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  1. greybeard

    deer in Nassau County

    The deer that I referred to as "nearby" in my post was at that exit at 107 and I later saw a photo also
  2. greybeard

    deer in Nassau County

    I've seen them in Cold Spring Harbor and know that they are in Laurel Hollow and Oyster Bay, but never thought they'd go so far south. First light.. My friend, who sent me the photos and updates had the same thoughts about the power lines . When they were first seen he sent me a satellite map and somehow he outlined that power cut that goes into Levittown and how he believed that they got down there. (I have to learn how to pull up a map like that and outline a route) Tonight I was sent another photo of deer , but these were in Wantagh yesterday, or today.. Maybe the same deer ????
  3. greybeard

    deer in Nassau County

    The other day I received a message , with photos of deer spotted in Levittown, and also of another one in another area nearby, but I'm not sure exactly what town it was in(It was near an exit of the parkway).. I got another message today of another sighting , but not sure if it's one of the same deer.Two of the deer were walking down a street not far from Hempstead TPK.. I saw fox in Massapequa, but never heard of deer in that part of Nassau County.
  4. I just returned from Hawaii . I shot a nice billy .

    Good luck on your upcoming hunt and have a great vacation .


    1. BigGuyNY



    2. greybeard


      thanks..( I just saw this message(July 15))

  5. greybeard

    anyone hunt in Hawaii

    After boar hunting in November the outfitter said that since I had taken a few boars with them maybe I would consider a goat hunt in May . I had hunted goats at Parker Ranch, but not with Nahele so I said that I would. On the morning of the hunt, when we reached the property, I realized I was a little familiar with parts of the land that they hunt and , at times, spotted some really nice goats there and had even taken photos of a herd there a few years ago.....Since my previous posts did not involve this outfitter for goats I thought that I'd add it. The terrain is similar to where I had goat hunted before, which is open land with hills , ruts, and rocks so I always use a walking stick, and wear good hiking boots(and wear sunscreen).. It was cool in the morning, but got hot pretty fast and we had very little wind. We took a stand on a hill and after a short while we spotted goats in large herds in the distance. Some heading in our general direction. We didn't actually count the # of goats, but there were easily over 100 of them . There were some really nice billies. Some had horns that swept backwards which they refer to as "Hawaiian Ibex", and some had wide horns ,( those goats with WIDE horns are sometimes referred to as "Helicopter billies".) They are the same species, but just have different horn shapes. I wanted a goat with a wider spread so when an opportunity came for an "Ibex" I passed it up. Most were passing us at distance that I was not comfortable with to shoot so we discussed stalking and planned out a route to take. However , before we moved a herd came to within 200 yards and I picked out a billy, at 168 yds. and took him with a .257 Roberts. We butchered the meat, which gets donated , and I'm thinking of a horn mount rather than another Euro mount. Hawaii Island(The Big Island ) has wild cattle and I'm thinking of hunting a Vancouver Bull in the fall, if not I would redo a goat hunt. I attached a photo of the goat, but for some reason it posted upside down, but it gives an idea of his looks.
  6. greybeard

    anyone hunt in Hawaii

    BigGuyNY.. I hadn't planned on going back now, but I'll be on the Big Island soon ..I set up a hunt so if you want me to ask the Outfitter anything, let me know by pm...I'll be back there again in the spring so, if you want , you can let me know as your trip gets closer.
  7. greybeard

    anyone hunt in Hawaii

    I just back 2 weeks ago(September) and had another successful boar hunt with Nahele Outfitters. A hurricane was due to hit the Big Island on the day of the hunt, but it was downgraded to a tropical storm and then it missed us, but it whacked Maui and I think Oahu too... So I had good weather for my hunt. I'm considering "revisiting" goat hunting in the spring. I'm not sure what hunting info that you are looking for, but am happy to help if I can.. I think it'd be best to pm me for the info, because I'm not on this site too much and if you pm me I'll get a message in my email and respond to you..
  8. greybeard

    Who Remembers This Actor??

    Matt Dillon.. It's on cable every day in the afternoon.
  9. greybeard

    anyone hunt in Hawaii

    I just returned to NY from Hawaii. I experienced my first earthquakes(2) while I was there...The volcano was really active too.. I saw quite a few turkeys(not in season) and boars and shot a boar. It rained really hard during the boar hunt and at times visibility was tough. I'll be going back soon, but I think my hunts will only be for boars so unless I learn anything new about hunting there I'll end this post
  10. greybeard

    So I’m putting in my papers

    congrats.. enjoy every minute..Best of luck and happiness I am fully retired for 20 years this year and I love it !!
  11. Do you think that Insurance companies will ever not cover firearms, or related issues, or charge more for homeowner's insurance to gun owners l. Some companies don't cover bites from some breeds of dogs ?
  12. greybeard

    Soth shore Long Islad surf

    Thanks Shawn.. You too ...
  13. Years back,for some reasons that I now don't remember I looked into some history on gun control in our early days. As I recall gun control was here from even before the constitution, and when it was written.. Native Americans, slaves, indentured servants, Catholics and I think also those who wouldn't support loyalty to the revolutioncould not own firearms. I've discussed it since then and do remember some things, but you can double check my facts. As far as local laws.. Tombstone, Dodge City and a few others had local restrictions about carrying guns. So the Sullivan Act, the Safe Act and other local restrictions and laws are nothing new. So the 2nd amendment is not as broad as one might think. I know that an argument is that things were different so slaves and native Americans, in particular, were considered different, but that's the point.. Things were different ..
  14. greybeard

    Gun Laws

    no.. I think regulations are necessary..Like land 1 posted there are too many "whack jobs". Doc, I'm sure that you remember that we used to be able to buy an army surplus m1 carbine for $60 and under and It came with a 15 shot clip and could get a banana clip mail order if you wanted one. Most hunter's that I knew weren't interested in it because it wasn't good for anything that we hunted, but some bought them. Things were very different then and I never remember a mass shooting. Maybe there's just too much hate and intolerance now.
  15. I've traveled a bit and had thought about moving, but after checking things out have always decided that Long Island is perfect for my lifestyle. The taxes may be a little high, but I find that the quality of life, FOR ME, is better here. The gun laws here have no effect on me.