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  1. Senator John McCain’s verdict on President Donald Trump’s performance at the summit in Helsinki was brutal, but just: “No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.” https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-07-16/trump-sides-with-putin-a-shocking-display-in-helsinki
  2. Double quote at 8am? Looks like someone’s trying to make be blush (“that’s rich!!” is more indicative of bemusement that outrage)
  3. WTF!?! All you do is post garbage that you find on fringe websites targeted to sad men. This is your out, “I didn’t write the article”? That’s rich!!
  4. Yes, by definition it’s dehumanizing. We refer to breeds when talking about animals. Thus, dehumanizing.
  5. Yes, the power to vaccinate the populace is the wet dream of every aspiring politician…
  6. I don’t know StJ but I’ll look into it, thanks. I’m very familiar with JVD - I love that place! I sailed the BVI twice while in grad school (and we only ran aground once!). The fishing gear we rented was junk be we trolled some from the catamaran and actually caught a couple of small tuna and a barracuda.
  7. I definitely will eat the weird stuff. Andros is one of the out islands of the Bahamas. I believe the largest island. Not very developed but it lends to a more authentic Bahamian experience (think opposite of Nassau resort vacation). Mangroves were spared by the hurricane so great for kayaking and flats fishing.
  8. We’re also going to Iceland but in the summer. We’re eyeballing a week in Andros for the end of Feb/March.
  9. Today we commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Though we have come a long way as a country, racial strife continues to plague us. Below I post a video of MLK explaining how the injustice of slavery and segregation resulted in a legacy of economic division that persists today.
  10. I think you meant to quote someone else. But yes, I agree.
  11. There are people still scared. I’m asking you and them when will you not be scared? The 4th shot? Or 5th? -I’m young and healthy enough (and vaccinated) that I will likely not experience severe illness by the current common variants. I am scared for the people I love who aren’t young and healthy and I fear that they may experience severe illness and maybe even succumb to the disease. But this fear isn’t paralyzing nor do I see at as shameful assault to my masculinity as you would. My concern will subside once hospitals and ICUs stop cycling in and out of crisis mode Separately, are you the type of guy who orders boneless wings? Or steak well done? -Dude, if you need to use your food choices to signal the type of man you are, you’re in even bigger trouble than I thought.
  12. Yes engaging in good faith conversation and allowing empathy to shape the interaction is good. It would be a much better world if we all did this more frequently. But take caution with folks hellbent on disseminating falsehoods. Engaging in sincere conversation with them paradoxically lends credibility to their position and makes a typically disengaged reader more likely to then believe the demonstrably incorrect position (no matter how well you explain the facts).
  13. You can’t expect others to continually pick up the slack for you. Pull your weight.
  14. Thanks for your reply but I’m simply unwilling to spend any time trying to decipher what you’re trying to say. It’s a strange mashup of random incorrect statements or wishes. If you want to rewrite it, I’m open to responding to the point you want to make. But actually make the point.
  15. You equate taking precautions as being scared? Fear is very scary to you, huh? An unspeakable assault to a fragile masculinity, something you could never allow yourself feel? Lol, only sheep fear. Lions tough.
  16. You mean like a breakthrough infection? Yeah, it happens.
  17. Nice! I too am an ally. I admire your efforts to make this board more inclusive! But let’s not forget the “T”.
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