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  1. My daughter went as you for Halloween Cynthia!! She fell down while trick-or-treat treating . Hope everything is improving for you.
    Omg you hurt me so bad I was laughing so hard my chest is killing me . I hope she is OK.

    Now.the hard part is convincing my husband that I can go hunting again that it was just a stupid mistake on my part for using the short leash .

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  2. This pain sucks . Tried to get the doctor to give me 4 weeks off work he said no 3 days .lol. Mr bill I want to thank you for being there and trying to help me . I am told I am very stubborn. Thank you for trying to take me to the hospital. You are the best . Cooper likes you so much . We will have to go out Saturday or Sunday. e2e1c4635f2406df71cd4c167bfe750e.jpg


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  3. Well Mr bill and I didn't get out . We meet in the parking lot but Cooper saw Mr bill and ran towards him . I know I should of let go of the leash but with car coming in I was afraid of him getting hit ot jumping up on mr.bill. so I took a hard face plant . 8 stitches and looking like hell. Can you say ouch 6b9ead960ba99b0a0d38e6ddd0efe7b9.jpg

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  4. Mr. Bill and I were out pheasant hunting had an awesome time . Took Cooper. He did great he treed a pheasant. ( I didn't know they would land in a tree) but I shot and missed lol we did get a Hen. Cooper did good he will catch on by the end of the season . He is putting 2 and 2 together . Not he had his treat and Bath and a massage and is sleeping 615d087b7e05aac9c53a79a10937282d.jpga5ebd85b02b474a03db34c847543ec1d.jpgc6933f705f3e5cb83e0dac8d5146a38d.jpg252a7bbfcb22a8f861061b5780d557e6.jpg

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  5. Sitting parking lot waiting for Mr bill . Can't wait . Hoping I can walk and not fall down . This will be my test to see it I can get out during hunting season . Doubt I can drag one out but I will have to have someone with me anyway as a just in case my legs don't want to get me up.

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  6. Atta girl ! Glad to see you back , feeling better and on the mend !  Also tipping my hat off to Chef for figuring out the way for you to get here !
    Now lets see if we can somehow figure out whats going on with your home computer .Was there some kind of computer upgrade that might have something to do with it ? Have you tried loging in from a different computer ?  This will show us if the problem is with the site or your personal comp . What kind of comp do you have like Apple or an HP ? What program do you use like Windows 8.1 , 10 , 11 , or something else ? 
    Was always my phone . Logging on with . And I had everything saved . Everything matched . So not sure what happen . Even The email is same . Then I tried a new email with a new name . Nothing

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  7. Seams like the only way I can get in now. Still not the other way. I never changed my password or name or email so I don't know why I can't get in that way . Tried everything and the saved password is the same as what's in my password book . So don't know why it won't work . Oh well this works . Update is I am still swollen in face and neck . I had an allergic reaction to my new heart meds . ( 5 one ) . It broke down my leg muscles and my face and neck swelt up bad . I looked like a chipmunk with Peanuts in its cheeks . Swelt to where I could see to good . Has gone down alot . Therapy on legs they are getting better . I am back to work . I still need help getting up if I sit on floor or kneel down . I am going to go get my license and go hunt for turkeys with Bill Saturday. So I'll see how I will do . But hubby says no going alone doctor say no hunting at all. But wants me to exercise my legs . Sounds the same to me hunting and exercise.
    I want to thank you all for the well wishes . Means alot to me .

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  8. Well good news  .it is not canceror a mass in my chest up  but I do have a cyst on my thyroid.  They still need to do some other tests . To find out why I drop 40 pounds in 2.months and still having muscles breaking down in my legs  And I still have to have my body from my stomach  down checked .  So far hunting season is not looking good for me this year . 

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