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  1. Ruger American Compact in 7mm-08 shooting Federal Trophy Copper put meat in the freezer for me today. 30 yards shot. Now to fill that buck tag.
  2. Good luck everyone. Let’s all have a great time. Shoot straight.
  3. Or on of the Ruger Americans if walking.
  4. Depending on where I set up either the Model 70 243 or 30-06. (Middle gun is @Savagehunter Model 70 308 and will be in his hands)
  5. Yes. Sorry it’s a 30-30. Have a few different ammo to go with. Again no scope for that price and not shipped.
  6. Love my Wolf. Blackhorn + Barnes = meat in the freezer!
  7. Nope it’s stock from Marlin. Yes I have 2 stock maple model 70s
  8. Gun is in great shape. Will include a few boxes of ammo. $675 for gun, ammo and Talley mounts (no scope) not shipped PM me questions
  9. They were ringing the gong at 200 with ease.
  10. Sighted in the 70s today with @Savagehunter. Good safe fun.
  11. AWESOME MAN!! Glad to see you are putting it to good use and doing a great service for the hunting community.