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  1. My neighbor paid $125000 for the 68 acre parcel next to mine. It has a 26x26 cabin in need of repairs. No electric or water on a seasonal road. We both wanted the property because it borders each parcel. He ended up getting it knowing the owner much better than me. Steuben county near Avoca.
  2. Look up the tax bill online and see if it being taxed correctly. If that cabin is at the way top it's not ideal because of snow and mud issues. Surprised it has electric.
  3. My dog is part owner of my place. Gets to walk when and wherever 365!
  4. At the ripe age of 57 I don't give a shit about records. Hunt have fun and get the young ones interested in our passion. Records are for........
  5. When does Turkey season start......tired of all these professional opinions , let's hunt!!!
  6. I met him years ago after his career came to an end. He was so banged up and stiff I felt bad for the guy.
  7. Sweet dog......and the cycle continues. Rescue is love!
  8. GME and AMC at it again. Short squeeze going on right now....I'm in on AMC run baby run!
  9. I'm semi retired now at 57 and will relocate to my camp in less than two years. A job at Loews 20 hrs would be great! Congrats on getting out!
  10. I'll be moving up to my house in Howard in a year or two. I think about what you are going through all the time. Small little place down south would be just fine.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/667321559/videos/pcb.10157614443056560/10157614442876560 https://www.facebook.com/667321559/videos/pcb.10157614443056560/10157614442891560 Looks like it's right in a Condo complex. Thanks to God it wasn't a kid! Crazy stuff the cat wins and kills this healthy deer.
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