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  1. Bourdain changed his mind on that one long before his untimely death
  2. From afar they seem like a nice multicultural family…
  3. Meh, fantastic in that they’re not merely reheating precooked food? I like their intentions but the only fantastic restaurant up there requires driving around the reservoir - Brushland Eating House
  4. Careful, the last president suggested injecting bleach to cure covid and look where it got him…
  5. I like the Liquid you recommend for my first 5wt. It’s surprisingly scratched up for having had it less than 1yr but it works just as well as when it came out of the box. The 9wt rod is a Lamson Cobalt.
  6. The hydros LT appeared to be a great deal and had a hell of a drag but I think it was discontinued.
  7. I’m looking to purchase a saltwater fly reel for a 9wt rod. This will be primarily for permit and bonefish so drag quality will matter but it’ll also see multipurpose use chasing redfish, sea trout, and young tarpon and perhaps some action surf fishing for bluefish and stripers. I’ll eventually parse this into 3 or 4 specialist setups but it’ll just be 1 for now (maybe a 7wt soon). The reels I’ve been looking at are Danielsson L5W 8twelve, Sage Spectrum Max, Cheeky Limitless 425, Orvis Mirage, Nautilus CCF-X2 8/10, and Lamson Litespeed M. The price spread on these reels is wide ($200-$700) but these are all seemingly considered durable midlevel options. If anyone has experience with these reels or can recommend others I’d appreciate the feedback. Thanks
  8. What sort of limb problems? I upgraded my bowtech limbs to 70lbs last year. Not having any issues, I think….
  9. The biggest risk to our rights as hunters comes from supporting far right lunatics, the likes of which openly endorse Q or are on record rejecting the separation of church and state. Biden was a stopgap candidate with a long track record of moderate and centrist positions. He’s also an old, white, and straight guy, an irresistible combination for many lifelong Republican voters who wanted to pull the country out of the Trump hole. Eventually the Democratic Party will put forth candidates as intellectually inviable and unfit for office as Marjorie and Herschel. Neither party on the far left/right extremes is concerned with our hunting rights. It’s time to stop voting with your middle finger.
  10. It shows that unlike with legal control over their uteri, women are still free to vote. Praise be to God.
  11. Wait till you look up trout in America. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fisheries-podcast/id1434777977?i=1000527755811
  12. I fished the east branch last weekend. I saw a lot of trout but couldn’t get a bite. I later learned that they were spawning. Did you fish deeper pools to avoid the spawning fish?
  13. It’s dangerous to pass on the right. If you’re driving at lower speeds on the left lane you are presenting a hazard to other drivers. While I don’t condone tailgating, attempting to cue a left lane cruiser to switch lanes is actually safer than passing on the right. Using your high beams is the good citizen’s alternative to tailgating.
  14. Kinda like this road rage incident (but with no shooting): https://ifunny.co/video/man-threatens-to-broke-other-guys-kneecaps-gets-knocked-out-X4US7Z5t7
  15. Even better when they do so from the left lane.
  16. I like this side of @BizCT … now if only he could get his politics straight
  17. @BizCT, please castigate @wolc123
  18. How decadent. What a special treat
  19. Incels and Trump voters are clearly one and the same. Fun link: https://www.salon.com/2022/09/22/maga-and-the-incels-latest-jan-6-arrests-show-how-fascists-target-insecure-young-men/
  20. Catskills steak and Walla Walla wine. German dog by way of Jersey (dog not consumed)
  21. Lowe’s, Lol. Well at least you’re not talking about your 401k again
  22. Crowd size? Lol.. Democrats don’t drive around with political flags in their trucks either.
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