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  1. I hope the Doxycycline works better for you than the Amoxicillin.
  2. Sorry Wooly. I had to do a ton of research on tick bites. Stage two really sucks. Eat a lot of Probiotic Foods two to three hours before or after Antibiotics.
  3. Unknowly set up by a fox den this morning. Little tough on the turkey sightings but, sure was fun watching the pups playing in the sunshine.
  4. Was early out in a severe thunderstorm years ago; turkeys gobbling their heads off. More lightning than darkness that early morning. When the hail came, the turkeys stopped gobbling.
  5. Read the fine print on the final submission. You must look for work at least 3 business days per week !
  6. Read the fine print on the final submission.
  7. The problem with untreated olive wood is it can get dirty very easily under use. I also have had some olive wood scales crack from manufactures that didn't stablized the scales correctly. I'd like to use more olive wood on some of my blanks, being so cheap, I use the hickories and oaks available.
  8. I shut the volumn off and freeze frame these press conferences. I watch and listen to Phil Murphy's though, for some reason.
  9. I have used the insulation spray foam from a hardware store. Their are some good videos on YouTube about this method.
  10. Been reading information about the SARS- Covid antibody tests that are available in some other states ( Texas) . These tests are not FDA. approved and can give false readings. Can anyone for sure say, these New York antibody tests are FDA. approved?
  11. How many have you found this season?
  12. Ticks are already bad this year. Lyme Disease little bastards!
  13. Yes, the question; have you applied at 3 business locations last week for employment, could be considered a " gray area."