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  1. When stopped by the DEC with a spike in a zone that has AR, My response was He identify’s as a 10ptr.
  2. A spike staring down an 8 ptr. Like Rocky vs Drago.
  3. Have numerous pics of him on the cam and he showed himself at sunset.
  4. Well at least you can get plenty of meat off of her
  5. I was the same way until I put out the trail cam and have 800 pics in 16 days, no joke. Down side is there all at night. Once the rut kicks in they’ll be up and moving around. Put the time in.
  6. Deer are getting smart, they use a disabling device which distorts the camera as they walk by
  7. Would that require 2 doe tags?
  8. My lawn would look nice if I didn’t have so much traffic on it. There’s piles of milk duds all over.
  9. True but the majority of my pics are at night unfortunately
  10. 25 years on this property and he’s the nicest buck yet, god bless AR
  11. Most millennials yesterday
  12. Millennials world wide are walking around like zombies right now. Full fledge panic mode.
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