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  1. First-light

    Anyone own a Chevy Trax?

    Lease is up on my daughters Cruz. They are offering me a super deal on buying a 2019 Trax. Reviews aren't great. Any thoughts? FL
  2. First-light

    Learn from the best

    Love when they shoot at the balloons in the tires rolling down the hill. Shooting running deer with the bow not for me but they did! lol
  3. First-light

    Did one of you guys leave this on my property?

    FYI we do have a stand that is called the "Shitter" it was the shell to an old out house. Please use this next time and bag it! lol
  4. First-light

    Latest Pull

    Looks real good! Our area is producing some nice deer for sure. I had some local guys over Friday night and they showed me some giants that are roaming around. 140 plus deer.
  5. Size 10 work boot! There are two around one is big the other 150 or so......
  6. First-light

    A few Walworth Pics

    Nice pictures!
  7. Ok I didnt come home the same night but...It was late season muzzleloader. My camp is 6 hrs. Something was burning inside me to be there in the am saturday. I took the kids to dinner and left at 9 pm friday night. Got in at 3 am slept for an hour or so and headed to the stand. That morning 13 doe came by and the last deer was a 6 pt. I took the shot but the powder was wet and got a roman candle flame. It was funny my bad. That evening I had 26 doe walk past me in the crunchy snow. but no bucks. It was totally worth the trip!
  8. First-light

    Brought home a new pup!

    Couldn't resist this one from our good friend Wooly! I have known him for a very long time but never personally met him. It was a great pleasure to meet him and hang for a bit, talk about hunting and his wood creations! This is going to be a gift to my daughter for her 16th birthday loves dogs and has the real thing. I know she will love this! I put an order in for a large mouth bass! Can't wait to see what the Artist comes up with! Thanks again Matt see you soon! Burt
  9. I like throwing an insect into the web to watch the action!
  10. First-light

    Thoughts on this guy?

  11. That round food plot is just mowed grass in a brushy area they love it!
  12. and to through salt in the wound at the bottom of thread is a "5 top wood splitter" article.
  13. OMG feel better. Sorry this happened.
  14. I will let guys trap and hunt coyotes.
  15. First-light

    Might have to sell the gun.

    Steve Its my brother who is selling. I agree with you and told him not to do a thing until he talks to me. I just may pony up and buy it myself.