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  1. Nice video my cell phone went off and started playing a video game on stand last week.....I probably would of been shot by that guy!
  2. It's the wild west on the island unfortunately anything goes including stealing others stands. It's sad a lot of no respect hunters, too bad a great place to take a nice LEGAL buck!
  3. On two occasions a hawk and an owl came in. Boy did they scatter. The chirps went into alarm. Then it quieted down and all back to normal!
  4. Few years back my niece got married on the day before opening day and her and her husband drove to the cabin that night. We had the 1 bedroom all set up for details. lol That was a first! Now a few years later they will be coming up with their daughter all of 4 months old! Gioia the mom loves to hunt and has 1 doe and 1 buck to her credit! Eric the dad shot the 5 point at bow season so he gets first duty with Avery opening morning. We were all wondering who was going to get opening morning with Avery. My brother the granddad was going to do it if no deer was taken at bow. Gioia is a Real-estate broker and Eric a State Trooper. They are such wonderful people I just love that there will be a real little one at the cabin this opening day. It really throws the old image of deer camp out the window! BTW my camp is located on Avery road the little ones name is Avery Rose. That is Gioia and Avery fishing the south shore of LI today with my brother!
  5. So last week in stand I noticed so many different rodents in 1/4 acre area in front of me. At one point there had to be 3 grays, 5 red squirrels, 3 field mouse and 5 chipmunks. All involved in chasing to get laid or stealing the other ones nuts. It's so funny how in our world if a rodent invades our territory its game on. There everywhere!
  6. Hey get out there in the January shotgun season its a blast. You walk like your bird hunting kicking up deer. Last year last week of season I kicked up two big bucks holding horns.
  7. Last year in 8P I had a lot of woodcock. This year a ton of grouse no Woodcock yet.
  8. Surprised there isn't more successful hunters on this weekend. Makes me wonder where its all going..??
  9. So that shot of pain or shock can be for compressed optic nerve? It scared the daylights out of me. The only reason I didn't go to the ER was that I was completely fine in a second or two, just some mild throbbing.
  10. Thank God he's alive. It will be a long road full of ups and downs, having him around will be the best part! Will keep on praying!
  11. I have always had neck pain. This year it git a lot worse. Turning my head really hurts after a few days in stand. Now I had two jolts or something like that from a nerve in my neck. Feels like a baseball bat hit you for a split second. Hunted all last week that was a long stretch but when it gets colder it may get worse. Will see the doctor this week about those jolts. They hit out of nowhere. Someone said its the optical nerve being compressed?