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  1. First-light


    Old man I think its Plum Island off the north shore of LI. Yup a lot of shit goes on there!
  2. First-light


    It could be the meddle of January downstate gun hunting. If the temps break 40 degrees those buggers are out in force. Had like 30 ticks on me when this played out one year. When I was a kid we had a place in the Hamptons. My brothers and I would be in the woods all day and on occasion had a tick or two. BTW ticks are bad but we also have Chiggers that bite the hell out of you. Gives you a rash for days and you cant stop scratching.
  3. First-light


    Have a great day guys. First year without my Dad. This hurts more than his birthday. Like a steak through the heart. My sister and I took my mom out to the Montauk summer home and took real good care of her. I think he would of liked this.....Miss you Dad.
  4. First-light


    Ok so the last few weeks I have noticed so many rodents. Chipmunks, Rabbits, squirrels, mice and rats. Is this the Chinese new year of the rodent! lol Whats going on?
  5. First-light

    Favorite jar sauce

    Coming from an Italian family there is no such thing as jar sauce. Unless it was created by one of the woman in the family!
  6. First-light

    Guess what!

    Anytime a new little person blesses our lives its great! Congrats to you and your family!
  7. First-light

    Happy birthday loworange88!

    Happy BirthdaY
  8. First-light

    Happy birthday Cory !

  9. First-light

    New to us boat.

    Enjoy it! Had a cuddy cabin 23' seaswirl they are really nice boats!
  10. First-light

    Turkey hunter shot

    You could ask a million questions.......why?
  11. First-light

    You Guys With Boats Be Careful Out There

    They are lucky they didn't get chewed up by the prop. Speed kill don't it!
  12. First-light

    NY ban on cat declawing

    Brother had a cat declawed. It was up and about a day after surgery. Strictly an indoor cat. I had 1 cat and I gave him up for adoption at 7 cause I had to move. Never ever touched a thing with his claws and yes............sometimes I miss him a little.
  13. First-light

    Happy birthday Dom !

    Happy Birthday!
  14. First-light

    Happy birthday PREDATE !

    Happy Birthday.
  15. Kid I know has been trying to get into the navy for 5 years now. Keeps on getting turned down because he was on some meds until his late teens. Wants to serve and become a navy seal. He is in great shape and able. Too bad for him.