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  1. Nope. Much appreciated. Always willing to hear and take advice. Thank you
  2. Yup. Tried it all. It’s best just find a bow that fits. Like the new features on the new Elites but will keep flinging them from my tempo till the offer one up or something else catches my eye.
  3. Currently shooting and Elite Tempo but I've owned most brands over the years. Usually most company have 1 or 2. Wrote to Elite and voiced my concern with the no offering and they said not a lot of demand.
  4. Trust me nature can be cruel to us big one in other way but yes plenty of KE.
  5. Wish the new Elites went to my draw length.
  6. Let me know what you want for the climber. I'm going to be looking for one.
  7. Targetsportsusa.com already has ammo available. You'll have to wait for gun to be available on this one.
  8. Got the 5.0. Not bad gas milage.
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