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  1. Great meeting you too! I hope you hammer a nice one with it this year! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I, Sir am no scope expert, but I will say that a buddy just picked up a Leupold VX-Freedom and it is surprisingly nice for a $200 scope. I think for close range there are a lot of solid options that aren't too expensive.
  3. HAHA! Yeah, at least you have the rings/bases... I'm glad you mentioned it or I would have never remembered I even had them.
  4. I currently have a Summit Titan. It’s like a recliner 20 feet up. I’m getting older so they are getting heavier now, but I still vote Summit over all of the others, which I have not tried! [emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Don_C


    My son stopped over with a nice surprise! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Oh, I know, I was only being a smart ass!
  7. I'm meeting the buyer at a local FFL later this week. If for some reason it falls through, you can be bumped to the top of the list if you take the Genny out of the deal!
  8. add two 0's and you may have a deal. Mrs C won't be happy though. This will do wonders for your awesome lawn!
  9. I think if you have plenty of does, it doesn't matter too much. If you don't, it could possibly impact buck movement during the rut. Maybe? I don't know, I personally don't think about it that deeply. If a nice doe walks by and I feel like taking it, I'll do it.
  10. Well, the dog and the wife are best friends so it would have to be a package deal!
  11. OK, I just re-read my original post, I guess I made it sound like I am selling off everything I own to buy food! LOL! Not the case at all. In all honesty we had some major projects and purchases planned for this year and decided to move forward with them even though this "crisis" is going on. I took a nasty pay cut for the remainder of the year, but still working, my wife was laid off for a few months but is now back at it. I had a new concrete driveway put in last week that ran $2k over the estimate and I'm feeling the pinch psychologically more than anything is all. It's been good excuse to move some stuff though.
  12. Nothing for sale right now. Unless you're looking for a dirt bike! I keep telling my wife her Yamaha has to go, I need more room! My next gun buy will be an O/U, as you know, so maybe something when that time comes back around. But I'm holding off for now.
  13. I was slow on the response! I AM working you know! LOL!
  14. I appreciate that, I don't mean to sound like I'm in a rough spot, I know MANY are right now and I don't want to diminish that in any way. Just cleaning house a bit.