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  1. I do but I’m keeping my eye on that hurricane hitting Florida on Wednesday. Depending how it tracks, what’s left of it might be here by the weekend. Hoping it heads out to sea.
  2. Hochul will just release them anyway.
  3. I can relate to that. I’ve had posted signs ripped down, chewed up ( one is on my shelf as a conversation piece) as well as a spackle bucket my father uses to sit on all chewed up and tossed around like a toy.
  4. Magnolia flowers are like crack for these deer
  5. For me yes, for my 2 dachshunds not so much. They turn into T-Rex’s at the sight of deer or turkeys.
  6. Work day today unfortunately, had these 3 shady characters hanging around my front door.
  7. This poor guy had the life, Nassau county no hunting, no coyotes ect until Aunt Mary took him out with her Audi
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