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Found 8 results

  1. Anyone else here heard of this huge debate going on about how to classify the new Boreas Ponds acquisition up in the Adirondacks? It's a tract of land that was formerly owned by a paper company and was recently turned over to the state (via The Nature Conservancy). I think the APA put out several proposals, all of which included allowing some measure of motorized access, but many of this state's environmental groups got angry that there was no option for excluding all motorized traffic (which would require a full-on wilderness classification). More on the land and surrounding discussion here: http://nysnowmobiler.com/2016/08/boreas-ponds-wild-forest-or-wilderness/ and http://www.adirondackalmanack.com/2016/11/boreas-ponds-paddlers-perspective.html#comments So what do hunters here think of this?
  2. Anyone here ever tried calling for black bear in the northern zone of NY (mostly referring to Tug Hill and the ADK's)? I've heard that in certain areas which have similar vegetation and terrain to NY (western Oregon and Washington) calling black bear is a tactic used by some hunters, as traditional spot-and-stalk hunts aren't really feasible and baiting and hounding aren't allowed. I was thinking of trying some calling this coming fall. I'd be interested in talking to anyone else who has tried this method.
  3. All right, so I'm new to hunting Turkey. I've spent the last 2 weekends up in the Adirondacks looking for them. I see these things all along Rte 28 during my numerous drives up to the Adirondacks, but I've never seen them on hikes and certainly never during any of my hunts up there. So what I am missing here? As I understand it (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), the general idea behind fall turkey hunting is to find a big group of them, break them and then hide out and ambush them as they regroup. I've heard bringing a dog along to help with the break up is sometimes helpful. I've heard calls are sometimes used as well, but they seem to be more relied upon in the spring season, when they aren't as grouped up. 1) So where do I look for Turkeys, especially in an area as big as the ADK's? I've spent some time going down old (no longer active) logging/hunting roads and trails. Sometimes I head off the trail to move through some brush in an attempt to flush anything out of hiding. 2) Is the weather and foliage optimal for fall turkey hunting? I've noticed that the weather this time of year is a bit warmer than usual. As well the foliage has only just now started to turn. In fact, when I was moving through the woods today, a lot of the foliage was not only still on the trees but still very green, making it very hard to see very far in any direction. With all the racket I make stepping on dead leaves, I feel like I'm bumping and scaring away any potential game well before I see them. 3) Should I be using a Turkey call, even for the fall season? 4) Do Turkey like moving in the rain? It's been fairly wet this weekend so far, almost a constant drizzle. Is hunting for Turkey in the rain worth it? I know some game species prefer to say put in rainy weather. 5) Is ambush or calling pretty much the only way to hunt Turkey? I've heard that Turkey have amazing eyesight as well as hearing. So head-to-toe camo and stealth seem to be essential. I just have a hard time sitting still in some place like the ADK's. It's a big area, and wildlife isn't nearly as abundant here as some people think it is. If I don't pick the right spot, I could be doing a whole lot of sitting without seeing a single animal (I know from experience). Anyways, those are just a few questions/issues I was trying to work through. I figure if some more experience Turkey hunters on this site offered some feedback, we might be able to get a helpful dialogue going for myself and other hunters new to Turkey.
  4. Are you looking for a place to hunt? Tired of competing with the masses on state land or knocking on doors trying to beg for permission on private land? Are you someone new to hunting looking for the right opportunity? We are seeking individuals of all hunting abilities to round out our remaining memberships. We are located in Colton, NY near Cranberry Lake in WMU 6F. Our lease consists of a variety of different terrains on nearly 1,300 acres in northern New York's Adirondack Park. Pines, hardwoods, hills, swamps, brush, a creek; we have it all! You will see deer, grouse, bear, turkey, rabbit, squirrel and lucky members have even come across an occasional moose. Full membership of $550 annually (divided into two payments) allows year round access to the club including two camp buildings (bunk house/main building). Bring your machine; you also have full access to miles of ATV/snowmobile trails through agreements with neighboring clubs. Across the road are thousands of state acres and numerous excellent fishing opportunities exist close by. For NY's southern zone hunters, keep in mind that this camp is located in the northern zone which allows you to begin rifle hunting in October of every year (October 25th this year) long before the southern zone opens. Early bear season begins in September (September 13 this year), bow season starts September 27. Muzzle loader also in October. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, drop us a line. We also maintain a Facebook page if you are interested in seeing some of the deer we have harvested over the years.
