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  1. I never ended up going there, so I'm not too sure actually.
  2. Hey, did you get any replies through pm? I'm wonder about the same thing too......
  3. Have anyone hunted Hunter west-kill wilderness NY? Might have a trip there as a few friends want to ski near by and I can't ski. Are there any opportunities to bow hunt small game or raccoon/foxes or whatever there? Don't own a firearm so have to hunt with a bow. Any information would be welcome, thank you!
  4. Last Saturday was October 31st, you only need reservation after November 1st. Here's the site with the number you need to call and other information: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/40414.html Hope it helps!
  5. Otis pike, I just parked in the first opening I saw.
  6. Yeah I went. Narrowly missed a deer a Saturday, so there are deer here.
  7. hmmm so these kind of storage places actually exists....are they expensive?
  8. I don't think u can hunt with that in NYS if I recall..
  9. I don't think that's legal actually...its a slingshot right?
  10. Hmmm, are there storage facilities where u can store firearms just over the border in NYS? Is it something people actually do? (Dear FBI agent, I'm just asking out of curiosity don't arrest me)....
  11. Oh well, that NYC for us I guess......
  12. Wow, that's harsh...Thank you. But btw, do you by any chance know any legal hunting device you can own in NYC beside a bow and a croosbow?
  13. Does anyone know what kind of license you need to own a pellet gun in NYC? I heard NYC got different rules to New York state. Anyone here who owns a pellet/BB gun in NYC willing to share some info? Thank you in advance!
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