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  1. Salmon_Run

    Waterfowl Shotguns

    Still use my trusty old Remington 870, it been wet, muddy, dropped in boats, laid down in corn fields and stepped on by labs and its still produces..... I have a parkerized 11-87 and still go back with the lighter 870 for waterfowl....
  2. Salmon_Run

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    The Old Forge general store has lots of stuff for the entire family and nice places to eat nearby. Two Fly shop has great staff, never been on a guided trip from there but great people and I'm sure they'd be great.
  3. Salmon_Run

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    The family and I have been, it's nice inside and the guy running the place was fun to talk with, it's close and inexpensive. A nice tour of a couple of hours, and it has some history and really nice mounts.
  4. Salmon_Run

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    How about a guided fly fishing trip to the Ausable and Lake Placid area, or Old Forge has lots of "tourist" activities and shopping the area stores...
  5. Salmon_Run

    Day Trip Ideas.....

    Not sure if I'm repeating any but near you are the "Adirondack Museum" or now Adirondack Adventure I believe it's called in Blue Mountain Lake, Wild Life Sports Museum in Amsterdam, and a trip to the Saratoga Battlefield and surrounding Schuylerville area history...
  6. Salmon_Run

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    The northern zone has many opportunities on public land with some early scouting. They likely seek good food sources in early fall, I've found old orchards and choke cherry trees the main sources. Talk to some locals to see where they observe activity or have activity.
  7. Salmon_Run

    What on Earth is This?

    Look at the bright side, the Yeti and mountain lion posts have slowed down...
  8. Salmon_Run

    Proper Use of .22 rf Pistol for Kodiak Bear Attack

    What day is it today (other than trout season)?
  9. Salmon_Run

    What on Earth is This?

    Electric fence
  10. Salmon_Run

    Hiking w/ fly rod

    I have the four piece rods for packing and use a light weigth homemade plastic tube on my day pack to safely get them where I'm going. I some times carry my frame pack for better protection depending on where I am wandering about...... I don't carry my St.Croix rods for "off trail" fly fishing.....
  11. Best recent read was "Beyond the Bear" by Dan Bigley. He's in Alaska fishing and is mauled by a grizzly bear and the bear literally bites across his face and takes his forehead, nose and both eyes. The book was a story of his amazing recover and how life went on, even after being blinded, beyond the bear.. Great inspirational read....
  12. Salmon_Run

    Personal attacks

    Trout season yet ???? My dream harvest is a bigfoot with a .22 rim fire single shot at over 250 yards....
  13. Salmon_Run

    Personal attacks

    Trout season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Salmon_Run


    Handgun must be surrendered to law enforcement until they can be designated by the executor of the estate to any of the following: 1. place them on his/her permit if they have one or obtain a permit 2. transfer them from the law enforcement to a FFL licensed person/business via authorization from executor 3. authorize law enforcement to destroy them 4. executor may distribute them to a third party via a permit amendment and written documentation from executor Hope it any event handguns MUST be turned over to lawenforcement and the county (issuing agency) of the deceased's permit needs to be notified.
  15. Salmon_Run

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    Made the week long trek to camp and snowshoed in with about 4' hard pack on the ground, the deer are yarded up as usual and it's gonna be a while until snow melts as it's hard pack and icy underneath. It was nice to see camp doing well and all roofs shed off, someone knocked the gate down on my access so there a early spring project..... Stay well out there and the sun feel like spring.........