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  1. 2nd is our neighborhood skunk she is mostly white just has a little bit of black on her . This year she had 4 babies that look like her and 2 that look normal like the dad
  2. Someone trying to get my chickens going to have to put a stop to this
  3. They call those 2 weeks blackouts so noone can take off but I have been with them for15 years now and I have always had those weeks off
  4. I do the same thing you do bill I unload trucks but for target. We have new management so they don't know that I take the same weeks off every year . Plus hunting season runs with our black friday work load so . I have to keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Feel blahs they keep adding me on schedule so now no Turkey opener for me . I hope they don't take my hunting weeks away.
  6. Wow he should be careful. I almost got a ticket for having my nephew kick thur the brush for me one year . The officer said if they don't have a license that they can not do anything but watch . I was like what if he is walking with me and kicks one up the officer said it is up to the officer who caught you . That's why I go max.
  7. Good luck all !!!! I am helping a friend in dutchess county today clean out a hoaders house . Oh boy the fun . Hope to see this light up today with I got ones .