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  1. Really super nice offer and I wish all the best this fall...
  2. Thank You all !! Officially SOCIAL SECURITY age....
  3. I'll let him know; he is out near Watertown in the "fly way" and is an avid hunter. Sadly ,my health won't allow me to field hunt geese as I use to do; it a very goodie intense sport !
  4. The UTV is not for sale and yes, I will throw in the double bowl stainless sink.
  5. For sale in the 12803 zip code area; I wish to sell as a package: asking $ 1750.00 and will sell as first come with cash...well over $ 3,000.00 of gear if purchased separately. All are in good condition ! 26 Goose shell decoys w/ bag 4 layout blinds (1 new in box/2 snow covers) 1 "power flag" goose flag decoy 12 "Bigfoot" full size goose decoys w/2 decoy bags 1 Higdon full body "flapper" goose decoy with hard side case (hand operated) 1 foldable dog blind 1 dog "boat dock" (adjustable) 24 floating mallard decoys with 2 bags (weighted) 18 large dog "bumpers" (Avery) black/white/orange assorted 12 small dog "bumpers (Avery) black/white/orange assorted 1 UTV camo gun case
  6. Well made and some iconic items shared..
  7. I own several shotguns and my "main" use 870 (12 ga.) was made in Illion in the early 80's; it has a great fit and finish from that manufacturing era. Shop around and also ensure that you get a shotgun that correctly fits your body frame. That is an often overlooked fact, we all tend to shop price, brand and fail to realize that this gun will be shouldered in many different seasons and situations...there is also nothing wrong with a nice used shotgun. Happy shopping, it's part of the fun....
  8. I have a Remington 870 in 12ga., most versatile weapon I own in my opinion. Interchangeable barrels, choke tubes and many shot/slug configurations available..easy on a budget and one can add "goodies" as they are able.
  9. Well thank you! Sometimes you can explain it to them clearly; but you just can't understand it for them !
  10. Steve, I honestly enjoy a great debate, I really do, and have fun on this forum when I have time. If you can decipher Babbling Joe Biden in a speech, I hope you can figure this out... If you like I can make a post about traits of ardent Trump supporters; there a lot of material there !! Thank you the activity !!
  11. Responses here has conclusively made my point; thank you !! NOWHERE, in my original post did I say they MAY ALSO apply to "the other side", correct ! You incorrectly ASSUMED that point on your own. It's called jumping to a false conclusion. I'm not exactly sure what "backtracking" you refer to and if one on a public forum has one's sensitive feelings jilted or bruise based upon other's views please by all means they are free to politely respond. I would have hoped the title and opening statement clarified that I was speaking of Biden supporters, and NOT Biden and Trump supporters, as a group.
  12. Point Made from Above steve863 LOL 3 (a) When one deflects the topic back and projects that the other side did it first or for a longer duration. DISCLAIMER : NOWHERE did I say these traits ONLY apply to Biden supporters, only I see them as common traits for Biden supporters on this forum.
  13. Absolutely nothing to do with reading comprehension; ncountry sparked my memory that I missed one yesterday... Absolutely no "double standard" intended or implied by me; my observations could mirror some on both side. However there are many middle of the road Trump people out here that believe he was the lesser of all evils. That evil being the continued political players that surface every few years and Trump was simply a change.
  14. I know this is a couple of days old but I'm speechless by the selfish insensitivity of Joy Baher talking about her vacation plans disrupted...This is the type of individual that is outspoken about politics on national TV...she is a disgrace as a human being..
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