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  1. My buddy set up three cameras on the lease property. They are pretty neat and take great picts! Adjust everything from you phone. There are 5 of us that recieve the pictures. Just have to ad an email and download the Ap.
  3. 60 years old now started at 16. Shot my very first deer on my very first deer hunt. Spike horn, it was the toast of the camp. Gutted it myself then along came an old timer and he gave me some pointers. He politely asked for the heart and liver and put them right in the back of his orange vest. I asked what he would do with them? He told me its the best tasting meat from the deer! After buying a bow we put 2x6's nailed into a tree as steps. Built a little platform and stood the whole hunt. I really do miss the guys that passed away along the years and their stories. That to me is the biggest loss. Sitting around shooting the shit with them was great.
  4. Yeah I saw a real small one a few weeks back. It happens.
  5. Buddy saw a button buck mount a doe a week ago.
  6. Not really. There is a swamp by my neighbors but its low this year.
  7. Headed out to check my sets one last time. Learned a lot this year next should be better. With all this snow coming Tuesday and the season ending soon I just best pull them. Thanks for all the info guys! Caught a Red Squirrel and a bird! lol BTW my Neighbor ended up as of today 6 opossum 1 skunk 1 Coon.
  8. Long walk the dogs came upon a number of scrapes that were used during the season still open. Saw tracks in the mud.
  9. Been out a bit with the dogs. Found 1 dead doe. Thats is so far.
  10. Doc you want spooky? If you have an Alexa in the house or just have a conversation on your phone about a product, vacation destination or such, ads will start popping up on Face Book about what you talked about. That is spooky!
  11. Come to think of it I have not seen them around. I'll text him to see whats going on.
  12. Wow, never heard that and thank you.
  13. 3.5 years old. 125ish score weight 165-180. Great buck!
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