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  1. Trying to talk hubby in buying us a house up the road with more property. 219000 sure wish we could do it. But not right now
  2. I am not supposed to have any chickens but I keep my neighbors happy with eggs. So no rooster is a good thing . I have had them for 3 years now and I want to keep them.
  3. If it does it will have to find a new home . I cant have roosters . So it will go to crappys house.
  4. Unless it is a girl then it is ice lol my daughter thought it would be funny
  5. It is on Facebook . Find me and I can invite you on the page . Group name is Outdoors Hang-OUT. If you cant get in friend me cynthia lee McCue furman and I'll send you and invite to the group . He puts up lots of stuff . Ammo deer blinds range finders . It is really great.
  6. Doing great . Daughter is playing with them . The dogs stand there and watch them . Lol
  7. Here is better pictures. They are the furman 5.
  8. Yes I got another crossbow . Will be here next week along with a target . I am keeping this one for me .
  9. Well they whole gang is here . And it reminds me of sesame street. One of these just doesnt belong lolol
  10. That's cat food or a dog food can lolol
  11. Do you have a rooster ? I would love more eggs lolol shhhhh don't tell hubby
  12. Crappy has hatched . Daughter says crappy if it is a boy and ice if it is a girl