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  1. I have a friend who hunted here a few years ago: https://bucklakeadventures.com/ It seems to be a good operation with great rates and high moose density.
  2. How has the wolf/coyote population changed?
  3. Here's the pic that I couldn't send through messenger...
  4. The MDC does a great job. They've re-opened elk and bear seasons (both limited) and are working to re-establish grouse.
  5. My Quebec trip was a blast! Unfortunately I didn’t bag a moose but I shot a bunch of grouse over my dog. I can foresee making this trip every other year.
  6. I spooked a Missouri buck last weekend with a grunt. His uncertain body language should have cued me to the fact that he wouldn't likely respond with aggression or interest to my call. I'd save all the toys for peak rut and even then use sparingly.
  7. @blackbeltbill has that place memorized. He may be willing to offer some pointers…
  8. Bullets arrived 20 days after placing order.
  9. Very early signs in the Adirondacks 2 weeks ago.
  10. I too don’t know how I’m going to fit this in but I do know that I’m hooked. Sample fly fishing at your own risk…
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