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  1. First-light

    CWD deniers!

    Take a read at the latest edition of ODL adventure issue. It has a real informative article on CWD. Sure sheds some spotlight on deer farms and what us hunters can do to help contain the spread of the disease. Well written but tends to focus on deer farms as examples of spreading the disease. To me ODL is the Holy Grail in outdoor writing been reading it since 1970. Please don't comment until you read the article. We know how everyone feels about our resident deer farmer.
  2. First-light

    CDW in the spotlight now

    Yeah what ever happened to mad cow???
  3. First-light

    Happy birthday reeltime!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. First-light

    CDW in the spotlight now Seems like they want to find a test so they don't have to kill the deer.
  5. First-light

    CDW in the spotlight now

    My daughter just texted me the article. Seems like a few big news orgs picked up on the story. To me this is old news? I mean didn't Wisconsin ban hunting in certain areas cause it was so bad but nobody ever tested positive.
  6. First-light

    CDW in the spotlight now

    Why is CWD in the news so much. Zombie deer and such. I just got an email from my sister forwarding an article. I told her to relax and when I start acting weird.....oh shit that wont work. Well I told her not to worry........or should I???????
  7. First-light


    I just filled out the application and sent pictures. I love getting DEC emails its so worth it. What G-Man said!
  8. First-light

    What's for dinner tonight?

    That's a Pollack in a bag!
  9. First-light


    Island got a few inches then turned to sleet freezing rain. Kids got home ok soccer tonight canceled! happy boy right there!
  10. First-light

    Biggest public land package
  11. First-light

    Where Are The Snow Shoveling Kids These Days??

    All the day laborers do it now. Just like lawn service. Its not the kids, cheap labor.
  12. First-light

    Any ideas what this is???

    I lightened it up a bit. House cat?
  13. First-light

    Same guy different hat! lol

    Could you imagine those extra tags they carry for road kill! There is no doe left on my property! lol
  14. First-light

    Same guy different hat! lol

    My Nephew, what a great guy! Loves his wife, son, future son/daughter and deer camp! Ask him to do anything at camp he is there doing the work of three guys. I'm lucky to have him around! (That's Grand Central Station)
  15. First-light

    Trying my hand at glass tile

    Great! I was using bigger tile and a saw.