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  1. My Mossberg 500. Missed so many deer with it........or was it me?
  2. Vet said antlers are fine but no rawhide. It tends to get stuck in the intestines if is too big.
  3. So I'm spending some time with my daughter. She has a white lab about 75lbs. I have Oakley who is about half her size. They play tug a war with a rope. They were having a great time then one of them picked up a 4 pt horn I gave Oakley. They started to go at it over that and one of the tines went into the labs eye. She is ok. My point (no pun intended) is maybe saw off the sharp points especially if two dogs involved. My guys are ok but I would hate to see a dog injured this way.
  4. Nice my guys loves the water also
  5. It's horrible for them. I hope she recovers soon!
  6. Unfortunately the effects of Civid-19 on the elderly is devastating. My Mom continues to lose weight and now is down to 89 lbs. No sense of taste or appetite . Legs are starting to swell and doctor said she might be going into Renal failure. Many tests set up for next Monday. We are hoping for another miracle . Hospice may be the next step.
  7. If the virus is still around my friends and family better be in good health before they come to the cabin.
  8. I haven't posted here in a while since my mom recovered from the virus. I still can't see her. We visit from outside and talk to her through her window two floors up. Its really hard for her. At 87 you don't have much left except family. I can't look into her eyes or touch her. We need to get out of this. I have people flying in from Tennessee and I told them coming to NY you have to isolate yourself for 14 days. They wont do it. 4th of July is here and many people will be out and about no masks no social distancing. I believe after this weekend and in a few weeks the country goes on lock down again. The market will crash more than the first time and people will realize how delicate the situation is. I hope this does not happen and I am wrong. I will wear a mask out in public. I havre no problem with it. I hope you do too.