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  1. Looking to purchase a UTV. 2 seater, smaller version, ex: Polaris Ranger, something with a 500-700cc motor. Willing to travel southern NY or along the I-87 corridor, eastern PA, or western CT and NJ. Thanks for looking.
  2. I seem to have enough of handicap without carrying a flintlock. I'll be scouting more, practicing snap shooting with both open sights and a red dot. I'll use what ever works best for me. I would like to acquire a small SxS like a Polaris Ranger.
  3. I would recommend using a meat thermometer and a temp gauge on the grill. It's actually kind of hard to hold one temp for a long time.
  4. I guess this post was useless without a picture.
  5. I've smoked brisket and pork shoulder on the grill and have often wondered about putting a hind quarter on the grill. I harvested a doe for one of the guys that helped build my garage and kept one leg to put my idea to the test. I brined the hind quarter for 24 hours in a water, vinegar and salt mixture and the put a spice rub on it before I put it on the grill early in the morning. I know it's not the traditional way to do it but it seems to work. I put the leg in a large aluminum pan on one end of the girll and lit one of the four burners on the opposite end. I kept the temps around 250
  6. I appreciate all the responses. I'm hunting about 20 miles south of Plattsburgh. Lots of mountains, little sign. This was my first year there so I'm not totally dejected and plan to put the time in this summer and fall to figure things out. Might even put some small plots on a few logging trails.
  7. Long time flatlander hunter who just started hunting the upstate Adirondacks. Gotta admit it was a tough season. Been watching videos of tracking since I really didn't have much luck sitting. Heck, it was NO luck. I don't think I've ever spent that many days in the woods and not seen anything. Anyway, hoping to pick up some pointers here. patm
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