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  1. I just called DD's to see if anyone else had complained about this. They are aware of the problem and offered to make it right. I did not expect that at all, glad to hear they take care of their customers.
  2. If anyone here sees Sterling brand 9mm on the shelf I would suggest youavoid it. I took my M&P compact out the other day and grabbed a box of Sterling 9mm factory reloads that I bought at DD's Ranch a month or so ago. I did not see that they were factory reloads at the time I purchased them. First 9 shots were fine, the 10th round jammed so bad it took all my strength pulling back on the slide and my son prying the extractor to dislodge it. The case was swollen. I got home and did a search for Sterling and found this some others having the same problem. I pulled the barrel out of th
  3. Don_C


    And one more. Going to be a tough 7:00am conference call with the boss in Liechtenstein for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. There was, but there were probably 20 guys behind me too and it was hours ago. Worth checking though.
  6. Don_C

    My 9

    Beautiful mount!
  7. Don_C

    My 9

    Beautiful mount!
  8. I stopped at Cabela's on my way into the office this morning and there was quite a line waiting to get in at 8:55. I'm not doing that. So I went to my meeting and stopped at 10:30 on my way home and was surprised to see the shelves were still pretty well stocked. I picked up some 9mm, 100 round boxes for $30.
  9. I’m out in Cheektavegas so I stopped at Cabelas and scored a couple boxes of 30-06 at normal prices. They have a good bit of rifle and .22 right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I know two families who have dealt with transgender kids, one from the time he was a very small child, the other in grade school, it is difficult to say the least, but I would think choosing Male or Female on a MEDICAL FORM is far more important than how one feels inside. Regardless of how one feels or identifies, we are all - in reality - one or the other and I'm sure in some circumstances that fact is probably very important.
  11. If anyone here is a member at the Evans Gun Club, check you email. A member just sent a rather nice list of items for sale. Primers, Powder and ammo.
  12. I agree with this. Personally I don't know anyone who is buying and selling, OR hoarding. I have been buying a box here and there when I come across it at a decent price, and I have overpaid a few times too just to build a little reserve. I now have enough hunting ammo for quite a few seasons, plenty of .22 for plinking and enough pistol ammo to feel like I can just replace a box whenever I get out to shoot, saying that I will continue to buy if I see a good price on anything I shoot. I'm all over WNY any given week so I do stop at all of the usual places when I have a chance and will con
  13. Cabela’s in Cheektowaga is pretty well stocked today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Agreed, but I love them for basic field dressing, they are a bit fragile though. I also carry a 4" fixed blade in the event I need something a little more stout.
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