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  1. Salmon_Run

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    Well now fellow "big woods" hunters, now that the tears from early December have ceased and the snow has hit hard in my area, how many of us have a severe case of cabin/big woods fever? All my gear is packed away, guns cleaned and know that camp is under the snow blanket deep, I'm ready for signs of spring. I've started my spring trout fly tying and wait... What are you guys doing to survive?
  2. Salmon_Run

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    It''s tough to pattern them unless you scout starting early and often. I enjoy small stream wild brook trout fishing, so I am in the woods a lot in late summer and early fall. I am in the Adk. park and hunt state land predominately. The food sources I scout are an old farm area and some big hills with lots of cover and concealment. Two years ago the apple trees in the area were very productive and the bears were there every day in August and September. I was able to get trail cameras up and identified about 20 different bears from every age group. The following year there was not an apple to be found and the bears hit the choke cherry trees that were full that year. Some years it's beach nuts and you never know what source will be most available. All you can do is identify an area with a good population and scout on foot and with cameras. Best of luck...
  3. My thoughts on politicians are as follows: 1. No more career politicians (serve up to two 4 years terms and back to work) 2. Not allowed any contributions from companies/foreign entities 3. No stipends for "added" duties or responsibilities while in office 4. Strict policy on moral behavior (screw up and out you go!) 5. Be responsible with "our" money and don't spend beyond the budget (I have to balance my check book monthly) 6. Be a responsible neighbor to other countries, but on safe terms (I have no objection to others entering our country, but do so LEGALLY and with safe precautions in place.) 7. Enforce the laws equally and hold people responsible for THEIR ACTIONS, stop holding masses accountable for the actions of but a few. Most Americans are tired of paying for the sins of others!!!
  4. Salmon_Run

    Dealing with mice at hunting camp

    Use caution with any type of toxic antifreeze around dogs, they love the sweet smell; and have been know to ingest the liquid..there are some RV nontoxic brands around and most auto antifreeze is very toxic.
  5. Salmon_Run

    Dealing with mice at hunting camp

    Old style trap with peanut butter.... In three years not a mouse and this fall an explosion of the population. I had to climb all around the exterior and put aluminum over the tiniest of entry points. The only upside is they make good trap bait...I laid in bed one night listening to them climb up the porch, into the ridge pole opening and across the entire ridge pole of camp.... I tried to spray foam in from inside and they chewed that and it was "snowing" inside....
  6. Salmon_Run


    Worm harness for drifting a few inches off the bottom, or trolling slowly after ice out near the surface for trout/salmon.
  7. Salmon_Run

    Need Help Naming Dog

    Stryker (tank)
  8. Salmon_Run


    I always cut off a few inches off the stump just before I place it in the stand and make sure to keep it filled with water so the stump doesn't seal over and I use just plain water...
  9. Salmon_Run

    Snort wheeze .. o my

    This was my teen daughter's first season to carry a rifle and we had a similar encounter and she said after it actually gave her the chills. It was so loud and unmistakable that I'm sure it will be in her hunting stories for years to come.
  10. Salmon_Run

    Patching LaCrosse boots question

    Scuff the area up lightly with some fine sand paper before you patch and it may adhere better...
  11. Salmon_Run

    What would an off-grid cabin like this cost?

    We built ours in the Adirondack Park, check any local/state reg's closely before building or buying any land. We have 8 acres that adjoins state land and opted for a hard build rather than a camper as moisture is a real issue in sub freezing weather inside a propane heated camper. I have basic building skills and as a family we did all the work ourselves with three pre-teen's and only hired local help with the roofing for a day. It took us less than 40 days of actual work to have it completed and we can upgrade as the future allows (additional storage/toilet). We utilize an outhouse and have no running water currently. We have a high water table on the land and hope to put a battery pump inside a dug well for a toilet/septic and shower installed in a small addition at some point. But for now we obtain fresh potable water from a local spring using covered 5 gallon pails with the UTV as transportation on a semi-daily basis. We have propane lights, propane fridge and run off a 100 lb. bulk tank year around, we heat with a wood stove and are currently not insulated. The building is 12 x 24 with a 4' wall upstairs and a steep roof for added head room and snow shedding ability. We have a small Honda generator for things like battery charging and very rarely a window fan at night in the summer. I designed the camp myself, ordered the lumber and carried windows and supplies in as we built. It really became a "labor of love" and after hard work and lots of "camp candy" (Tylenol) we got it done and enjoy it greatly. Good luck and it's great you are planning now and buy/build once... Cost: land $ 25,000.00 Camp $ 16,000.00
  12. Salmon_Run

    Sanctuary Counties

    This comment was made as satire, but look at this: 2 days ago - Madison County, Illinois, voters decided by a 2-to-1 margin Tuesday night that their county should be a gun sanctuary. ... “Shall Madison County become a sanctuary county for law-abiding gun owners to protect them from unconstitutional gun laws passed by the Illinois General ..
  13. Salmon_Run

    Sanctuary Counties

    If certain cities can become "sanctuary cities" and therefore chose to not acknowledge/enforce laws regarding illegal aliens, then why can't New York counties choose the same status and become "sanctuary counties" and ignore laws regarding the SAFE act?