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  1. That's what doggy day cares are for .
  2. I don't know how many times I have cleaned up people gloves and wipes they leave next to the gut pile . Ugh it is gross
  3. Why you cant take that cute like face.
  4. I'll be out there next week doing some bird hunting . They only gave me 12 hours at work for the week so why not go hunting.
  5. Omg she is beautiful. Give her hugs from me . Kiss your wife on the cheek from me and have crappie kiss you from me . Congratulations
  6. I get it in my email sometimes
  7. I have a mutt . I got from north shore animal rescue . He is great with finding pheasant but refuses to pick them Up. Any dog I think can be trained . My mini schnauzer found birds and ran rabbits . I would go with a lab any day but it is your choice you have to pick your puppy .
  8. Friend said he bought a couple bags of corn and a deer block but when he found out he could get in trouble for feeding the deer he threw it ou th back in the woods . L I'll lol I laughed my ass off at home lololol
  9. I just saw a umarex airsaber gun. What's your thoughts on it?
  10. Woohoo that's one person so far lol
  11. He sleeps under the neighbor's house sometimes . I'll have to poke my head down there and see if he is in there again . The dec have been over here and chased him out a couple of times in the summer .so he may be back
  12. So the bears woke up and tore up the garbage. Thank goodness they didnt bug my chickens
  13. I went looking for some pheasant nothing poor max got stung by a bee .