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  1. stubborn1VT, If you typically hunt open fields you could sight in at 150 yards and range find some known spots where you hunt and then you can estimate shot distances more consistently from known landmarks. All food for thought and practice pays great dividends in confidence... Best of luck to you.
  2. Sorry for your loss, don't give up on your muzzle loader and "pattern" it before next season and get your confidence back. I sight in using three pellets and it give one more shock power down range. I also sight in at about 2" high at 100 yards and where I hunt (Adk's) long shots are very rare.
  3. Seems as if I only have a "rushed deposit" in the woods when I have on the most layers of clothing, I'm miles away from camp and I can't find a halfway level horizontal dead log in sight. I always carry paper towels and some baby wipes to restore that fresh feeling...
  4. Back from a great holiday, only about a few inches of snow on the ground. The temps are trending lower at night and I believe winter has hit the big woods. Oxbow Lake was locked over and it looks like Lake Pleasant is not to far behind. Stay well all.....
  5. Salmon_Run

    Piseco lake?

    I believe that the Poplar Point boat ramp (limited parking) is being left open for boat access. There are lakers and some landlock salmon in the lake, but I've never caught any with great size. Its a nice setting and gets busy during July and August during the day hours. Use to troll right off the bottom dragging spoons with copper line or using riggers...
  6. There have been many a discussion over "hunting accidents" and I stand by what I have posted in the past. NEVER point a weapon at anything you would not want destroyed and never take a shot unless one is positive of the trajectory. It's a miracle that the victim was able to survive a neck wound and wish him a speedy physical and mental recovery.
  7. My daughter is a very small build and we had a 870 youth cut down even further and use lighter loads. With a 12 gas. there is no shortage of options for any game or target.... First and foremost get a shotgun that "fits" her well....
  8. Good luck, shopping is half the fun. I owned a deep V Lund for years with two outboards and riggers. I miss that boat for trout/salmon trolling.
  9. Buckmaster, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts on this topic. Stay well and track on !!! Maybe some snow by the weekend in Hamilton Co.
  10. To all my fellow big woods hunters, a wish for a great Thanksgiving Holiday in the woods or at home. My family will be warmed by the woodstove, playing card games after dark under the hiss of a propane light after a great cooked holiday meal prepared entirely at camp. Warm holiday wishes and safe travels....
  11. Shot placement looked good, if you were in a stand it might have been angled downward and missed the lungs and allowed her to take off without a significant injury... Best of luck, and you show your ethics in the video well....Sorry you experienced this....
  12. An arrest was made in this case and the suspect was from Danamora....
  14. Sorry, I don't have much knowledge of this specific area. I would suggest studying some maps and make a scouting adventure. Snow helps even the odds in the Adirondacks and allows stalking and a great chance to find some travel areas. Hunt the edge of swamps in the early morning and dust. When the rut is full on bucks wander in search of does in heat; otherwise, I've had success catching them sneaking between swamp cover and open hardwoods. My trail cam pictures show they become nocturnal as pressure mounts. Food sources in the deep woods can vary greatly from season to season and dictate deer travel. This fall near me the beech trees are full of nuts and they are a good food source. Also, winter kill can affect the herd from year to year. Last winter was cold and we had snow early and late for the winter season... Best of luck and hope I helped a little...