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  1. I jumped several arriving at my stand in the darkness yesterday, they all snorted up a storm as they ran away. Didn’t see a single deer the rest of the day.
  2. Hours of sitting on stand staring at my broad head, i believe I’ve designed the most effective one yet.
  3. Same here, just got back from a long trip. Hopefully Friday is the day.

    Their everywhere

    Nice buck crashes threw window of a hair salon in Lake Ronkonkoma. Was told he needed an appointment.
  5. Any movement in 3H, Thinking about losing sleep and going out in the morning.
  6. I’m in Florence attending my nephews wedding, I leave tonight for Portugal we’re ive just been invited to go rabbit hunting. Now that I’m looking forward too!
  7. I’m leaving Wednesday night for Rome,, Heading to Florence on Saturday to attend my nephews wedding. I’ll wear my real tree camo cap for easy indentification.
  8. He actually has the matching jacket, although none of it fits me. He wore this in his early 20’s. I appreciate the offer, living on Long Island, that would be a bit of a drive.
  9. My 6 ptr that I’ve been watching all summer in oyster bay is out of velvet.
  10. As I was helping my 86 year old father clean out his attic, I found his circa 1950’s era woolrich hunting pants. That’s what the old timers used, And he shot many deer back then.
  11. I’m coming for your guns you use for home protection.....Says the guy who got arrested for burglary!!!!