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  1. landtracdeerhunter

    Northern lights tonite

    Dang gone it, I missed em.
  2. landtracdeerhunter

    Sling shots

    In my prime younger days, I owned few sling shot lunched rockets from Edmund Science Company. The capsule would split open on the return down and a parachute would pop out. They were cool.
  3. landtracdeerhunter

    Old Saying's

    My grand dad always said kinda a saying; Here's to the man, loving his wife, loving his wife alone; here's to the man, loving the other man's wife, when he should be home lov'in his own.
  4. landtracdeerhunter

    Turkey decoys

    Sold all my good decoys and made money on them.
  5. landtracdeerhunter

    Turkey leg knife

    Close but, no cigar, LOL.
  6. landtracdeerhunter

    Turkey leg knife

    Thanks for the reply. Do you mind me asking what glue you used inside the bone? I was thinking of using the spur for the guard. Longer the better.
  7. landtracdeerhunter

    Some of the most beautiful lever actions you will ever see

    Really nice firearm!
  8. landtracdeerhunter

    Turkey leg knife

    Were you able to keep the bone inside the leg? The pummel threaded?
  9. landtracdeerhunter

    Sign of Spring

    No Red Wing Blackbirds yet, I did hear a Ruffled Grouse the other day and almost stepped on a Woodcock in the slash'ins yesterday. We got Ash Bore now, woodpeckers are working overtime on the Ash. Really a nice day yesterday after it stopped sleeting.
  10. landtracdeerhunter

    Personal attacks

    I consider a nice size doe a trophy too. I always say what ever floats your boat.
  11. landtracdeerhunter

    Personal attacks

    You not only described this forum, but our nation as well.
  12. landtracdeerhunter

    How long is to long

    It's nice t know your taxidermist. '
  13. landtracdeerhunter

    Pulled Walworth Cam cards

    Camera takes good pictures for the price.
  14. landtracdeerhunter

    I Just received This Hunter Screening Survey. Anyone Else??

    Use the online method. Much easier and don't hear the furnace running in the background.
  15. landtracdeerhunter

    With Spring Comes Deer Ticks..

    Dogs use to get ticks on them quite often pheasant hunting.