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  1. On e of my guys comes up here and hunts with a black out. He is a police officer and loves the gun. It's weird to me.
  2. Last year my girl came to visit. She was doing land navigation the week before out in the woods. Got a really bad rash on her thigh. Wore pants the whole time. Doctor said the oils will go right through and get on your skin. It was poison sumac.
  3. I'm not a very big Turkey hunter. 2 weeks before opener they were gobbling like crazy. I got a shot at a nice Tom opening morning and went out one other day. Seems like after the first week they just stop gobbling. Just takes the excitement out of it. Season should start mid April if you ask me. I also have to say getting up at 4 am (for me) is a bit too early at 61 years old. lol
  4. Congrats to her. It's a big deal for immigrants to become citizens!
  5. Bluefish???? Grew up salt water fishing only liked the small ones, snappers to 5 lbs. I guess they would be great in a stew. Looks awesome.
  6. Was at the wake today. A lot of very old hunters there but a few new young ones among the crowd. We have to keep this pastime going. Too many wonderful, great, funny stories shared about hunting camp today! Thank you all!
  7. We all thought this was Poke watching over the hunting property yesterday! Only cloud in the sky with sun on it. RIP
  8. Wake is in Maryland. Waiting for details. One hell of a guy. 91 still getting it done running his backhoe. Nicest guy you ever would meet. There was a gun raffle in Canisteo a few weeks ago. He was going to be there but could not get a ride up. Boy I wish he made that. The whole family was there. He would hunt his property opening day through Wednesday. On his last day he would come over to my place and hunt my honey hole. Don't you know more than not he would shoot a buck on that day. Just got home from work. Going to jump on the tractor and mow my fields and think about him. oh one last story......he lost three fingers when he was a kid to a plater. Got stuck in the gears. He did fine without them. He actually joined the Navy but kicked him out when they found out he had only three fingers on one hand. RIP my friend! Thank you guys!
  9. He fell off a ladder at 91 years old. Top guy at camp and stayed out all day long opening day. I l,ove him as well as his family that live next to me. Poke enjoy hunting in heaven! on the left!
  10. Funny but my brother just moved there sunday. He was from Long Island and has 3 college rentals there. Took over one of the smaller places for himself. He loves to fish maybe I can hook you guys up? Good luck!
  11. They should make the first day mid april. IK've seen geese babies no Turkey yet.
  12. It's real quiet here. I see a hen or two in typical nesting spots. Question, So the Hen makes the nest on the ground. She feeds during the day and roosts or sits on eggs at night? I imagine she has to sit on her eggs at night making her very Vulnerable to predators.
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