but they sure go after a hawk, if they have poults.
  6. Nice deer ! Congrats to the hunter.
  7. Just try to think of what this deer has been through all these years. To make it to 7 1/2. . Nice reading and following of this old boy. Let us know the outcome.
  8. Interesting decision. Now this will really test your skills.
  9. Went with your gut feeling. Terrific!
  10. It will be nice to see the mending job done, not to disclose the method.
  11. Do you guys get them in water or oil? Oh wait, that's tuna.