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  1. So today is lockdown . I am down to one egg fingers crossed that it hatches within the next 3 days. 4 eggs didn't develop. Lost power for 6 hours one day . Humidity spiked .temperature dropped . Odds are not in this little eggs favor. But was still kicking and moving when put into lock down so say a pray all
  2. Well I don't know about you but I don't wear deer pics on my mask in the woods lolol
  3. Wow they look like 2 big ones . Antlers are still growing . I think by next month you will know how big they will be . Nice looking . I can't tell age
  4. took our little meth lab to the pond . She lays in the swimming pool we got her so we wanted to see if she would go swimming I ng . And yup she does . The other doesn't want anything to do with swimming
  5. I would say getting ready to shed skin .
  6. Happy birthday and congratulations . Hello Oliver