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  1. landtracdeerhunter

    Air drop rabies vaccines

    Seems around these parts, it's a fertilizing agent in that pouch.
  2. landtracdeerhunter

    My 2019 plots

    Try installing some thinner than standard nuts on the set screws. Tighten the set screws, then reef the nuts down. It may be all you need to keep tight. LOL, I always say try the rest, then move over to best, Kioti. I should have never sold my last DK 40 I had in stock. That 4 cylinder engine purred like a kitten. I never find another new one for 12 grand.
  3. landtracdeerhunter

    winter rye where to find it for sale

    I'm back to winter wheat. Rye seed is 2/3rd higher in cost and winter kills here. Could have been due to the wet Spring we had here. Had wheat over on poorer drained soil and it did well with surface drainage.
  4. landtracdeerhunter

    My 2019 plots

    That tilller sure does a nice job. Having the Kioti ahead of it is an added bonus. Hows the tractor working out?
  5. landtracdeerhunter

    Erie County Fair

    Erie County fair always a great time. Wear comfortable footwear, LOL. Grand kids love the I Got It games.
  6. landtracdeerhunter


    I summer fallow.
  7. landtracdeerhunter

    Thoughts on this guy?

    Give'm another couple years to mature.
  8. landtracdeerhunter

    Anyone see any poults yet?

    Went up Rt 8, north of Utica last week on our way to catch the ferry in Essex New York over to Vermont. Lot of hens standing in the road but, not a poult with any. Lot of hunting camps on that highway. Great country!
  9. landtracdeerhunter

    How many Hunt alone ?

    Never alone. Always have wildlife around me.
  10. Agricultural supported areas are where I place my bet. Pump the nutrition into them and I'll show you some big antlers. I know of only one sure way of keeping them on our property; hanging them on the wall.
  11. landtracdeerhunter

    How Early Do You Hang Your Stands?

    Got'em all out during the rain event of last week. Now all we need is October 1st., a little luck, a sharp arrow, and be present to win..
  12. landtracdeerhunter

    Mcdonald's Fillet-O-Fish

    You think it's fish or some facsimile there of.
  13. landtracdeerhunter

    Trial and error Plot

    Way to go, LET EM GROW. Speeds the whole planting cycle up. I have some hay that's getting seedy. I just may roll it over and try this with some radish. I tend to work up a good seed bed for radish, but with a year like this, what the hoot.
  14. A front end loader is tough on a front axle of a tractor., no matter what the make. The boom and bucket should be removed when not in use. Higher speed road travel is the worst enemy. I advised it to my customers for years now. Also, front tires should never be loaded, with a front loader installed.
  15. landtracdeerhunter

    No food source on the lease again this year....

    Radish should be going in, the next few weeks.