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  1. I made some tonight too. Forgot to take a pic
  2. In Peru? Wait, don’t tell me there’s a Lima, NY....
  3. WildFed Podcast is good
  4. Haha! You know I pushed back a bit and he said he wears them. But then again, he’s in the woods just about daily...
  5. Did your dog dispatch it?
  6. Found another one. This one’s opening looks too small for a raccoon. It was near water.
  7. This is precisely the sort of pugilistic attitude that sullies the board. There are great outdoors men and women on both sides of the political divide. We should be able to field informed debate on the forum. Your hotheaded declarations and imaginary decrees do nothing to inform or to enable discourse.
  8. I have 8’ Danners that I wear when I go hunting. I get into some pretty nasty stuff looking for critters. In the off season I’m by the water a lot and in the woods training my dog. I don’t usually think of snakes and I’ve only encountered a couple, one of which was venomous (it rattled). I’m going south for a boar hunt in a few weeks and the outfitter recommends snake boots. I’m trying to decide whether I should go that route or if my Danners or rubber boots would suffice. Anybody have experience with snake encounters and/or recommendations for snake boots that would tip the balance in t
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