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  1. Microsoft BS phone calls. Do you get them ?

    I too delay them as long as possible and keep them on the line. My teens loved it when I had the solar energy guy answering question that he had no idea what he was talking about and he finally just said "I can't help you, sorry" and he hung up.
  2. NYC pipe bomb

    We, as a society, keep teaching tolerance and yet we are the one's now being targeted by the radical groups. Safe spaces, warm hugs and blind tolerance isn't working.
  3. Well, now that I can marginally face society again after a big woods season ending how was everyone's season? I didn't harvest a buck but the season was a great success. I saw lots of deer, deer sign and even jumped a bear at the end. I consider the season a success because I was much healthier this year, able to walk and spent lots of time away and at camp. My family joined me for Thanksgiving week and the weather was pretty normal. I hope to hear of your success here and pictures of those big body Northern deer... Happy holidays.....
  4. NYC pipe bomb

    Glad your safe and many blessing for not not being injured.
  5. I have lost my pet mountain lion in upstate New York and all you people want to do is doubt my existence here....
  6. I Don't Know WTF Just Happened!

    If it was a response of this magnitude and they arrived simultaneously it most likely was a drug raid or they were after a specific wanted person known to be at the residence. Please let us know.....
  7. Always Wondered

    I can't believe how close he walked by camp as I was there this night. He was within feet of my back door and outhouse and nonchalantly strolled by for a photo opportunity.
  8. New here in Hudson Valley

    Welcome aboard here, it's lots of fun and addicting....
  9. Always Wondered

    I always wondered what walks by my off grid cabin so I placed a trail camera right by my backdoor. I've had bears and deer walk on by (even if I'm there) and just pulled the card Thanksgiving day to see and I found this...
  10. Big Bear

    Grey sweat pants, a nylon vest and not a speck of blood or entry wound ???
  11. Big Bear

    One has to skin and quarter bears if help is lacking or if way off the beaten track. Then the packframe comes into use. If you hunt bears religiously you need a good skinning knife,small pack saw, para cord, game bags for quarters, headlamp and a sturdy pack frame. I guess a strong back come into play also. Dragging bears is like dragging a garbage bag of jello as they roll and become wedged easily. I've even tried carrying them on poles (they swing) and ice fishing sleds (that bear is too big). Very hard to tell from a picture, but I would think that's about a 500 pound bear.
  12. New NJ State Record

    That right there is a BIG bear; no trying to field judge that walking (waddling) by your stand.
  13. Your opinion on this...

    Sadly lack of respect is wide spread; I grew up knowing if I used someone's else's property and or equipment I was required to ASK PERMISSION first or stay the hell away...
  14. ADK backwoods trout

    I've been into G Lake several times during spring/summer/early fall with some success on smaller fish. The area is beautiful and access is easy. There used to be a few canoes stashed near the lake that were commonly used and put back so all one had to do was carry in paddles. I'm a fly fisherman so I use the common trout flies and streamers as I drift or "troll"; there is also access from shore in some spots if one has the desire to wander. I would imagine small spoons, spinners and worms cast from shore would all be good options. Great area for overnight trips and/or day trips; if one stays overnight use common sense and bear preventive measures. The state stocked nearly 2000 brook trout in 2015 of 3-4 inch size; not sure how they have done since.