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  1. Whitetail hunting movie

    1st half of the movie was bad then it picked up. Some funny scenes, the kid had a great accent. Steve863 was right about that one scene. I would give it a 6.5. My 14 year old watched it with me she thought the same.
  2. Permethrin smell

    We all hunt with it on our clothes on Long Island. Just look at the big bucks that are taken.
  3. I Don't Know About This

    I feel sorry for the other guy! lol
  4. 2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

  5. I Don't Know About This

    You have too many issues just enjoy it!
  6. Headed to the cabin for a week

    Going up with my 14 year old. Haven't been there since May. Had to hire someone to mow the lawn around the cabin. He did it 4 times never told me what he was charging?? lol Plots have to be mowed trails cleared and so on. We are so busy with our Construction business its tough to get away. Like my neighbor said "Be busy now and make room for hunting season!" So true.... Cams have been out for a long time hope to see some nice ones.
  7. Hunting Chairs

    In my blinds all have swivel dentist chairs. All have a nice cushion so you can sit all day.
  8. In Hand? Hung? Or Just Laying To The Side?

    I have done all three. I do prefer to have my bow in my lap. Just the thought of getting busted when reaching for it screws me up.
  9. Someone Just Asked About New Season Dates

    Season starts right now.....get on with it!
  10. An aging pup

    Maybe look online for a natural sleep aid for dogs. Worth a shot if he is keeping you guys up at night. My Wheaten turns 13 in February. He is really fit but lost sight in one eye and is slightly losing hearing. Our 9 month old lab sure keeps him going with all the play fighting. Maybe introduce a new pup to him they will play all day and sleep at night!
  11. Hey Phade....Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Whitetail hunting movie

    Awesome thanks!
  13. Sunday evenings on Long Island and trash!

    Nope just where I took the picture.
  14. Sunday evenings on Long Island and trash!

    Thanks Rob will do!
  15. For those of you that don't live here Sunday's are a great day to ride around and find things people are throwing out. I have found nice furniture, lawn mowers, and chainsaws to name a few. The list can go on and on. People throw out stuff that only needs a new carb or the metal needs paint. So today I'm driving through town and the last thing I thought I would come upon is a tree stand. Some sort of climber. Any help on the ID would be great. Never used a climber before and still not sure if I should use this. Anyone with experience let me know how to test it out without killing myself! lol Did I need it no but........when we see camo and metal got to grab it!!!