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  1. Billdogge

    Bear Tremor 70lbs RH

    For $250 I'll add in some arrows and a quiver.
  2. Billdogge

    Most Accurate 7mm-08 Factory Ammo

    Barnes or Federal Trophy copper shoot real well out of my -08.
  3. Billdogge

    Bear Tremor 70lbs RH

    Will throw in a release.
  4. Billdogge

    They are banning plastic bags now

    Way too much waste in this world. We have to do something.
  5. Billdogge

    Bear Tremor 70lbs RH

    Still available.
  6. Billdogge


    Coffee is the nectar of the gods! Drink a ton of it. Take mine with cream only these days. Cut the sugar out awhile back.
  7. Billdogge

    Happy Birthday Pygmy

    Happy Birthday
  8. Billdogge

    Remington 7600 35 Whelen Carbine

    Guys this gun is practically new. Not many of them around.
  9. Billdogge

    Halon 32-6 60lbs

  10. Billdogge

    Halon 32-6 60lbs

    $625 local pick up.
  11. Billdogge

    Bear Tremor 70lbs RH

    $250 local pickup
  12. Billdogge

    Halon 32-6 60lbs

    Albany area. Work in north Greene county
  13. Selling my main bow. In great shape. Will come as pictured with Ripcord rest, Mathews flatline stab and Mathews quiver. 60 lbs and 31.5 draw (can be switched with mods). Only reason I’m selling is something caught my eye. $650 local pick up $675 shipped TYD. Will take PayPal Thanks. PM questions.
  14. Billdogge

    Bear Tremor 70lbs RH

    Will consider trades.
  15. $265 Local pick up (Albany area or East Durham area) or $295 TYD Bows in great shape. Comes with a single pin non movable sight with light, WB rest and Trophy ridge stab and sling. Strings are in great shape as is the bow. Shot very little. Was my backup. SPECS: IBO Speed 322fps Weight ranges 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight. Draw length range 24" to 31" in 0.5" increments Brace height 6.75" Axle to Axle 33" Mass weight 4lbs Let-Off 80% EZ3 single cams deliver efficiency at any draw length, high speeds, a comfortable feel, incredibly smooth, zero nock travel