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  1. Oh this.is not good . I want to be out there so badddddd
  2. You guys and gals rock . But I have to take care of my health . If I feel I can get out there you are all the first ones I will call . But I didn't get in any practice and my father would roll over in his grave if I went out with out practicing . That you all .
  3. Ok maybe I am reading this wrong but now we have to lock up our guns in our cars ? Do they think that is how the criminals are getting them from us hunters leaving them in our cars ?
  4. Well good news .it is not canceror a mass in my chest up but I do have a cyst on my thyroid. They still need to do some other tests . To find out why I drop 40 pounds in 2.months and still having muscles breaking down in my legs And I still have to have my body from my stomach down checked . So far hunting season is not looking good for me this year .
  5. Ok just waiting for results. Go to doctor on Friday will know more then
  6. More tests done . Hoping for good news. And not. Bad
  7. Thank you all . I will know more after much blood work and tests that are being run .
  8. I am hoping to be able to go . Not having a good time right now . Having a hard time walking . I'll know more in a few weeks . Pray for me all.
  9. https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0h41jLWV?s=a99&pd=060qVfLb
  10. They are listed on the endangered list too
  11. Just read up on them . Thanks for the heads up grampy
  12. Never heard of that one . I have seen 3 copperheads in all my years of hiking and hunting and I have only seen 2 timbers and they were up at lake placid .
  13. We have 2 in New York. Copper head and timber rattler
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