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  1. Sat in a stand by the corn for 2.5 hrs. Saw nothing, walking out I see the twin 6 pts in a green field just feeding away no care about me walking by at 50 yards.
  2. You are a masochist. You twist and turn. Stop with the other site. Leave it alone let us be. Look I enjoy seeing you fenced bucks and what you do with them. But you are the one person left on this site that stirs stuff up. Why, cause some guys talk crap about you on other site then come back here. You my friend can't handle it. Let it go show us some 200" bucks and we move on. There are people under each others skin it can keep on going or you let it go. Let's have a great season and enjoy each others comments. Even if they don't go your way. Peace!
  3. Another post to lock up and who is at the base of it......lol
  4. Four seasons you are warped. You do more bitching than anyone. Yeah do us a favor and just stay put.
  5. Pulled cards yesterday this big boy was in the mix.
  6. Neighbors grand daughter passed a small 8 at 10 yards. 15 years old first bow hunt!
  7. Just trying to make friends. Give him a pass lol
  8. https://cnynews.com/ixp/705/p/if-you-see-purple-paint-in-the-woods-turn-around-immediately/
  9. So when I had the fire here my trail mower melted. Insurance was great and they paid for a new swisher mower. It came but no battery. I bought one at NAPA auto it was 80 bucks. I used the mower three times during the third time the battery came out of the mower deck. and got chewed up by the mower. Next battery gets secured much better then just the rubber cord they give you.
  10. Hey they shot pretty good. Here is a group at 20 yards.
  11. Was out with my Brother moving, swapping hanging new stands today. Came across this rub. Put up a few new Muddy and big game 18' stands. Really went up nice and very sturdy. Nothing like a new stand! lol
  12. OK guys I will check it out this afternoon. Thanks.
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