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  1. Grampy, My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family; I hope Mark now rests in the everlasting peace he so desperately needed in God's hands. Best wishes to his son and the rest of your family; take care and stay well. Dan
  2. Welcome and enjoy the site !!
  3. Best of luck and thank you; it sounds like you guys truly understand the connection we have. Have a safe weekend and hug Oakley for our family and enjoy !!!
  4. Thank you so very much, order placed..... Dan
  5. Buckmaster, This sounds like a great idea and I hope you can make it happen this fall; the hard part will be picking the most active week in our area. Hope to here about your progress and stay healthy. Dan
  6. Thanks again guys; tomorrow his ashes will return home with the ones he loved and that loved him. Our plans are to have an urn at home and at camp as that was a very special place for him as well. I've owned several canine companions; however our connection was much deeper with him. His love for camp encompassed hanging out on "our" couch and watching the wood-stove fire.. This picture was from this last Easter; we plan to head to camp this weekend and know the tears will flow and we'll speak of great memories..
  7. Congrats on both trophies !!! Beautiful bird and photographs.....
  8. Moog, I am so glad to hear you two are reunited and her care can begin with you by her side; stay positive and I'm sending my best wishes to you and your entire family. Best regards, Dan
  9. Again all, thank you so very-very much; I know that many of us out there are struggling and have losses and I greatly appreciate those who reached out to me and helped with my grief process; words can never express my heartfelt gratitude. One can only fully appreciate the loss of "man's best friend" and the vacuum that voids leaves behind unless one has experienced that loss themselves, our house will forever have a void that can't be completely filled by the loss of Dunkin. He was a truly loving dog that was a best friend. Best wishes all and I hope all stay safe. Dan
  10. Moog, I was disheartened to hear this news, keep your faith and strength. All my best wishes are sent your way to your wife, yourself and family. All my best, Dan
  11. I'm sending my very best wishes and prayers your way for a positive outcome; stay strong. Dan
  12. Thank you so very much....
  13. Thank you all, your kinds words and thoughts are more healing than any of you will never know. I have had other dogs and still have two "working dogs"; but Dunkin had a tighter grip on our heart strings and attachment with our entire family and friends. Dunkin gave his love to all that knew him and was a bright spot in this house and we will feel that void, and deep loss for forever. Dunkin was allowed to have free roam of our house and unlimited use of my side of the bed when I wasn't occupying it and loved his "family couch"... My sincerest thanks and best wishes to all that responded, Dan
  14. Thank you all for your very kind words and thoughts; as I have my morning coffee my companion isn't here beside me, nor will he greet my wife in the kitchen as she come down stairs with the ever wagging tail.. RIP "Dunkin"; you will be forever in our hearts and thoughts..
  15. On Tuesday morning our beloved house pet collapsed and we had to ultimately euthanize him; I am awake at this hour grieving and have been unable to sleep. "Dunkin" was a rescue dog we obtained 14 years ago and we knew nothing of his history; we adopted him, I have owned several hunting dogs and we had him as a house pet and only knew he was from South Carolina and rescued from a kill shelter. He came home with my wife and I and an instant bond was formed. He was truly a special animal and filled with love and he loved everyone he met and gave back his love freely; he loved barking at the neighborhood cats, rides in my truck, and simply being with his family and friends. I have never owned a more sensitive animal who knew your every mood and acted accordingly. The sheer grief my wife and I feel over this loss is staggering. We have 100's of photographs and memories with him, but right now there is such a void in our home. He was "always there" and he really never had a bad day. All he asked for was food, water and companionship and what he gave was love, beyond description, loyalty, laughter and immense joy. My heart is broken and know time will ease our pain, but tonight I grieve greatly and please keep your pets in mind during this pandemic and beyond. Thank you all and stay safe... Dan