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  1. This guys daughter shoots this huge buck. I t ends up dying by the trail camera. Great picts and deer! Picts may be out of sequence.
  2. I have more milk crates laying around.
  3. Boys got it done. I'm happy he loves venison and shot a nice doe.
  4. And just make fun of the inexperienced hunter, it's a boys club. I posted a really nice buck on Thanksgiving. We caught it on cam at my brother in laws house in Northport. A guy called me a Retard for spot burning. This is the mentality , using the word retard, and the childish behavior of spot burning. BTW here is the buck, I never posted it here.
  5. Sorry shouldn't of said banned. I'm banned from commenting until Tuesday night.
  6. Treated my youngest and myself to inside tenderloins last night. They were so good!!!
  7. No deer sighted yesterday. My brother hunted our bean field caught this nice sunset. They are doing drives with the neighbor this morning.
  8. Probably 70 hours bow hunting I shot a 7 pt last Thursday Exactly 2.5 hrs gun hunting shot a 9 pt opening morning.
  9. Yeah I guess I push the mods too much to take action against a few. They actually made fun of the way the guy looked. It was like old HS days bullying that one kid.
  10. Long Island deer hunting. Guy shot a 4 pt called it a mature buck. People made fun of of him and the deer. I supported him and hi s deer. Well i got kicked off ! more tk!
  11. I was lucky to shoot a 7 pt last thursday of bow and a 9 pt on opening day. I tried my best to enjoy those kills but was really not feeling good that whole week. The best part of those eight days at camp was my Niece brought her 4 month old daughter and 9 year old son. We had a great time with them and some great memories were made!
  12. Boys didn't see a deer yesterday. Neighbor comes over and shows them a picture of 14 does and three bucks in his cut corn around 4:30! Ambush time!
  13. The boys saw 3 button bucks and 2 mature doe. They are holding out for horns!