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  1. I pick them up all the time
  2. You should see the race track he has made around my sheds. Looks like motor cross track
  3. We have a fenced in yard but he jumps it like it is nothing . He stands on the fence and grabs tree limbs and hangs off them . He plays by himself .if I play with him it last 2 throws of the duck and then he is off racing around or playing in his pool . Can not keep his attention for 5 minutes
  4. He is in classes but as soon as he leaves there he turns in to an ass .
  5. This bottom picture I caught him sneaking up on the poor 10 year old cat
  6. We walk 3 times a day . I run him 1 time a day because my fat ass doesn't run well. And he has made a race track around my 2 sheds already. Looks like someone has been racing around them with a motor bike
  7. So first not sure if Cooper is a gsp . He looks alot like one . But what an ass. He is so dumb but yet smart at the same time. He goes to classes but as soon as someone shows up all training is gone. Like he has never heard sit or no or your going to get punched in the head.. this dog of mine is crazy . If you are walking away from him he will jump on you from behind. He has destroy everything out side in the yard . He has gone over the 5 foot fence like it is not even there and brought back flower pots shovels outside lights . Kill my husband's number 1 plant hubby was.not happy . Has
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