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  1. It seems the deer have instantly adapted to the new network on the property as well. Tracks are absolutely everywhere on the fresh roads, I have video of the dozer coming through on it's first pass on the trail to the left at the "Y" and an 8 and a 10 (together) walking down it hours later without a care. Even if we aren't able to get anything planted, this has made access and deer recovery so much easier for us. We couldn't be happier.
  2. Thanks for the input! We are going to try to get some seed down this weekend in a few spots and see how it goes. I'll have to see what I can get, but the sucraseed sweet spot sounds like the way to go. The guy did a really great job cleaning up the logging roads, it rained a LOT last Friday night, these pics are from Saturday morning. I'm hoping things firm up substantially this week with the warm dry weather, even walking on this was challenging in spots. Rain in the forecast for Monday so if we are actually able to get something on the ground Sunday it may a good experiment.
  3. Thank you for the feedback! I'm heading down in the morning to check out the damage.
  4. Don_C

    Gander Mtn. Big Sale

    Most of the clothing I saw was casual stuff and some Carhartt. The one rack of camo I did look at was nothing special, I would say some fleece type things and lighter jackets, some waterfowl sweaters. I wasn't really looking for camo though so there could have been more.
  5. Don_C

    Gander Mtn. Big Sale

    I ran over to the Tonawanda store yesterday, the place is a mess. Lots of clothing and misc stuff left. If you're looking for a cooler or a safe it may be worth the trip. Guns and ammo are 15% off, again, worth it if you're in the market right now. I heard they are moving to the Camping World store in Hamburg. It will be nice to have a place in the Southtowns.
  6. Don_C

    Cheap/ inexpensive trail cams?

    A few years ago, I picked up two Wildgame cameras that work just fine, when they work. They are the blackout ones Dick's always has on sale for 50% off. I think they were $39. My others are all Moultries and they work great, but much more expensive. I'm going to run to TS and check out the Simmons 4 pack today as well as the Tasco at WM. I need to add about 10 to our new property this year to mostly track people.
  7. Don_C

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    Well I may have a solution to the shooting across the lines. The lumber company sent in a crew to doze the skid roads and clear tree tops from them, of course after we spent the summer killing ourselves with chainsaws and brush cutters. I'm going down to see if I can pay them to pile the tree tops inside the line, in front of their box stands. One of the things this guy bitched about was how the loggers screwed things up for him when they put the main access road in, the one his stands are on, now they are making it bigger and wider for me. This is really going to upset him. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to speak with him in a more professional level, explaining that this is a logging operation, they have rules, they have lawyers, we have contracts, there are laws and liabilities. I am hopeful I can turn his anger to the corporation and away from us.
  8. Many of you guys chimed in on my “neighbor encounter” thread, but it’s time to move on from that nonsense. One of my boys called me from the property this morning and said there is a giant flatbed with a dozer and excavator pulling through the gate. Woo hoo! After our initial walk around the property in March, I asked the owners if there was any way of cleaning up the logging roads as they were severely rutted to the point of making it impossible to get into some areas with an atv and a lot of tree tops were blocking some roads completely. He said they would hire someone to take care of it. Unfortunately It has been way too wet all summer to get in there with any kind of equipment, they reached out to me last month and said they were still going to try to get it done before fall and had hired a contractor. At this point I just figured they weren't going to do it. The operator told my son they were going to be there for 3 days cleaning up. We wish it would have been earlier in the year, but are really happy it is being done. This first year is going to be a complete crap shoot anyway so I’m not concerned about deer movement at all. The hand clearing we did to get atvs from the parking area to the top of the property is just over a mile. It would be great if they clear a road from one end to the other. My question is this. Is it possible to get something planted in the freshly cleared woods roads and have it be beneficial to hunting this season or is it just too late? I know nothing about planting anything at all!
  9. Don_C

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    I see your point, and you are correct, we all usually take the side of the poster if he's been around here for a while, but plenty of threads have turned on the OP for doing something illegal or unethical also. If my original post was that I have been hunting property for years that I never had permission to hunt and it was leased to a group of guys this year, you would say "well that sucks, but you had a nice run, and you should have leased it yourself" .
  10. Don_C

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    This is exactly what my son suggested for the front gate. They are down there now putting up some signs on the far corners. I'm hoping he runs into this guy so we can get a fresh perspective on him.
  11. Don_C

    Gander Mtn. Big Sale

    Well I should have taken a ride over there on my lunch today, instead I went to the Buffalo Gun Center to see what all of the hoopla is about. Big clearance sale my a$$. $50 off $1000 guns... big deal.
  12. Don_C

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    I also remember the same thing from when I took one of my sons to his Hunter Ed class years ago. I thought he said they have the same authority as the State Police. I don't know one way or the other though.
  13. Don_C

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    I think either can write a charge for trespassing, but the ECO was very clear that if we catch him, or have pics of him taking any game from the property or walking it with a gun or bow during any open season, ie hunting, to call HIM not the SP.
  14. Don_C

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    Exactly, to say you can't enforce trespass laws as a lessee is just not true. But, I'm done worrying about this, we'll take it as it comes. He will pattern us and hunt around us, but we will catch him on camera. The ECO was informative and perhaps more importantly, I started the conversation with the authorities. He told me there are a lot of new leases in the area and this is a very common problem right now. Post it and call him immediately, they will charge them with trespassing if I want to. I will be calm but firm with him, if he is harassing or threatening in any way with a gun again, I will call the SP immediately. I have cameras all over, I will put more up this weekend near his access points/stands. I already informed him that there are cameras all over and we have plenty of pics of him and his son and friend. He was a bit surprised at that.
  15. Don_C

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    As a a person leasing the property it is permissible to post property and report trespassers. (This is no different than a person breaking into an apartment you lease is what I understand.) It is then a DEC matter, if the property is posted properly they will charge the individual. This is according to the officer I spoke with yesterday. He was very clear on how I need to post it in order to have anyone charged. Now, we all know LEOs are not lawyers, but I do know as someone who has leased in the past, it is within your rights to post and report trespassers.