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  1. I really liked the service there. Kit the son of the owner took care of me, his brother is also very nice.
  2. Gave the tractor a good workout the last few weeks. I love everything about it. Moved a bunch of logs then this weekend I mowed the swail for the last time and took on some new areas that the trail mower would not do. Love the tractor. Massy M 35!
  3. This year will be fun. I have the pick of the litter! lol living up at camp full time gives me that option of spots. Not sure what stand but it wont be opening day. I'll be at West Point to see my daughter and the game.
  4. I keep it off to the side of the shed. Having a 24 by 32 barn biult. That will be its home.
  5. Sassy Massy is home. So far so good. Will use it a bit today cleaning up a trail and hauling wood.
  6. More picts. Paid for it today will get it tomorrow or Wednesday. Such an easy set up to drive.
  7. Good question. Brother watches rangers on Dish network. He said watch the price increases. We had Optimum on the Island. Last time I signed up got a price lock for life. Got all the service I wanted as described above for 128/month.
  8. In Avoca thinking about Dish network. I want basic cable channels including Paramount, History channel ext. Also want MSG to watch the Rangers. What do you rthink? Thanks, FL
  9. That sure is. The Cadets are just so well versed on how to treat people. Always a pleasant experience meeting them.
  10. Breaks 20 for sure. Good luck!
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