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  1. Nice photo...... That's a big cat for sure...
  2. That's a pretty blanket statement and frankly insulting those you serve their communities and definitely PROTECT. As in any profession there are idiots, agreed!!! There was clearly no criminal culpability on the side of any responding officer
  3. I respectfully decline to label the office as "incompetent"; he actually followed standard protocol for arriving at a scene with a know armed subject.... As far as being in deadly force situations, I'm a 32 year veteran of law enforcement as patrol, patrol sergeant, patrol lieutenant, under cover narcotics detail, administer and instructor...
  4. I have read this several time over and thought about the content and tone of this entry. The police handled this correctly by having the subject with the weapon CLEARLY DISPLAYED be placed on the ground and searched. There is NO WAY IN HELL it should have been handled any other way. He wasn't roughed up, thrown to ground, stepped on or mistreated in any fashion. Even undercover officers are specifically TRAINED TO FOLLOW uniformed officers arriving orders to be placed on the ground, searched, until such time they can be positively identified and cleared. This entire kinder gentler t
  5. This is what happens when government and medicine mix...... Let's all get onboard of the socialized medicine train... The entire roll out of testing and the distribution of vaccines has been a nightmare in New York State. There was no need for people to drive, literally hour, for a vaccine through a state run POD.
  6. People have no dam clue on the streets, always blame someone else. If there hadn't been idiots rioting, burning and looting there wouldn't have been an incident in the first place. Dam lucky a protester didn't get the double tap, the victim showed restraint....
  7. I'm not exactly sure how a police officer would know/believe that the victim was compliant by removing one weapon ? How does one decipher on the street in the moment who is the bad actor and who isn't, or if weapons were safely all removed ?
  8. It's the result of the "time out" and "hug it out generation"; I came from the if I screwed up enough it was the "ass beating" generation....I feared my father long before I ever respected him. I was never physically abused but knew when I crossed the line and learned respectful boundaries early on.
  9. I'm not aware of anything negative regarding them, I have a Bri-Mar heavy duty dual axel dump and a single axel land scape trailer that have been used regularly. I would recommend them and I have a great dealer that stocks parts near me; good luck and happy hauling.... I'm not sure of the Big Tex components but believe there assembled in Texas (obvious I know) and Georgia...
  10. Welcome aboard, drop on over to the Big Woods section of this forum, there is a handful of us hardcore Adirondack hunters. I'm in Western Hamilton County with a limited number of deer and lots of terrain where I never see another person while out hunting. It's a very different type of hunting than Western NY... Glad your here, Salmon
  11. Salmon_Run


    Welcome aboard...
  12. Best of luck in your work ! True heroes in every sense of the word.
  13. The turkey population is pretty healthy in the area, deer are in up and down depending on winters and the bear population has plummeted over the last 18 months from what I see. None seems to know why but they dropped in numbers. Last spring I was chain sawing in my yard and shut off the saw, within about two minutes a gobbler strutted by me while I was sitting on a log, gobbling away the whole time. He wasn't a jake either, he had no fear..down by Piseco there was a gobbler last spring almost every time I passed through sitting on the guide wire proud as could be... Drive safe...
  14. Thanks I'm in Morehouse and maybe 8-10 left here....It just needs to be gone at this point.. Stay well
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