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  1. cynthiafu

    The Closet

    Get him paula He is the one woohoo .
  2. cynthiafu

    Happy birthday SmokinTN !

    Happy birthday
  3. I will be out tomorrow and Sunday sitting next to that swamp ugh I am determined to get that buck or at least see him again.
  4. Not out today hubby is sick have to take him to doctors .
  5. Went out to sat nearthat swamp hoping the buck or his girls would come out to play but nope . Maybe this weekend.
  6. cynthiafu

    Early Christmas present!!!!

    Grandkids are the best. Love my two . My grandson wants to come hunting with me all the time but he is still to little yet.
  7. cynthiafu

    Happy birthday Gencountyzeek !

    Happy birthday
  8. cynthiafu

    Early Christmas present!!!!

  9. cynthiafu

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    Yeah they put the back legs in them and then push the sheep towards the cliff lolololoo
  10. cynthiafu

    Go Fund Me Started.............

    Was told that is why they were boots big so the can put the sheep's back legs in the boots
  11. cynthiafu

    Be careful out there

    I went in to a new spot one time and sat along a rock wall . Never looked up . My brother in law came over and said are you looking for a death wish . I was like what and he said look up . When I looked up I was so scared . There was a broken tree dangling in the trees above me .it was just dangling if it was windy that day I can't even imagine
  12. Woo hoo she will be signing them over to me hehehe
  13. Well regular season is over no buck again but I did fill my doe tags . Feeling kind of blue but then I think about tomorrow and I get happy again it's muzzleloader season woohoo . Good luck all . Can you use your doe tags in muzzleloader season ? My sister never filled hers can I during muzzleloader?
  14. I am up and getting ready to go out the door