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  1. Welcome back, I wish for you a speedy and complete recovery. It's a reminder to us all how valued our lives are and the time we have here.... Best wishes, Dan
  2. OMG, I glad he found some peace and this really made me smile......
  3. Hope for a speedy and complete recovery; active athletic kids and this is bound to happen... Hope she is able to get back into action before season's end....
  4. Post the GPS coordinates and we'll try it out and get back to you.....
  5. Both my wife and daughter that hunt are small stature and fit nicely with a youth Remington 870 in 20 ga. and a Remington 700 in .243.... Budget reasonable....we're happy...
  6. I think we can best be described as a diverse group of type A personalities and accompanying opinions..
  7. Welcome aboard here and there are lots of good advice, spirited debates and differing opinions.. Always fun and great site !!!
  8. Hell yea we do !! We have a screen gazebo and right next to that is a short piece of culvert pipe buried that's the fire pit and we use it often and in all weather.... Just like being outside and watching the fire...
  9. Within 10 feet of my camp while I was there....
  10. I hunt the Adirondacks so it's always about the total experience of being at camp and hunting rather than deer take. I will not pass on a legal buck, I set no expectations about harvest whatsoever... I used to have access to the Southern zone on a farm but due to the death of my friend that was lost. When hunting at his family farm it was about harvesting younger bucks and filling the freezer. Best of luck to all.....
  11. This is exactly what is happening, his insurance company hangs their claim I was at fault on his statement that "I almost made it" and neglected to acknowledge the fact there is a police report and he was ticketed....I have instructed my company that I will back them as far as they wish but I wish them to fight this and take it to arbitration. This crap is why people get so angry and frustrated; no fault of mine but I lose time, money and loss of my vehicle. It's a one ton truck and a "rental car" just doesn't cut it. I accept the fact he din't intentionally ram my truck, but his company simply isn't doing the right thing. The woman from his company attempting to explain their "investigation" and conclusion was priceless if it wasn't costing me out of pocket. She babbled on how a police report was just "one tool" they use to make this determination. Well it was a police investigation and recorded document that holds the majority of the weight over " I almost made it" statement from their customer. She was not impressed by my questioning of here methods, lack of documents and unrealistic conclusions....
  12. I have turned my insurance company on the case and told them to fight it as far as they can and I'll gladly assist in the arbitration process. It just twists your shorts into a knot knowing your getting screwed and companies settle because it's cheaper than fighting the case. He cut across two lanes of traffic entering my lane at a 45 degree angle in front of me so I had no warning he was there until he was just inches away. Thankfully no passengers or they would have worn a big and sturdy F-350 bumper.... I called the court and district attorney who is handling the ticket to voice my displeasure over losing my deductible and not reducing this to a parking ticket as often happens. I needed to rant and this seemed like a safe place; my wife took delight in listening to me handle the lady on the phone from his insurance company. She had no logical explanations and didn't appreciate being "cross examined" at length by me. I received a letter from them on the 13th asking for my statement with no return envelope to mail it in (go figure) and on the 16th a letter stating they completed their comprehensive investigation. Be safe out there and falls coming !!!!