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  1. He probably talked with my dad. I wish we had room for more people. Lots of interest from good people.
  2. We are currently at full membership but we maintain a standby list. If you are interested, you can private message us on the 15-2 club Facebook page and we will send you our phone# to contact us. We are also considering bringing in interested people on a guest basis so you can check us out. Hope to hear from you!
  3. Are you looking for a place to hunt? Tired of competing with the masses on state land or knocking on doors trying to beg for permission on private land? Are you someone new to hunting looking for the right opportunity? We are seeking individuals of all hunting abilities to round out our remaining memberships. We are located in Colton, NY near Cranberry Lake in WMU 6F. Our lease consists of a variety of different terrains on nearly 1,300 acres in northern New York's Adirondack Park. Pines, hardwoods, hills, swamps, brush, a creek; we have it all! You will see deer, grouse, bear, turkey, rabbit, squirrel and lucky members have even come across an occasional moose. Full membership of $550 annually (divided into two payments) allows year round access to the club including two camp buildings (bunk house/main building). Bring your machine; you also have full access to miles of ATV/snowmobile trails through agreements with neighboring clubs. Across the road are thousands of state acres and numerous excellent fishing opportunities exist close by. For NY's southern zone hunters, keep in mind that this camp is located in the northern zone which allows you to begin rifle hunting in October of every year (October 25th this year) long before the southern zone opens. Early bear season begins in September (September 13 this year), bow season starts September 27. Muzzle loader also in October. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, drop us a line. We also maintain a Facebook page if you are interested in seeing some of the deer we have harvested over the years.
  4. You may possess the deer ONLY if you have a tag. The tag can be issued by a Trooper, deputy, DEC officer, or local PD at the scene of the accident. See if the agency maintains a list of people wanting road kill. Just be prepared to get a call at late hours.
  5. Sogaard, As far as the crossbow, the Dept of Environmental conservation proposed in their deer management plan to include the crossbow in the archery season. Like the minimum hunting age, this is a change that has to pass through the legislature and be signed into law by the Governor in order to take effect. If it does become law, it should mean that 12 year olds will be able to hunt with a crossbow during archery season (depending on the language of the bill). The legislature remains in session until June so we just have to wait to see if either of these bills pass. I'm personally hoping the bill to lower the age to 12 passes because I feel my youngest is ready.
  6. This is a great thread and you all are making some terrific points. I have 3 kids myself and let me tell you the fascination with the tech world is very strong. I agree with you all that it is best to introduce them to the outdoors at a very early age, however, it is never too late to start. I was introduced to the outdoors at a young age and got my hunting license at age 16, as soon as I was legal. I went hunting a few times but was never successful. Then I joined the military and when I got out, I started the whole family/career thing. Even though I did outdoors stuff such as fishing and hiking, I put hunting on the back burner for over 20 years. Thankfully, my family started their own hunting club upstate and I joined, shooting my first deer at 40 years old. At 41, I got my second buck. Now I have caught the bug again and I am sharing it with my own kids. I take them to a local sportsman club once a week and we shoot .22's. We also started archery this spring and hopefully with enough lessons, we will be proficient bow hunters by fall. All 3 kids have gone camping, fishing, and hiking with us over the years and I am hopeful that it will progress to hunting. My oldest boy tagged along last year now this year he is old enough to hunt with me. If the law changing the hunting age passes, my next oldest will be able to hunt so I guess I will be very busy! I agree with the posts that say you shouldn't force this stuff on them but I would say that you should definitely give them the exposure and try to make it fun.
  7. DEC is now recommending the creation of a uniform age for Junior Big Game licenses, allowing youths to start hunting big game with a rifle at age 12. The bill is now in the State Assembly.
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