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  1. Found this on another site, An Old Westbury bruiser.
  2. Actually she returns at night to check on the baby’s who are buried under the lettuce. I watched her, She never touched the lettuce.
  3. Criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Momma comes back at night to check in the baby’s. She’s got a few more days and then their evicted.
  4. Cutting some lettuce in the garden and I have a nest of these little guys, Rabbits?
  5. It’s like the Sopranos in cowboy hats
  6. This guy decided to pop his head up thru my deck
  7. Oh well, 21 years and 60 preference points and still nothing. I’m starting to take it personally
  8. Let’s just say he never rings the doorbell with his elbows.