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  1. First-light

    Someone might tag a stag

    We have Sitka deer on Long Island. No need to tag them and take as many as you like. During season.
  2. First-light

    Another loss

    She passed with all of us around her yesterday afternoon. Thank you all.
  3. First-light

    Who's NOT Ready

  4. First-light

    Another loss

    I lost my Dad three weeks ago. Now my Mother in law is in hospice. I can understand death especially when my dad lived 86 years and my mother in law 85. It's just a huge toll on my kids. This woman raised them. We both had jobs sometimes opposite hours and she was there to fill in the holes. She was a great Italian Nona that could cook up a storm but as gentle as the breeze when you needed comforting. We will go see her tonight. I will pick up my daughter from college tomorrow and bring her home. After that I hope God calls her home soon.
  5. Real nice place good luck with the sale.
  6. First-light

    Train wreck

    When I had my route I was stopped at a crossing for a train. It went by gates went up then came right back down on top of my truck. I kept going hearing the gates against the top of the truck. Thank God because a train came right by after I got out. Pulled into my next stop and told a few guys there. They told me another guy was killed there a few years back from the same type of thing. Blows my mind
  7. First-light

    Live Every Day Like it's Your Last

    Thank the Lord you are alive. Thank you for the post and reminder!
  8. First-light

    Processing near bath

    Ever try Swietzers in the area. They are pretty good.
  9. First-light

    Deer Hunting in Bath area

    Bath is about 10 minutes from my place in Howard. Excellent hunting in the area. Just have to find the right place. State land start with DEC maps and go from there. GL
  10. Probably bow season great time to be in the woods. I suck under pressure with the bow. My 1187 auto loader. Gun is deadly with a scope on it!
  11. First-light

    Do you use pee?

    I have used it more in the past then now. Have had good results. Actually had a bear come into a moc scrape loaded with Tinks once. Now I'll use Code Blue in the rut other than that just spray down and put out some corn or apples they will come to that! lol
  12. First-light

    First year archery for me and excited !

    Come to my place and you can miss all you want, you'll fit right in! lol good luck.
  13. First-light

    How big is this bear?

    From another site. Said it was 168lbs. Could be but the bear compared to the size of the bow looks to be small. I think 80-100 lbs?
  14. First-light

    Starting Deer Season Early

    The deer just don't stay on the landowners property that has damage. Give out the permits to the people who pay for them. Then let the landowner get his share if any are left over. I have to say that in all my 40 years of deer hunting I never heard anyone sue against a landowner.