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  1. Just got last years trophy back. So proud.
  2. Wife arriving at work to a show. They eventually moved away allowing her to enter her office.
  3. Fox with something in its mouth.
  4. That’s a guy who hit the powerball jackpot then the very next day met the girl of his dreams, strange the way things work out.
  5. Ok this is a new one for me, Fishing in Florida in Tampa Bay and I catch some weird fish which no one could identify, finally someone said it’s a Diamond Lizard Fish. I can check that off my bucket list.
  6. Riding out the blizzard with a German style Venison roast tonight.
  7. I’m willing to spend all day in 23 degrees, You’d think the hunting gods could send something bigger than a 60 Lbs fawn to walk past me.
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