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  1. For the past 2 days when I log on this site I get an ad for "Smutstone". I get out of it and don't read it, but it APPEARS to be a game with cartoon porn . I don't get the ad anywhere else.
  2. As I wrote previously, the meat from the game that I shot with Nahele Outfitters had been donated. Tonight, I was advised by them that 70 lbs. of meat from the bull that I shot was donated to feed the hungry. It made my Thanksgiving weekend a happy one.
  3. Sounds like a cool business. An iguana would make a great mount. That reminds me that years back I was given a pretty big dead lizard , which I mounted. I thought that it came out pretty good and guess my old coon hound thought so too because she chewed up and even ate a bit of it. I figured that it'd kill the old girl, but she didn't even get sick.
  4. A year, or so ago I read about iguana hunting with airguns in Puerto Rico. Looked like fun
  5. I forgot to mention that after I skinned the rattler I found 2 whole animals inside his stomach and some mouse remains. I think that I misidentified the small mammals at the time and now believe that they were both red squirrels. I couldn't wait to tell people down here, where I worked, about my great " manly" hunt. However, when I was telling my story a woman that I worked with asked why I had to shoot it. She said when she was a young girl she killed them with a broom... so much for my story and my young man's ego. I waited too long to salt the skin and left it in my car and when I eventually got home it stunk so bad that I had to throw it away. I kept the rattle, but have no idea where I put it. By he way, bbq rattler did not taste like chicken !
  6. In the late 60's it was legal to shoot timber rattlers and there was a $5.00 bounty on them in Warren County, but the bounty was only paid to residents who lived there. At that time they called Tongue Mountain the Rattlesnake Capitol of New York. In July of '69 I almost stepped on one on that mtn. and shot it. It was about 5'3" long. Shortly thereafter someone I know went up there to hunt for them and shot one also. There was even a guide that offered rattlesnake hunts. A law enforcement officer up there told me that they were around Bolton Landing also and told me a couple of stories. I have not been up that way in years, but I assume that there are still a number of them up there.
  7. If you are going to hunt the coop, or other DEC lands on LI . you will need to get the management access permit & check off the box for night hunting. I haven’t night hunted there in many years so I’m not sure of the rules. I’d call the DEC and ask about it before you do. i coon hunted there, but I had coon hounds so the hunting that you want to do is substantially different . I have never called in a coon . I have squalled them down after they were treed, or. had them expose themselves for a shot . Hunters have called them in , but I never could. I called in lots of red fox, but no coons . I can’t help you with fox spots because most of my old spots won’t allow you access . I don’t shoot foxes, I just have called them in & photographed them , or just observed them. I’m not opposed to shooting them, I just never shot one. (they fascinate me) I used many different mouth calls except for a couple of times in the Adirondacks and called in gray fox with a taped call. I may not be able to help you, but you can pm me if you think I can. I am currently not in NY and may not get back to you right away, but I will when I get back(I’m doing this on a phone & am new at this Cell phone stuff & I have a computer in NY that I know how to use better) good luck
  8. Vancouver Bull steak & potatoes. The Bull was from the tropical rainforests on Mauna Loa , Hawaii
  9. Tonight I am going to roast , or bbq a Vancouver Bull fillet . I just seasoned it with salt, pepper, and garlic(olive) oil.
  10. I hunted with Nahele for Vancouver bulls this morning. We saw bulls, cows, boar, turkeys and some mouflons with one having great horns. We heard bulls and tried to stalk a few different bulls but couldn’t get close for a shot . Around 11 am We stalked close enough to get a good shot into this bull with the 300 Winchester Magnum It was a fun hunt, and we covered a lot of ground
  11. Where the Red Fern Grows Hound Dog Man..I especially liked the song by Fabian.
  12. I haven't coon hunted in decades, but a couple of magazines had reports from local coon hunting clubs including some in New York. If the magazines are still published maybe you'd find a local club. I remember Full Cry magazine and American Cooner magazine.
  13. I hope that you get to go..... There are a lot of turkeys in some areas where I have hunted and I've had that dream too. Unfortunately I am not usually in Hawaii during the turkey season.
  14. The deer that I referred to as "nearby" in my post was at that exit at 107 and I later saw a photo also
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