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  1. Sat out there in the woods for about 3 hours didnt care if I saw anything . I most likely would not of even shot at anything . Just needed that time . Thank you all for the kind words . And if the hunters are on here that found my brother in law . I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. They could of just walked away and never said anything but they didnt .
  2. Hope to get put of work and get me some woods time . I need it . Bad week so far for me my car broke down 700 to fix it I don't have . My husband's brother in law was found dead in woods on Saturday and my brothers wife just went on hospice. Not a good year for me . Need me some time in the woods
  3. I had a blonde moment the first time I did it I was like how am I going to have time to pull it off the guys were like just shoot thur it. I was like duh . Lolol
  4. We cut a finger off a rubber glove and put over the barrel . You can shoot with it on it is awesome
  5. Good luck tomorrow I hope to get out there sometime this week and maybe the weekend. We will see .
  6. Mr. Bo jinglea and miss bo peeps . My main coon mixes.
  7. Well got skunked . I was on the outside of all the fun. They did a big drive and the parking spot next to me had 6 guys . And they did a good job of not letting any deer come over to me .:( oh well muzzleloader still so I still have time to get it done. But it's not looking good.
  8. One had to work the other has a disabled wife and they don't have an aid to take care of her on sunday.
  9. Going out tomorrow . Sighted in my muzzleloader today not bad .now if I can just sit and get a deer for me .
  10. No a young guy 27 in great shape pulled and gutted it by himself .