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  1. Tampa near Apollo Beach. That was my first jack and yes that was a hell of a fight on light tackle.
  2. He’s definitely Italian, He’s got Roman hands.
  3. As a side note, I was also in the movie Gettysburg. My big scene with Martin Sheen and Tom Berenger. Marching to my death at the wheat field.
  4. It’s a self propelled plow. Damn automation is costing guys jobs everywhere
  5. I admire Lee for his heroism during the war with Mexico, But he was never trained to lead an army. He was an engineer, spent 2 years at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn redesigning the parapets for heavier canons. He became the commanding General by accident and was forced to fight a defensive war because he was always outnumbered. His strategy at Gburg was sound, unfortunately for him the Union army finally promoted competent commanders.
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