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  1. I can relate to this one.
  2. Oyster bay 10 ptr still hasn’t shed.
  3. Found this fresh kill picked clean this morning in Southampton.
  4. Strange, Had what I thought was a big doe trotting thru the woods with her head down sniffing the ground. I assume it’s a shed buck, But he was acting like it’s November and hot on a trail of a doe.
  5. Recently I received an ominous email from a scammer claiming he hacked my phone and will post the pictures I have on line if I don't send him money. Backed it up with telling me my screen name and password for huntingny. Other than family photos and dead deer that's all I have on there so go right ahead. So this site has been breached, for what it's worth.
  6. Sunday pancakes with a couple of sleepy does this morning
  7. Frederick the wonder dachshund