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  1. The whole thing will implode. I not throwing away my filing cabinets. Will need the back up.
  2. I wish Remington all the luck and hope they can Manufacture a great product again. They had some really good firearms, in the day.
  3. They do a fine job. I kinda miss swapping out the SD cards though. We still keep a few, for old times sake. The nicest part is when someone tries to steal the cam, you got their picture..
  4. Keep being proactive. Promote voting and voter resistration in New York.
  5. Was he trying to promote the fur market? Or just showing off some more of his money, he has made? I'm sure it cost some $.
  6. A few small fawns around in September. Count back 200 days, bingo-February.
  7. 1970's prices. My uncle was a fur buyer 1960's. He traveled to customers houses to buy and pickup the furs.
  8. Or a fur like material. I find it interesting that he would wear a nice pull over garment like that against a country that was so against the fur industry. What do you think his motives were? I know his payment for the show was in exchange for a new record promotion. Do you think anything is behind it?
  9. That deer could have been blind in the one eye.
  10. The OP shows a great example of increased size and thanks for posting it
  11. We can start a thread on dead ones of all kinds.
  12. They all count. I find the smaller ones harder to find.
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