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  1. I'm in Northport 1/2 mile from town and dock. Thanks for the offer but one of them will take it.
  2. Man you all make good points here. I'll miss the great pizza! I really feel I should go with my best friend. I just don't want to screw up a relationship. They have a week to decide. I have sold probably 7 houses on the Island. Flipped most of them. I said this last one goes towards my upstate retirement. Friend is a sure deal Niece is not. I know I'm answering my own question but she is family. FML
  3. My house is in Howard NY very close to Steuben Jerry! I discounted the price of the house 20k for family and good friends. No jerking around with inspections. In fact my friend rented the house for two years during his divorce. Don't want a realtor involved.
  4. This is what I told my brother a little while ago. I called my friend and told him the deal. He was disappointed but understood. I need a plan from them for sure. They have until next week. My friend is buying this as an investment. Thanks all.
  5. I'm selling my house on the Island and moving to my place upstate full time in September. My best friend wants to buy it, so does my Niece and her boyfriend. Price is $529,000. My friend owns his own business has cash on hand won't be a problem also approved for loan. My Niece just got out of Med school looking for a Chiropractic job, boyfriend just got a new job on the Island in finance. They would have to borrow some of the down payment from his mom. He owns a 3 family home in Binghamton. After talking the last few time I was under the impression that timing would not work for them. I went ahead and told my friend he could buy the house. Now I'm hearing from my brother the kids still wanted the place and timing wasn't an issue. I don't know what to do. Thought on this?
  6. I go to my neighbors camp that is loaded with antlers and pictures. You are right about the 90's the deer pole was never empty and they were big!
  7. Some call them 11 pts! A lot of deer in this county.....
  8. Truck was bought over 9 months ago. I did get $1250 off sticker. Will also be getting a free extended warrantee because I waited so long.
  9. 2021 Chevy 1500 LT. V8 20" tires Deep Shadow Grey. Crew cab with 6' bed.
  10. I have had the weather tech in my Tahoe for over 10 years. Take them out clean them spray with spray nine look brand new.
  11. Hey it was Meatloaf for tonight! C'mon folks you know what to do......I would do any thing for love!
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