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  1. You can relax. Biden is infinitely more qualified to handle a national emergency than Trump.
  2. I don't think holding one will tell you much. It's total bullshit. What is this electromagnetic field that we emit (ie. size, distance, sources), what sensory systems allow deer to detect it (ie. location of receptors, sensitivity range of receptors, ethology of EM in deer), and how does this suit attenuate it. At least the Sitka guys try to bring in some basic retinal neurophysiology to the mix, even though they lack contextual evidence of its effectiveness. The HECS group references "biology" without actually citing any actual evidence of anything.
  3. There’s an effort by certain media outlets and political factions to feed so much disinformation to the public that we’re led to conclude that everything is arbitrary and facts are meaningless. Don’t fall for it In contrast, there are media organizations and even politicians who are rigorous in how they handle and present lines of disagreement while respecting facts and reality. This idea that you can just shrug away difficult or inconvenient facts on the basis that “experts disagree” is flawed and a complete misrepresentation of the actual debates that these experts are having.
  4. A pre-existing condition is not a death sentence and more than half of Americans are overweight, which is a pre-existing condition that elevates the risks associated with Covid. Wear a mask to protect others. That much is clear. And no, scientists are not politicians. 10 in a room will agree on plenty. But more importantly they’ll agree on a system to seek out the truth. The idiot guests you see on Fox News are not actually scientists with functioning labs. Real scientists have read the data and don’t disagree on the risks of covid and on the benefits of masks.
  5. You misunderstood what you quoted - Covid is the bus. If you distrust all news sources (an absurd precondition), read the scientific literature.
  6. How did the PD indicate it would be a hassle? You just mail it out and the registration comes in. There’s no interaction with the precinct at all. If you’re legal and follow the law you shouldn’t be intimated by the process. The initial delay is frustrating and needs to be fixed. Outside of that it’s effortless and not a big deal.
  7. In addition to masks, it’s a good idea to get everyone tested before camp too.
  8. I was more worried with my dog’s nose poking in there. Looked to be empty. I guess a conibear goes in there