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  1. Thank you all. We get to talk for a while on July 17th. Next time I see her is (no contact) August 8th 12 mile March back from Basic training then We get the weekend with her on the 13th!!!
  2. The Oath ceremony was awesome tonight. I couldn't believe they took her at 7 am and about 12 hours later what we were looking at. Amazing!
  3. After a pretty quick and orderly checkin they brought about 75 cadets and families into an auditorium. There was a 2 minute welcome speech then they said "Cadets you have 1 minute to say goodbye" Then off they went. I'm mentally and physically exhausted.
  4. One last one before I finish packing. Leaving at 3:15 now. Her speech at Graduation.
  5. Divorced! But.... best friends. All good. We put our differences aside for our girls. It turned out well.
  6. Yesterday was Graduation, today we leave for West Point. she gave a great speech. A Whirl Wind.
  7. Vet said to leave the cone on for 3 weeks. Gave me some meds for infection and pain. He said its one of the toughest spot to heal.
  8. I used the liquid skin for a week or two. It still opened up. I go at 10:00 I'll report back.
  9. Wow I just don't know how they wouldn't scratch that off. Thanks for the info! Gorilla tape!
  10. Oak has a quarter inch cut at the bottom of his ear from the puppy. Its been a month and I'm still going through trying to get it to heal. I have a cone on his neck so he can't scratch. He still shakes his head and aggravates it. Any suggestions? Headed to Vet tomorrow. Thinking the flap of the ear is so thin it has to be caurterized.
  11. Rub your ass on the moss of a rock. Won't hurt as bad.
  12. Gross subject! On a hunting site!!! lol
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