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  1. I'm from star lake but have family near potsdam. any good public hunting lands over there? BTW, I have no idea why the underline is on.
  2. Thanks stalker, that's within 45 minutes . I'll definitely plan to give it a try.
  3. I used to hunt ducks but a buddy was the one with the equipment and access and he's no longer around. Does anyone know of any good public land waterfowling in region 6 or 7? Even if I could get out and try to jump shoot a few mallards.
  4. not yet, but I haven't been out since riffle started, hopefully tomorrow. I hunt 6c but it seems early?
  5. I have an 8a as does my son which we would trade for a 6C, a 7F or maybe even a 7A
  6. Hello, my name is Joel and I'm new to the forum. I'm a vetern hunter who has been almost out of the sport for years and now getting back into it. I hunt in 6c but I'm also trying to find out what public land or even lease opportunities exist in region 7. Particularly 7a or 7f. Anyone familiar with Hamlin Marsh or Cicerio swamp? I'm looking both both deer hunting and waterfowl opportunities
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