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  1. Jack Torrance at the July 4th ball, OverLook Hotel. 100 years ago today :)
  2. Newsom claims it was climate change that caused it.
  3. Guess I should cross boar hunting in Japan off my bucket list.
  4. I’ve been lucky. In 3H there are plenty of bruins. This guy seemed to sit down perfectly centered and took a few selfies with my trail camera. 30 minutes into last opening day I dropped my 5th bear off my property in 23 years.
  5. My wife just got a positive Lyme test back and I get a blood test tomorrow for a tick I pulled off my leg yesterday. Eastern LI is the worst I’ve ever seen it.
  6. Oh well, 23 strike outs for me. New Hampshire drawing is next week.
  7. They post the names at 6pm.
  8. Good luck today to those who applied. 22 years of rejection for me
  9. Had a successful trout trip to West Virginia. Some browns, rainbows, tigers and the elusive yellow rainbow trout.
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