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  1. Versatile, You and I do agree that American now has a president that the country is worthy of; I firmly believe the masses are worthy of the following: 1. we are worthy of ongoing distrust in the electoral system, four years ago it was Russia and now the Democratic party interfered, (please don't spew that the court cases were all dismissed), and loss of faith in the court system, we deserve that too, I guess 2. we are worthy of having "news medias" with little credibility, we deserve that and it comes from all media outlets 3. were are worthy of ongoing mistrust of career politicians being corrupt, guess we'll see where Hunter and company land, before you speak, Yes Trump withheld his taxes, yes we know ! 4. we are worthy of knowing the system is broken on many levels 5. we are worthy of the Constitution being trampled on many fronts; once broken and never mended 6. we are worthy of sending trillions of American dollars to foreign interests, WHO, Paris Accord, NATO and such while gaining little in return....American can buy all the friends they can across the world 7. we are worthy of allowing large corporations like, Google, Amazon and such being allowed to censor opposing opinions I could go on and on but learned long ago that there is truth in, the facts that some are followers and some are takers....I won't do either blindly or be lead by hatred of another..... Trump is gone and I didn't AGREE with all he said and did over the four years, but I was taught long ago "beware of what you wish"... I agree American is WORTHY of so much more, i'm afraid hatred lead to this change of administration!! Snowflakes and followers rejoice !! I hope I am wrong on every issue, God Bless the USA !!!!
  2. As soon as possible I hope, I for one, can't wait for more bail reform, to defund the police, have tighter restrictions on sensible-responsible gun owners, decriminalization on drugs, higher taxes and the label "illegal" be removed from any free and forward progressively motivated individual that comes across our borders, and last but not least "democratic socialism". I, sadly, have had the wrong belief far too long that in society one came achieve what they wish through hard work, facing adversity, honesty and integrity.....MY BAD ! Before I have to have my wife check and open my mail, the above was pure sarcasm; it is truly sad I have to state the obvious...... and if Biden says "storm the capital", "jump off the bridge" or the like....PLEASE DON'T...
  3. FYI: the Portly Angler has been closed for years, it's now the NYS Ranger School..
  4. That's why the good old USA just sent millions overseas in the name of Covid Stimulus......we pay these countries millions and can't follow the constitution of this country, enact term limits, have honest, decent non-career politicians or media we can trust...our model of "prosperity" will continue to decline at our hands by sending business, cash and corruption their way. I sincerely hope I am totally wrong and only time will tell........
  5. I also refer to my opening statement that ALL news agencies have bias in reporting, either through editing snippets, ignoring or quotes taken out of intended context... I take little credence in the news agencies reporting....face it big business and politics are way out of control and nothing Biden or any politician are going to do will sooth the masses any time soon... Belo, much agreed, I do not want to witness our country flounder and suffer. I have been around long enough to realize the socialism, or democratic socialism won't work. The rights of many get trampled for the "good of many"' I am ashamed at the actions of many politicians, the public's response or lack of response to those actions that are allowed and condoned on both sides... Shameful...
  6. Can anyone site the paragraph and sentence where he actually made the statement(s) pertaining to "storm" the capital or related verbiage?
  7. How was it exactly "allow" or even condone in any fashion? If one is that easily swayed by what any politician says I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona..... Some idiots MADE personal choices to break the law; pretty simple concept.... ps: Don't jump off the bridge it's a poor idea !!!!
  8. I guess common sense doesn't apply when viewing political issues, I believe Trump caused the capitol riot about as much as I believe Clinton ran a child pedophile ring out of pizza shop... Hint to some, If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, ask a friend with some common sense if that's prudent because I'm not so sure some could make the safe decision themselves..... Again, it's someone else's fault... we need to get back to if one makes a piss poor decision in life it's called a CONSEQUENCE....
  9. First that the country will be more divided in the next four years, than the last four years, both sides have deep seeded beliefs and motivations. Some of these motivation are very self serving in many ways. That "career politicians" are like crap filled diapers and should be changed; I believe strict term limits against life long careers for political self to end corruption. If, by then, you and your family hasn't landed some foreign job or speaking engagements for thousands to one's "foundation" That Trump will be blamed by the new administration for every "ill of the country"; with but a few days left the left attempt to oust him, yet again. I believe the swamp is deeper than any great lake; any possible corrective action would need to be swift and unilateral. That the news is simply no longer the news; every story has a motivation for political reasons in some fashion. It has come to the point that any person looking for factual information could simply not use any news source as factual. New worthy events are not up to the public to decide; the media either doesn't cover the events or cover them with clear bias. I sadly, believe were all in for a rough four years, it was just a short four years ago that Trump was going to ignite WW3; crash the economy and Hollywood types were outspoken and moving to Canada. Guess, none of those happened. The political world is sad and sickening and our founding fathers would be sickened by it all... Best wishes...
  10. Parlor was removed by Amazon, Apple and Google from web hosting services...
  11. Very nice, I also carry "survival gear' while out in the area we both hunt, I've never had to use it but could easily. In my 20's my buddy and I were trapped by an ice storm hiking in the Adirondacks on Giant mountain and spent a long, very cold and high windy night at the tree line. Coldest night under a tarp eating M&M candy with mittens on.... It's a very "mind set" game and glad your practicing. Maybe I'll try a snow shelter later in the season myself.. PS: try Starbucks "Via" instant coffee packets, not ideal but gets your morning coffee started... Happy New Year..
  12. Also, Gorilla Grease, have used it for years now..
  13. Clarification on titles, for hunting/working dogs I look for hunt or field test titles, this is NOT a show title, these titles show train worthiness and hunt instincts. If both sire and dam have hunt titles it is likely that the offspring will also show great instincts. I firmly believe that basic personality traits are visible at 7 weeks of age, as I described above in watching puppies. Any reputable breeder can assist and guide you with that. I like an early pick as possible for this reason. Hope this helps..... I have four "active" working and hunting dogs, they train year around and one has gone South winters to stay in shape and studded several litters professionally....
  14. Thanks for adding to my original post, all great things to consider when spending a good chunk of money, buy reputably from a breeder, obtain good health care, socialize and train responsibility. I also routinely socialize my pups from a early age into maturity, I have CDs of gun fire that increases in volume slowly, fireworks, and thunder storms that I play. I also sit for hours in the vet's office, walk city streets, find crowds and sit outside Walmart experiencing contact for the puppy. All things that pay great dividends later on. Skeet waiting in the driveway, never let a trainable moment pass !!
  15. Thank you for being one who helps others and shares the outside/hunting experience...well done!!!