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  1. Retrieving a chukar that @ATbuckhunter shot
  2. Shit. Is it clear it’s rabies or can it be something else?
  3. Did you ever track them down? Birds any good?
  4. I support a @Chef laundry avoidance thread to learn how his utter distaste for laundry shaped him into the successful man he is today. Did his parents rub his face in dirty clothes, like @rob-c did with his children? Precocious @Paula awoke one morning and said, “no more beatings” and then she left home. Did @Chef do the same but instead proclaiming “no more laundry!” ?
  5. I train with a club too and I believe permits are obtained for that. I’d like to do some extra work on my own, that’s why I was wondering about the firearms regulations.
  6. What’s the policy for shooting in state forests outside of hunting season? I’m training my bird dog and I’m planning to do some steadiness training that requires making a lot of noise and shooting a 12 ga.
  7. Fun podcast about hungry back bears: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wildfed-podcast-hunt-fish-forage-food/id1487190537?i=1000514960581
  8. Meh, I too did my laundry from a young age. But I wouldn’t uphold that as a formative life skill. The same goes for anything that can be learned on YouTube in under 3 mins. I feel kids today are better served exercising discipline via high skill tasks, such as learning how to code at a young age. Or learning to track deer. Running a lemonade stand or selling Girl Scout cookies are a veritable waste of time. I suspect a lot of the general nostalgia has a whiff of historial negationism.
  9. That’s an important perspective. Thanks for sharing. It’s also important to consider the cost of a university degree in the ‘60s vs today. We were fortunate - my sib and I had merit scholarships and our education debt has never been burdensome. That said, reigning in tuition costs should be as important a consideration as our ability to own ARs at the ballot.
  10. The guy with a smart phone is worried at the prospect of fancy pills being used to track him. Unreal.
  11. I’m hoping to get out one last time this week before our trip. What’s the thinking on where we are along the breeding timeline? Are folks reporting no gobbling because all the hens are bred and the breeding season is coming to an end? Are Toms henned up towards the end of May? When does the 2nd turkey rut begin?
  12. Can’t go wrong with: https://www.concept2.com/indoor-rowers/concept2-rowerg
  13. Anyone know what type of snake this is?
  14. I would not wake up at 4am and walk into the woods in camo and a turkey vest without a shotgun (although I have a funny story about that which I'll share if we ever grab a beer). There are so many aspects that I enjoy about it, but yes, the meal at the end is what brings it all together to make it hunting.
  15. Not a deflection. A minor disagreement. I will post what I want and Bill will post what he wants. We can get into the nitty gritty of the identity politics (or conspiracy theories) once we're out of tags to fill or on June 1, whichever comes first.
  16. I disagree. A mug as handsome as yours would take way from the glory of the animal. What's most important is to show what you'll do with the harvest. A picture of the field dressed animal or of the meal you're making is what matters most as it demonstrates the ultimate goal of the hunt.
  17. Take a couple of walks. Hearing a gobble here and there will keep you in the game. Nothing wrong with napping. No snoring though!
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