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  1. spots in 3M?

    Stewart is a waste land nothing even moving there anymore sure not like it use to be
  2. Rut Report 2017

    Saw a 4pt this morning chasing a doe at the end of the driveway .she wanted nothing to do with him kept running then stopping when he got close she would run off again .I am in 3 m
  3. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Nice buck . Wtg
  4. Max got a bird

    Been busy my husband has been real sick . Thank you now I need a recipe.
  5. Well lookie, lookie WNY Bowhunter has a birthday

    Happy birthday
  6. Max got a bird

    Max has got his first Bird .well he has been flushing them but my shooter was not ready for them . Today he flushed the first one and we got it woo hoo. But he still will not pick it up . He sits next to it .lol and I have to find him.
  7. We all float down here

    Lol saw this it is safe now
  8. So max is getting pretty smart

    Guess not but it is him delivering a bottle of water to one of the kids .he also helps with laundry he will put it in the washer machine. He is a smart cookie
  9. Woodchuck?

    My neighbor put a have a heart trap out and has caught 9 woodchucks so far .
  10. Fletch has a birthday

    Happy birthday
  11. He is doing good at birds and he is just the smartest little doggie VID_20170621_154046019.mp4
  12. Mushroom hunting

    Do these grow everywhere in new York??? I am in Ulster county orange county do they grow here??
  13. First visitor to the duck house

    I have geese and ducks with babies . So I may not have any visitors this year .may have to wait. Till next year
  14. First visitor to the duck house

    Is it to late for ducks now???
  15. First visitor to the duck house

    Not sure it is looking like a bluebird or sparrow not enough light in box