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  1. cynthiafu

    Tractor supply chicken...

    OMG I want it
  2. cynthiafu

    Good Luck to all the Youth Hunters Tomorrow

    Wish I could be considered a youth being a first time turkey hunter lol
  3. Yeah I saw a black snake Sunday and when I stepped towards him he rattled his tail like a rattler but he was not . I didn't bother him.
  4. cynthiafu

    Can dog surgery be very expensive?

    Yes that is why you see homeless people with their dogs. Any of us and alot of us would pay anything to save a family member
  5. cynthiafu

    Sad but nice day

    Beautiful . Carry that love with you always . Sorry for your lost.
  6. cynthiafu

    It's My Fish!!!

    I love this video
  7. He was awesome taught me some turkey hunting stuff and I taught him some stuff about snakes and deer
  8. Had a great time . we both walk 7 miles today. I think I am going to start turkey hunting . It will be fun and more time in the woods and maybe another vacation week lolol
  9. cynthiafu

    Fishing tomorrow

    I have to say I never fished for trout . One day. In a stream anyway . Lake trout I have but not stream trout
  10. cynthiafu

    Lost my dog today

    Thanks everyone it was a rough day yesterday . With her passing my heart broke then it broke again when I had to tell the children I take care of and then yet again after my 14 year old daughter came home that her best friend of 12 years has gone . See my daughter's heart break is the worst but mine was broken alot that day.
  11. cynthiafu

    Lost my dog today

    My old girl went over the rainbow bridge today. 12 years. What a great dog.
  12. cynthiafu

    Black Bear/ Coyote Den??

    They were my favorite
  13. cynthiafu

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Hey that's my fishing spot
  14. cynthiafu

    Keeping ducks, someone please talk me out of it

    Ducks are messy and smelly we hatched our own and it was great after 8 weeks of them in the house because they need heat till all the feathers come in . The can't just drink the water they have to see if they can get every pine chip wet. Peep all night long because you have a heat lamp on them so they don't sleep. Oh and when they go outside it is not all fun and games either every part of your lawn becomes a mud hole they dig every where.oh you say you'll keep them in a pen . Lol not with kids around . They have good things like they eggs are yummy . Oh and we had a Drake and hen and the Drake was a prick . When he learnt the he was here for the girls no one was safe he bite our ups man lol he said he thought he would be bite by a dog never thought a duck lolol. But my daughter loved them and they loved her.
  15. cynthiafu

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Went out yesterday and today . Just having fun. And caught some fish all put back