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  1. I'm very much considering one. 6 pound gun....16" barrel.....270 win performance!
  2. He is at Address: 8 Lester Dr, Queensbury, NY 12804. Phone: (518) 798-3566 Call first. He's a small shop.
  3. I think Performance Shooting has some and Bob's Custom Guns had one or 2 last I knew. Also comes in 308
  4. What size groups are you getting with it?
  5. Yes we do need to get that coffee! No sign of him. I'm always looking. I'll pull my card in a few weeks and see if he's been through but not much action out back. Once the state land calms down they'll be back through.
  6. Thanks Moog. Was a good year on my limited time I was able to get out.
  7. Got it done tonight. BARNES to the neck dropped him where he stood. Congrats to everyone getting late season deer. Finish strong.
  8. I just realized how old this is. HAHA I should look at the dates before posting
  9. I've used Evercalm for the last few years and have had good results. I still play the wind and hunt smart but In have seen it help when the wind switches at the wrong time.
  10. I like my copper. I shoot them in almost every gun that I'll shoot a deer with. If I can''t get copper I go with fusion.
  11. I used one this season. It was a big help.