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  1. So you're zero'd at about 175 yards then, aim where you want to hit let 'er fly. The 270 is a laser at those distances. You can do it, no worries!
  2. The adhesive backed Hot Hands warmers are life savers for us. I happened to be at Walmart in Hamburg a few weeks ago when they were just putting them out on the shelves, I bought 10 packs of those and 5 packs each of the toe warmers and large hand warmers. Should be good for the season.
  3. It really all depends on how I'm feeling at the time. No does this weekend, no 1-1/2 year olds. But by the end of the week I may have a brown and down outlook. Ya never know, that's the fun in it!
  4. I am excited for Saturday and am fortunate enough to be off (after tomorrow) until the week after Thanksgiving. My wife is working so I plan on spending a TON of time in the woods. Bow season has been a challenge for me this year, darn near every hunt, including today's, was derailed by something. I'm planning on heading out Friday am for one last bow hunt/recon mission, then to the gun club to give a final check to the rifles on the way home.
  5. Saturday morning is going to be brutal in 9K
  6. I will add this: A guy I work with is really into cold-weather/winter camping, he's told me to eat one small piece of chocolate every half hour or so. Apparently if you can keep the core working (digesting something small), your limbs will stay warm.
  7. Everything listed above for sure. Maybe not the jumping jacks! Layer up property and stay dry on the walk in if possible. The stick on hot hands body warmers are a life saver. I carry a packable down jacket that fits nicely under my parka if I do get chilled. It always buys me another hour or two. I also added Arctic Shield boot warmers to the mix last year, the jury is still out though. Tomorrow and/or Saturday will be a good test. If I remember correctly, I preheated them with hand warmers while they were in my pack during the walk in. Once settled in, I put them on and left the hand warmer inside. They seemed to work pretty well from what I can remember, but I also shot a deer after 7 minutes in the stand so, not really a solid test. The rest of the season was in a heated blind, which is the best way to stay warm.
  8. Don_C

    pistol carry?

    For me personally, I won't handicap myself by using a handgun as my primary choice. I've invested a lot in rifles, scopes, ammo and range time dialing them in. That's why I have them. Handgun hunting just isn't my thing for some reason. Maybe that will change some day.
  9. I'm sure we all leave behind pieces that others may feel are wasteful as well. To each their own. I have no interest in eating organs, but removing the tenderloins is very simple without gutting. This video shows it much better and is how we do it. (8:14)
  10. This past Saturday I walked under a flock as I made my way to the farthest stand on the property at 6:00am in total darkness. The first one scared the living crap out of me, then every step or two another one took off from it's roost. There must have bee 20 above me.
  11. I guess that would work just fine! Maybe a little noisy though.
  12. This is what we did with both does this year. No gutting, hung them near the truck and processed right there. Unless the weather is just too bad to do it in the field, I will never bring home a whole deer again.
  13. I guess us too. My son just texted me from his office "we're going tomorrow!"