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  1. Timing is everything. So we buy it online and she gets 2 doe permits 8P and 8S. We are joking how great opening weekend will be and up pops her club soccer schedule for fall and winter. Wouldn't you know there is a tournament Nov 20th and 21st. They are U18 all the kids are committed to colleges on the team except mine. No big deal if see missis the tournament but doesn't look good and goes against her grain. Looks like I'll be up day after Thanksgiving! lol
  2. Had to go up 20 or so feet on a ladder to fix holes in the eve of the cabin. I put on my harness and had a rope tied to the staircase. I clipped in once I got up there. It worked! Got to be safe.
  3. U usually have 4 or 5 of them hitting my bird feeder. I haven't seen 1 in two weeks. Have a ton of acorns hitting the ground. I'm sure they are stocking up on them.
  4. Is the door going to hit the mount?
  5. You know I'm in the camp that using orange will help save some lives and make hunting safer. I have for the last 30 years always thought this was the case. Well sitting here tonight I confess It's not for all of us so why just do away with it. It doesn't save lives, hunter recognition of target does. So why not just have us all moving in and out of the woods in camo? We won't spook the deer!! lol It seems there is a camp that just doesn't like being told what to do. Well I for one will be wearing orange and so will be my daughter that hunts with me. All hunters leaving my camp will be wearing
  6. Love everything, but I just feel a bit cramped looking at the doorway coming in. Heads are too close. Just me and just saying some critical advice is good at times. Now tell me to FO....lol
  7. Forget the heads love the pipe for the desk! Nice touch!
  8. Better take a few showers. Happened to us a few years ago everyone got bit up. Dryer will do it. I hunted one year in January gun season. It was in the 30's. At one point I counted 30 ticks on me. No joke. My Brother in law was bit this summer by a tick. He didn't get Lymes but some other disease. Attacked his red blood cells and had to go on some heavy meds. He is still suffering with pain since June. Be careful!
  9. I go with Corning! Love Market street.
  10. Nice deer and mower. I have an old one that still does a great job on the trails. Good deal all around!
  11. Look at the tax map boundaries. Find a couple you like and write a letter to the owner. Hope for a call back I have bought a few this way. GL
  12. Wow that close. Damn lucky. I can remember 20-30 years ago doing drives with 20 guys or so. Didn't know half of them and off we went, bullet flying at times. It was so bad. I don't mind doing small contained drives with 2-4 people that's it.
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