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  1. This is weak trolling - You’re pretending (I hope) to confuse legal obligation with personal responsibility. Mandating that a woman go through with a pregnancy is not equality.
  2. Nah, the inseminator should have no say about what a woman does with her body. Find a woman that wants to have and raise a child you.
  3. If brain activity has been sufficiently compromised, you are legally allowed to “pull the plug” and stop a beating heart. Likewise, a pulsing clump of cardiac cells, devoid of meaningful brain active, is devoid of life. Look, we draw arbitrary lines. Let’s side with women retaining control over their bodies.
  4. No updates on the stocking dates yet: http://ocfsc.org/site/lev/ACTIVITIES/STOCKING.htm
  5. yeah, those aren't wildlife interest/conservation/management organizations. They're effectively Peta spin offs
  6. Man, I think you’d be a lot better off if you dropped this sense of victimization and persecution. I don’t know what group you’re referring to that doesn’t believe in dog ownership and yes, Peta will never be our ally. But many traditionally anti-hunting groups have realized that the biggest threat to their wildlife pursuits isn’t hunting, it’s development and unhealthy forests. The Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, etc. have formed partnerships with hunting groups to maintain and create good wildlife habitat. I like your list. You should add The Ruffed Grouse Society and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to it.
  7. I'm with you in supporting data collection. The FBI use of force data collection began less than 2 years ago and reporting is encouraged, not mandated. These stats will be invaluable once every precinct is forced to report and once we expand beyond deadly use of force. By definition, a continuum of force is not binary. We should keep centralized records on all physical interactions. That said, there are many de-centralized records and stats that clearly show an asymmetrical used of force on blacks vs whites. This is something that even police chiefs and union leaders do not deny. Training in implicit bias, de-escalation, etc. is an explicit acknowledgment that there is a problem. Again, the debate should be centered on how to best proceed.
  8. So as you can see, there are many different positions on what constitutes in utero life. Some believe it’s a gut feeling. Others go by the heartbeat. Some side with a developed nervous system while others look to viability outside of the womb. It’s tricky and there’s is no consensus. I understand that going with your gut feels good and is easy. But the last thing I’ll say on the matter is that while deciding what constitutes life and how the government should legislate, a woman’s autonomy must factor in. Women are not state sanctioned breeders. I place a lot of weight on a woman’s ability to self-determine. Women have been forced into careers (or lack thereof) and lives at home with men that they don’t want to be with for far too long due to a lack of autonomy over their bodies. Contraceptive and reproductive choice goes a long way towards fixing these.
  9. “If you can’t understand __, then you will never understand anything.” That’s a funny way to say “I disagree.” You want to teach us about cardiac physiology and how a in utero proto-heart is the ultimate definition of life? Please, go ahead. It's ok to say that you're basing you believes on a very specific reading of the bible or on a meme you saw last weekend. No need to hide behind some presumed scientific understanding that you clearly lack.
  10. In this country we authorize police officers to use deadly force if they feel their lives are in danger. That’s pretty much the full extent of guidance or protocol that’s largely provided to them. And that’s the part that needs reform. Good police precincts train for a continuum of risk and teach their officers how to escalate force in accordance to that risk. It’s an extremely difficult job and it’s even harder to implement in the streets. It can be a little hard to understand, but what you’re seeing with BLM and the like, is a response to a very clear fact: the escalation of force by the officers based on their perceived risk is applied differently to white folks than to black folks. There are many reasons why this happens, but it needs to be fixed.
  11. I mean c’mon, this can’t really be what you’re arguing? Every Democratic leader denounces violence and looting. This is a fact and there’s no way around it. Fine, argue if you will that they do so for the optics but I don’t think that’s gonna get you very far. I think what’s throwing you off is that in denouncing violence, they also acknowledge the history, pain, and policies that have set the stage for this. This is where it gets tricky for some: you can denounce a person for stealing bread and also acknowledge their hunger. It doesn’t mean that stealing was correct or accepted. (Not the best analogy but I’m doing some pretty remedial work for you here…)
  12. Yeah I was thinking the pepacton and cannonsville reservoirs. Is there’s any DEP land along them with fields... or maybe setting up decoys in the shallows and hunting from land.
