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  1. No kidding here. Yesterday I get home at three and go for a jog. I live in Northport and jog around the Ocean ave Crab Meadow area. So I pass the entrance to National Grid and look over and see a bunch of deer about to cross into the county park. There were ten that I saw. I jog down a bit further by some houses and on the sidewalk is a doe. I jog up to it and stop. She has two fawns with her. All three walk up to me and start smelling my hands. Someones got to be feeding them. They were so tame. They hang out so close to the road its dangerous for them. I didn't hang around long because of that. All healthy looking just wanting a handout.
  2. On the Discovery channel they did a show about fetishes. Some guy was hooked on digging in your drain and playing with the hair and gook for 5 minutes then the thrill was over. He did this wherever he went when visiting friends... Weirdo!
  3. I just don't believe he really did this all the time. Maybe in the film segments. One really deep cut and you are done. No way in the snow his feet would fall off! lol
  4. and dogs fur is cleaner than a mans beard!
  5. Sorry Eddie its never easy. Just had to do it day after Christmas with my dog. Time will heal.
  6. Sorry guys. Raised on hunting is a hunting show on amazon prime. It's much different than any other show, may be a bit boring to some of you, I liked it. It doesn't center around the hunt but everything round the hunt that makes it happen. Well written also.
  7. Just caught this with our new service. So far I love the show. what do you think?
  8. On my jog yesterday morning in Norhport LI I saw an 8 pt chasing a doe. Pretty crazy but it happens.
  9. On WMA lands during any gun and muzzleloader hunting season for deer, bear and hogs, all hunters, including small game hunters, must wear either a hat, coat, or vest of solid visible international orange. Archery hunters during archery only deer seasons and hunters for dove, turkey, ducks, geese and other migratory birds (including crows) are exempt from this requirement while hunting for those species. Don't know about private land?
  10. We took 3 buck and a doe this year. 68 acres. In the immediate area 16 buck and about 10 doe.
  11. I know there are reasons why but man you have to be more careful. This is pretty sad.
  12. Happy Birthday!!! Cynthia is a feminine given name of Greek origin: Κυνθία, Kynthía, "from Mount Cynthus" on Delos island. There are various spellings for this name, and it can be abbreviated as Cindy, Cyndi, or as Cyndy.Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis, who according to legend was born on Mount Cynthus.