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  1. cynthiafu

    OK-- Name Changes-- Who Has The Record?

    I am here tore my muscle in my foot so I have been keeping busy at home. I didn't even get to go hunting .
  2. cynthiafu


    Now I am all itchy . Feel like something is crawling on me
  3. cynthiafu

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    I would die if I saw one half that size in the woods . I am use to seeing ( not getting) 6 and 8 pointers sometimes a ten . But wholy hell I shake seeing those . I would go into convulsions if I saw anything bigger.
  4. cynthiafu

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    Lol Lol we will see
  5. cynthiafu

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    Yes hmmm I will have to see if I can get the weekend off. I try to save my days for hunting season
  6. cynthiafu

    Happy birthday Dom !

    Happy birthday
  7. cynthiafu

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    How far away am I I may have an over night trip to make it . What happen to the casino meet up?
  8. cynthiafu

    Ugh 3 more weeks of this.

    Thank you all . Doing what I have to do to get better.
  9. cynthiafu

    First piebald

    I shot one 2 years ago
  10. cynthiafu

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    Biz I wish I knew I would of went with you instead of sitting around the house but now I have to go back to work .
  11. cynthiafu

    Ugh 3 more weeks of this.

    Ugh 3 more weeks of this thing . I am going to go crazy . I want to go hunting and hiking . :(.... I ripped my plantar fascia. As long as I don't need surgery I guess it will be ok
  12. cynthiafu

    Did anyone know this person ?

    He was from Brooklyn.
  13. cynthiafu

    Tough Decision

    It is a hard thing to do . I had to do it to just last month and it hurts still but we are looking for another not to replace her but to help heal our hearts .
  14. Village of Montgomery Orange County Wilderness Search: On May 9, Central Dispatch received a call from the daughter of a 52-year-old man from Brooklyn who had gone hunting in Stewart State Forest and had not been heard from since 10 a.m. The hunter's vehicle was located at a trailhead. At 11:56 p.m., Forest Ranger Lt. Ken Gierloff reported that the hunter had been located deceased. New York State Police (NYSP) and DEC Environmental Conservation Police Officers (ECOs) assisted Rangers with the recovery. NYSP is continuing the investigation.
  15. cynthiafu

    Antlers growing?

    Saw my first fawn yesterday driving to work . Tiny little fella trying to cross the road with mom