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  1. You left out Paleo
  2. Congrats! Now go eat that bird! I made this turkey leg recipe for friends the other day. They loved it. https://fromfieldtoplate.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/wild-turkey-leg-thigh-barbacoa/
  3. I would expect this nonsense from you in March or April. But we’re in the midst of turkey season. You ok? If you need to take a break from lame conspiracy theories that begin with “there’s been speculation”, go rejoice over Trump voters’ success in overturning law that offered women autonomy and ownership over their own bodies.
  4. What did it cost pre Covid?
  5. What’s turkey behavior like when it rains? Do they stay on the roost longer? Don’t gobble? It’s been quiet around here…
  6. Any chance there’ll be a cigar order with this trip? I’ll be in Madrid in May also for a short food trip. Have fun!
  7. Fine, I’ll bite. I’d say competence is much more important for the presidency than the ability to draw up a monster truck audience to a rally. Do you also admire the fools who camp outside big box stores for days leading up to Black Friday? Look, my position has never been that there isn’t a sad but receptive audience for Trumpisms. My argument is that Trump is an incompetent and self-serving buffoon and and the country (world) is better off without him in power. I like that Biden is boring.
  8. If you can figure out how to buy it, I’ll pay.
  9. We’re renting a RAV4 (with insurance) that will hopefully handle our big loop out past Skaftafell. I definitely want to go with an outfitter that can help fill my equipment (and knowledge) gaps. Good idea to bring a rod and mess around on my own too. I’ll have to look at river access without a guide - fishing card may work… maybe for Gislholtsvatn. Also, hotdogs? I want a sheep’s head
  10. We’re going to be there for 10 days. Spending a couple of days in Reykjavik at the start and then we’ll loop back. Plan was to do a day trip from there. I like the highlands and the possibility of targeting both Arctic char and brown trout but I’m flexible here. I was looking at gofishing and fishpartner as both specify that they supply gear. Mostly I’m just looking for a good guide who likes teaching.
  11. Is there a live link elsewhere? We finally booked our summer trip to Iceland and I’m planning to get 1 day of fly fishing.
  12. For the legs, the key is a long and low roast. Here are a couple recipe's I've liked: https://fromfieldtoplate.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/wild-turkey-leg-thigh-barbacoa/ https://www.themeateater.com/cook/recipes/tequila-turkey-tacos-recipe
  13. I hope this settles it: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2115869 for tldr: CONCLUSIONS Treatment with ivermectin did not result in a lower incidence of medical admission to a hospital due to progression of Covid-19 or of prolonged emergency department observation among outpatients with an early diagnosis of Covid-19.
  14. I have these: https://kenetrek.com/products/hunting-gaiter-solid-loden-green-1 Held out well so far (1.5 seasons)
  15. I don’t see your point. I actually tried to minimize the issue here and I was surprised to learn from forum members how high the actual percentage is. I also don’t see why 3rd world priorities, privileges, or allowances ought to guide our empathy or tolerance.
  16. Gender is performative. Sex is biological. Within the binary chromosomal categories, there is actually a wide spectrum of physical and functional diversity. There are also dysphoric conditions that may make individuals feel like they are not their biological sex. Leading with empathy and allowing these folks to live out and perform their sex and gender is not playing fantasy or redefining biology. Getting bent out of shape over others’ psychological and physical journey is much more puzzling to me than trying to understand and support someone with gender dysphoria.
  17. Ah, you’re so close. It’s an acknowledgement that sex and gender are distinct words with different meanings.
  18. A slow braise of the legs is hard to beat. I’ll share recipe later.
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