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  1. May I suggest a 6 panel light exterior door. I have the same door you have. Kind of outdated. Just sayen don't shoot me!! lol
  2. There is a club that goes down the seasonal road by my place. Had all my nice metal posted signs stolen one year and then a stand. I have no proof it was the club and I don't think it was, they are very responsible. The trails they groom opn up the area for other that will take advantage.
  3. It's exactly what your saying happens to me also Eddie. Hydrate more and go easy.
  4. I just love having him around. Great fishing buddy right there!!
  5. Had Oak in a deer blind by the bean field. Friday afternoon before the opener. Had a small buck come by and I took these picks. Probably not the smartest thing to do on my end but this blind is usually just used to take kids out in. I had a good time with him!
  6. I spend about 4 hrs on rt 17 from Howard to Harriman. Yesterday was the first time I saw zero deer on top of vehicles headed south. A lot of pickups with the covers over beds though.
  7. Thanks guys (old timers) it meant so much to me she experienced what I love so much. If she told me she is done ok. It was a few tears we talked a bit then she said I want to see what the insides look like! lol
  8. It was about 4:55 and Teddi and I were headed to the quad parked at the top of my property. We get there and there was a loud shot coming from across the road from the leased property. She looks at me and checks her phone. Says 4:42 was sunset that was a bit late. I agreed. Then at 5:10 we hear three shots on my neighbors property that borders me. I shook my head and told here that is why we wear orange and carry flashlights. So it turns out my neighbors son was exiting his stand and those three shots rattled through the trees above him. My neighbor texted me to see what I knew and we met on Sunday. They are going to pay a visit to the leased property and talk with them. There really wasn't anyone else around to take those shots. I'll update after they talk.
  9. First year hunter at 16, first shot and first deer! She passed on 3 other bucks one was a nice 8 pt. She thought shots were not great. I applaud her. Nothing my girl can't do!!! FYI we are on the George Washington bridge and she says U-turn I need to back it was so great!!! I have two girls and just love how they are so cool with Dad! Congrats Teddi!!!!!
  10. I guess I'm just flawed at the way my daughter handled herself today, but it should be expected. She let 3 bucks walk because the shot just wasn't right. One was a nice 8 point. At 10:30 I looked at her and said you will shoot that gun by noon! It was a few minutes later her buck walked by at 10 feet! She looked at me and said "Oh my God" I told her to get on him but it was too close. He caught wind of us and bounded away but I bleated and he stoped at 20 yards. She put him down with a spine shot. So proud of her first deer. She really has a love for this and enjoyed every moment! I'm one happy Dad! She just told me she loved me. I said I love you and thank that buck for giving his life. She says I took it..........she is right!