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  1. Hi, I am the coordinator of the Howard landowners coalition. Yes, Please sign the petition. The town only will want Howard residence (they really don't want any pushback at all. lol). But, The more we can say about people on the fringes being impacted the better. Howardlandowners.org thanks
  2. New Laws are now under law 94C. Article 10 is gone. Environmental activities are much different. They want to cram this stuff in asap. 94C does not require much DEC . / Sequra environment reviews. It has to be in local laws.
  3. Well said. That is exactly the problem. Visual pollution is horrible. Check out some of the video's from Howardlandowners.org site to see why turbines should not be placed near people.
  4. Hi Burt, My name is Bob. I am the organizer for the Howardlandowners coalition. Thank you for your post. I hope you received our mailer. I also live in Howard and I am in the middle of this cluster. I will have 2 turbines 2400' from my house. Can't imagine sitting in my tree stand with all the noise and shadow flicker that will be coming. Not only signing the petition is important but attending board meetings is big. Battling this type of project is like fighting goliath. Rural life is disappearing. Big industry coming to small towns and taking advantage of people. The town board is clueless.
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