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  1. I just heard 300 in dutchess county
  2. Wish I could up load the video .
  3. So a friend sent me a video of a rabbit in rock tavern . Starting to wonder if it is just whitetail. Head is shaking wobbly spinning in circles . The person was boxing up for the dec
  4. So sad. Dec coming to end its suffering
  5. My husband goes in for his 2nd one on Oct 7 .
  6. the only way for the to save stewart forest is to stop all deer hunting for 2 or 3 years i don't see them doing that. As it is it is over hunted now . I have hunted there all my life and every year fewer and fewer deer . I am worried if they don't close it they will wipe out alot more deer . And it won't ever be the same .
  7. That qas his shirt over his shoulder
  8. Yes 2020 I will stay up on new years just to make sure it is out of here
  9. Yes Matt has been reporting his finds. I reported . And they are sending someone out to pick up the ones we found or test them . And look for the 2 dying ones
  10. Not looking forward to hunting season now.
  11. I just talk to officer John and sent him the info . Matt if you want his number ill send it to you. I sent him a map of the deer we found with pictures .
  12. It was a sad site . I hope they close Stewart for deer hunting . And I am a hunter . But if we found that many in just a short time I can't imagine how many are in or around the bigger swamps. And you can smell them . As your walking around.very very sad . Going to check a couple of other places . Like black Rock and other hunting spots