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  1. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    No I released them . I release everything I catch.
  2. Anchorage Alaska

    Have a wonderful time enjoy
  3. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    My grandsons and I made some carp bait took it to the Hudson and caught some great catfish
  4. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Nice fish guys.we went out a couple of days but no trout . Hit a couple of small ponds .just to see what was out there hubby hooked a nice bass . It was released .
  5. 2018 Shed Thread

    Well didn't win off to go find a shed good luck all . Is it me or is the shed hunting post slow this year
  6. Show me Your dogs

    Maxwell rescue from North shore animal shelter . Best mutt every .
  7. Happy Birthday Gunner (New Member)

    Happy birthday
  8. Happy Birthday Biz

    Happy birthday biz
  9. 2018 Shed Thread

    You are my favorite now lolol you will love the land
  10. 2018 Shed Thread

    Getting out there this weekend hoping to find something else . Unless I win the mega millions tonight . That would be awesome .the property down the road just went up for sale 91 Acres on one side of the road and 85 on the other side
  11. 2018 Shed Thread

    Woohoo nephew found a stinky dead head
  12. 2018 Shed Thread

    Going out tomorrow before the snow again hoping to find something. Will have the dog and another pair of eyes so I hope to find something . Doesn't look like to many being found.
  13. 2018 Shed Thread

  14. 2018 Shed Thread

    I had to get a tag for my dead head I am in Ulster county ny
  15. 2018 Shed Thread

    Went out yesterday walked 6 Miles looking nothing . tomorrow going out again hopefully I find something