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  1. Arron Salter's son is a coworker of mine. I can only imagine what this young man and the family is going through. https://gofund.me/6205cea2
  2. So, I started reading this and stopped when the conversation turned to the usual banter on the subject because it always goes south from there. I just went to the last page. In my opinion there is an advantage with the crossbow if on a rest, but of course it will be on a rest of some sort most of the time, just as when gun hunting from a stand. The compound is not that difficult to master to the point of killing a deer under 25 yards, as long as you have the stealth to draw and shoot. For me, there is also the adrenaline rush with a bow that I do not get with a gun or crossbow, it’s simply not there. The engagement and the “closeness”, I feel to the animal is amplified when the bow is in my hand, unlike the interaction between hunter and prey as seen through a scope…for me. I believe it has to do with the amount of movement needed to get the shot off with a bow. I did buy a crossbow 5 or so years ago and sighted it in rather easily, not as easily as I have with my compounds I will say, but not too difficult of exercise to accomplish. I went hunting with relatively little practice and shot a buck at 20 yards – without one hint of excitement or satisfaction. It just didn’t do it for me, and I also felt as if I were carrying a toy around the woods, a nerf gun with sharper projectiles if you will. My curiosity was satisfied, I sold it almost immediately and will stay with the compound for as long as I can, then I will gladly move to a crossbow. I hunt private land, so what others do doesn’t concern or bother me in the least. In fact, I would much prefer my neighbors participating in such hunts as described in many of these types of threads, “hiking” “walking around” “still hunting”… the same way they gun hunt, have at it. I’ll be perched silently, bow in hand, on the escape routes from their hillside. If I hunted public land my opinion would possibly be different or I would have to modify my strategy to take advantage of such hunters. As far as the implement itself goes, I have no pre-determined opinions one way or the other as to its classification as bow or gun. It is certainly not a gun, and in fact shoots arrows. The definition of archery is shooting with bow and arrow. The definition of crossbow is a medieval bow fixed across a wooded support… kind of self-explanatory to me. All in all, I think the crossbow can be easier to use for many people. After sighting-in mine, my wife took a shot with it, never having shot a bow or crossbow before, and nailed the target 30 yards away with exceptional accuracy. Quite an accomplishment relative to handing her a 70lb compound. To think that a scoped crossbow on a rest is not an advantage over a vertical bow with pins seems silly to me, freehand, the compound is more accurate for me, but neither are very difficult to master. So what am I trying to say? Who knows? there are a lot of acres out there and unless someone is engaging in a hunting practice, legal or otherwise, that is directly effecting me in a negative way, why even think about what they are doing? I just hope something like this passes before I NEED to use a crossbow to hunt the warmth and colors of October of some distant year.
  3. I've done it, it works.
  4. Just finished gutting my basement today. Thursdays warm up and melt down if 20+inches of snow combined with the rain left us with 3” of water in the basement when it was all said and done. The sump pump never gave up but couldn’t keep up with what was coming in. Looking forward to rebuilding a new office and my wife wants a craft/painting room. Gotta stay positive! 21 years here without any issues… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'm not attacking anyone over anything. I'm just done with all of this BS.
  6. NO it did not work for me or anyone in my family. We all had the virus anyway. LETS GO BRANDON!
  7. I can't read all of this, but the simple FACT is that stating he will hire a "black woman" is no different than my boss, or your boss, telling you to hire a "white man" – its racism and sexism pure and simple. They pretend its not because they are the elite, and feel self righteous with their virtue signaling, but in TRUTH they have discriminated against every other race and all of the LGBTQFJB genders they believe exists. Just maybe, JUST MAYBE the most qualified person is an Asian American woman, Native American woman or Hispanic American gay man. The most qualified person will not be nominated unless ALL possible candidates are considered.
  8. Family first for everything in my world.
  9. I just drove from Hamburg to Amherst and back. I'm pretty sure I used $30 of the stuff.
  10. I used to use RainX, but had the fluid level sensors in two vehicles go bad within weeks of each other. Dealer told me it was due to the RainX. I don't remember the details, but I think it had something to do with allowing the tank go dry with that stuff in it. Just throwing that out there as that is not a fun repair in the middle of winter.
  11. I used to use them, I bought the ones with a Velcro strip down the front. Very easy to open and slide into the stand. I got them for the sole purpose of blocking wind, and they worked great. The thing I did not like about them is that they stand out, the stands looked like a dishwasher strapped to a tree. I used them for probably 4 years before they were totally shredded, I did not replace them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Wow, that is terrible, I hope you are now on the path to a full recovery. I have three sisters who all work in healthcare and are much more educated than I, they tell me the same stories. They struggle with the politics and media hype of it all, but see it’s impact every day, and don’t pretend it’s not real. I kinda follow their lead on it. Sure for most of us this will be a nasty cold or flu, but that doesn’t change the fact that is so much more for so many. I am 57, in good health but with an underlying issue that puts me at high risk, my doctor wants me to do the infusion treatment or the new anti viral pill (??) I’ll learn more today. I have to say I am just getting up for the day and feel much much better than yesterday. The cough is still ridiculous, but I’m taking Benzonatate that seems to work pretty well. Welcome to the group. Where do you hunt in SWNY? We have a lease in Ellington. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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