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  1. Maple Season 2020 is upon us. This years going to be a tough call because of the milder Winter. Hope for sap to run into April, or it's going to be a quick season.
  2. $18 dollars at a local market for light golden amber syrup.
  3. It's Maple Season, Busy, Busy, Busy !
  4. I make my wife something special for Valentine's Day every year. Something from the heart. Something she can remember me by when I leave this earth. We use to do the dinner thing, buy candy, ballons, etc, ect. ect.. We even went on a pretty carrige ride up in Buffalo once. You see, after you have been with someone for so long, and get up in age, you start to believe that life is far more than than every day moumental things. Live the special moments, special holidays, special times like these. Learning to appriciate what you have. I Love My Wife !
  5. I seen some of these in plastic form years ago; wondered then if they are effective call then. Well, I ran across some of these tubes recently by someone who makes them. First thing come to mind, sure are one of the best eye catching calls I ever have seen. Be a cool collection. We all know though, that a call is only as good as the operator behind it. Then sometimes the turkeys have other ideas. These calls measure 3 inches long and an inch and an eight in diameter. Has anyone used- had luck with this style call? Can they be effectice? How would you rate them against a box call?
  6. Use Castle Liquid Torch; does a better job and never get asked.
  7. The lawbreakers know who they are.
  8. Prove he is feeding deer by this picture. So many so quick to jump on the band wagon.
  9. As you know, all you need is a few trees; a few bucks; and a dream. Start back up on a small scale. I stopped back in 79, only to start back up in 12. I wouldn't think of another thing I could be doing, but sugaring.
  10. Treat it like you would beef.
  11. Eagerly awaiting the start of the 2020 Maple Season. The maple bug grows each year from within. The sweet smell of maple steam is nearing. Getting ready for another great ride, LOL.
  12. The white nostrils give the look of a heavy breathing deer. I have seen this effect on living deer close up with theirs tongues hanging out of their months with druel, after miles of doe chasing. I would leave it as be.
  13. I have to ask why the nostrils are so white. Was that the way you you found him
  14. But, their's to of ya, so your paying half price, LOL.