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  1. I hope Biden can remember her name, five minutes into conversation.
  2. Staying away from the sweets help. I've only gained 10 pounds instead of 20.
  3. Just dry enough to plow yesterday. Plowed up a ground nest of yellow jackets, they were pissed. Seven inches of rain in late July set us way back for planting. Hope to disc and plant today before the next round of wet weather. Never planted radish this late before, but figured might as well use the seed. Better late then never, I guess. Pictures to come.
  4. We don;t have this problem on the Western side of the state for Turkey. Crossbow Season for deer is a whole nother story.
  5. Very nice plantings. Hope they accomplish what they are set out to do. Just getting dry enough to plow here again.
  6. Registered, Insured, and Inspected; street legal in New York. He might want to use some wire to hood the boxup and in place though, LOL.
  7. The ' Bear Facts" are Trump in 2020 !
  8. On a side note, The Harvest Information Program link is down on the DEC. website. Registering for a HIP, number isn't possible right now.
  9. Nice looking plantings. About ready to plating rice here, with 3 1/2" inches or rainfall since 12:20 Monday afternoon.
  10. I remember my father and granddad get quite worked up over opening Woodcock season, years ago. I went out with them when I was younger. Remember them saying they reached their limit.
  11. Numbers have increased here. I 've seen Woodcock in November and again in late February, while collecting Maple Sap, this side of the state. I don't think they migrate very far. Their actions are quite unique.
  12. I most likely have heard this noise out, but all I ever notice is their wing sound as they fly by me. They taste a little fishy.