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  1. Perhaps one of the local VDD-GNA or NAVHDA chapters can help find a new home for Dutch. They have Facebook pages where you should be able to post this. If you haven’t been involved with them before and can’t find them online, let me know and I’ll provide you with contact info. Folks in the versatile hunting dog training community will have experience with high drive hunting dogs and may be better suited to handling a large dog with aggression problems than a generic bird dog rescue group. Same goes for the dog’s breeder.
  2. If it's only 2 years old it's gonna get much better
  3. Looks like a great day! Do you guide? (Your site seems to be down)
  4. The local birds wised up in September. The migrating birds come in to decoys.
  5. My flats guide meticulously took me over some tricky water to drift a live crab over a coral head that often holds mutton snapper. Having completely missed the timing to get a good drift over it, the guide urged me to "just flip it in there" in a futile attempt to salvage the effort. I proceeded to instead bomb it 50 ft past the target and smashing the crab on the surface of the water. I managed to spook every fish in the area and kill the crab. Man, and I was doing so well prior to that. Yeah, and this was with spinning gear.
  6. I liked the 9wt option as an all-purpose flats rod that could handle permit and juvenile tarpon (with cudas and crevalles thrown in there) but also cut through wind when going after bones. Since I also wanted a streamer rod, I ended up putting together saltwater compatible 7wt and 9wt setups. I liked the Mirage LT more than the heavier Mirage and with 8lbs of drag and negligible startup inertia I figured it would suffice for any 7wt saltwater application. This is what I purchased: 7wt: Orvis Clearwater rod + Mirage LT IV 9wt: Lamson Cobalt rod + Danielsson L5W 8twelve These seem to be solid midrange products. I really liked the Nautilus reels, especially given that they're built in my hometown. I'll wait until my casting and general flyfishing ability justifies the higher end stuff.
  7. Nah, his posts don’t suggest a thoughtful, level-headed conservative. Endless copy/pastes of conspiracy theories suggest an isolated and fearful far right radical. The GOP seems to want to escape from the stranglehold that these nut jobs have on the party. It’s odd to see you double down on them.
  8. Man, is this really what it’s come down to? Herschel is the hill you choose to die on? Even Qanon supporter, lizard people believer, Marjorie is more fit for the job than he is. But the fact that these two are even in the conversation really goes to show that the GOP is in need of some serious soul searching.
  9. Any dog tracking services around you? If you end up going that route you’ll want to avoid contaminating the track.
  10. It’s tough when your side loses. Feel your feels today and then move on. Get out there and enjoy the deer movement. Take solace in the fact that global issues such as a pandemic or inflation aren’t actually caused by the administration in power, no matter what the ads or memes say. Look for the similarities that bind in your fellow men, not differences that divide. Also, election denier, anti-Roe, Trump loyalist Zeldin never stood a chance. As your homeboy McConnell said, the GOP is in low supply of quality candidates. You can help fix that in the next primaries.
  11. I wouldn’t say any. If I feel I need a quick follow up shot (typically rifle) I will follow immediately.
  12. You better be damn sure you hit that deer where you think you did.
  13. Is this a joke? I’ve never heard anyone suggest to intentionally push a dying deer. They can run a long way before death, making finding it much harder or impossible.
  14. Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Kathy Hochul, and Hilary Clinton held a rally right outside my work building last night! I was in the middle of experiments so sadly I couldn’t make it. A couple of friends did, check it out. Zeldin doesn’t stand a chance. Heading out to Missouri today to deer hunt. Absentee ballot submitted.
  15. If you’d like a rec on presidential historians, you can’t go wrong with John Dickerson. He’s the man but maybe too moderate for you. Enjoy
  16. If anybody would be empathetic and supportive of someone struggling with a substance use disorder I'd think it would be you. But yeah, Hunter isn't part of the administration so if there's actually something there it's immaterial to the political conversation. Let the judiciary take of it.
  17. Btw, I meant this favorably. I'm not getting enough of an insurable whiff from you to suggest lawyer. But hey, as Trump says, "and some, I assume, are good people."
  18. Corn is amazing at bringing in wildlife. Security cover and food. I have a cam on an apple tree in a hedgerow facing a corn field last year. Non-stop action. Bears, bobcats, turkeys, endless deer with a couple of mature studs. No corn this year. Thought the apple tree would bring them in but it has for the most part been dormant.
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