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  1. Yeah - report any deer you find, even if it's already in a known area. I think DEC is collecting all the data and will put out another press release / or report once the EHD reports slow down or stop. Talked to a nice wildlife official out of the new paltz about it last week. He was very informative. If you have any questions, try giving them a call or sending an email. They were quick to respond. Email: wildlife.r3@dec.ny.gov Phone: 845-256-3098
  2. Cold Spring. I've also heard reports in Beacon, Newburgh, Goshen, Hyde Park, and New Paltz.
  3. Huge bummer! I thought hunting would be safe from the wrath of 2020 - NOPE!I Was getting tons of pics on my trail camera in 3N, now next to nothing. This buck was found 100s yard from my stand. I'm considering not even bothering hunting these areas so that the survivors can pass on immunity and recover faster. If I do hunt here I will be very selective. Sounds like doe can pass on resistant genes? So they might be off the list. There are other places to hunt. Less convenient but I'd hate to see the herd struggle to bounce back.