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  1. "The meals Bob made were great and the frig" After all the posts this fall on how the club has been better I am seriously thinking of rejoining. Please PM me if 1-Bob is still making the crab sauce 2-If they have again opened the books to new members Thanks!
  2. This crab sauce may need its own thread, what category would it go under? In all seriousness whatever bad experiences any of us have had with the club don't diminish the fact Bob makes the best crab sauce in LI, if not all of New York State.
  3. I will agree with you on this Moonman, you haven't lived until you have tried Bob's crab sauce, the best in LI for my money. Have a great Thanksgiving and good luck!!
  4. I will say as far as the food at the clubhouse Bob does make great crab sauce.
  5. Maybe Bob's son is making these posts. Its amazing all the propaganda from the 1 post supporters. Geno maybe you can help the person that claims they forgot there info to get back on their original name!!
  6. More around Pharsalia, the other state forest areas have been empty from my experience. I hunt in Otselic and usaully don't see anyone in archery and after opening day its real quiet for rifle as well.
  7. I heard there were some amish outfits around that do nice work, if anyone knows the names of any let me know. Thanks
  8. Any one know any good outfits that build small cabins or modulate houses in the southern tier, specifically Che ago county? Thanks
  9. I definatly want to try some coyote hunting one day. Has any one ever night hunted them?
  10. Does Bob have as much land upstate as he claims, has anyone ever hunted it?
  11. How much is a membership in your club bob? I think $2,000 is a little high.