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  1. Planning on going out on Saturday one last time, Just curious how much snow is up there in Sullivan cty, specifically western Sullivan.
  2. I get 1 every 3 years. But I cheat the system and take 1 with the bow. Not sure why their still so stingy with the permits. I saw a total of 11 does last Friday on my property.
  3. Man has been hunting for millions of years, It’s a primal instinct passed down by hundreds of generations gone by. That plus it’s better than being home and given projects to do by the wife.
  4. Not the best quality pic but I don’t think that’s a fisher, mink?
  5. Yesterday yes, Today your off limits.
  6. It’s like Christmas Eve and the night before St Patrick’s Day all rolled into one.
  7. Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs and I get to launch an arrow.