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  1. Saw the doe in my yard then the fawn came out. It ran all over the place having fun!
  2. As you know I start at Harriman and get off at Howard. A good 4 hrs plus on Rt 17 . Saw a lot of good looking deer! Then I saw the dead kind with heads cut off. Had to be be three or four. Saw two families of turkeys all in 12 or so little ones. 1 dead yote and 1 dead black bear yearling near Hanckock. Watching the storms roll in now. Have a good night!
  3. Sorry guys you have never ever experienced a boat ramp other than Long Island. People just sit on the sides of the ramp to enjoy the show. Little boats all the way up to 23' go down the ramp and at times so do the trucks.! Once launching my 23 ' Stripper I turned the lock on the winch al it all locked up on a dead low tide ramp. Truck and rig started sliding in to the abyss. Luckily i released it and all came to a hault!
  4. Good luck nothing like a first house, she worked for it!
  5. Just don't understand why they didn't let school finish out before allowing this. Kids are almost done.
  6. Daughter Teddi (deer hunter) top row third from the left!
  7. We beat the Albany Alley Cats today to win the state cup. We fought back all day and went into OT. They scored first and we tied it in the second OT. Game ended on PK's and we won 3-1! Off to the regionals at the End of June. These kids are the Long Island Slammers U17 girls team!
  8. We all had a meeting back in early May. Met Lowel and his son Aaron. Very nice people. Yes their operation is huge. Can't wait to try their Black Angus!
  9. So in to AMC my 17 year old daughter is taking me through this. 1k share at 13 bucks. Holding now maybe until eod friday. FYI up about 60K
  10. Plenty of other ag in the immediate area. I'll try to find out what type of Hay. This is a top notch outfit they don't skimp. Thanks for the info guys.
  11. My current farmer who leased from us and my neighbor retired. Did a great job and was very happy with what he put in and took out. We went from corn to beans and oats most of the time. Now we are leased to a new farmer Smith Stock Farm in Howard. Seems he needs Hay for his beef cows. Told us all the acreage we have will be in Hay for a number of years. Any thoughts on this change? I'm thinking its a good thing cause there isn't any other Hay close to our area.
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