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  1. Need some help

    Good luck and I hope you keep at it, maybe listen at dark for yotes and see any birds circling in the am. early. That sucks and we all feel for you.......
  2. Who's Ready ?

    Packed, fueled and ready to go North. Good luck boys and hope you all have a great fall season..I'm full of hope this guys is still hanging around my woods.....
  3. Community advice request.

    The only true result you will get is to seek out his Lieutenant and have them involved with the whole issue. I bet if he was so disrespectful to you it isn't his first issue with that and his supervisor needs to be informed and have faith they will handle it properly. No LE supervisor or administrator can solve problem employees if they are unaware or if it goes undocumented. Reporting and documentation are needed for any disciplinary action against an employee. The public can't expect supervisors to "just know" or "fire him" without the proper steps taken. That all starts by a citizen bringing the complaint to his Lieutenant. Hope this all helps.....sad but we only hear of the few screw ups out there and not the ones who faithfully and diligently do their jobs every day..
  4. leaving life....

    RIP and prayers sent to family and friends...
  5. It should be painful to be stupid

    Same thing happened in South Glens Falls a few years back; some kids took a ride and were injured.
  6. What happened to these members?

    They are not responding because: 1. it was against the advice of their therapists 2. they've entered an intense 90 day forum rehab treatment program and have been not allowed access to the WWW. 3. banned due to terms of their parole or probation Just random thoughts ???? We all miss good old uptown redneck....
  7. Decoy cleaning day

    Your shed looks like my shed... There is no easy way to store full body goose decoys other than a enclosed trailer. Enjoy, some days it's most fulfilling just to wash and sort gear....
  8. S.o.p. For roadkills

    Being retired LE, that's correct advice to get it tagged. I've salvaged dozens over the years and had some families that needed meat and I would call them to come get the deer. I hate seeing them go to waste, even if there mangled let them become yote bait.... Rumor has it there have even been a few in the trunk of patrol cars over the years.
  9. Hunting camp

    OH yea, we had our priorities and I guess your bleeding out wasn't one of them. Camp must have: clean wrapping for gaping flesh wound after making poor decisions while on the roof...
  10. Hunting camp

    OMG...Kelly and I were laughing about that last weekend. A few stitches later after an hour drive and all was well. Camp must have: first aid kit..... (Novocaine and sutures optional)
  11. Hunting camp

    Camp completed..
  12. Hunting camp

    I'm well off the grid and have propane every thing but my "must have" is my propane refrigerator. I use camp all year long and no more lugging Yeti coolers and ice through the woods. The fridge was used and it was like new. Uses about a pound a day of propane and I have two 40 pound tanks I switch off. There long lasting and manageable by myself... Congrats and most of all enjoy !!!!
  13. Who's Ready ?

    Here it comes.....leaves falling, chill in the air, damp smell of leaves and evergreens in the air, wood stove warmth, smoke curling from the chimney and it's almost here !!! Gear sorted and all washed, snow camo packed for late season and truck being packed. Have a great fall and enjoy....
  14. Busted hunting on Staten Island

    That had absolutely nothing to do with any prior post or comment you made. It was a "just imagine" trying to read the penal law, decipher the subsections and make judgement calls all the while you have someone under arrest who is off the hook in your back seat.