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  1. Welcome! I’m in a similar camp - I’m a new hunter when it comes to public land big game hunting and I intend to go after bear and deer this season. Still hunting seems like an appealing tactic since it doesn’t require much gear. A few questions that I’m working through and I’ll pose here in case it helps you too: 1) If you see sign in your preseason scouts how do you approach it come hunting season? When still hunting are you trying to bump a sleeping bear/deer or are you trying to ambush them when they’re traveling between feeding/eating areas as you would when placing a tree stand along a pinch point? 2) In my experience, when in a stand most activity occurs at sunrise/sunset. How do you factor time of day into a still hunt? 3) Think about how you’re going to pull out a couple of hundred pound animal if you’re bushwhacking several miles from a trail. For Castkills hunters, are you guys mostly quartering or dragging out?