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  1. Cabin Fever!!!!

    I'm also so ready for spring. I've tied flies, sorted hunting gear, cleaned firearms, baked and cooked and I'm so ready to get outside.... A few more weeks and watch it will suddenly turn 70 and buggy for trout and turkey season... Hang tough.............we can do this !!!
  2. Back in my day......

    Back in my day: We had to take the responsibility to gain the "right".........
  3. Back in my day......

    Back in my day.... You actually had to talk face to face with friends (enemies) and didn't become an electronic tough guy.
  4. Winter 2017-2018

    Made it up North for a few days, there is maybe 10-12 inches on the ground with slush and mud under. The lakes and streams are opening up and some snowmobile trails are flooded I was told by groomers I ran into to. There has been a winter of ongoing "yo-yo" temperatures and melting conditions. Saw lots of typical deer activity in the normal wintering areas.
  5. Counseling without a Copay

    It is very sad that those of us that represent these feelings are the unheard minority now. I grew up fearing my parents if I screwed up, I didn't learn to respect them until I was in my 20's. They kept me on the straight and narrow all through my teens. I learned how to deal with rejection, failure and disappointment and wasn't rewarded by monetary belongings. I got praise for success and knew I was loved and cared for but I wasn't shielded from punishment when I crossed that line. I now parent 3 teenagers and in this world it's tough. It's sad when my child is being bullied and the school councilor tells me they can't tell another student "no, stop that behavior" because of fear the offender's parent will call him upset. Seriously that was his answer, I guess he rather deal with this parent calling him upset when he allowed a student to degrade my daughter in front of him than to tell the other child to stop. Absolutely ridiculous and maddening !!!
  6. Small Engine/Bad Gas

    Seafoam is the way to go, I use it every time in my small engines (2 and 4 strokes) and they all run great after sitting idle for extended periods.
  7. Moose Draw

    Good Luck !!!
  8. Winter 2017-2018

    Where is every one else located in the woods? Cedar+Canvas and I are both in Morehouse, Hamilton County... My camp is on the western slope of the mountains so I get heavy lake effect snows. I can drive East a few miles and the accumulation drops significantly.
  9. Winter 2017-2018

    I didn't make it this weekend to visit but that seems correct 20-24 inches compressed ground snow and then they also had the freezing rain and warm temps over this weekend. The "roller coaster" weather continues for now. I'll keep you guys posted as I go along.
  10. Dead head ID

    Here is a picture of a fisher's dental work up close. Hope this helps..
  11. Dead head ID

    Hard to tell from the picture and what was the fur like? I agree the teeth look canine like though....
  12. What's the coolest thing you found in the woods?

    Back several years ago my father and I found while hunting in Saratoga County and old abandoned shack with a metal roof. It was tucked in the woods behind an old farm field and near several stone walls. There were odd old belongings left behind and after a little asking around learned that it once was the homestead of a freed slave and had been abandoned for years. There was very little left around and there was a big honey bee hive between the walls that we later harvested....
  13. I'm Annoyed !

    I agree it's the "professional" looking riders in their form fitting riding gear that just have to be in the traffic lane no matter what roadway they are on. They refuse to move over even if the shoulder is very wide. They simply have to be to the left of the white line. They're all dressed in form fitting gear with their heads down peddling away and oblivious to vehicle traffic. I am surprised more of them don't get clipped by mirrors. Kids I fully expect to be oblivious to traffic and respond accordingly.....
  14. How stupid have we become...

    Well, here's your sign "L" !!!!!!
  15. Winter 2017-2018

    Yes, that brief period of time between "ice out" and black fly season!!!! I love small stream native brook trout fishing in and around beaver dams and well off the beaten path. There is a good amount of snow pack and appeared as if the deer are yarded this winter for sure. Unless we get a very warm spring the snow should be around until Mid-April would be my best guess.