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  1. We have a heavy white one here .wish he would dissappear
  2. I found a new spot with an 8 pointer on it hope to knock him down with my first bow shot fingers crossed . Hope the people in the zoo don't mind me hunting there .lolol
  3. I didn't get out this weekend . Had the weekend from hell. Saturday morning 1 am woke up in pain . Hubby came home from work at 2am took me to hospital . Kidney stone didn't get out of hospital till 10 am was so drugged up decided not to go out and then Sunday I slept in pain pills were nice . Finally passed the stone . Damm I don't wish that pain on anyone . Maybe I'll get out tuesday
  4. I think so . They are not finding all of the deer . I have been scouting and can even find poop . I checked a lot of places . Trying a friend's farm this weekend
  5. Oh how I wish this was in my woods . Just saw this on a Facebook page . Look at the width on that deers rack
  6. North Dakota dead toll is in the 10,000's
  7. Well I missed my week 4 pick . Was a long rough weekend . Hunted with Bill on Saturday saw nice buck . Hunt with bow on Sunday saw turkeys . They didn't come in close enough for me to send an arrow . Had to leave early for a celebration of life for the neighbor who passed from covid . Well let me tell you that was the best and most fun I have ever had at a funeral . They had lots of food and cake a small service . After the service man left the family said some words and brought out a pot of pot . She was a blazer and they had everyone roll their own joint and the smoked it for her . Well I didn't smoke mine I gave it to hubby and took a hit off his . But I tell you I was so high . 40 people smoking around you . I think I slept the best sleep I have ever had that night . I was out by 730. So I missed my 4 week pick . Today I went out and saw nothing again . Sat at a pinch point around swamp corner and field. Always this weekend . Or I can try to get out after. Work tomorrow and Thursday and Friday.
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