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  1. So I had a dream I won the lottery. But in my dream I could not decide where I wanted to live . I wanted a house on the boarder of the northern zone and southern zone of New York. But I also wanted a home in Iowa near my daughter and big bucks but then I thought Ohio too. So my question is where would you move to if you won the lottery?
  2. Looks like a Post card . Love this picture
  3. That is so cool . My daughter lovessss rocks she collects all kinds . She always ask me what do you think this is ? Now I can say hold on i will ask lolol
  4. I use a flashlight but keep my fingers over most of the light.
  5. Anyone want to go pheasants hunting or Squirrel or just a long walk. Saturday ?
  6. The next day . All day.
  7. I didnt think he got it from shot but he didn't get it in time to not catch it
  8. I get massive headaches from taking melatonin
  9. My neighbor got the shot 1week ago . Started feeling sick on Friday last week and got the test . It came back positive for covid 4 days ago