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  1. Thanks for posting pics G-Man. We're seeing better than average buck movement thought this extended record high warmth. I always enjoy the daytime pics of a buck moving on a sunny day.
  2. We're still waiting on key Senate and House races. I pray to God they go Republician.
  3. Actually, the facts state Donald Trump's father was the bussinessman, responsible for the presidents fortune. It's been exchausted by the president.
  4. We have one hanging in an area running 46 degrees packed in ice. I know what I'm doing today.
  5. Trump is suppose to be a multi million dollars business man ; he sure hasn't showed it by some of his verbal statements while president. He shot his mouth off without getting the facts first, and it came back to bite him in the butt.
  6. All you have to do is use a more effect word that a swear word.
  7. It' s what the cake tastes like on the inside that counts, not the greasy pretty frosting on the outside.
  8. The correct sharpning angle, as well as the sharpener contacting the whole edge correctly, is the key to a good sharp cutting edge.
  9. This was the biggest problem with President Trump, shooting his mouth off before knowing the facts. He missed alot of Democrat voter this go around, and may have cost him a second term.
  10. Look at the land, make sure it's what you want. Then look at all the tax bills; in this state, that may be enough to scare you off.
  11. We have had a few similar siturations in some of our school systems . Niagara Falls had one school close for the 14 day quaratine period, as a low percentage of students tested positive. Now back reopen for 2 days on 3 days remote learning., as all of Niagara Falls schools started the year. The city of Buffalo infection rate has been running higher than the rest of the Western New York " region." They elected for remote learning only with little backlash from parents. Higher population. This virus has been taking hold on larger clusters of population. It hit NYC, hard at the beginning.
  12. I'm only taking about what I do, and would never try to say what is right and wrong among the hunting community, as far as hen and jake harvests. With that being said: In trying to build up the turkey population in my area, I have always passed on jake and any hen harvests. I have been trying to build up the population of turkeys here, through habitat reconstruction for many years. The last couple of years, the turkey population has takened a severe decline, for which I'm floored for an answer. I have let many hens and jakes walk out of my shooting ZONE. I stand by my decision and have n
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