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  1. Who would’ve guessed that not only is huntingNY home to the highest online concentration of constitutional scholars but it is also chock-full of solipsists.
  2. Perhaps, but it certainly doesn’t elevate Breitbart to the real news category. The 24hr news cycle is nobody’s friend. Nevertheless, the onus is on each of us to discern between rigorous journalism and clickbait.
  3. It’s been reported widely, by both left and right leaning journalists. News and media literacy is not a trivial matter. It’s difficult and it takes practice to become good at finding reputable and rigorous news sources. Everything that has ever been written has a perspective and intent, no matter how small or benign it may be. Know that and proceed with caution. Read broadly. Understand that Facebook and other similar distributors of media are in the business of compelling you to click and are generally disinterested in education or informing you.
  4. This “what about them” argument you keep trying to make fails every time. I don’t support rioting, looting, or violence. What you continue to misconstrue as Democratic support for violence is incorrect. I, and most Americans, support the calls for racial justice. This is not equivalent to supporting violence or rioting. The side you’re in support of has no moral equivalence once you remove the violence. The “peaceful protesters” at the capital are marching for something that is demonstrably false. Democrat and Republican leadership have denounced Trump’s pathetic attempt to change the election outcome and are on record stating that Trump fed lies in an active disinformation campaign. I’ll give you another cheat sheet: Violence from the left: disavow Violence from the right: disavow Peaceful calls for racial justice: support Cries of election fraud: wholly discredited by the very Republicans who lost
  5. Whoa! A lot of panties in a bunch over the indisputable and lamentable existence of extremist white supremacy groups. This is what happens when a large, seemingly illiterate, portion of the population gets their news exclusively from Facebook memes.
  6. Yup, it’s definitely in there, you missed it. Try again. If you still can’t find it, I’ll give you a hand later. (Hint: the official report even has plots for you). In the interim, if you find yourself confused, here’s a cheat sheet. lizard people: not a concern white supremacy: a real concern
  7. Same thing.
  8. Trump’s DHS found white supremacy groups to be the greatest terror threat to the US. There’s plenty of documentation on this. Here’s one link:
  9. You’re being willfully blind if you don’t see a difference in the moral fabric of Biden vs Trump. Biden isn’t perfect, far from it. But there’s a reason both parties breathed a sigh of relief today. The nation and the world are markedly better off today than they were yesterday. Rejoice.