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  1. Wow didn't know this. I have a ton of polar trees in an area that I was going to cut. Best I do it this month to help out the deer. Good info!
  2. Miss doing the late season at Otis or Rocky point. My gang usually goes out a few times but not this year. I'm brining down a cooler of venison next weekend maybe that is why! lol
  3. I may take a walk around the property with the 12 gauge. Bunny or grouse. This deer season burnt me out for sure.
  4. Great video! Everyone was out looking for dinner! Thank you for sharing with us. FL
  5. Nice video. Loved that you had the whole family there. looking forward to seeing the ladies shoot one! Thanks!
  6. Yikes that antler looks nasty. Cool rack, yes some type of injury.
  7. I had bottles of tinks left over from last year I used them. No harm no foul!
  8. Ya think! It looks great hope you have a great place for it. People need to see that look!
  9. Sad. The seasonal road sign just past my house was stolen Sunday evening. Why would someone want that!
  10. Funny you brought this up. Got an email the boys will be running the yotes with their dogs up here. Starts this week. They have permission from most of my neighbors so a lot of land to cover. I'll post picts.
  11. It's been a while but things re moving along. I have electric and water to the barn now. Installed lighting inside and out first level. Moving upstairs this week to start finishing off the guest house. FYI those green lights I bought for the barn were made in the USA and were really well built. I sent back the overseas version that would not stand up to the wind and rain. Steele Lights out of Cali. Did I say I'm having fun? lol
  12. I'm 59 we don't mend quickly or at all.
  13. Another piece of equipment I need. Thanks.
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