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  1. Cooper had his appointment today . 22 pounds and all legs .lolol. thats ruby my.meth lab she is 2 and weighing in at 52 pounds
  2. I dont like that man . He is creepy . That day he went by us with his wife /daughter .he is not a nice man . But if it the other turkey hunter dude I like him . He took that picture with us . And was happy I got my first turkey over there .
  3. I use stick rice balls with coco or corn mixes in it
  4. Wow thats alot of tickets that need to.be sold . I am in but have to see if hubby wants in or my brother .I'll message you
  5. Look at my new cup my neice made me
  6. No bill this year together
  7. We were out scouting yesterday we will be out opening day our goal is a double lolol.
  8. Friend me on Facebook and ill invite you to it . It is a private group . I have 2 of them . Both are sportsmen and have lots of hunting stuff
  9. Happy Easter all . Did a nice hike with Bill. Now shooting my bow . I am going to figure this out
  10. Your welcome you hunt more then me for turkeys so I had to give it to you . Can't wait for may 1
  11. Yes thats the one I got
  12. My brother in law did it too. Still fresh in my mind his last day here . Laughing and joking no one even thought that he would ever of done it I still don't believe it.something snapped in his head and he just did it
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