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  1. Never heard of logging white pines. Is there a company you know of that does it?
  2. My property I own used to hold lots of deer they would always bed on the property. The past 3 years have stopped bedding on the property. The pines the use to bed in are very big some 4ft+ diameter. What can I do to help improve the pines to hold deer again? It's not over pressured throughout the year or hunting season usually hunt the property around 10 days out of the whole season so there is not much pressure.
  3. Yeah need the freezer space looking to get them out of the freezer soon.
  4. I live in northern broome county trying to find a fur buyer in broome cortland tioga or tompkins county.
  5. Looking to buy a used crossbow under 500 if you have one for sale let me know what you have.
  6. Very interested is this still available?
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