  13. Exactly? Shit, I sure hope not. This is the only account with huntingny I’ve had. I think this speaks to a willingness (necessity?) to clump everyone together who has a different position on important matters. I get it, it’s easier to dismiss this way. But the nuance and details generally matter, esp when it comes to policy.
  14. Sorry man, I'm not Leland... he sounds like a great guy, albeit a bit fickle
  15. Anyone hunt the reservoirs in the northern Catskills?
  16. Common sense and reasonableness strikes you as familiar? Wouldn't think that was your crowd. But yeah, don't be afraid, we'll still have our guns 4 years from now. And in 8 years too.
  17. Have you not seen how China's been rapidly asserting control in Hong Kong? Look up the recently passed Hong Kong security law. Once again, Trump is just out matched. But he never came into office claiming policy expertise - He only promised a supernatural ability to make deals. Again, he talks a tough game but it's all hot air. He and the Republican party would be better off with folks like Jon Huntsman and Romney in positions of influence. No SpacemanSpiff, Trump didn't create the racial tensions that have led to unrest. He exploits them for political gain.
  18. I get it, if believed that this is what the Democratic party stood for, a party that has the support of over half the US populace, I would be just as scared. I encourage you to not be duped by the internet. Half the items on your list are either flat out not true or a caricature of reality. Open borders with free health care to those that come through. -no serious Democratic platform is asking for open borders, this is fear mongering. Providing healthcare to the undocumented goes beyond human rights or altruism. It’s about public health. This isn’t really an issue for reasonable people. Abortion on demand -really? This is a concern for you? I yield to women on this and support all legislation that gives them the autonomy and authority to act on behalf of their own bodies. You know, over 25% of women have had an abortion. It’s often a very difficult decision but it’s theirs to make. Universal healthcare -this is a standard that we are sadly far away from. We spend far too much as a country on healthcare, mostly through tax subsidies to insurance companies that are incentivized to bill and to provide a minimal standard of care. We spend so much money as a country on the woefully ill rather than on preventative care. This is a standard that we should all vie for. The debate should be centered on how best to implement it. Reimagine our Police forces (DEFUND)! -we ask too much of our police and then we’re surprised when we see suboptimal outcomes. Many police officers and union leaders are on record stating the need for reform. Defunding is an absurd tagline that has only hurt folks on both sides of the debate. There’s a way to enforce the law and maintain order without infringing on the rights of the poor - that should be the conversation we should be having. Abolish ICE -Dems want a return to prioritizing detaining and deporting/prosecuting violent undocumented criminals. If past failures of ICE leadership makes a shift in priorities untenable, there’s no reason why this responsibly couldn’t be absorbed by current (or a new) law enforcing agencies. How about free college! There ain't nothing like the word "FREE" to suck someone in! -our education system is a mess. If you weren’t born to wealthy parents, it’s a real uphill battle. We need a massive overhaul, but not just at the collegiate level. Everything from childcare to pre-K and public schools. This is a top 3 issue for me. Hell yes we are coming for your guns, all on stage applauded! And that is just the tip of the iceberg! -more fear mongering Sue the NRA into oblivion! -the NRA has been poorly managed and involved in self-dealing for far too long. However this plays out, I hope the new version of this gun rights advocacy is centered more on propagating a fun lifestyle/hobby than on scaring us to believe that teachers should carry guns in school. Tax increases by the trillions! -the past 2 Republican administrations have completely thrown out the conservative playbook on spending and taxes. The divide on tax policy among the parties, and how it affects YOUR bottom line, is more a fantasy than reality. That is, unless you’re making more than $400k. My friends in this tax bracket live comfortably and are uniformly fine with paying a bit more on taxes for public services that they too benefit from. Maybe you shouldn't be so concerned about them. The Green New Deal which is a nuclear bomb of wacko regulations that will bring the economy to it's knees along with devastating hardships. -more fear mongering. The stock market isn’t a benevolent entity that acts for the good of us all. Regulation, when thoughtfully applied, ensures that everyone benefits from what the land has to offer, not just a handful of corporations and their shareholders. The market spurs innovation and incentivizes