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  1. @Chef warning me that blood is slippery
  2. The mods don’t manage the approval of new memberships??
  3. Don’t fall for it. The more you see folks on a hunting forum needing to talk about their investments and brag about how “well they’ve done financially” the easier it is to see through the [email protected] Truly wealthy, happy, and well balanced people don’t do this. (Trump is an exceptional illustration of this, btw)
  4. Are you suggesting a HuntingNY poker night?
  5. Perceptual learning conference in Alaska! How do I get on that mailing list?
  6. https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/study-claiming-ivermectin-reduces-covid-19-mortality-by-92-has-important-methodological-problems/
  7. If using blackhorn 209, follow these recs: https://blackhorn209.com/specs/primers/
  8. Haha! Right on cue! (I almost tagged you my post)
  9. Man, I’ve been putting my little DEP permit at every DEP site I go to. I’ve gotta read the rules more carefully. The DEP is also doing forest management? That’s great! I thought their approach was to not touch it and leave it in a forever wild state. Is this new? Do you now if the cut locations and dates are posted?
  10. Yes, still required but still free. Some DEP areas are heavily patrolled by DEP police so definitely get one
  11. I think you’re probably right that midges have no preferences. But there may be metabolic differences between bucks and does (especially this time of year during rapid antler growth) that makes bucks more susceptible to dying of EHD. Most of the “dead near water” pictures that I’ve seen are of bucks. Perhaps it’s just that dead antlered deer are more striking and so those pictures are shared more often…
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