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  1. I know 4 that are like him us kids learned a lot from him . Lost him to soon in life but learnt a lot while he was here
  2. Ripped the muffler off my pick up LOLOL .but it sounded cool going Thur the water lol. Hubby had it welded back together and told me to stay out of the water lol . Like that is going to happen . Going out tomorrow for some bird hunting .
  3. cynthiafu

    Is losing deer an inevitable occurrence?

    I got a big doe that way . Someone shot at her and hit her she came over to me I saw the blood so she layed down and passed away I waited 2 hours no one came I tagged her and took her
  4. The hole on Lindsay Road is the worst you got to swim across that one
  5. My dad would check our lunch bags to make sure we had our wrappers and napkin in there and if you shot a bullet you better have the empty with you or you were going back in for it .
  6. cynthiafu

    Lots of birthdays today

    Happy birthday !!!!! All
  7. cynthiafu


    My dog max .he is a rescue from North shore animal shelter. He has been a great dog helps me put laundry in the washer, picks up anything I drop ( besides birds) , frtches a water bottle for me and is becoming a pretty good hunting partner
  8. Still with the covers pulled up to my neck lol I just got to get up lolol
  9. cynthiafu

    What kind of Snake is this??

    My chickens eat snakes .they got ahold of a garter snake and tore it up
  10. I shot and cleaned my first pheasant woohoo .
  11. You said not the white ones. I ate a thin grey looking one .
  12. I was out pheasant hunting and found a crawfish in the middle of a feild very strange. No birds yet.