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  1. That's a great price. I got quoted $120, all day long for $65
  2. Did these two Euro mounts today. I'll never do it again it was gross. Eyeballs and brains squirting on me, NO WAY! Boiled for hours then defleshed after that used a power washer. Live and learn!!!!!
  3. I haven't seen my mom in I guess 20 days now. Lock down at assisted living now the hospital. Just watched a story about a family saying good bye to their mother via Face time. I couldn't imagine not being at my mothers bedside God forbid. My mom has dementia also and thinks we are picking her up everyday.
  4. Doctors wanted to discharge her Friday. Assisted living would not take back being a positive patient. We opted to keep her in the hospital in islolation. Unfortunately her lungs are getting worse and is on oxygen. doctors cant explain it. Nobody has seen her in almost 25 days now. It's breaking her little heart and all of ours. We got her an Ipad that the aid is helping her with so we can see each other when calling. Prayers needed please!
  5. RIP this virus is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. My 86 year old mother tested positive for the virus. She was sick the last few weeks. Went from assisted living to the hospital. She is a cancer patient also. So with that said she is getting better each day. She has 10 more days of isolation until she can come home. They gave her Tylenol not advil for the fever. She is tough and we are so lucky!
  7. I take my dog out in the backyard. 3/7 days he will come back in and I'll find a tick or two on him. They suck!
  8. Not a Pathfinder but my 2007 Tahoe had all kind of electrical issues. Found out that water was dripping from the roof into the main controller for windows and mirrors on the drivers side. These trucks have no rain guards on the windows so even if just condensation it would drip. Horn, lights would go off windows going up and down by themselves along with door locks. Good luck.
  9. My mothers assisted living home is in total lock-down. One of the workers tested positive for the virus. My mom has been sick for the last 5 days. Head cold and congestion. They won't test her until she has a fever. Prayers for all of them living and working there.
  10. My brother and I have a home improvement business. Now we have three nice jobs lined up with close friends. They are of with us working in their homes. I was in the paint store and a lady was asking questions on how to paint rooms. She said with all this time on our hands we will do it ourselves. Second other guys in the business are losing jobs because nobody wants strangers in the house. Lose lose situation.