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  1. when do you start getting serious with trailcams?

    The winter conditions are tough where I am, so I put them out about now until January.....
  2. West Canada Creek

    I am looking for information for drift boat access on the West Canada Creek below Trenton Falls with a possible take out point near Poland. Does anyone know if there is access for a drift boat trailer to drop and take out? I would imagine the water level would have to be around 450 cf or better to drift. Any possible help greatly appreciated....
  3. Remember these ?

    I certainly do remember JARTS; they were first manufactured in my home town. They were in business for years until the lawsuits filed against them closed them down.... There was a set at our old camp for years and they were used every summer....
  4. Yukon - Moose for a dream hunt I'd not be interested in Africa hunting
  5. Boreas Ponds Discussion

    Right now there are numerous tracts of land that have been sold to the Adirondack Nature Conservatory and given to the state that are being reclassified and camps have to be removed. I believe most of these were former long term leases from Finch & Pruyn Paper Company..... Macintyre West (Santanoni Club) Gooley Club (Essex chain) Sad..............
  6. New Hunter Intro

    Welcome aboard here and best of luck. My choice is my Kimber in .308 (accurate and ammo availability)
  7. Bear Calling in the Northern Zone

    I'd start scouting in July and August for bear sign, it is really tough in the deep woods unless you can identify travel corridors. A few years back I found an old abandoned farm on state land and the apple trees for whatever reason were full of fruit and the bears were crazy about that. Last year the trees were barren and the choke cherry trees were bearing fruit and they were climbing the trees and stripping the fruit off. I'm in Hamilton County and there is a good sustained population, they are not super big bears but they can be located. I have several trail cam pictures posted on here. To answer you question, I have never used any call but it sound intriguing to try....
  8. Pistol cartridge for Black Bear

    I utilize my retired duty weapon of a Ruger "security six" .357 with a chest holster as my revolver of choice. I have .40, .45 and a 9mm pistols but like the weight of the revolver and choices of ammo available for purchase. There are lots of round choices and even # 4 shot on the market if one chooses. I carry it trapping and fishing with the chest holster and it's never in the way of pack or belt straps and readily available if needed. Just my .02 cents worth.....
  9. Who Remembers This Actor??

    Emergency and Nurse Dixie McCall played by Julie London !!!!!
  10. Who Remembers This Actor??

    Emergency - a definite yes and can still hear the dispatch tone if I think about it Adam 12 - yes Hee Haw - yes and that cutting edge humor for it's time Dallas - never followed that series
  11. Who Remembers This Actor??

    And yes there is no doubt that is James Arness, AKA Marshall Matt Dillon....
  12. Who Remembers This Actor??

    We're aging ourselves here, I remember my parents having company over and I had to sit on the couch and be seen and not heard unless an adult spoke to me... Now they would call it abuse and I'd need a pony or puppy to pet as I was made to feel uncomfortable. Times have changed for sure.... I remember cartoons only on Saturday morning at that was only after my chores were done. My favorite show as a teen was the "Rockford Files"....
  13. Bear Hunt - 2 NY kids missing

    Sad news for sure, summer arrived early as there was a drowning on Lake George last week. A guy went out in a rental kayak and either wasn't wearing or wasn't wearing correctly his PFD and died.... The water temps are still only in the low 50's and one's chance is slim when you enter the water. Be safe and be smart !!!! I drift boat regularly in the Salmon, Delaware and others and it amazes me the number who are on the white water with no PFD in some cold conditions.....
  14. black fly's

    Last weekend they were bad but by Monday they had lessened some what. The woods are dry and that keeps their numbers lower...
  15. Mall Entrance Panhandlers

    All right I tried to follow the action and get some tax free money for coffee. I dressed in a cut off t-shirt, daisy dukes and stood at the end of my driveway with a cardboard sign and tin cup. My sign read "needy old guy, loose change and hugs accepted" No one stopped to donate, but a lot of them must have been trying to impress me by how fast their cars could accelerated away. Really odd that after I went inside I've never seen so many patrol cars on my neighborhood...