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  1. If I'm at the cabin I may go out early but my plans are around late Oct.
  2. Mine just showed up today! glad I'm back on their list.
  3. I own 70 acres. It's a beautiful piece of property. I lease 20 acres to a farmer and he keeps it planted every year. I have food plots, hardwoods, pine forest and a stream. I have three neighbors who I'm super friendly with. Each one owns more than 200 acres and the one that I mostly border is 450 acres. Only 5 people hunt that property so not a lot of pressure. It's real nice. They practice management as I do also. We get some real nice ones every year.
  4. God Bless she gave all to this country!
  5. What are your thoughts? Going to be at least 30 x50 cement floor. Want to park my truck tractor and quad in there. Have a little workshop area also. Pros v cons?
  6. I had to call DEC. My daughters license came without any tags. They sent out new ones.
  7. Did itr for about 5 years in a row and got my patch. They haven't sent me one in a while don'y know why?
  8. We go out east on LI to hunt. If its warm you are dead. These little shits bite the hell out of your legs or any place they can get too. Spay up and pray!!! I hunted in January one year and had 40 degree weather and ended up with ticks all over me. Spay and prat for cold weather!
  9. Would a 1/2 acre corn plot work in a secluded area? Now there are many fields full of all kinds of goodies surrounding the area.
  10. On Long Island they rule not you!