useful risk. It’s important that we use regulation appropriately to direct this in a mutually beneficial and sustainable direction. It may come as a shock to you, but this is what we call capitalism, not socialism. Ask them how much they support the Outdoor Sports? Every single anti hunting, anti shooting, anti fishing, anti trapping, animal rights group in this country support Democrats! How much do these activities matter to you? -I’m heartened by the recent ideological merging of outdoors groups. Hunters, hikers, mountain bikers, birdwatchers, camping, etc all want the same thing. HuntingNY.com can play a role in giving all outdoors people a unified and more influential voice. Trade deals that stick it to our own workers! Kiss their ass foreign policy! -This is probably where Trump has been the weakest. His reckless abandonment of global allegiances and trade deals have not benefited America. Social issues aside, this is where Biden will have a clear edge. Trump talks a tough game that appeals to some but you’ll see where the labor unions fall on this. Tearing down our history! -I certainly don’t hold a romantic view of the confederacy and there’s no reason to exalt past leaders who were on the wrong side of history. It’s important to be clear-eyed about our past and to not conflate learning our history with celebrating all aspects of it. This is one of the areas that we can actually learn something from the Germans. No Law and Order! ANARCHY IS OK! All one needs to do is take a look at Democrat controlled cities, Chicago, NY, Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, St Louis, Baltimore, it is all out there to see if one takes the time to take a serious look! -again, fear mongering. Democratic leaders denounce rioting and violence. Yes, urban centers have a denser population and so we expect to see more crime. These are also places where it’s hard to deny or hide from the results of our racial history and I look forward to having a president that can navigate and lead the nation through this difficulty territory. Another place where Trump has clearly failed.
  19. Don’t get me wrong, Biden is a Democrat and I unapologetically support him. But you’re right, everyone at that level is beholden to the special interest groups that ultimately fund their campaigns. This speaks more towards the need for campaign finance reform than it does for the viability of one candidate over the other. With Biden there’s a track record and a clear ideological foundation that gives us a level of transparency not seen with Trump. To this day there’s uncertainty about his foreign financial ties and our intelligence and military leaders are on the record expressing concern about this. The AR has been greatly maligned and responsible gun owners should clearly communicate opposition if there’s concern about magazine capacity restrictions, etc. As a hunter and gun owner, I think it’s crazy to center your political stance on this 1 issue. Biden has a strong track record of doing things his way and not toeing the line as careful as some in the party would like. This notion that he’s weak or in too old is absurd. He’s overcome a stutter and sure, he’s no great orator. But he’s also direct and doesn’t try to play the “say nothing” game that most politicians have mastered. You’ve heard Trump’s press conferences right? It’s wild to question Biden’s coherence and then support Trump. Anyways, this is probably not the best place to have a reasoned political debate but I felt it was important contribute to the notion that the American hunting world is comprised of folks with diverse opinions and who can negotiate multiple competing ideas at once. Hunting and gun ownership is not just for isolationists and doomsday preppers, as many folks sadly believe. The vast majority of Americans don’t hunt or own firearms. If you’re actually concerned about losing hunting/gun rights, a better bet would be to work to normalize our hobby/lifestyle rather than to vote on a single issue and then keeping your fingers crossed and hoping everything else works out.
  20. Man, I own guns and I love shooting them. I also support law enforcement and have friends and family members that are cops. You've got to be in a pretty scared place for these to be your top 2 most important issues above all. Far left Dems and folks on the far right fail to grasp that many are living and experiencing a very different reality from theirs, be it actual or imagined. Don't confuse Biden for a radical. He's the only current candidate who has the potential of bringing us back towards the center, where America thrives.
  21. Fact. Of course, hindsight's 20/20. Trump would have much more political capital if he owned up to failures and took corrective measures. Pointing fingers and playing the blame game when you're in charge shows a remarkable lack of leadership.
  22. For those still waiting on their license and tags, do you see them on the HuntFishNY app? I don’t.
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