  5. Thirty Five years ago today, our country was downtrodden at home and abroad and needed to have something positive happen . The US Olympic Hockey Team composed of a bunch of college kids with a tough dedicated coach (Herb Brooks 1937 - 2003) upset the Soviet Olympic Hockey Team which was composed exclusively of professionals on February1980 at Lake Placid.. They went on to beat Finland for the gold medal. Documentary of the 1980 US Hockey Team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huokfPgsZok
  6. 80 acres of hunting land for lease. This would be exclusive rights for big game and turkey. Town of Worcester, Otsego County, NY. Approx. 20 miles from Oneonta, Cooperstown, and Cobleskill. Approx. 60 miles from Albany, 80 miles from Binghamton, and 180 miles from NYC. I want other game left alone (woodcock, grouse, fox coyotes,fisher,etc.) This is very hilly farmland with some standing corn this Fall (unitil the raccoons, turkey and deer destroy it). This 80s acres is in a high deer travel area and is surrounded by other large parcels of woods and farmland. Towards the end of big game season deer tend to yard in the lower part of this land (in the conifers). There is a lot of hunting activity in this general area so deer are moving a lot during the season. This is "southern zone" and rifles are allowed. To anybody that leases this land - some "northern zone" hunting land is also included if someone has an interest. That is in the town of Indian Lake, Hamilton County, NY. A 2 1/2 hour drive from the land in Otsego County. Call or email to discuss. For this year - doe tags/management permits will be allowed. 4-wheelers/ATVs allowed. $900 for one full season plus you must have proof of insurance. The size of the group does not matter to me. ATVs must stick to established paths if ground is wet. When ground is dry and not snow-bound, most is accessible with a 4WD truck or SUV. There is an old camper on the land if someone has a desire to clean it up and use it, while hunting. 607-397-8638 [email protected]
  7. Upstate Guide Service in New York offers awesome waterfowl hunts and great fishing trips in the Fingerlakes Region and the Adirondacks. Fully outfitted service and NYS DEC licensed guide. Please check us out at www.upstateguideservice.com or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/UpstateGuideService Openings for Canada, Snow geese and Mallards. References available upon request. Thank you
  8. Jafo


    This is the first time I have been hunting in about 15 years. I gave it up for some time because hunting areas were scarce when I moved down state. I have since returned home and have begun hunting some property of mine in the state park up in Herkimer County (North Lake Road). All Spring and Summer there were tracks galore all over the place.. It was not that uncommon for me to be stumbling around the woods wreaking havoc while cutting brush, trees, etc., to only find myself all of a sudden in the middle of a herd of does who would then frantically jump away. I must say though, this is been the most frustrating season I have had in some time. Now I am willing to accept that maybe I have forgotten how to hunt in the last 15 years but I find it hard to believe. I have exercised pretty strict odor and UV control, remained motionless for hours under heavy cover, and have sat over obvious trails and rubs. I have gone out about 8 times in the last two weeks, a couple of those times being all day trips. Not only have I not seen any bucks, but no does, and no sign of does. I have tried several different spots that usually yield results for everyone, every year. To make it worse, nobody else in the surrounding camps have fared any better. Most of these people are from out of state or live far away so they only get up sporadically, but they have seen NOTHING. One of them saw a bear eating their garbage but that is it. Anyone else up in this area experiencing the same thing? Is there something else I should be trying? It has been rather warm for this time of year, which is the only thing giving me hope, that perhaps, just perhaps, they are not moving through my area yet.. Thoughts?
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