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  1. landtracdeerhunter

    2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic Prize Thread

    More Prizes Added To The Contest: First Place: Summit Full Body Harness Hunter Specialties " Butt Out" tool Second Place: Full Body Harness Hero Shot: Hunter Specialties "Butt Out 2" tool Huntin' Hoist Retracting Rope 2- Full Body Harnesses DNC- Turkey Mouth Call *****I added the prizes to the original prize posts ~WNYBuckHunter*****
  2. Snow cover sends the deer into nocturnal here. Expecting a slow weekend opener. Hope I'm wrong, LOL. Good luck to everyone going a field and be safe!
  3. landtracdeerhunter

    wolc123 2018 Whitetail Classic Entry

    Big, early born button bucks in your area. Congrats!
  4. landtracdeerhunter

    Cigarette smokers

    Smokers tend to smoke more when their consuming alcohol too.
  5. landtracdeerhunter

    wet area

    We have 30 acres of creek flat flood plain. Floods in the winter. spring and sometimes the fall, like last year. Heavy clay poorly drained soils with a lot of surface drainage needed. Surface drainage is the key to grow anything on it. We grow Red Clover, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Harry Vetch, Buckwheat Timothy, Red Top, Bluegrass and other weeds. Hay forage land to us. Frost seed the legumes in the early spring in previous fall wheat planting, grasses in early fall after wheat is planted. Legumes need a season to get growing good. Needs to be cut a few times in the late spring early summer, after it gets growing good..
  6. landtracdeerhunter

    2018 Rut Report

    Breeeding has slowed way down here. Not saying it's stopped. Maybe a few left overs. Towards the end of this month, we'll look forward to another closed session cycle.
  7. landtracdeerhunter

    Hunting camp food

    You speak for those of us with no gall bladders, LOL.
  8. landtracdeerhunter

    Cuomo Partially Right

    It all depends how one looks at the weather. Weather is never first on the list when I ask people why they leave- left this state. I got news for the people leaving; it's not all peaches and cream in those other states.
  9. landtracdeerhunter

    What we're in this game for....

    Memories to last a lifetime. A couple real proud people in that pic.. Congrats.
  10. landtracdeerhunter

    Good to see a new player in the lineup

    Hope you get a crack at a nice one; play it safe and good luck. We seem to be seeing a higher volume of fresh antlers this season; not like the last couple years. A lot of nice young potential.
  11. landtracdeerhunter

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    I would of thought a drone falls under a slightly different category, situation or something; because it has a camera mounted on it.
  12. landtracdeerhunter


    Congrats to Abbey and ti you Bill. Looks like someone will be eating pheasant under glass. Any plans for stuffing a nice rooster for a nice mount.
  13. landtracdeerhunter


    Fits right in for Mr Cuomo running for president doesn't it? Two in three Americans (?) favor stricter gun control laws, if one can believe any poll, now a days. What these pools don't say is how deep of gun control.
  14. landtracdeerhunter

    Deer Near NYC

    Dutchess County, 917 acres, WMU 3G. Looks like a nice area to hunt in. Anyone hunt it?
  15. landtracdeerhunter

    Sad Day for NYS!

    No surprise here. Republicans never have a strong enough candidate to run against Mr. Cuomo. He's hard to beat in a Democratic state. I still say term limits.