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  1. cynthiafu

    Life expectancy

    Fingers crossed here . Hope to see my youngest married .
  2. cynthiafu

    Reelin For A Cure 2019

    Wtg I am a day late but I sent it .
  3. cynthiafu

    Stateland hunters

    I have hunted state land all my life . I grew up playing on the land and camping there as a teenager . So I put alot of foot work in it but it changes every year . Never stays the same . What worked for you one year may not work the following year. Last year I found deer bedding in the oddest spots . One was on a point of an island under very little cover . Never seen a deer out there in my 40 years of hunting . That day he was and scared the pee out of me when he bolted out of it . Never go a shot in because I never figured he would be there. I use that island to watch the other side because they walk along the Waters edge . Whole year not a one walked on that edge . Buy my little island was loaded with poop and prints . To me nothing can tell you where they are they are just going to be where they want to be.
  4. Speedy recovery . I would send strength but she is a tough cookie it sounds like she is good on that part .
  5. cynthiafu

    Top 10 BEST Pheasant Hunting Dogs.

    Yes . My foot is all better now . But 2019 has not been good to me so .next year I am hoping for a better year.
  6. cynthiafu

    Top 10 BEST Pheasant Hunting Dogs.

    Love hunting with my mutt
  7. cynthiafu

    Baby Biz

    Congratulations . Now you in for some fun.
  8. cynthiafu

    How many Hunt alone ?

    This year I will be hunting alone . Fir I lost both of my hunting partners . One passed away and the other does not want to touch or see another gun . I sure will miss them both very much . I do go alot by myself but I would call them or text them while I was out there going to be hard this year.
  9. cynthiafu

    Reptile and amphibians

    Awesome .when I was.little I would bring home spotted salamanders all the time . My dad would let them go when I fell asleep . Just like anything I brought home lol . My mom hated me. She likes to tell the stories of putting my clothes away and never knowing what she would find lol . I would bring home worms , rabbits , frogs, turtles , snakes ,fawns,raccoons,kittens ,fish, tadpoles, even had a puppy in my closet for 3 days before they found it . Lol
  10. Private land ? What's that. I could only wish.
  11. Peanut butter and fluff . Cucumber and tuna fish sandwich no bread ( cut cucumber in half spread tuna on it) Love love fresh tomatoes on sandwich mayo Knew a guy who put ketchup in his coffee . I don't drink coffee so never tried it
  12. cynthiafu

    On vacation

    We drove by going to whiteface mountain . No cars in lot it look empty to me.
  13. cynthiafu

    On vacation

    We did great escape had fun . Oh hell I did too. Today is relaxing day lol oh hell who am I kidding these kids will be wanting to do something lol
  14. cynthiafu

    On vacation

    Caught a nice fish tonight thank you to Grandpa for watching the kids so I could get out there.
  15. cynthiafu

    On vacation

    Sad that the North Pole is gone . We stayed at Long pond this year was the only place I could get 3 cabins . I grew up going to Lincoln pond . I miss it there we rented a house there a couple of times. I think Blake lake is my favorite so far.